Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Aggressive and Macho: The Muslim Youth of Germany

Finally someone dared publicly talking about Muslim youth in Germany and their reckless aggressive behavior.

The German radio, WDR5, broadcast a two-hour live talk show called “Hallo Ü-Wagen” on April 25, 2009 to find out why Muslim youth are so aggressive and fanatic. Julitta Münch, the moderator of this program, invited several specialists to discuss the topic.

Over two hours, the majority of the participating specialists and the public depicted, all in all, an egregious picture of Muslim youth, in particular the males among them.

Ms. Münch, noted at the outset of her show that she had invited many teachers, especially female ones, but none turned up. She assumed they were scared to speak up against their Muslim youth.

Mansour Ahmed, a Palestinian social worker in Berlin who daily deals with Muslim youth and their families, said that more than 30% of Muslim young men are “very violent”. They do not allow their sisters to talk to other boys, especially German boys. Mansour also said that Muslim boys would never approve of their sisters marrying a German man. A Muslim boy told Mansour, he would kill his sister if she marries a German infidel, or has sex with a man before she is married. “More than 60% of Muslim girls are forced to marry a man of their parents’ choice.” Mansour added. He concluded that the majority of Muslim young and older men in Germany interpret and apply a kind of Taliban Islam.

Ahmet Toprak, a Muslim Turk, and social science professor at a high school in Germany, and a typical apologist, does not believe that “Muslim youth are more violent than their German counterparts”. As most apologists he refers radical Islamism to social deprivation.

Toprak also claimed that Muslim men behave like machos not because of Islam, but because of their social traditions.

This is not true. Several passages in the Koran and Hadith stress the “leading role” of Muslim men in society. Hence, they are allowed to beat women if they do not follow men’s directions. For further evidence, check out “Is Islam Violent” and “Women in Hadith”, posted on “Family Security Matters”.

Illona Rothin, a school teacher and film producer, rejected vehemently Toprak’s views. Ms. Rothin interviewed numerous young Muslims and lots of German teachers, and presented several facts:

Female teachers, in particular, are afraid of Muslim young men at German schools. Rothin said, she attended a class at a school in Hamburg whose most of its students are Turks and Arabs. At the beginning of the class there were 29 students. At the end only 8 students remained seated in the class. The rest left the class without any excuse. As Rothin asked the teacher why she allowed that to happen, the teacher said, “I’m scared. I cannot do anything against that. And the head teacher tries to hush all this up.” Mr. Grimm, a man from the public and one who is well-informed about what is going on in German schools, intervened and said, “The ministry of Education sent out several decrees to schools urging head teachers not to follow up wrong doing by the Muslim youth.”

At another school, Rothin overheard a Muslim student talking disrespectfully to one of his female teachers. He told his teacher, “I can go and come whenever I please. Therefore, and never ask me what I’m doing. It’s none of your business. OK?!”

Another participant in the show reported the following experience. A teacher wrote to a local newspaper reporting that one of her pupils, a 14-year-old girl was chained to her bed by her Muslim father to prevent her from leaving the house. The newspaper refused to publish the letter. The teacher was told, posting the letter would endanger her life.

This kind of letter reminds me of the numerous letters I myself sent out to local newspapers; to the Neue Westfälische and Westfalen Blatt in Bielefeld, Germany, in which I reported women being beaten and girls are forced by their Muslim parents to marry old men whom the girls have never met. The papers also refused to publish my letters.

Also in Bielefeld, in Stieghorst, a district that is predominantly inhabited by Turks, Muslim boys do not allow their sisters to enter the “Freizentrum” (recreation center). And German boys are not allowed to enter the center either.

According to various studies, more than 70% of young Muslims in Germany drop school before reaching the 10th grade. Later many of them join the “army of jobless”, and live on “Harz-Vier”, welfare system.

Both mosques and affiliated centers fill the brains of young male Muslims with hatred toward the German society and blame it on their misery. These indoctrinating centers, and the fact that schools and state authorities shy off confrontation with young Muslims have simply emboldened these youth, and encourage them to stay defiant.

Mustafa, a young Turk told me, “Teachers and the police are afraid of me. And I’m glad they are.”

