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A Vacuum with Nipples

“Charity begins at home, and justice begins next door.”-- Charles Dickens    

Sometimes when I feel lonely; I sit in silence and look back nostalgically on my golden childhood days in school. During those happy, carefree and all-fun days, one horrible incident took place which became talk of the whole town and aroused few questions in my mind.

The unpleasant incident was a murder case. One Muslim young man killed his younger brother while fighting over the possession of a stolen wristwatch. The boy of about seventeen years old was pushed into an empty deep well, which killed him on the spot.  

However, the story did not end there. After a month or so, our history teacher was discussing the so-called ‘glorious’ Mughal era of India. That day he was talking about Aurangzab, the Muslim emperor who beheaded his brother Dara Shikoh, put his father in house arrest for life and alienated many of his children by driving some of them into exile and imprisoning others. As a result, at the ebb of his life, he was lonely. Our little minds could not accept the idea that, it is possible for a man to kill his brother, imprison his father and ill-treat own children to gain something. Killing and brutality within blood relations was something unimaginable to us. The world was more peaceful during those days than it is today. The history teacher was too soft-natured and very old gentleman who had already crossed retirement age and waiting for a replacement. However, some students (myself was one of them) started arguing over this matter. Then unfortunately one of the students went little beyond the limit and expressed his doubt regarding the old teacher’s knowledge in history, and the outcome was horrifying. 

His reaction still shivers me even after so many years. With red-shot eyes like a Jurassic Park’s dinosaur, he was about to jump on us. He was so angry that, initially he was unable to say anything except producing some sort of Godzilla like high-pitched sound. After a minute or so he said something like this – “you little ostriches (his choicest word to us in anger), don’t you remember what had happened few weeks ago? Amongst Muslims, these are very common; study history carefully. There are many examples like this in Islam and you will see many more in the future also”. Though he was quick to control his anger, the truth was already out of his heart. When he referred the murder incident, we little students had no problem to understand the truth.

That old history teacher is no more, but whenever I find different sects of Islam are fighting and killing each other regularly as a religious duty in Iraq and elsewhere, I remember his million dollars worth experience which he shared with us unintentionally.

Dr. Zakir Naik (Muslims say that he is a great orator and highly qualified preacher) enlightened the world on ‘brotherhood’ in one of his public speech. Subhanallah, what a great oration, what a great in-depth observation; many Muslims and useful idiots wholeheartedly appreciated and applauded when this great orator of Islam blew his trumpet loudly announcing that, 

”….. the difference between Islam and the other Religions is, that Islam  –  besides speaking of good things, it shows you a way how to implement those good things. Like all Religions speak about ‘Brotherhood’  – but Islam practically shows you  – it demonstrates how to practice it in your day to day life.”  

But some skeptics rather scratched their heads in disbelief because the truth seems to be something else. Leigh Meyers, a journalist from Baghdad reported (August, 2005) as follows, 

“…..June was a peak month for beheadings, May was a record month for suicide bombings, and now (August) assassinations and drive-by shootings are the trend. In recent weeks, politicians, government employees and religious leaders have been among the victims in what appears to be a coordinated campaign of assassinations. Nobody knows who's killing whom. Even the police don't know, everybody is vulnerable, and no part of the community is immune…. overall violence in the world's most violent capital keeps getting worse. July was a record month at Baghdad's main morgue, where the bodies pile up so fast they often have to be buried before they can be identified to make way for the next day's arrivals."

And, this is what BBC reported during June, 2006:

“Violent deaths in Baghdad have passed 6,000 through the end of May (2006). The bodies of 6,000 people, most of whom died violently, have been received by Baghdad's main mortuary so far this year, health ministry figures show. The number has risen every month, to 1,400 in May. The majority are believed to be victims of sectarian killings. But observers say the real death toll could be much higher”.

