Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Islam and the West

One Enormous Razia

The recent phenomenon of Islamic terrorism against the west, and certain unwelcome aspects of the increasing Muslim presence in Western countries, seem new to us but, in reality, owe more than just a passing nod of acknowledgement to the Arab Bedouin tradition of the plundering raid (ghazwa or razzia.). The razzia, with its opportunistic seizure of spoils (anfal) was undertaken by a desert people who were unable or unwilling to contribute to the creation of their needs; so the Bedouin, who neither grew nor made anything, simply pillaged what they wanted from others. Likewise, Muslim emigrants keep their “eyes on the prize” when choosing a destination country and seem to find nations that are devoid of generous welfare systems and high standards of living, singularly unappealing.

Migration for financial betterment is neither reprehensible nor new, and has been a primary motivating factor for many former immigrant groups; however, no group in the past has sought to bend the host country to its will, rather than assimilate, as have those of the Islamic faith. Unprecedented concessions have been made to Muslims and will continue to be made as they persistently chip away at the Western edifice. We can expect that any concessions granted will do no more than embolden the petitioners and encourage even more, and greater, demands in the future. If the demands are resisted or denied, and their numbers are sufficient, there will be civil disruption and confrontations as we see regularly in the media. The foreign policies of several European countries have been, or are in the process of being, modified to prevent a Muslim backlash, either physical or electoral.

It’s evident that a two pronged pincer manoeuvre is well under way, with one faction of Islam softening us up by threatening to blast and terrorise us into submission, and the “good-cop” wing, represented by the various national Islamic councils and other Muslim interest groups, who are “grooming” us with assurances that, by dealing with them, we can avoid all the unpleasantness and bloodshed by acquiescing and “going along quietly”. Option “B” is merely option “A” by stealth, with a sugar coating; both lead to an identical outcome; and that is an influence on our way of life disproportionate to their numbers. Our governments have warmed to the sweeter, soft option without realizing it is merely the other side of the jihadi coin.  Rather than recognising and confronting this insidious and incremental erosion of our culture, our leaders have decided that it’s easier to retreat a yard than advance an inch.

Recently, a British survey found that : “According to a poll of 1,003 Muslims, 37 per cent of 16- to-24-year-olds said they would prefer to live under Sharia law, the same number of young Muslims said they would prefer to send their children to Islamic state schools while 74 per cent said they preferred Muslim women to wear the hijab headscarf in public and a small overall minority, (7 per cent,) said they "admire organisations like Al Qaeda that are prepared to fight the West".

The European Union and U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, in a pathetic and obvious concession to the Muslim community, declared that the words “Islam, Islamic and Muslim” must not, under any circumstances, be used in conjunction with any mention of terrorism.

The familiar modus operandi of strike―withdraw―regroup―pause― strike again, is a feature of the time honoured Middle-Eastern stratagem of deceptive triangulation. Analogous to the story of the “slowly boiled frog”— which is unable to detect the gradual increase in water temperature—the West, in a very short period of time, has been lulled, beguiled and manipulated into a position of passive acceptance. Reports of terrorist acts no longer surprise us and the hypocrisy of “lowered expectations” toward Islam and Muslims forces us to put up with all manner of absurdities and irrationality from them. We’re like rabbits mesmerized in their headlights and all we can offer up is the plaintive whine “why do they hate us”

They hate us because we are their antithesis. Everything about us reminds them of their failings and shortcomings. We are the embodiment of post-enlightenment rationalists; generous, compassionate, the innovative and industrious creators and discoverers of everything the Muslims rely on every minute of their day. Every communication system, all forms of travel and transport, medical devices and procedures, pharmaceuticals and synthetics. Everything, in fact, down to their wristwatch and even the process that prints their Koran; all are a living testament to the infidel’s ability to organise his thought processes, to strive, through co-operative effort, with others in the development and constant improvement of the products of his disciplined, inventive mind. The chaotically fractious, nepotistic, corrupt and violent nature of what passes for a civil society in Islamic countries is, by contrast, their legacy.  Like an insect trapped in amber, Muslim countries are museums, little more than a static display of seventh century pre-rational tribalism.

