Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Heil Hitler, Heil Muhammad


"The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from it." -- Dr. S. Radhakrishnan


During the Third Reich (from 1933 to 1945, the prime time of the Nazis in Germany), it was a strict law to greet the Fuehrer with 'Heil Hitler'. People were put into concentration camps if they refused to use this greeting (Schirrmacher, 1992). 'Heil' is the German word for 'salvation', which is extensively used in the German Bible translations. 'Salvation Hitler' or 'Salvation through Hitler' was the message that almost every German daily preached to others. Hitler addressed to his fellowship, “Workers, you must look upon me as your guarantor.” (Hitler’s speech: December 10, 1940. Berlin). The message was clear: everybody should accept that Hitler is the salvation for Germany and for the world.

Like the Nazis, it’s the central belief of the Muslim faith that salvation is not possible without Muhammad’s intercession with Allah. On judgment day, all humankind will go from one prophet to the next to ask for intercession, but all prophets from Adam to Jesus will refuse to accept this role because of their unworthiness. Ultimately, Muhammad, the great prophet of Islam; like, Adolf Hitler, the great prophet of Nazis; will accept the role of intercessor and will successfully lead his followers into paradise. As the Urdu poet, Mir Taqi Mir (cited Geisler & Saleeb, 1993, p. 88) wrote, “Why do you worry, O Mir, thinking of your black book? The person of the seal of the prophets is a guarantee for your salvation.” Muhammad was so great that even Allah showered praises on him and saluted him (Qur’an 33: 56). If Muhammad had not been, Allah himself would not have existed.

Islam is not concerned with the relationship with God and man in this world and since salvation is not possible without Muhammad; therefore, logically the most honorable way to greet Muhammad is ‘Heil Muhammad’ like Hitler preferred during his heydays. There are so many uncanny similarities between these two tyrants that if Muhammad had been contemporary to Hitler; the present author surely would have concluded that they were twin brothers of different looks, separated at birth. Both the tyrants were cut out from the same cloth. They had identical mindset, similar motives and acted in the same manner to achieve power, as we will see in the rest of this article.

A Nazi-chief and a blind follower of Hitler had declared openly (cited Dawkins, 2006. p. 277-8),

Adolf Hitler! We are united with you alone! We want to renew our vow in this hour: on this earth we believe only in Adolf Hitler. We believe that the National Socialism is the sole saving faith for our people. We believe that there is a Lord God in the heaven, who created us, who leads us, who directs us and who blesses us visibly. And we believe that this Lord God sent Adolf Hitler to us, so that Germany might become a foundation for all eternity.

National Socialism is another name of Nazism. The Nazis never hid the religious character of their actions, as seen in the following official Nazi statement (cited Schirrmacher, 1992),

National Socialism is a religion, born out of blood and race, not a political world-view. It is the new, alone true religion, born out of a Nordic spirit and an Aric [Aryan] soul. The religions still existing must disappear as soon as possible. If they do not dissolve themselves the state has to destroy them.

Nazism and communism are thoroughly beaten, and any further upheaval is impossible but with that barbarism and brutality had not been defeated yet. We should not close our eyes to the fact that these hateful ideas achieved something like a victory in defeat and reappeared again with a new name. Let’s make some small changes; only six words are replaced by new words and the above two paragraphs look like this.

Muhammad! We are united with you alone! We want to renew our vow in this hour: on this earth we believe only in Muhammad. We believe that the Islam is the sole saving faith for our people. We believe that there is anMuhammad Cartoon Allah in the heaven, who created us, who leads us, who directs us and who blesses us visibly. And we believe that this Allah sent Muhammad to us, so that Arabia might become a foundation for all eternity.


Islam is a religion, born out of blood and race, not a political world-view. It is the new, alone true religion, born out of a Bedouin spirit and an Arabian soul. The religions still existing must disappear as soon as possible. If they do not dissolve themselves the state has to destroy them.

