Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Utah killings by Kosovo Muslim Youth Was Jihad

Bosnian Muslim immigrant's rampage at a Utah shopping mall, killing five Americans while shouting Allahu Akbar or Allah is Great before being gunned down by police is a "textbook study of a jihadist attack" claim authors at the independent

Bosnian Muslim grieves in front of the coffin of the Utah killer.


According to the report, the evening before going on a killing spree, the shooter, Bosnian Muslim Sulejman Talovic, told his girlfriend that "Something is going to happen tomorrow that you'll never be able to forgive me about" and that the event will be "the happiest day of his life and that it could only happen once in a lifetime."

Islam considers dying in service of Allah as the highest form of Islamic spiritual sacrifice and such martyrdom is a "happy moment" because it will be greatly rewarded by Islamic God called Allah.

Utah killer lays in coffin. Bosnian Muslims touch the "shaheed" or Islamic martyr before his burial.


"Talovic's expression to his girlfriend that his killing spree would be the happiest day of his life is consistent with an understanding of the central function of jihad in Islam," write Beila Rabinowitz and William A. Mayer.

"Contrary to claims made by Talovic's family, his girlfriend stated that he had a contact at the local mosque, which is located immediately adjacent to the scene of Sulejman's carnage," write Rabinowitz and Mayer.

During the shooting spree terrified shoppers and store employees hid in kitchens, cramped closets, stairwells, storage rooms and freezers as Talovic walked through the mall, firing at them and was shouting that that Islamic God, Allah, is great as getting gunned down.

"I am amazed that the media is so obsessed with portraying Talovic as some dreamy, visionary Muslim kid and no one pays attention to the dead he left behind," says Olivia Hill, an American from Texas.

"Salt Lake Tribune talks about his favorite color, favorite food, how he loved outdoors, fishing... and not a word on the dead and the pain these families are suffering and frankly, I am offended by this glorification of a killer... is it because he is a Muslim?" asks Hill.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Talovic's father Suljo still has no clue as to the motive for his son's shooting.

"Sulejman's father's continued insistence that someone put his son up to the killings seem to be an effort to shield the Al Noor Masjid [mosque] from law enforcement scrutiny," write Rabinowitz and Mayer. 

"The reason for this obfuscation seems clear at this point, the shootings at the Trolley Square Mall were the result of Muslim terrorism, a premeditated act of jihad by Sulejman Talovic," conclude Rabinowitz and Mayer.

Shooter's father was in the Bosnian Muslim army in the 1990s and 5 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 that killed 3,000 Americans were also, like Talovic, veterans of the Bosnian Muslim army.

Serbian POW Rade Rogic whom Bosnian Muslim soldiers beheaded in this video.


In 2002, point Rabinowitz and Mayer, New York Times detailed how Talovic's relative from Bosnia admitted that he participated in threats to spread anthrax in the US. A 28-year-old Amir Omerovic, naturalized citizen from Bosnia living in Derby, sent letters laced with anthrax to offices of Gov. John G. Rowland, the United States Coast Guard and Marines in Connecticut.

"In most press accounts, Ajka Omerovic is noted as Trolley Square terrorist murderer Talovic's aunt. And the Omerovic clan is well-known in the fighting of Muslims against Bosnian Serbs in Srebrenica. One of them who also emigrated here was Amir Omerovic, apparently a cousin of Talovic," explains Debbie Schlussel.

According to the prosecutor in the Omerovic case, the anthrax laced letters Omerovic sent contained a note in which he warns that it is "only the beginning. Americans will die. Death to America and Israel."

"I think that here, in this case, it wasn't a religious motive, because Islam doesn't embrace terrorism or violence," says Nezim Halilovic, a Wahhabi imam of the  Bosnian King Fahd Mosque. Halilovic also preaches that Muslims of Iraq are under attack by America and in his sermons asks Muslims to "to help our bothers in... Iraq and any other place where Muslims are attacked by enemies of Allah's faith.??? 

"Based on these facts law enforcement must quit denying what is now obvious and start re-investigating this matter for what it is, an example of domestic terrorism," write Rabinowitz and Mayer. "The public must demand a full inquiry, including a full investigation into the Al Noor Mosque."

This article appeared in Serbianna, which investigate the impact of Islam and the Islamic terrorism activities in Balkan. It has been published here with mutual agreement.

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