Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Maryland Town of Walkersville Besieged by Ahmadiyya Muslims

For the past eight weeks, The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (AMC) has been conducting a massive public relations campaign in and around our small agricultural town of approximately 6,000 residents that seeks to facilitate zoning exceptions in order to allow the purchase of 224 acres of farmland, currently zoned Agricultural, within the city limits of Walkersville, MD.

The construction of a 40,000 + square foot building and providing facilities for conventions of up to 10,000 people at once is on their application for approval.

The centerpiece of the media campaign that the AMC is waging is that they are a “good people.” That begs the question of why they have spent so much money and time to tell us so, over and over again through purchased print ads and visits to our churches? The redundancy of effort on their part smacks of propaganda and causes us to question their true long-term designs on a venture here.

Through a systematic petition drive and a fair reading of Letters published in local papers, we have determined that public opinion is clearly against a spasmodic increase in the size of Walkersville and its besieged infrastructure. That said, we observe that our potential new group comes accompanied by attorneys while they attempt to befriend us. We follow their deeds, not their words.

The Citizens for Walkersville group was formed out of these serious concerns and exists to explore the real issues of our evaporating land, water, sewer and transportation resources. How will the first responders from Ambulance, Fire & Rescue, and Police be able to cope with such a large new development when we are already gridlocked through multiple intersections on a regular basis? Any giant facility, even one comprised of the Boy Scouts would be equally opposed under these circumstances, and in that location!

For the record, we the people of Walkersville are also a “good people.” We reserve our right to determine the very character, nature, and charm of our Town, and to preserve it for future generations. We have not gotten to where we are now, as a desirable community by accident, but by design and planning, and through the goodwill of our people.

The fundamental issue of our safety and quality of life transcends the AMD’s desire to expand into our area. We urge all of the good people of the greater Walkersville/Frederick area to attend our Town Meetings as they unfold, to participate in the civics lesson about to unfold in our small but feisty agricultural town.


Deceiving the Infidel / NOT in Walkersville, MD!

I attended the Town of Walkersville’s informational meeting of August 20th where Dr. Zafar, the above groups President, was allowed to “oh so peacefully” state his case for purchasing land to be used ostensibly for the annual rituals of Islam by his sect from Silver Spring, Maryland. So determined were they to gain a favorable opinion that they brought a local pastor from their area to offer testimonial... it came off like a paid consultants speech. Since then the “campaign of friendship” has brought the Moslem membership to our churches for further lobbying at Sunday services….so they are persistent in their goal of having a place for up to 10,000 to congregate, as their religion instructs them to be.

My concerns are serious ones:

*Through a behavior authorizing verse of the Q’uran, the Muslim concept of (it’s ok to) “Deceive the Infidel” can and will be used against us! And YOU are the Infidel. Their spokesman could not have been more sincere, but please question the source in this light. He is under Islamic mandate to succeed in the spreading of his religion’s base, no matter what technique is needed to do it. A lie to you will be forgiven, as a worthy means towards a goal.

*Once the 224 acres of farm land in question is sold and pertinent zoning variances are adjusted, they can’t be taken back; they would have legal carte blanc to do anything they want, regardless of their originally professed purposes. Perhaps devious purposes not even yet revealed to Dr. Zafar himself!

*The Ahmadiyya sect has NOT been nearly vocal enough against the Radical Militant Islamic movement and Madrassa system whose end game is the death of all Infidels (non-believers). Their Silence is deafening in relation to the magnitude of the global problem at hand… now a potential local problem…

*Finally, my favorite exchange from the Walkersville Town Hall meeting was indeed most telling: Towards the end of the meeting, a bold young lady offered up the simple question of intent, ”And what should our community expect in return for allowing your new facility to operate in our Town?” …There was an awkward silence of 10 full seconds while the mild mannered Muslim Spokesman searched his mind for an answer to suit ...and all he could come up with was a most pitiful sounding “We offer you Diversity.”


Folks, this is not the Walt Disney generation of the early 1960’s where it was a “small world after all.” The ulterior motives by encroachers cannot be simply dismissed as harmless and diversifying. We must look at the current world geopolitical circumstances. The decisions made today, and when a final vote is called for on this subject in the Fall, must be informed ones. They will carry with them consequences far into the next century.

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