Throughout the Human history only these two tyrants ever had ordered the ethnic cleansing of the Jews, “Kill every Jew” (Winn, 2004. p. 369). We can call it either Nazi mindset of Islam or Islamic mindset of Nazi; the core meaning remains same. Both of them had set out to kill people not for what they did but for who they were and had a firm belief at the cause. A million Jews children were destined to concentration camps only because they existed as Jews. This is the mindset of psychopaths. There are many strange similarities between Muhammad’s teachings, Hitler’s speeches and the two equally lethal doctrines, the Mein Kamph and the Qur’an. The Nazi Party was a ruthless murder machine, so is Islam. Few examples are as follows.

  • “Jews are vampires who must die sooner or later.” (Mein Kampf. P. 450)

  • “Witness the ‘Juda verrecke’ (Jews must be destroyed) outcry in which our youth organizations have taken up.” (Mein Kampf, p. 414)

  • “Just issue orders to kill every Jew in the country.” (Bukhari:1.1.6)

  • Terrorism was an integral part of Nazism so in Islam. Both Mein Kampf and Qur’an glorified terrorism. Both the tyrants connected butchery with their cults.

  • “With religious conviction…the bearers of the new doctrine must declare themselves ready and willing to fight.” (Mein Kampf, p. 127)

  • “I [Allah] shall cast terror into the hearts of the unbelievers. Strike them above the necks, smite their finger tips”. (Qur’an 8.12)

  • “Always before god and the world the stronger has the right to carry through what he wills.” (Hitler’s speech: April 13, 1923. Munich).

  • “These [terror] tactics are based on an exact calculation of all human weaknesses. They will lead to success with mathematical certainty unless the other side learns to fight poison gas with poison gas.” (Mein Kampf. P. 58)

  • “Therefore, when you meet the unbelievers smite their necks…” (Qur’an, 47.4)

  • “The importance of physical terror against the individual and the masses also became clear to me.” (Mein Kampf. P. 58)

  • “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been sent with the shortest expressions bearing the widest meanings, and I have been made victorious with terror.’” (Bukhari: 4.52.220)

  • “I want war. To me all means will be right. My motto is 'Destroy him [enemy] by all and any means.' I am the one who will wage the war!” (cited Snyder, 1961, p. 66).

  • “The battle cry of Muhammad’s Companions was, ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’” (Tabari VIII: 141)

Both the psychopaths preached hate. There is no reward for loving humanity as a whole. The Godly words ‘love’ and ‘brotherhood’ were unknown to them.

  • “If a people is to become free it needs pride and will-power, defiance, hate, hate, and once again hate....”(Hitler’s speech: April 10, 1923. Munich)

  • “The worst beasts in Allah's sight are the disbelievers.” (Qur’an: 8.55)

  • “… you [Muslims] have more right to hate them [Jews] than they have to hate you.” (Ishaq, p. 262)

  • “Let not the believers take unbelievers for friends or helpers rather than believers: if any do that, in nothing will there be help from Allah.” (Qur’an: 3.28)

Both proclaimed their divine right to slaughter in God’s name, but at the same time pretended themselves to be peaceful in nature. Hitler, the cold-blooded murderer of six million Jews swore by God’s name that he wanted peace. Muhammad, who beheaded nine hundred Jews of Qurayza tribe in a single day and enslaved their women, children and confiscated their property, took help of Allah’s revelation to justify the massacre. Even today, Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran, who harbors the dream of nuking Israel, is reported to have said "We want peace for all mankind" (Ghamidi et. al, 2007. p. 256). Khomeini ordered the massacre of more than three thousand dissident boys and girls of Iran saying that he would respond to God for the butchery (Sina, 2007). It’s a disgrace to call Allah a God and Islam a religion.

  • “… we have the right to murder 400,000 to 500,000 people in the Nazi Revolution!” (Hitler’s speech: January 30, 1937 Berlin, Reichstag).

  • “God knows that I wanted peace.” (Hitler’s speech: May 4, 1941. Berlin, Reichstag)

  • “The judgment whether a people is virtuous or not virtuous can hardly be passed by a human being. That should be left to God”. (Hitler’s speech: April 1, 1939; Wilhelmshaven)

  • “It is not ye who slew them; it is God; when thou threwest a handful of dust, it was not thy act, but God’s…..” (the killing of surrendered men of Qurayza tribe were done by the wish of Allah). (Qur’an, 8:17)

  • “I believe today that I am acting in the sense of the Almighty Creator. By warding off the Jews I am fighting for the Lord's work”. (Hitler’s speech: 1936, Reichstag)

  • “I do not desire war, but when it is forced upon me I shall wage it as long as I have breath in my body.” (Hitler’s speech: December 10. 1940. Berlin)

Both of them demanded unquestionable loyalty from their followers.