They adore the trappings of modern technology but having a cell phone up to the ear doesn’t mean there’s a twenty first century mind on the other side of the eardrum.

Having concluded that it is impossible for them to catch up to, let alone compete with, the rest of the modern world, they seek to force us back to their benighted state.  

In the same manner that we are accepting the “good-cop” alternative, the  sedentary rural and artisan communities of Arabia came to accept  Bedouin brigandage and rapine as an unavoidable fact of life, for at any time and without warning, a camel mounted raiding horde could swiftly descend on their defenceless settlements and in a frenzy of sword brandishing, blood-curdling ululations and dust, the Bedouins, within a matter of minutes, would have made off with whatever they wanted—valuables, goats, chickens, produce and young women— decamping into the sandy wastes as rapidly as they had appeared. The only way to avoid these raids was to enter into a servile agreement to surrender a percentage of the annual date or grain crop and livestock to the marauders.

Despite being born an Arab in what is present-day Tunisia, Ibn Khaldun (1332-1406) lived for a number of years in the city of Granada in Muslim Spain. In his master work, al Muqaddimah,(written in 1377) Khaldun describes the nature of the desert Arab in, what to us, would seem to be extremely uncomplimentary terms. Despite this, Arabs, generally speaking, identify strongly and proudly with the uncompromising “black and white” absolutist Bedouin outlook. This hard-line attitude of the desert was spread with the expansion of Islam. An Arabocentric emphasis with its seventh century Arabian values eventually came to be superimposed on the more contemplative religious, and tolerant cultural traditions of Asia.

Khaldun also suggests, and history appears to support him, that an advanced civilisation steadily loses its asabiyya, i.e. its group identity, filiations and cohesion, through leading a soft, sedentary lifestyle. The citizens no longer need to be constantly fending off invaders in order to survive, the over indulgent society, having lost its martial skills, then degenerates to a point where it becomes unable to defend itself from a determined attacker or “Trojan horse” insurgents. Civilisations then tend to become vulnerable, their group-identity becomes diluted and weakened and finally non-existent.  The challengers succeed by retaining the wild-animal hunting pack ethos; they still have that most primeval sense of belonging to a common and cohesive identity, their asabiyyah, complete with a single-minded determination to further the self-interests of their tribe, and their tribe only. I would suggest that the Muslim world, despite its manifold schismatic divisions, is far more conscious of its asabiyya than we, in the West, are of ours.  With indistinct, blurred, and polarised populations coupled with subversive and seditious fifth columnists, we no longer know what we believe in.  Our common heritage and history are no longer taught in schools for fear of offending those late arrivers who do not share that heritage.  To what extent are we prepared to abandon and sacrifice those values that made us what we are, on the altar of inimical interlopers?  The West will only recover its lost asabiyyah when nations recognise that whilst they can certainly prosper as multi-racial societies, an original core majority culture must be the dominant identifying factor and the divisive policy of multiculturalism will need to be abandoned as a flawed concept and failed experiment based entirely on how some utopian, well-meaning “progressives”, would prefer Western society to be, rather than accept, and more importantly, support and celebrate how it is in reality.

If we read the following excerpts from the Muqaddimah we can see just how well ibn Khaldun’s assessments of Arab cultural propensities have stood the test of time over the last six hundred plus years.

For all intents and purposes, Khaldun’s words could have been written in 2007 rather than 1377. It contains some sobering advice for those who would take our dealings with Arab culture, and its accompanying religious zealotry, lightly.

[“On account of their savage nature, (the Arabs) are people who plunder and cause damage. They plunder whatever they are able to lay their hands on without having to fight or to expose themselves to danger. They then retreat to their pastures in the desert. …Every stronghold or (locality) that seems difficult (to attack); they bypass in favour of some less difficult (enterprise). They do not attack it. Tribes that are protected against (the Arabs) by inaccessible mountains are safe from their mischief and destructiveness. The Arabs would not cross hills or undergo hardship and danger in order to get to them.

