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Afghan convert and my thoughts about Islam

This article is written in connection with Abdul Rahaman, who rejected Islam for Christianity, his strong determination not to give up under pressure and fear of death, his ultimate release and the recent interest of Afghan Muslims in Christianity.

Ansarullah Mawlazezadah, Afghan trial judge had left no stones unturned to prove that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. He had given Abdul a chance to return to Islam and only be killed if he refused. But Abdul refused to return back to slavery. Unlike many other Muslims he knows the real meaning of freedom. Bible had given him enough strength to stand alone against the Islamic government of Afghanistan. Freedom is his birthright. 

The Afghan bloodthirsty mullahs had tried their best to tear "Rahman to pieces" but Allah could not fulfill their wishes as international infidel pressure was too strong and Rahaman was too determined to keep his faith. So he was declared mentally unfit to stand trial. Reliable sources from Afghanistan indicate something else -- Rahman was depressed, but surely not mentally unfit. 

Well, I don't want to question the professional competency of the medical doctor, let that be a secret, but it was the only way to "get rid of the shame" of keeping a person like Rahaman alive. After all because of people like him, Islam is in danger.  

I salute this enlightened man. He is a burning example for many others, who are still in the slavery. This incident is like a wake-up call for them. 

His successful journey to Italy is not the end of the story. In fact it is the beginning of the story. Today, many Afghan Muslims have started showing interest in Christianity. Tomorrow they will demand freedom, which is their birthright. A true religion makes a soul free. Religious freedom is the basic minimum legal sanction in a civilized society. 

But unfortunately, Islam does not belong to that class. Like many underworld criminal organization, the strength of Islam is based on 'fear' and 'slavery'. If anyone wants to be free from this slavery, then Islam takes it as an open challenge. Islam does not want to honor their slaves with freedom. Like hardcore criminals Islam will collapse and destroy itself but it will never reform. 

Today, most of the underworld mafias control their business by this way. They enslave people by instilling fear into their mind. Fear is such, which cannot be removed from the mind so easily, even after the cause of the fear is vanished. As example, take the case of notorious underworld Muslim mafia leader from India, Dawood Ibrahim. Dawood is notorious of his money extortion crime. Presently this Muslim criminal is given shelter by Pakistan. Today, he is just like a puppet in the hands of Pakistan government. Rich businessmen, political leaders and movie actors from India are still very afraid of him. Everybody knows that he is powerless, everybody wants to say that but nobody wants to take the first step. The fear factor works here - what may happen to me if I underestimate him?  What may happen to me, if I wrongly imagine that Dawood is powerless? Similarly a Muslim fears hellfire. He knows very well from the very deep bottom of his mind that scientifically hellfire cannot exist, but again the deep-rooted fear works wonder in his mind - what may happen to me if hellfire is true, though there is no proof? 

Today what is required is critical evaluation and healthy reasoning. Muslims have to remove the fear from their mind.  For this they need an open mind. Generally, common Muslims are less educated than non-muslims. This is a big disadvantage. Uneducated persons are more prone to superstitions.

With an open mind if the Muslims ask few questions to themselves the truth will come out automatically. From the Koran and hadith it is crystal clear that Muhammad was more like an underworld criminal and less like a prophet. Prophet allowed Muslims to tell lie for the advancement of Islam. Then how do you know that the Prophet himself did not tell you lie for attracting more followers?  

If Koran and hadith is right then Prophet was a hardcore criminal. If Prophet was the real messenger of God then Koran and Hadith must be wrong, because the True God of mankind cannot be so cruel and stupid (I mean the great Koranic contradictions).  Three pillars of Islam are Islamic god Allah, the religious book Koran, and the messenger of Allah, ie, Muhammad. It is like a three-legged table - just remove one leg and the table cannot stand any more. By proper reasoning, it can be proved that all three of them are wrong. Then where is the credibility of Islam? 

If everything is Allah-willing, then the prosperity of nonmuslim western world is also Allah-willing, is not it? If there are 1.2 billion people believe in Allah, then there are about 5 billion people on this earth who does not bother about Allah's blessings. The achievements of nonmuslims are more than Muslims - this is also Allah-willing. So can we come to a conclusion that Allah loves nonmuslims more than Muslims?               

Today Afghan mullahs are eager to tear "Rahman to pieces", but how many of them had read the Afghan history? Till 10th century Afghanistan was a Hindu nation. It is Afghans, who fought hard against Muslim invaders and died in millions in the battlefield to save their land. Do they know what the name of the mountain range Hindukush stands for? Hindukush means Hindu slaughter. This is the name given by the Muslim invaders to the mountain range, which were close to the battlefields. Many Afghan women and children during those days were forced to slavery after the brutal murder of the male members of their family.