  • “They can have no Faith, until they make you (Muhammad) judge in all disputes, and find in their souls no resistance against your decisions, accepting them with complete submission.” (Qur’an 4:65)

  • “No Muslim has any choice after Allah and His Apostle have decided a matter.” (Qur’an 33:36)

  • “If in the future you continue to stand behind me as one man, in loyalty and obedience, no power in the world will be able to destroy this Movement. It will continue its victorious course. If you preserve the same discipline, the same obedience, the same comradeship and the same unbounded loyalty in the future - then nothing will ever extinguish this Movement in Germany”. (Hitler’s speech: April 08, 1933. Berlin, Sportpalast)

  • “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘Whoever obeys me will enter Paradise, and whoever disobeys me will not enter it.’”(Bukhari: 9.92.384)

  • “We used to take oaths to Muhammad that we would listen to and obey his orders.” (Muslim: 22.20.4604)

  • “We have in our Movement developed this loyalty in following the leader, this blind obedience of which all the others know nothing and which gave to us the power to surmount everything”. (Hitler’s speech: April 08, 1933. Berlin, Sportpalast)

Both the psychopaths glorified martyrdom and were happiest when their followers were dying for them.

  • “And now on foreign soil National Socialism has gained its first conscious martyr - a man who did nothing save to enter the lists for Germany which is not only his sacred right but his duty in this world: a man who did nothing save remember his homeland and pledge himself to her in loyalty”. (Hitler’s speech: February 12, 1936. Schwerin, Gustloff's funeral)

  • “Unless you stake your life, never will life be won. The sacrifice of one’s existence is the most essential supposition for the formation and preservation of a State with the necessary feeling of homogeneity. The readiness to risk one’s life for this with all means possible, is something that will lead to the creation of heroic virtues.” (Mein Kampf, p.198)

  • “For those who fought and were killed in My Cause, I shall blot out their sins and admit them indeed to Paradise.” (Qur’an: 3.195)

Neither of them wanted peaceful co-existence with others.

  • “There are only two possibilities: either victory of the Aryan, or annihilation of the Aryan and the victory of the Jew”. (Hitler’s speech: April 12, 1922. Munich)

  • “[Muhammad’s last wish] Expel disbelievers from the Arabian Peninsula.” (Bukhari: 4.52.288)

  • “The Messenger said, ‘Two religions cannot coexist in the Arabian Peninsula.’ Umar investigated the matter, then sent to the Jews, saying: ‘Allah has given permission for you to be expelled.” (Tabari VIII:130).

  • “The whole world of nature is a mighty struggle between strength and weakness - an eternal victory of the strong over the weak.”(Hitler’s speech: April 13, 1923. Munich)

Liberty, freedom of speech and democracy were not recognized in Nazism so in Islam. They were created to serve one man. As Hurgronje wrote, “Islam has never favoured Democratic tendencies”. As King Faud of Saudi Arabia quoted, “The democratic system that is predominant in the world is not a suitable system for the peoples of our region…The system of free election is not suitable to our country.” (cited Warraq, 1995. p. 172). The core message of Islam is to obey Muhammad and fight and die for his cause. Qur’an is a morally and spiritually bankrupt doctrine and Muhammad knew that his holy book would never withstand the scrutiny of a free society.

  • “Freedom of the press is a nuisance that allows unpunishable lies to poison the people.” (Mein Kampf, p. 335)

  • “Profane liberty with these words, ‘If you don’t join with us, we will crack your skull!’” (Mein Kampf, p. 65)

  • “The Prophet said, ‘A Muslim has to listen to and obey the order of his ruler whether he likes it or not.’” [There will never be a stable Islamic democracy.](Bukhari: 9.89.258)

  • “Democracy is a universal plague. It creates a monstrosity of filth and fire. Fate showed me how ridiculous a parliament is as an institution.” (Mein Kampf, p. 99)

  • “The invention of democracy is a crying shame…. A majority can never replace the Man.” (Mein Kampf. P. 104).