Flat territory, on the other hand, falls victim to their looting and prey to their appetite whenever they (have the opportunity of) gaining power over it. Then they raid, plunder, and attack that territory repeatedly, because it is easily (accessible) to them. Eventually, its inhabitants succumb utterly to the Arabs and then they are pushed around by them. Eventually, their civilization is wiped out.”

            Places that succumb to the Arabs are quickly ruined.

 “The reason for this is that (the Arabs) are a savage nation, fully accustomed to savagery and the things that cause it. Savagery has become their character and nature. They enjoy it, because it means freedom from authority and no subservience to leadership. Such a natural disposition is the negation and antithesis of civilization. For instance, the Arabs need stones to set them up as supports for their cooking pots. So, they take them from buildings which they tear down to get the stones, and use them for that purpose. Wood, too, is needed by them for props for their tents and for use as tent poles for their dwell­ings. So, they tear down roofs to get the wood for that purpose. The very nature of their existence is the negation of building, which is the basis of civilization”

 “Furthermore, it is their nature to plunder whatever other people possess. Their sustenance lies wherever the shadow of their lances falls. They recognize no limit in taking the possessions of other people. Whenever their eyes fall upon some property, furnishings, or utensils, they take it. When they acquire superiority and royal authority, they have complete power to plunder (as they please). There no longer exists any political (power) to protect property, and civilization is ruined.”

 [“Since they use force to make craftsmen and professional workers do their work, they do not see any value in it and do not pay them for it. The sedentary population disperses, and civilization decays.”

 “The Arabs are not concerned with laws. They care only for the property that they might take away from people through looting and imposts. When they have obtained that, they have no interest in anything further. For this (reason), greater fortitude is found among the savage Arab Bedouins than among people who are subject to laws. [ those who rely on laws and are dominated by them from the very beginning of their education and instruction in the crafts, sciences, and religious matters, are thereby deprived of much of their own fortitude.”

 “Under the rule of (the Arabs), the subjects live as in a state of anarchy, without law. Anarchy destroys mankind and ruins civilization,

Furthermore, (every Arab) is eager to be the leader. Scarcely a one of them would cede his power to another, even to his father, his brother, or the eldest (most important) member of his family…. Civilization, thus, decays and is wiped out.”

 “It is noteworthy how civilization always collapsed in places the Arabs took over and conquered, and how such settlements were depopulated and the (very) earth there turned into something that was no (longer) earth. The Yemen where (the Arabs) live, is in ruins, except for a few cities. Persian civilization in the Arab Iraq is likewise completely ruined. The same applies to contemporary Syria.”

 “Every Bedouin who is attracted to city life quickly shows himself unable (to compete) and is disgraced.”

Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, found no need to explain or justify his unprovoked looting raids which suggests that the attitude of, “it’s there for the taking” and the lure of “something-for-nothing” was already well established and accepted as normal behaviour. This barbarous and predatory conduct may have, in time, changed—as it did with the Vikings— had it not been for Islam. Muhammad’s divinely sanctioned marauding of booty-laden merchant’s caravans became the imprimatur that entrenched opportunism and predation as, not only legitimate, but in fact exemplary, thereby immutably casting the die for eternity.

  With Islam’s belief that all is preordained, where even the most minute detail in day to day life only happens because Allah has previously willed it, (the inshallah mentality), it doesn’t require a great stretch of the imagination to conceive that, in the Muslim mind, Allah has permitted Western society to develop, succeed and prosper so as to present the “faithful” with a ready-made “walk-in-walk-out”, “under new management” takeover, complete with a functioning infrastructure and a populace steadily retreating into an ever increasing degree of subservient “dhimmitude”.

 Only an identity ‘reconquista’ can provide us with a defensive moat against this opening ghazwa of the third great jihad.


Ibn Khaldun's Muqaddimah can be read online at:

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Warner MacKenzie is a resident of Sydney, with a long-standing interest in Islam and its impact on Western society.


Name: Reader
Date: Friday July 20, 2007
Time: 10:25:24 -0700


Another interesting essay, thanks.

