Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Jihadists Waging a 'Cosmic War' Like Christian and Jewish Fundamentalists: Reza Aslan

Obviously, radical Muslims have succeeded in recruiting a young Shiite Iranian-American, called Reza Aslan, (who alleges that he is “an internationally acclaimed writer), to promote their Jihad. In his book, “How to Win a Cosmic War”, he urges his readers to understand Jihad as “an ideology that seeks removing social and political deprivation of Muslims across the globe”, especially in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Palestine. He also claims that Jihad is a “social movement”.

Aslan states, a deeper “understanding of the social, political, and economic forces that have made global Jihadism such an appealing phenomenon, particularly to Muslim youth” is required.

This is ludicrous and a travestying. Jihadists do not possess any socio-economic program. The only “program” they have is Shari’a, a Medieval bunch of beliefs and practices that contradict basic human rights.

Aslan alleges that Jihadists are fighting the same “cosmic war” with “Christian fundamentalists” and “Jewish Orthodox”. He also claims that the latter are as “zealous” about the purity of their faith as the Jihadists. At the end of his book, Aslan concludes that this “war” can never be won, but it can be and must be “managed” properly.

The question is who is actually waging this bloody “war”? Have you ever heard or read of a Christian or Jew blowing themselves in crowds of innocent people? Never. It is Jihadists who are doing so in the name of Allah, who, by the way, is not the same God of Christians and Jews. Only Allah orders his Muslims in the Koran and Hadith to maim and hate non-Muslims. It is the “prophet” Muhammad who advocates that preferably Jihadists will be admitted in the Kingdom of heaven. For details, check out Ali Sina, “Understanding Muhammad” and M. A. Khan's “Islamic Jihad: The Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery.”

Throughout his book, Aslan tries to justify Jihad and not explain it. To do so, he alleges that the Dutch Parliament is debating a legislation through which the Koran has got to be outlawed.

This is not true. Even if this were true, some Dutch legislators, led Geert Wilders, want the Koran to be banned because it incites to hatred and violence. Check out “Is Islam a Violent Faith?

If you carefully read the Koran, you will find out that this book is replete with hatred, violence, and discrimination against women. It is actually a dangerous book and a toxic one. According to a study by Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, over 80% of Germans who read the Koran favor banning it like “Mein Kampf” by Hitler.

Aslan also claims that Muslims living in the West are “alienated” by the majority in their host countries, and that is why some of them join Jihad. This is not true either. Peaceful Muslims are integrated in the West and no body shows any hostility toward them. It is only radical Muslims who are rejected.

Later in the book, Aslan shows his real Jihadist character and affiliation and urges the West to recognize that “Islamophobia” gets them no. In other words, “leave us alone destroying your un-Islamic societies to replace them with Shari’a.”

Aslan also alleges that “Poll after poll across the Muslim world has revealed overwhelmingly majorities among all classes, ages, and sectors of society condemning al Qaeda’s actions.”

What “polls” is Aslan talking about. On the contrary, polls conducted by serious academic institutions prove the contrary.

To add insult to injury, Aslan contradicts himself when he states, Muslims across the world “consider militant groups like al Qaeda to be the only forces in the Muslim world giving voice to their grievances.”

Aslan is an Islamist and has exposed himself in his article, “Depicting Mohammed: Why I'm offended by the Danish cartoons of the prophet.” In this piece he defends fanaticism and opposes religious and opinion freedom like most Jihadists.

Sadly, some Western governments are following Aslan’s advice. The European Union issued edict 1605 through which criticism of Islam in no longer tolerated. In Switzerland, a German lady was prosecuted for posting critical articles of radical Islam on her website. She was accused of “racism”.

In Germany, the Christian Democratic Interior Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble meets regularly with Muslim leaders, who are predominantly radical Muslims. He and several German politicians across the board want to introduce Islam, as a subject, in school curricula, from an Islamic point of view.

When Schäuble meets with Muslim leaders, they tell him that they fully approve of the Constitution, and he believes that. Behind his back and in the absence of media, they gloat, “The fool and his ilk believe us.” Muslim centers, branded as “cultural” are everywhere in Germany. They teach youngsters hatred and violence. Check out “The Radical Muslims of Germany” and “A Deoband Madrassa in the Heart of Germany”.

Also Mr. Obama will not achieve anything with his appeasement policy toward Islamists. Hamas and Hizbollah, two radical Muslim organizations, will not accept anything short of wiping out Israel from the world map. Check out Hamas’s charter.

Aslan claims that the Turkish AKP government used to be a radical Muslim movement, but now it has become a “cautious peaceful government party”. This is not true either. The AKP is, slowly but steadily, Islamizing Turkey. It is preaching Jihad and dreams of re-establishing an Othoman Caliphate. Besides, it is still denying the genocide that Turkey inflicted on the Christian Armenians by the beginning of the 20th century, and is still denying any autonomy for the 8 million Kurds living in Turkey.

The West, and for that matter the whole world, does not need propagandists who play down the threat of radical Islam and Jihad, we need people who tell the truth about this virus which has befallen the whole world.

Aslan’s suggestion for “cooling down the temperature with Jihadists” does not work and will never work. Had the world community cooled down the temperature with Hitler and Pol Pot, more atrocities would have been committed.

Aslan also brags that “Al Qaeda may never fully dissipate”. This is wishful thinking of an extremist Jihadist. Al Qaeda, like most extremist doctrines, will, sooner or later, dissipate.

Radical Muslims and Jihadits, in particular, must be exposed and all root causes of their doctrine and practices must be blasted, isolated, and eventually eradicated.

What Aslan writes is too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

Additionally, if I were the head of the University of California, Riverside, where Aslan is allegedly teaching “creative writing”, I would not entrust him with teaching such a course. He is certainly teaching Jihad through “creative writing”; i.e. how to justify Jihad through writing.

Saudi Arabia is also promoting Jihad in its schools. Its curricula teach hatred and violence against non-Muslims. Check out: “Saudi Textbooks Incite to Hatred and Violence”.

The root causes of Jihad must be eliminated wherever they are.

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a sociology professor and an Arab/Muslim culture specialist. Before moving to Germany he taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University.