Mansur (2006), by quoting Iraqi Health Minister’s estimation reported that July 2006 was the deadliest month for Iraqi casualties since March 2003. In addition to the violent deaths of 3,438 Iraqis (1,855 of those as a result of sectarian violence and 1,583 from bombings and shootings carried out by insurgents) about 3,600 were wounded during the same period. Also, the UN estimated that, nearly 6,000 Iraqis were killed during May and June. It means that the number of violent incidents are increasing and no way leveling off.

Mansur furthermore lamented “Nor is Iraq the only place where Muslim violence against Muslims rages unabated. There is Darfur in Sudan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Algeria until recently, and hotspots in Iran, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Palestine, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.” In Darfur alone, violent deaths are close to half a million by end of September, 2006; no need to say that most of them are Muslims killed by Muslims. The majority of Saddam’s victims were Muslims. Saddam has had approximately 40 of his own relatives murdered because of his unnatural suspicions (White House Report, 2003). Still today, it is impossible to estimate with a close accuracy about the total number of deaths of innocent human beings during his regime. Probably Saddam himself cannot give estimation. Every now and then new mass graves are discovered in Iraq. Again it is needless to say that most of the victims are Muslims. 

So, it appears that the great scholar of Islam, Dr. Naik might have mistaken somewhere knowingly or unknowingly. Hence let’s critically analyze the matter further to find out the truth.

Today Islam is divided into 72 different sects and subsects as per Islamic encyclopedia published by Munshi Mehboob Alim and Abu-Mansur al-Baghdadi (cited Rauf, 2002, appendix-2) – each has their own belief which differs from others to a great extent. Every sect thinks that they are practicing real Islam. The irony of the situation is that there is no central authority in Islam to decide on this -- it is in such a religious mess.

On top of this religious chaos, a Hadith (Volume 3, Book 40, Number 4744) from Sunaan Abu Dawud (cited Kasem, 2005, p.2) just added fuel to the fire. It instructed Muslims to kill anyone whoever is suspected to create disunity in Islam. This is similar to handing over a ‘fatwa’ to virtually every sect of Islam. Naturally every sect of Islam is at loggerheads with each other and eliminating each other as per their belief(s) in a perfect Islamic way. These Islamic buttheads are caught very badly in this blood sport of taking revenge since the time of their Prophet. The nonfighting sects just sit on the fence and watch fun till their turn comes to participate in this game. The dirty game of revenge propels itself further on the same ground which is already wet with the blood of their brethren and nobody is there to stop this one thousand and four hundred years old madness. Revenge never stops. Blood cannot be washed away with more blood. The hate makes its way from one generation to another. With time, the initial cause of the fight is forgotten, but the thought of revenge continues taking a heavy toll. This way, Islam ‘practically’ shows the civilized world and ‘demonstrates’ how to practice ‘brotherhood’ in day to day life.

Can the great preacher of ‘Universal Brotherhood’ deny the above mentioned facts?  

This is what is happening in almost every land where Muslims have flocked together in large numbers, unless carefully protected by infidels from harming each other. In this religious madhouse every sect decides and acts as per their Koranic understanding, sheds blood and destroys each other’s property religiously. It is such a religious hotch-potch altogether. Intoxicated with true Islamic teaching of the Koran (which is the principal source of all problems to the mankind) and Sunna (Muhammad’s great deeds and great examples), Shii’tes and Sunnis attack each other’s mosque, Ahmedi mosques or Kurdish mosques, gun down each other and this Islamic holy practice carried on unabated. Today Muslims require a lame excuse to kill others whom they don’t even know. The main aim is that some bloodshed should be there – that’s all. The Koranic teaching is such that unless you are a terrorist or criminal (or, at least support terrorism and criminal activities) you cannot practice your religion as a true Muslim. The bloodshed and cruelty must be such that, it must put an animal to shame. ‘Brotherhood’ and ‘bloodbath’ are synonyms in this laughable and dangerous cult of Muhammad.