  • “Democracy shuns sunlight.” (Mein Kampf, p. 116)

  • “You of [the Islamic] Faith, say not (to the Prophet) words of ambiguous import like ‘Listen to us,’ but words of respect; and obey (him): To those who don’t submit there is a grievous punishment.” (Qur'an: 2.104).

  • “The mass of people are not sufficiently developed to arrive at a political opinion by themselves and thus are not suited to select the leader.” (Mein Kampf, p. 107)

Both of them were self appointed guardian of their Nations. Hitler’s idea of Arian supremacy matches well with Muhammad’s idea of Arab Supremacy.

  • “I know that the whole German nation is behind me. I am the guardian of its future and I act accordingly.”(Hitler’s speech: December 10, 1940. Berlin)

  • “O Prophet! We have sent you as a guardian of the illiterates [Arabs]” (Bukhari, 3.34.335)

  • “The Prophet said, ‘I will not intercede for those or love them who are not fair with the Arabs.’” (Tirmizi, Vol. 2. p. 840)

  • Qur’an was never meant for non-Muslims to read. Similarly Mein Kampf was not for outsiders.

  • “With this work I do not address myself to strangers, but to those adherents of the movement who belong to it with their hearts and whose reason now seeks a more intimate enlightenment.” (Mein Kampf: Preface)

  • “Allah’s Apostle forbade the people to travel to a hostile country carrying copies of the Qur’an. Unbelievers will never understand our signs and revelations.” (Bukhari: 4.52.233)

Both the tyrants viewed economical growth in the same way. The Islamic economy and domination was based upon piracy and militancy and ravaging other’s economy. Even today peaceful economic policy is discouraged. Khomeini once said (Fara et. al, 1996, p. 69) “Economics is a preoccupation of donkeys”. With this type of attitude, how Iran’s national economy is expected to come up?

  • “Allah made booty lawful for them.” (Tabari VII:81)

  • “No economic policy is possible without a sword.” (Hitler’s speech: April 10 1923. Munich)

  • “So enjoy what you took as booty; the spoils are lawful and good.” (Qur’an: 8.069)

“The talk of ‘peaceful economic conquest’ of the world is the greatest folly that has ever been perpetrated. It is nonsense….Weapons are required for success. Mercenaries can be used but a nation must dip into its most valuable blood and make sacrifices to bring about victory.” (Mein Kampf, p. 188).

Both Hitler and Muhammad realized that thorough brainwashing is required from the early childhood days to erode their consciences and to poison their minds. In Cologne, the children receiving meals from the Nazi state during the Second World War had to pray before the meal, “Fold your hands, bow your head and think about Adolf Hitler. He gives us our daily bread and helps us out of every misery” (Schirrmacher, 1992). Similarly, as per Sunan Abu Dawud: 2.0495, Muhammad advised, “Command your children to pray when they become seven years old, and beat them for it (prayer) when they become ten years old; and arrange their beds (to sleep) separately”. This is how evil dominates all aspects of Muslim society.

Hitler wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle) from Landsberg on the Lech prison in 1924 in two volumes of about one thousand pages in total. It was written about thirteen centuries after Qur’an was written. But the strange similarities between these two doctrines lead the present author to one obvious question – Was Hitler influenced by Muhammad and Islam? In this article only a few similarities are mentioned, but Craig Winn, in his excellent e-book ‘Prophet of doom’ had recorded hundreds such similarities (Winn, 2004). From his scholarly observation, it is very clear that apart from time and place Islam and Nazism are almost indistinguishable and are different sides of the same coin. The only difference is that Hitler had a vastly superior intellect and was a better writer than were either Muhammad or his Allah.

The translators of Mein Kampf said, “Hitler attempted to make himself the ‘prophet’ of the new German religion…. He believed that if a new ‘myth’ could be created and propagated as stubbornly, it would give Germans a new faith which the masses would cherish as tenaciously as they previously followed Christianity.” So Nazism was a replacement or substitute religion of Christianity. But Islam is also a weak imitation of Christianity and Judaism. As per Carlyle (cited Warraq, 1995, p. 23), Islam is a confused form of Christianity, a bastard kind of Christianity, shorn of its absurd details. It is logical to conclude that Hitler was highly influenced by Islamic scriptures.

