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Lemmings on Prozac – an Eurabian Tale

The leaders of the European Union have put together a proposal for a European Constitution. Already today, 80% of new laws passed in Europe are “federal” European laws made in Brussels. If passed by all member states, this Constitution will intensify EU integration in the direction of statehood. How do you unite 500 million people who have fought each other for a thousand years? The obvious model is Otto von Bismarck, who united the fractious German states in 1870: You need a common enemy. For Germany the necessary enemy was France. Today, European elites are trying to cast the USA in that role.

Robert Spengler thinks the founders of the US broke away from Western civilization to found something quite different, a throwback to the Hebraic notion of a Chosen People. That is overstating the differences between Europe and the USA. It is true that the United States is not made up of European impulses alone. However, the foundation and creation of the Union was done by people of European descent. They wanted to create a nation based upon the best of Europe’s cultural, philosophical and scientific traditions, but without its religious intolerance and political instability. A Europe without Europe’s flaws. From a European point of view, the USA thus isn’t “the Other”, it is an improved version of ourselves. What logic is there in rallying against an improved version of yourself? Practically and geopolitically, it is extremely dangerous. The Islamic world knows it can never defeat a united and confident West. What they need is a fractured West, and the EU elites seem hellbent on giving them just that. By playing the appeasement-instinct in Europe and the isolationist instinct in the US, both internally weakened by the ideology of multiculturalism, Muslims can go on the offensive and assert their own agenda. By forwarding the idea of the EU opposed to the USA, the EU Constitution is thus playing into the hands of the Jihadis.

Massive immigration, too, plays an important role in this set-up. It is necessary in order to break down the old structures, to replace them with a new, pan-European identity. The nationalities of Europe are being dissolved in a historically meaningless collectivity, united neither by language, nor by religion, nor by customs, nor by inherited sovereignty and law. This is much to the dismay of British thinker Roger Scruton, who argues that the nation state is the best guarantee we have of peace, prosperity and respect for human rights. He coins the term 'oikophobia', or 'hatred of home', to describe intellectuals who hate nations or regard them as outdated. Oikophobia can reach absurd levels. A senior European Commissioner accused those skeptical of the EU Constitution of risking a new Holocaust. Europe seems so scared of its own demons that it doesn’t comprehend that demons can come from the outside, too. The Islamic world senses the weakness and goes for the kill.

The old identification with nation and culture has become subdued and discredited, although by no means erased. But there is still nothing new to replace it. Europe is left in limbo, unsure of itself and drifting in a cultural and religious vacuum. Is that why we hate the Americans and the Israelis so much? Because they dare to express pride in their nations and their religious culture, something we are no longer allowed to do? All we are left with is some talk about creating a “new superpower”. But a superpower by any definition is one that projects its influence far outside its own borders. Europe these days has a hard time influencing even its own Islamic suburbs. The EU elites are lemmings on Prozac, happily jumping off the multicultural cliff while Muslims chase them out of their own cities. Europe should worry less about rivaling the Unites States and more about not rivaling Kosovo.

We do need European cooperation and solidarity, now more than ever. The murder of Theo van Gogh wasn’t just an attack on Holland, it was a declaration of war against Europe. By some, this will be used as an argument in favor of further EU integration. That is a mistake. This new Constitution embodies an utopian project. The goal is not just to create a new European superstate, but a New Man to go with it, free of the constraints of the past. The New European Man, just like the New Soviet Man, is bound to fail. The text contains no reference to Europe’s Judeo – Christian heritage, after strong insistence by the French. Symptomatically, the French Justice Minister has called the EU Constitution "an enlarged France." That makes absolutely no sense. It was its cultural and religious roots that enabled the continent to repel earlier Islamic invasions, and thus ensured the very survival of European and Western civilization. What is required now is cold realism and courage, to fight the twin trolls of Defeatism and Denial. Yes, Muslim immigration is a real threat that will destroy the continent if allowed to continue. No, Europe isn’t lost yet. Europeans in the past sometimes managed to put their national differences aside, to hold the line against Islamic aggression. This may be needed once more. We must ignore the American mock enemy our media are putting up, and concentrate on creating European unity in the face of the real enemy: Islam.

The American Constitution consists of 12 pages, plus another nine pages of amendments added over the past two centuries. The proposed European Constitution is 511 pages long, or 800 including various additions. At best, it is unnecessary complicated and unsuited as the foundation for any democratic system. At worst, it is deliberately made to be that way. The more incomprehensible it is to the common man, the more leverage it leaves to the specialists and the ruling elites. Former Belgian Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene openly admitted this: “We know that nine out of 10 people will not have read the Constitution and will vote on the basis of what politicians and journalists say. More than that, if the answer is No, the vote will probably have to be done again, because it absolutely has to be Yes."

The EU elites are basically smiling to European citizens and saying: “Trust us, and let us think for you”. Thanks, but no thanks. First of all, we greatly dislike being treated with the same condescending contempt medieval peasants were subject to by their feudal overlords. Second of all: We don’t trust you. This Constitution will give even more power to the Hamas-kissers and the mullah-appeasers. And to the groupings that want the enlarged EU to include Turkey, and thus 100 million Muslims and counting. This is a Constitution written by bureaucrats for bureaucrats. It gives enhanced powers to the elites who alienate our best friends, the Americans, and court our worst enemies, the Islamic world. It is a marriage made in hell between the Eurocrat oligarchy and the latest utopian fads. It will further weaken European democracy at a time when detachment between the people and their leaders is already reaching dangerous levels, and while Islamists are watching from the sidelines, like hungry kids outside a candy store.

That’s why the Constitution proposal has to be rejected. If the French don’t do so in the upcoming referendum, then the British, the Dutch and the Danes need to do so in theirs. It is absolutely crucial if Europe should remain a civilized, democratic continent. The struggle to derail Europe’s path to Eurabia starts with blocking the latest schemes from Brussels and Paris.

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Wolfgang Bruno is a European blogger and author. He is writing a book about the Internet movement of ex-Muslims. All of Bruno's essays can be republished and reproduced for free by anybody who wants to, as long as credit is given to the author.


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Name: robert a
Date: Monday July 02, 2007
Time: 22:52:12 -0700


Why hasn't a list of these members of the EU elite been published so the light of day can be shined on them. Let's get personal with these pricks.

Name: Christian who knows what the Quran teaches.
Date: Tuesday July 03, 2007
Time: 09:18:34 -0700


This is what the Europeans call multiculturalism?

Name: Death to Islam
Date: Monday July 16, 2007
Time: 14:03:20 -0700


You want to know what Islam means? It means sticking a rod in people's rear ends and saying hee-haw. It is about urinating on civil liberties. Islam is about making a mockery of freedom. It makes fascism look glorious.

Date: Thursday November 01, 2007
Time: 07:35:14 -0700


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