Date: Friday July 20, 2007
Time: 10:55:27 -0700


Evil In The Name of God Allah's Apostle said, “I have been made victorious with terror." Bukhari 4:52:220 It was Hitler who once said that when you tell a lie tell a big lie. The two biggest lies that have ever been told is that Islam is A religion of Peace and Muhammad as a Prophet of Peace. Muhammad was a self-appointed "prophet" guilty of murder, including by beheadings and crucifixion, rape, torture, kidnapping, extortion, slavery, mutilations, theft, adultery, false witness, abuse of women, physically and sexually, and sexual abuse of at least one child. Mohammad slaughtered unbelievers and masterminded over 60 massacres. At the Massacre of Banu Quraiza he personally beheaded upwards of 600 Jews. In order to ensure that only men were beheaded Muhammad had all the young boys examined for hair around their gentials. Those boys with the slightest trace of hair were taken away and beheaded. The boys and women were sold into slavery. ALLAH VERSUS THE ANTI - ALLAH HOW DO WE KNOW THAT THE KORAN IS NOT THE WORD/TEACHINGS OF ALLAH HOW DO WE KNOW THAT MUHAMMAD NEVER RECEIVED ANY REVELATIONS FROM ALLAH HOW DO WE KNOW THAT THE TEACHINGS OF THE KORAN ARE THE TEACHINGS OF MUHAMMAD NOT ALLAH HOW DO WE KNOW THAT MUHAMMAD WAS THE ANTI – ALLAH AND THE ANTI – ALLAH WAS MUHAMMAD Go to: for detailed analysis. E-mail:

Name: Kathy O'Leary
Date: Friday July 20, 2007
Time: 13:39:34 -0700


What bothers me is that I, a plain ordinary citizen of the US can get educated on this threat, read material and understand it, so why can't our government officials? There is absolutely no excuse for ignorance at this point. Why are people so unable to accept the fact that we are in danger? So many people want to "feel good" about our security so they simply turn a blind eye to the threat. How can they sleep at night? God forbid it, but sometimes I think a good loud wake up call (attack) is what it's going to take to "sober" folks up and get them to throw out this Political Correctness nonsense and see things for what they truly are. Thank you for another great essay - I wish every single American were required to read this Islam Watch website every single day.

Name: sobieski
Date: Friday July 20, 2007
Time: 14:18:12 -0700


Great article. Good points about the destructiveness of arab/islamic "culture". They haven't contributed anything of value but destroyed or ruined many things of value. I always find it funny when Muslims point to the achievements of their culture and scientists from a thousand years ago. What makes it even funnier is that the achievements were not neccesarilly those of devout arab muslims but of the indigenous people who were conquered. Its sad that such a large portion of the worlds population has allowed its brain to be turned off by islam.

Name: UsKanna
Date: Friday July 20, 2007
Time: 17:26:05 -0700


ISLAM is SICKNESS and MUSLIMS are its biggest VICTIMS. The sooner this CULT is eradicated, the better.

Name: vbv
Date: Saturday July 21, 2007
Time: 09:02:07 -0700


The scourge of islam and the arab barbarism will die only when the civilized world finds an alternative to "oil", which is holding the whole world to hostage. We must find an economic alternative to the current energy requirements so that the need to bend our backs to please and pander to the arabic and islamic hordes is diminished and gradually eliminated. Even otherwise it should be made clear to them that the law of the land, which is basically secular will prevail uncompromisingly and those who are not happy with it should pack and go back to their countries of origin , so that peace and prosperity ,as well as economic growth and well-being, can be sustained. If we continue to look the other way, times are not far away when the civilized world will be wiped out by Arab-islamic barbarism and the whole world will plunge into utter and unimaginable misery and dark ages returning never to leave until human extinction.