All the public speeches, Mein Kampf and Islamic scriptures reveal the full flavor of the respective author’s mind and expose their motivations. None of the psychopaths ever valued human lives. Both had suffered unhappy childhoods and their murderous behavior didn’t begin until they were halfway through their careers. They had the same opinion about common people. Hitler wrote, “I saw the world in three groups: the fighters, the lukewarm, and the traitors.” (Mein Kampf. P. 16). Muhammad saw the Arabs as either good fighters in his cause, useless hypocrites, or enemy infidels. Both Nazism and Islam are rigid, intolerant, born in blood, and progressed by brutal force. Both Muhammad and Hitler succeeded in seducing a sufficient number of rebels into submission to terrorize the world. Both the psychopaths poisoned their victims with their doctrines and speeches, which turned good men bad. The followers behaved exactly like their leaders.

The last time we were ignorant of such a hateful and violent doctrine, the world paid a horrible price, as Hitler led to the holocaust and to the brutal death of fifty-five million people in Second World War. This is the devastating consequence of the world’s ignorance and tolerance of Mein Kampf which is still vivid in our memory. Today humanity is passing through another worse phase of life. Our history speaks of many wars that have been fought in the past, but the third and the final war of the era would be the most decisive and most horrible one without a parallel. Today a synthesis of Nazism and modern technology will claim billions of innocent lives.

We must shed our ignorance and tolerance, and remove the mask of religiosity from Islam so that we might defend ourselves from its racial hatred and intolerance, its desire to wipe out the non-Muslims out to the last. Islam is Nazism revisited with a new name and claimed its religious status by creating a dummy God Allah, which is a mockery of real God. Islam does not deserve the unwarranted protection it is granted vis-à-vis its religious status. These new Nazis have unlimited financial resources (oil-money), nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and countless number of Human bombs. This new Nazism needs to be exposed and the new Nazis need to be dealt with iron fist if we want to survive.

Probably we can take some lesson from the Israelis. Almost every Muslim overwhelmingly wants Israel annihilated, along with all the Jews. The Jews, meanwhile, only want to live with dignity. There are many examples in history where Jews lived in relative harmony over hundreds of years with others with mutual trust and respect and in total absence of any conflict. No wise man can regard Jews as an enemy, but as a blessing to the neighborhood. Living in peace and harmony is the ‘mantra’ of the Jews, but their fate is such that every war Israel has fought, since returning to her land, has only set the stage for the next war. There is a vast difference between Islam and Jewish beliefs. Islam was forced upon people but Judaism strongly opposes forced conversions. The Hebrew Bible prohibits killing in the Ten Commandments and completely rejects and deplores suicide. The Old Testament Torah delineates the Land of Israel where the Jewish people lived. Jews do not seek expansion beyond the land of Israel. Israel has withdrawn its army from territories captured after each war. But Judaism also states that "If one comes to slay you, slay him first" (from Talmudic Tractate Brachos 58, a sacred text of Judaism). We should deal with present day Nazism in the same manner.

Good citizens may reform governments but ultimately our own survival depends on us – our actions and inactions. As long as we realize this, freedom will survive and our children will live in a free world. The world is what we make it, or what we fail to make it. This is what we can learn from the tiny minority of Jews. They are the frontline fighters against Islamic evil force that threatens to throw the humanity back to the darkest days of barbaric cultures. Jews are fighting not for their own freedom but for the freedom of the whole Human race. Freedom is a continuing struggle, won one moment at a time. There are many who would take it from you, but no one who can give it to you. Today the Humankind is facing an enemy, which is more blood trusty than Nazi party. No amount of land concessions and foreign aid will appease these fanatics. No amount of revisionist history will also pacify them. Only death and destruction of all infidels will quench the beast's appetite for blood and power. How pathetic it is that a superpower like the USA, in spite of showering billions of dollars in the Muslim-world's oppressed and poverty stricken people, cannot win their gratitude. The great Ummah will always view America as ‘a great Satan’. What about Bangladeshis, Sudanese and Egyptians; whose daily bread and butter mostly come from foreign aid? Do they think twice before chanting ‘death to America’?