German apologists always find all kinds of excuse to appease and accommodate radical Muslims. When Reinhard Baumgarten, a journalist and a “Middle East expert”, was asked on another radio program, on the Deutschland-Radio, on April 22, 2009, why Muslims are getting more and more violent, he attributed that to “Perspektivelosigkeit”; the Muslim youth are getting violent because they lack every conceivable perspective. Because they have zero future they are becoming more and more violent.

Is it really so? Muslims living legally in Germany have the same rights as every citizen in this country. Muslims in Muslim countries would dream of having such rights. For example, a jobless couple with four children would get state aid of up to € 2000 a month.

Another German apologist, Mathias Rohe from Erlangen, and judge who uses Shari’a in his verdicts when Muslims are involved, claimed on the same radio show, “Islam is compatible with secularism.” To add insult to injury, Rohe added, “We do not understand Shari’a.”

Thank God we have someone who understands Shari’a like Mr. Rohe!

This is laughable. Obviously, it is this “Islam expert” who does not understand Shari’a, and one who has never read the Koran, neither the Hadith. These books are replete with atrocious passages that denigrate women and incite to hatred and violence against non-Muslims.

The truth of the matter is German politicians and mainstream media have ignored and suppressed for decades the fact that Muslims must also abide by local laws. After 9/11 the Germans received a wake-up call. They got scared and have all the time been trying to appease Muslims out of fear and not conviction.

However, it seems that the German public is better informed about Islam and radical Muslims than their media and politicians.

Germany’s engagement in combating Muslim terrorism has been timid. The German 3800 troops in Afghanistan are rather passive than proactive in the fight against terror. They are confined to their camps in northern Afghanistan and dare not leave them. German politicians, especially from the Green Party, and Die Linke, a leftist party, oppose Germany’s involvement in Afghanistan, in front of the Somali coast, and Lebanon. They always argue, “We have lost nothing there.”

German politicians and mainstream media condemned freeing the American hostage Richard Phillips in Somali waters by force. They claimed that this would endanger the life of five German sails men kept hostage by Somali pirates for more than 2 months now.

The Germans prefer to pay ransom money, which they would get back from selling their machines and goods worldwide. They do not want to make their hands dirty in the war on terror. They want the others to do the job for them.

Thanks to the CIA the German security agencies could foil a devastating attack by radical Muslims in Germany. The CIA information helped the German police arrest four Muslims and recover 26 detonators which could have cost the life of hundreds of innocent people.

The four terrorists; Fritz Gelowicz (of Polish descent), Daniel Schneider (two German converts), Adam Yilmaz, and Attilia Selek (two Turks), also called the Sauerland group, were arrested on September 4, 2007.

Uschi Eid from the German Green Party told Deutschland-Radio, “We must encourage the Somalis apply Shari’a. This might help building the state again. Islam regulates both religious and mundane life. This might help bring peace to Somalia and rid us of piracy.”

In other words, Eid is advocating setting up a Taliban state in Somalia.

The Germans use every opportunity to condemn and fight the NPD, the neo-Nazis in Germany. Why do not they do the same with radical Muslims who are as dangerous as the NPD. Radical Muslims preach that their Islam is the best “faith” on earth, and they are better believers than the rest of the world. This is discrimination “per excellence”.

Muslim religious and political discrimination is as egregious as the NPD’s. Both are politically correct.

Of course, in contrast to Muslim states, in particular the oil rich ones, the NPD is, economically speaking, insignificant. This being said, Germany and other European countries avoid alienating Muslims.

Most recently Switzerland prosecuted a German lady for bashing radical Muslims. Her criticism has been interpreted as an act of “racism”. This trial is meant as a warning to all critics of Islam to stop doing so. Petrodollars come first.

The longer the Germans pamper Radical Muslims, the more emboldened the latter are becoming. The longer the Germans procrastinate confronting radical Islam and radical Muslims, the larger and more perilous the time bomb is getting.

Muslim radicalism in Europe and across the globe is a pandemic and must be confronted and eradicated, like any other virus. Sticking our head in sand like an ostrich is futile.

Dr. Sami Alrabaa, an ex-Muslim, is a sociology professor and an Arab/Muslim culture specialist. Before moving to Germany he taught at Kuwait University, King Saud University, and Michigan State University.