Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Putting the 'Islam Shoe' on the Infidels' Foot

As a child in the early to mid 1950s I had a penfriend, Lotte Werner, who, along with her family, was living a life of severe deprivation in a post-war displaced persons camp in West Germany. My parents, despite being in the, basic-wage, low socio-economic stratum of Australian society, would send to her, on my behalf, parcels of warm clothing with little inclusions of, what to Lotte in her straitened circumstances, would have been considered luxury items; soap, toothpaste, coloured pencils, Little Golden Books etc. Lotte's plight was regularly brought to my attention at the table when I was reluctant to eat my dinner. It wasn't that I lacked a healthy young lad's appetite, but more that I simply had an overwhelming abhorrence for food such as tripe, Brussels sprouts and kidneys. "You're wasting good food" I was told "Lotte and her family would give their right arm(s) for a meal like this"….."Just put the shoe on the other foot, son!"
Often, Lotte's hungry family were replaced by "the starving prisoners of war in Changi", and I'd have to eat what was put in front of me. However, the dreaded tripe tasted no better for knowing how welcome it would have been to the POWs or the Werner family.

Similarly, on various occasions when I'd been less than considerate in my dealings with one of my friends, I'd be admonished with the question "how would you like (insert name of friend) to do the same thing to you?"

The "golden rule" loomed very large in our family, as was the challenge to "go and visit the sick and dying people in hospital,….then you might understand how fortunate you are", whenever I whinged about some minor misfortune.

I consider it no bad thing that the old relativistic exhortation to "put the shoe on the other foot" has tenaciously abided with me throughout my adult life. "Give me the child till he is seven and I'll give you the Man" say the Jesuits.

"What's your point?, where is this leading?", you might ask.

My point is this, I regularly find myself speculating, when I read about the sayings and doings of Muslims; "what would be the outcome or consequences if the Quran and Hadiths were not written by Muslims, but by one of us, advising " us" how to regard and deal with "them".

If "the shoe" was indeed "on the other foot" and we "the Infidels" had a "Holy book" which exhorted us to "slay the Muslims wherever you find them" and described Muslims as "the descendants of pigs and monkeys" or stated that "the vilest of creatures are the Muslims", it wouldn't require a vivid imagination to picture the ensuing field-day of anti-vilification litigation. Yet, day after day, we're confronted and assailed by a group in our midst that regularly gets away with just such offensively intolerant diatribes.

I have before me, an article in "The Australian" newspaper, dated April 28 2007. The article concerns a jihadist music soundtrack being used to promote a soccer tournament in western Sydney. (The article meekly describes the offending website as "hardline")

Now, let us, for the sake of my argument, switch things around one hundred and eighty degrees and put the shoe squarely "on the other foot", by replacing and reversing the references.

# 1 "The song calls on militants to "exterminate" Muslims and make them "hear the tunes of death".

# 2 "With the swords we shall exterminate the Mohammedans and salvation is the desire of Christians," one translated verse says.

# 3 "We shall go to heaven fearing no death. We shall not waver ... we are the cubs of the victorious Crusaders."

Can you picture the violent rampaging, the arson, the mouth-frothing enraged hordes, the brutal murder, mayhem, plunder and pillage such references would ignite, among Muslims, all around the world?

Now look at the forthcoming faint condemnation from the "usual suspects"

Ameer Ali:

"I'm worried and I am concerned there is a hidden message behind this soccer tournament (promotion)," said the former chairman of John Howard's Muslim reference board.

"This sort of message should be avoided. Why bring controversy into a sports match? Sport promotes co-operation, friendliness - that's what you expect from sport."

("Controversy?"…Harsh and unequivocal condemnation indeed!

"hidden message?"….. Could the clip's message be any more overt?)

Khalil Shami is a little more strenuous:

"I don't know how they are driving this community - they drive it in a very, very bad way," said the imam at Penshurst mosque in Sydney's southwest. "It's not fair for the community. Why mix sport with the fighting? Why?"

(I see!, it is "very, very bad" but simply a matter of "mixing sport with fighting")

Zunaid Moosa swings into full denial and "taqiyya deflection" mode and despite being the president of the Global Islamic Youth Centre, doesn't "understand Arabic", or apparently know anyone who does, who could have brought the clip to his attention:

"GIYC's president, Zunaid Moosa, yesterday told The Weekend Australian that he was unaware of what the song meant because he didn't speak Arabic"

"He said Islamic songs were often chosen for video-clips based on their "catchy" tune, and denied having anything to do with the production of the clip."

"Often a lot of anasheed (Islamic vocal music) we got no idea (about) because we are not Arabic-speaking people," he said.

"It would just be more of a tempo of the beat and a catchy type tune, that's all."

The Australian's article also states that "Bomb explosions and missiles launching form part of the music in the clip"

(Simple, the music was obviously chosen for its "catchy beat and tempo."… No offence intended infidels, you vile bunch of thin-skinned apes and pigs! " Bomb explosions and missiles launching form part of the music in the clip"…. Not only is Mr. Moosa unconversant with Arabic but he'd need to be also deaf and blind if he failed to visually grasp the video clip's violent nature.)

As usual, the concern on the part of Muslims will centre on how badly this negative publicity will reflect on them, ("It's not fair for the community" wails Khalil Shami) rather than feeling the need to apologise for the offence caused to non-Muslims.

These people have more spin than a whirling Dervish.

I include an excerpt below, from an earlier article, which, although it was essentially about Sheikh Hilali and his apologists, nevertheless describes deflective damage control when under fire.

[And, as is usually the case, a number of ill-informed or willfully deceptive Muslims have come out in condemnation of the Mufti's comments. This is a familiar phenomenon. Whenever the learned Islamic clerics in the West make an offensive, inflammatory, but theologically accurate statement about Islam, which happens to outrage the local infidels, there will always be some, so-called moderate, unqualified or dissembling spokesman, posing as the "voice of reason", with few Islamic credentials, who'll come forward and condemn the clerics. The uninformed and gullible media of the West, having done little or no research into Islam, are invariably happy to swallow the falsehoods and unquestioningly accept the subterfuge at face value.

The media and people of the Western world should also be aware that there is a deceptive ploy used in Islam which is called Taqiyya. It is a stratagem which, approved by Muhammad, dates from the time of the Prophet himself. Taqiyya is a deceptive tactical manoeuvre for damage control. When Muslims are in trouble, or put in an awkward position, they are permitted, even encouraged, to say whatever is deemed necessary, (denying their Islamic faith included), to extricate themselves or protect the faith from ignominy, defeat, shame, dishonour etc.

In the Mufti's case or a similar instance where the comments or actions of a member of their community precipitates a confrontation with the enemy, the other Muslims are obliged to close ranks and safeguard the faith by taking recourse to lies and triangulation. The taqiyya-masters criticise and chide the outspoken, offending culprit even if he/she was entirely correct according to Islamic theology.

This is to ameliorate tensions, to divert attention, to defuse and neutralise the situation and conciliate to persuade the offended party against a harsh reaction detrimental to Muslim interests.

The subterfuge of Taqiyya is invariably brought into play whenever Muslims are either insufficient in numbers or in a weakened state or any other situation where they are not in a position to succeed in a contretemps. The so-called moderate Muslims in the West have refined this duplicitous ploy to perfection. The alert and informed observer will note that the 'Taqiyya tacticians' swing into action only when the infidels start making a noise about such revealing offensive statements and demand an explanation or retraction.]

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