Probably it is too late and the signs of the Third World War are already on the horizon. Maybe the doomsday clock already began to tick. Several Muslim nations are in mad nuclear arm race while millions of their own people are dying of starvation, disease and civil war. Pakistani nuclear scientist Q. A. Khan had already had done his Islamic duty by selling nuclear secrets to Iraq, Iran, Libya and North Korea. During April 2006, Iran's president, Ahmadinejad, announced on national TV that his country had enriched uranium to a level required for nuclear fuel. There are reports that Kyrgyzstan, Syria and Turkey are also not far behind (Morgan, 2007). Also the collapse of the Soviet Union led to the possibility that former Soviet nuclear weapons might become available on the black market, which is a lure to the terrorists.

Nazis had put their blind trust on Hitler for salvation. History had recorded that; Hitler had given the Germans meaningless death, destruction and humiliation in return instead of salvation. After the defeat of the Nazis, the whole German nation was put to shame when they were held responsible for the actions of the Nazi regime, often using the terms "collective guilt", and "collective responsibility” (Wikipedia, 2008). Even today the Germans are often scorned by elderly people who were alive to experience the atrocities committed by Nazi Germans during Second World War.

What a tragedy, the Nazi leader who was a “guarantor” of salvation, had to commit suicide to escape capture by the opposition. Most of the fellow Nazis were haunted down and died a dog’s death. Many were put to forced manual labor for rest of their lives. But millions of people lost their lives before Germans wake up with the fact that Hitler was a narcissist, a liar, a madman and a psychopath who had fed them with lies and had driven them to devastation. A leaflet published during 1942 recorded, “Every word that comes from Hitler's mouth is a lie. When he says peace, he means war, and when he blasphemously uses the name of the Almighty, he means the power of evil, the fallen angel, Satan.” (The White Rose Society, 1942)

With Third World War, the history will repeat itself. History often repeats itself because, as Radhakrishnan (1970, p. 125) quoted, “The only lesson history teaches us is that we learn nothing from history”. Muslims had already sold their soul to Muhammad and put their blind trust on him for salvation and an entry to paradise in the same way the Germans had put their trust on Hitler. Though the infidel world will face the biggest onslaught in the history of mankind but the Muslim world will be completely destroyed and Islam will be declared a criminal organization and a banned cult like Nazism. This is not a prophecy or a wishful thinking but this is what the Nazis had faced when Second World War ended.

The third World War will be the war between Dharma (Justice) and Adharma (Injustice) and Dharma will be reestablished on a firm footing after the extinction of Adharma forever. May be this is the long awaited 'great purification’. Weapons of mass destruction will be used ruthlessly. Muslims in horror will witness many gigantic mushroom clouds rising over in many places across the Ummah (Global Muslim world) including Islam’s two holiest cities and the sky will be lit up ‘brighter than a thousand suns’. The flames of hell and society’s cruel punishment awaiting sinners right here on earth.

None shall be the winner in the end but Humanity will still survive. Muhammad, his Qur’an, and his Islam will earn the same fate what Hitler, Mein Kampf and Nazism had earned. The Ummah will be reduced to a microscopic minority without any hope of revival. Probably that will be the time when they will wake up to give way to logical thinking though like Germans, it would be too late for them.




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  • Name: kafir/infidel ( & Ex-communist ).Fact. ISLAM= Hatred,terror+ rape+killing+fear+ misogyny+ totalitarianism+slavery+fascism.
  • Date: Sunday June 01, 2008
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ISLAM is much worse than NAZISM . NAZISM and communism are fascist in their ideology. ISLAM is fascism by their theology which is much dangerous, much more potent than nazism and communist political ideologies , becoz ISLAM is fundamentalist and blind faith religion that brain washes a person and demands complete submission, surrender and subjugaton to the false ALLA , pedo, rapist , moralless - actually most immoral bloodthirsty, murderous, killing ,thug, profiteer Mo . This can be proved by studying any moslem country like SAUDI ARABIA, PAKISATAN, afghanisatan, sudan ,IRAN, HAMAS, HEZBOLLA and umpteen barbaric, cruel, hate filled ISLAMIC parties in different parts of the world.