Kasem (2005) in his excellent article ‘Cannibalizing Islam’ reported that, the Islamic tradition of killing each other started from the time of Prophet Muhammad, when he instructed his followers to burn and destroy a newly constructed mosque of a rival group. As per Muhammad’s instruction his gang silently entered the mosque and set fire to it causing panic to the worshippers, when it was filled with people assembled for the evening prayer. Muhammad fabricated a story expressing his fears that the builders of the ‘Mosque of Dissent’ were planning to assassinate him. Surprisingly, Allah, in an attempt to safeguard his accomplice, promptly sent down revelations (Surah 9 Al Tawbah Verses 107 & 110) to justify the demolition of opposition mosque -- nice understanding between the two business partners; quite fascinating indeed. Allah u akbar ! The religious practice of ‘cannibalism’ started from here. During the time of Khulafa Rashedin (the rightly guided caliphs) ‘Utman and Ali, the two last caliphs were brutally murdered by fellow Muslims. ‘Utman’s murder resulted in ‘Battle of Camel’. Over ten thousand Muslims were killed each other in this battle (Bayt al-Hikmah, n.d).

With the red hot blood of their brothers Muslims have written excellent examples of brotherhood in Iran-Iraq war (the eight year long war caused death of likely more than one million people and property loss of US$ 1.19 trillion, the Seattle times, 2003), Iraq-Kuwait war (Gulf war, Iraqi invasion of Kuwait), genocide of Bangladeshis during ’71 war (three million innocent Bangladeshis were slaughtered like animals, a quarter million women were raped and more than ten million refugees had to flee to the safety of neighboring India to escape the brutality of the marauding soldiers from West Pakistan. After this sacrifice Bangladesh got its rightful place in the comity of nations; Kasem, n.d; Hasan,1999), Darfur (in an ongoing armed conflict in the Darfur region of western Sudan, mainly between the Janjaweed, a militia group recruited from local Baggara tribes, and the non-Baggara peoples of the region. By mid-2006, the death toll is over 450,000. As per ‘Arab News’ about half a million black Muslims have died already by end September, 2006 and countless women had been the victims of sadistic rape, torture and murder after rape. Three million Muslims are dispossessed and driven out of safe enclaves. The UN describes it as “the world’s worst humanitarian disaster”, Reeves, 2006, Alibhai-Brown, 2006) and more or less almost in every Islamic country in the world.  

The Pakistani Muslims set a great example of barbaric cannibalism when a suicide bomber blew up a crowded Sunni gathering in Karachi on 11th April 2006, right on Prophet Muhammad’s birthday, killing at least 57 people (including some top religious leaders) and wounding more than 200. The blast occurred at a stage erected in a park where religious leaders and scores of the faithful were offering evening prayers at a meeting to mark the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (Lakshman, 2006). The thought of revenge was so intense that they could not even spare a religious day from bloodshed. This is how the Muslims show respect to their Prophet. On 30th June 2006, a suicide bomber with high explosives attacked funeral in Iraq which resulted in four additional people required to be buried. It means today no place is sacred for Muslims bent on murder under the influence of Islamic drug. 

Karachi, Pakistan’s commercial capital has seldom been out of the headlines because of majority Sunni and minority Shiia Muslims are at loggerheads and target each other without provocation. This city is also a safe haven for Islamist extremists linked to the Al Qaeda.  

Now the question is -- how come the great scholar Dr. Naik talks about Universal brotherhood, when the heroic deeds and the great examples set by his Muslim brothers can even put an animal to shame? Is not it ridiculous; after all Dr. Zakir Naik believed to be an Islamic nobleman of great knowledge.

Well, either he is too ignorant on current affairs in the Muslim world, which is just amazing or it is the great Islamic dispensation called ‘Al-taqiyya’(Koran 3:28 and 16:106 and in Hadith also) which Muslims had been using since time immemorial to propagate their cult. Anyway, telling lies is a shameful act for non-Muslims but it is religiously allowed in Islam. Prophet Muhammad and his big brother Allah; both of them had discussed and had legalized it to propagate their cult; otherwise Islam surely would have failed to establish as a religion. Many Muslims practice this enthusiastically; hence it is not a matter of shame at all.