With more and more questions like these are asked the bitter truth about Islam will come out slowly. Islam will be exposed. Then Islam will be a serious laughing matter to the Muslims themselves and that will be first step towards freedom. Today all Muslims should realize these facts. The sooner the better. Just take out the fear from your mind and critically analyze the teachings of Koran and Hadith. Ask few questions to yourself and search for the answer. The hollowness if Islam will be crystal clear in front of you. 

Today media does not have the courage to tell the truth. A reporter thinks, if I publish such news, radical Muslims may attack my family or me, may be the circulation of the newspaper will come down, may be I will lose my job. The same fear factor works here.

But, I think this attitude is changing. In fact, I think that it is the Islamic terrorists, who are actually showing the real dirty face of Islam to the whole world. After every suicide bomb blast, the educated people are pointing directly towards the religion Islam, itself -- instead of blaming the attackers. I feel it is very much required. As an example, if a child steals in the school, it is the parents of the child who are most of the time blamed for the wrong action of their children (look, what is the fault of the child, his parents did not teach him some moral values). This type of thinking will help the peace loving Muslims to give a second thought about their die-hard faith. 

Today Islam is more like a 'business' and less like a 'religion'. The mullahs sell 'the blessings of Allah' and a 'secured position in Islamic heaven'. Their asset is 'Allah, Muhammad and Koran'. Based on these three, their business always gives good profit.  Their business ethics is exploitation (same as life-insurance. here also 'fear of death' and the 'lucrative financial benefits after death' are two motivating factors). If the fear factor is taken out, both Islamic business and life-insurance business will collapse. Tell an insurance agent that life is much safer now -- he will strongly disagree, though he knows that he is wrong. Tell a mullah that hellfire and Islamic heaven with virgins and all those are unscientific --- he will strongly disagree. Even he may advice Muslims to harm you for the fear of losing his business. Like mullahs, the life insurance agents are very rich. Many people try to avoid them, while many people want extra life insurance. Same reason is applicable for Muslims. Life insurance agents bark upon the same thing and always pessimistic. They never see the good side of lives. How many people are dying by road accidents each year, they will always tell you the statistics, but why they don't tell you that cars of today are much safer than before and roads are better? Moreover why they don't want to advice you that instead of spending so much on life insurance, why not take some extra precautions while driving or at least while crossing the roads. In the same way, why not the mullahs advice people to stay at the right path and Islam (the way it is preached) is not that right path. Why they do not tell common Muslims that a hateful book like Koran cannot be from the true god of mankind? Why they cannot preach that another great prophet had said -- forgive them, because they don't know what they are doing?

They will run out of business if they do so. The insurance agent thinks -- to hell with common people as long as they insure their life with me. Same way the mullahs think -- to hell with the common innocent Muslims, as long as they like my teachings and fill up my pocket by donating handsomely in the mosque where I preach.

And, during this time, when the business seems to be going well; some enlightened people like Abdul Rahaman surface from somewhere and stand right on the way of this profitable business. Naturally the mullahs are mad. Hence kill Abdul Rahaman and other Muslims will learn from it - the business should run. If more Muslims follow the path of Abdul Rahaman, there is a loss of business in Mecca as 'hajj pilgrims will also be less'. 

Mullahs tell common Muslims to memorize Koran but send their children to universities for higher studies. You do not have to believe me, just check by yourself. You will be surprised. While common Muslims are brainwashed for a suicide mission, tell me, how many mullahs are ready to send their sons and daughters for such an act. 
Common Muslims can starve because 'everything is Allah willing' and at the same time mullahs have enough money to purchase the best house for him because again 'everything is Allah willing '. What mullahs are doing today is nothing more than what their prophet had done. Prophet Muhammad did not follow the Koran.

Mullahs promise common Muslims of Islamic heavenly never-ending afterlife, but they want to enjoy heavenly pleasure right now, here, on earth.

This is the pure Islamic business ethics. No business can run on exploitation for longer time. It is applicable for Islam also. That is the time the mullah - monopoly will cease to exist and nobody will be there to protect Islamic business. Mullahs are the last keepers of Islam.

I can see a silver lining in the dark cloud. Many more enlightened Muslims like Abdul Rahaman will come out with time. In fact they are struggling to come out from this bondage and slavery. They are not small in number; also they are growing very fast. Only problem is that they are not united. Most of the times their voices are unheard by others. With the advancement of Internet, many more organizations like FFI will appear and these ex-muslim groups will be stronger and more united. They will get morale support and strength from each other. The keepers of Islam will try their best to stop this movement but in vain. A barrage of sand cannot stop a devastating flood. 'Success belongs to those who dare to be different'. That will be end of 1400 years old slavery and injustice.

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