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  • Name: ha ha ha ....
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For every time there is a tyrant lives to destroy humankind. But this Mo lives for more than 14 centuries to destroy humankind. With his teaching full of hatred, how can anybody hope for peace?? Surely Islam is not a peaceful religion. It teaches you to hate other people with different religion. Even with different sect of Islam, they built hatred one to another. Mo is the incarnation of satan itself. How can a prophet do such immoral things?

  • Name: it is the mistake of the intelligent to remain silent to the ignorence.
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it is the mistake of the intelligent to remain silent to the ignorence.No more voilence .Spek loud and canvas about the roots of voilence in the name of religion and race

  • Name: Muslims are hpnotised about about nasty islam
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Muslims are hypnotised about about nasty islam.They need to be rationalised rather than humiliated.They can change once truth is known to them.I am the best example.I got free from ignorence through , and books of philosophy.

  • Name: balam
  • Date: Monday June 02, 2008
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It is a very well reseached and truthful article.It should be recommended to every to read especially the Muslims so that they would not deny that they were never warned.Gospel according to St.Mathew Chapter 13 verse 24-31 also hints towards comming of the Anti-Christ and its complete destruction of its followers.Mohammad is that Anti-Christ and his followers are going to meet a tragic fate.The muslims are going to be wiped out and their dream to rule the world for mohammad would turn into the greatest nightmare.They would face the nuclear holocast un-imaginable and the world will not have to wait too long.Comming event cast their shadows before.Islam is evil to the core and one can find nothing good in it,except SEX And SAVAGERY preached and practiced by its innovator,HEIL MOHAMMAD,THE lucifer in human flesh.

  • Name: sultan of spin
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An excelent insight into the mindset of the evil ones. Try this web site for a side by side near mirror image of the "Koran" & Hiter's "Mein Kamph"

  • Name: Marie
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GREAT ARTICLE....BUT PLS REMEMBER ABRAHAM/MOSES WERE THE FIRST NAZIS BCOZ THEY STARTED ZIONISM, ON WHICH NAZISM IS BASED... ANYONE SURPEISED ?? PLS CHK THE NATURE OF THE JEWISH IMAGINARY DEITY JOHOVA/ALLAH IN TORAH-BIBLE. HE IS A BLOOD THIRSTY TYRANT AND WANTS SOME CHOSEN PEOPLE [ LIKE NAZIS ] TO FALSELY BELIEVE THAT THEY R THE SUPERIOR TO OTHERS [ LIKE NAZIS ARYAN RACE ]....AND CHRISTIANS MUSLIMS TOOK 1 STEP FURTHER THIS HATE BASED IDEOLOGY...BASICALLY EVEN CHRISTIANITY IS NAZISM, WHERE U GET SO CALLED SALVATION BY ONLY JESUS ELSE U R IN HELL, AND MUHAMED TOOK IT 1 STEP FURTHER, SO IF U WANT TO STOP THE ISLAMIC JIHAD, FIRST RECOGNISE THAT JEWS STARTED THIS HATE BASED CRIME AGAINST ALL HUMANITY AND CHRISTIANS/MUSLIMS R ONLY TAKING IT FURTHER. Nazism is not based on Zionism. Zionism is the term to describe an international political movement of the reestablishment of Israel. Nazism has nothing to do with Zionism, it is rather a mixed bag of ideologies which has nothing to do with God or religion. Christianity has nothing to do with Nazism and I am not going to refute any more of your hateful rants because they are nothing more then your opinions. They are not based on any fact finding research.

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  • Date: Monday June 02, 2008
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HAQJOO is totally wrong. The Jewish writer Maimonides said that no one hated the Jews as much as the Muslims and under no rulers did they suffer worse. These tales of a "blossoming" of the Jews under Muslims, if they are true, were not due to the good graces of the Muslim rulers of the time, but due to the native talents of the Jews. The rest of his post is equally fallacious and useless, just like every bit of Muslim apologetics ever penned on this planet. Great article and on point. Mohammed was every bit the nasty piece of work Hitler was, for sure. Both delusional scumbags for whom no nasty fate would be brutal enough.