Whenever there is a chaos, some smart opportunists always surface from somewhere to make a quick profit from the pandemonium. The Mullahs have been in this business since ages and now the great scholars are joining the crowd. Same parroting, same proclamation; only the “label” has been changed. With more murder and destruction this business will thrive. By the time Muslims will understand the fact, the scholar would have made enough money for a lifetime and might be enjoying somewhere in a civilized infidel world vacating the post for another fellow to continue.

This will continue to happen. After Naik, somebody else will take his place with a different “label” and different gimmick but the show must go on. This is the musical chair of Islam. The competition is too high, only the fittest (or, should the word be replaced with ‘fakest’) person will occupy the chair from time to time.

Masaallah, if the great orator Zakir Naik really cares for Islam and Muslims, there are two immediate steps he should take,

First, he should take up the open challenge (Sina, 2004) of Ali Sina and agree to a written debate. Insyaallah, if the great scholar Naik can defeat Ali with his great unparallel Islamic knowledge and thus can close down Faith Freedom International, it will definitely add a new feather in his cap. No doubt a ‘scholar for dollar’ like him will be flooded with endless offers for shows. The invitation is ‘dangling shamelessly’ on top of Naik’s ‘Tazcat Topi’ (Muslim Prayer Cap) for quite a long time and the whole world is watching. What a shame on the name of Islam and the great scholar Dr. Zakir Naik! 

Secondly, he should visit Baghdad and Darfur at the earliest possible. Probably, by his great oration on Universal Brotherhood, the dunderheads, who are at loggerheads with each other, may forget all enmity and embrace each other with loving arms extended. In fact his great oration may bring a sea change amongst those Muslims and now they may even be ready to die for each other. After all Dr. Naik is a great scholar on Islam. This way he can save Iraq and Sudan from civil war. 

My prediction is that, Naik will never make the mistake of taking Ali’s challenge. Today the secrets of Islam are out and the spiritual bankruptcy of this cult is clearly visible under the light of truth. His tricks of ‘twisting the truth’ and jugglery with words will not work in a written debate. Hence there is no way he can win a written debate, and he knows it very well. All is not gold that glitters. Magician Naik fails here.

Secondly, he will never think of going to Baghdad or Darfur in the present situation, particularly after the Karachi incident. Naik is of course very knowledgeable and he knows the Muslims more than anybody else. He does not want to endanger his life. It is better to preach “brotherhood” by maintaining a safe distance from the ‘unbrotherly’ brothers, is not it? After all, own life is precious for everybody.

Muslims will never stop from loving each other to death with joy in their hearts, because Islam is a cult of death. When other religions talk about life, freedom & purification of soul and spiritual upbringing; Islam talks about death and earthly gain in afterlife. The prophet of Islam was so spiritually deprived that he could not see anything beyond self-sealing virgins, river of wine and pearl-like boys for same-sex pleasure even after death. The all-merciful God of Islam will never be happy unless the followers offer some hot human blood to him regularly. Allah does not mind if it is Muslim blood. Both Muslim and non-Muslim blood is equally delicious for this evil spirit to lick. The God of Islam is a sadist. Hate, deception, murder and suicide are the essential elements of this seventh century cult. Ayatollah Khomeini was very right when he said, "To kill and to be killed for Allah is a Muslim's greatest joy" (Merrill, 2002).

A true Muslim gets his religious dividend after death only. In Islam; love, kindness, forgiveness and tolerance are serious religious taboos and death is more important than life. This is the bottom line of spirituality of this dangerous cult. But the irony is that, once in a while, some so-called great Islamic scholars will keep on popping up from here and there, to teach precious lessons of moral values, decency, world peace and universal brotherhood to the civilized world. Naik is just one small element. With time many more Islamic scholars similar to him will appear like mushrooms thrive in rotting piles of garbage. The comedy and tragedy of Islam will continue with hands together for the urbane world to see the drama and get confused.     

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