  • Name: Aryan Mjolnir
  • Date: Tuesday June 03, 2008
  • Time: 02:49:42 -0700


Islam is a hindrance to human progress--it will already be too late when our leaders realize this-dhimmis that they are.

  • Name: Marianne Wolkstein
  • Date: Tuesday June 03, 2008
  • Time: 09:37:19 -0700


Great piece! You are my hero!

  • Name: christian
  • Date: Tuesday June 03, 2008
  • Time: 20:18:21 -0700


Islam is a clever creation of the devil. He is using it to deceive many, including non-muslims who believe islam is a peaceful holy religion. Allah is not the same God that christians worship!

  • Name: Jai
  • Date: Tuesday June 03, 2008
  • Time: 22:15:09 -0700


If possible translate it in to Hindi for common people of India.

  • Name: Caste System is Racism, Fascism and Nazism
  • Date: Wednesday June 04, 2008
  • Time: 02:38:37 -0700


  • Name: balam to akhter
  • Date: Wednesday June 04, 2008
  • Time: 09:43:30 -0700


Please do not bore the world with your challenge to prodce a few verses like qurans. It is simply impossible, because quran is the product of a disturbed mind and thankfully we have not lost our sanity yet like muslims of your type with high IGNORANT quotient. Mohammad was mad. He suffered from epilepsy, schizphrenia, hallucinatios, auditory and visionary and delusions of grandeur. If he were around today, he would have been locked up in a secure mental hospital and that would have saved many children and women being molested and raped by this Bedouin so called INSAN-e-Kamal. He was an embodiment of EVIL.

  • Name: Temple Knight
  • Date: Wednesday June 04, 2008
  • Time: 13:48:03 -0700


Sujit: I take my hat off to you! A very well written article, good references and a great conclusion. The similes are obvious, 'jizlam' is the fourth reich!! Keep it coming bro'

  • Name: Mohammad
  • Date: Wednesday June 04, 2008
  • Time: 23:42:07 -0700


What nonsense is this? Also Christians believe that there is no salvation except through Jesus. You are trying hard to find similarities between Islam and Nazism and this is all you come up with: they both believe that there is no salvation except through their leaders. Well how about this: both Muslims and Nazis eat food and drink water. Let's look around and see what really resembles Nazism in today's world. Which country has occupied other people's lands? Which people believe that they are very special and chosen? Which country has put an entire population under blockade? Which country is practicing Apartheid against another people? There is only one answer: Israel and Zionists. Zionists are today's Nazis. It's not Muslims who are occupying other people's lands. It's not the Muslim army that has traveled 6000 miles to occupy another country. It's not the Muslim army that is bombing civilians and threatening democratically elected governments.

  • Name: Holy Ghost
  • Date: Thursday June 05, 2008
  • Time: 10:39:14 -0700


Only land of Islam is a piece of desert in Saudi Arabia, it is the one which has taken other people land, destroyed their life with brutal killings and deception and push whatever crap they believe in, on to others just like Mafia style, and are still trying to use the same tactics today by bombing innocent people. Others are just claming their land, culture and prosperity back; it has been started by Islam, but it will end with the End of Islam. It a battle started by Islam, so STOP CRYING SORE LOOSER.

  • Name: shahab kalim
  • Date: Friday June 06, 2008
  • Time: 02:19:32 -0700


sujit das, a bengali by birth..isnt it? what can one expect from this fish crazy man...he belongs to a religion where the pandavas (5 of them) shared one wife..where a god had an elephants head..where the widoes are raped at teh ashrams in the name on mukti..

  • Name: Oh...
  • Date: Friday June 06, 2008
  • Time: 02:37:14 -0700


>>>>shahab Kalim Dear Kalim, Instead of attacking personally, can u make some sensible post.It is futile to abuse anyone's thaught. Prove it wrong rather than abusing. >>where the pandavas (5 of them) shared one wife........... Dear please read mahabharata what kind of dicipline they were maintaining. And it was written long before ..And at that probably arabs might be apes...

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