Name: sobieski
Date: Saturday July 21, 2007
Time: 11:00:47 -0700


vbv, I agree with you on eliminating our dependence on foreign oil. If the world didn't need oil from muslim countries, islam would have been dismissed as backwards quackery long ago. Unfortunately, since they sit on so much oil, western governments have to lend islam some legitimacy to get at said oil. I for one am doing everything I can to cut my gasoline and oil consumption like keeping my tires inflated properly, driving slower, combining trips, and avoiding jack rabbit starts. My next car will be a very fuel efficient gas car, diesel, hybrid, and if one is available by that time a plug in hybrid or full electric car. We need to stop financing our own destruction by pouring money into countries whose populations hate us.

Name: No to Islamic Totalitarianism
Date: Saturday July 21, 2007
Time: 12:48:36 -0700


The more I learn about Islam, the more I hate it.

Name: bobby eskin
Date: Saturday July 21, 2007
Time: 21:58:39 -0700


Feel really sorry for some good hearted muslims enslaved by the ugly cult called islam. this website is doing a lot to help

Name: Who is the real thief?
Date: Sunday July 22, 2007
Time: 05:56:03 -0700


A staggering US$4 billion in oil revenues and other Iraqi funds earmarked for the reconstruction of the country has disappeared into opaque bank accounts administered by the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), the US-controlled body that rules Iraq. By the end of the year, if nothing changes in the way this cash is accounted for, that figure will double. The financial black hole, uncovered by a Christian Aid investigation, is revealed as delegates gather for the donors' conference in Madrid. Before pledging money from their own countries' coffers to boost the reconstruction efforts, as requested by the US and UK governments, these delegates should first demand: 'What has happened to the missing billions?' It is expected that a separate fund, managed by the UN and the World Bank, will be announced at the conference for donors' money, to allay fears of how this cash will be spent. But this should not stop donors from pushing for accountability of the original, massive reconstruction fund - most of it Iraqi oil money. In particular the British government, which has promised financial transparency in dealings with Iraqi oil funds, should use its influence to ensure that the missing money is accounted for. Christian Aid is calling on Prime Minister Tony Blair to deliver on his promises. The fact that no independent body knows where this cash has gone is in direct violation of the UN resolution that released much of it for the rebuilding of Iraq's shattered infrastructure. The agency that is supposed to oversee these funds has not even been set up yet. Christian Aid is calling for the full and immediate disclosure of how this money has been spent, and for urgent moves to establish a proper means of regulation. For the future, the British government should seek to ensure that a proportion of all Iraqi oil revenues are earmarked for the country's development - as a binding condition on future oil exploitation. 'This is Iraqi money. The people of Iraq must know where it is going and it should be used for the benefit of all the country's people - particularly the poorest,' said Roger Riddell, Christian Aid's international director. The current situation goes to the heart of claims and counter-claims about how Iraqi oil revenue should be used. It can only fuel the serious suspicion in Iraq that a disproportionate amount of cash is being creamed off for the benefit of US companies - money that should be spent on alleviating the chronic unemployment and other serious problems faced by Iraqis, including the poorest and most vulnerable. Independent observers agree that, despite the huge amounts of money allocated to repair a country shattered by decades of war and sanctions, not nearly enough has been done and not nearly fast enough in the six months since the US announced an end to hostilities. There are still power cuts, fuel shortages, and a lack of medicine and equipment in hospitals. Clean drinking water is not available in many areas and raw sewage can be seen on the streets of many towns, including Basra - which is controlled by British forces. The fact that billions of dollars of Iraq's own money cannot now be accounted for can only add to a burning sense of injustice. 'We have absolutely no idea how the money [from Iraqi oil revenues] has been spent,' one senior European diplomat to the UN told Christian Aid. 'I wish I knew, but we just don't know. We have absolutely no idea.' The missing billions are a combination of pre- and post-war oil revenues now controlled by the CPA, plus seized Iraqi government assets and funds vested overseas. Conservative estimates put the total at US$5 billion, of which less than US$1 billion can be accounted for. Estimated oil revenues between now and the end of the year are expected to total a further US$4 billion. This money is distinct from the reconstruction funds promised by the US and UK governments, and from any cash that is raised from other governments at the Madrid conference. This is Iraqi money that should be spent for the benefit of all Iraq's people, not sat on in secret by an unelected foreign administration. 'The situation is little short of scandalous,' said Roger Riddell. 'The British government must use its position of second in command of the CPA to demand full disclosure of this money and its proper allocation in the future.' The dangers of such a situation persisting in the future were highlighted in the Christian Aid report Fuelling Poverty - Oil, War and Corruption, published in May. Compared with countries of similar size, the report found that oil-producing developing countries are characterised by greater degrees of: • Poverty (for the great majority of the population) • Dictatorial, authoritarian or unrepresentative government • War and/or civil strife • Corruption. 'A properly constituted, democratic government must be established for all the people of Iraq as soon as possible,' said Roger Riddell. 'Otherwise, once again, oil could prove a curse rather than a blessing.' • Christian Aid briefing paper To speak to a Christian Aid representative at the Madrid Conference contact Dominic Nutt on mobile +44 (0) 7720 467680 or + 44 (0) 7967 310024 or John Davison in London on 0207 523 2175 or mobile 07802 502155. Notes to editors: For a copy of the full report: 'Iraq: The Missing Billions, Transition and transparency in post-war Iraq' contact the Christian Aid press office on 020 7523 2421 Website:


rasheed10-23-2003, 03:44 PM MADRID (AFP) 10/23/03 - The chief of the US occupation authority in Iraq rejected allegations that billions of dollars in Iraqi oil revenue and other funds earmarked for the reconstruction of the country had gone missing in "opaque" bank accounts. Paul Bremer, head of the Coalition Provisional Authority, said all funds were being spent or transferred in a "completely transparent" way and that auditors' accounting of CPA expenditures from those funds would soon be posted on the internet and provided to an oversight board. "The entire accounts of the Development Fund for Iraq will be posted on the internet and made available on a regular basis to the members of the international board," Bremer said. He said the CPA, in the absence of an agreement on the creation of the UN-mandated board until last week, had moved to hire its own independent auditor to go over the fund's accounts and that its findings would be made public. "There is absolutely no question about transparency," Bremer told reporters at an international donors conference for Iraq at which the United States and others are expected to pledge billions in assistance. "We are going to be completely transparent the funds are spent for the Iraqi people," he said. "I have absolutely no qualms about it, I don't think we have anything to apologize for. There are no secrets about it." Asked whether the criticism was unfounded, he replied: "Yes, correct." Earlier Thursday as the conference opened here, the British-based charity Christian Aid alleged that four billion out of an estimated five billion dollars (3.4 billion out of 4.2 billion euros) believed to be in the fund have "disappeared into opaque bank accounts" administered by the CPA. The group urged any potential contributor at the conference to demand explanations before pledging any additional assistance, claiming that "no independent body knows where this cash has gone." It said the "financial black hole" would only fuel suspicions that large amounts of the money in the fund were being siphoned off for large US firms and not being channelled to deal with Iraq's serious needs. "The fact that no independent body knows where this cash has gone is in direct violation of the UN resolution that released much of it for the rebuilding of Iraq's shattered infrastructure," Christian Aid said. Bremer admitted that the international board had not yet begun its work, despite having been mandated by the United Nations (news - web sites) shortly after the major part of the war ended. But he blamed the delay on the membership of the board, which is supposed to include officials from the United Nations, World Bank and Arab Development Bank and rejected charges that he and the CPA had obstructed its creation. "That's nonsense," Bremer bristled when asked about the charge. "It is simply untrue to say we obstructed it. I've been anxious to get this board established." He said he had tried to get the board running in early August and again in September but when disagreements arose over the body's "terms of reference" in conducting special audits, the membership refused to negotiate for six weeks. "We heard nothing back from members of the board effectively until early October despite repeated efforts through our mission at the United Nations to get them to answer," Bremer said. That said, he stressed that an agreement on the board had been reached last week and that it would begin its work shortly, independently of the CPA's own auditor. "We have got an agreement," Bremer said. "We have completely agreed that we are going to be fully transparent. We're prepared to put all of it on the internet which anybody can review."

Name: Emerson Twain
Date: Sunday July 22, 2007
Time: 16:44:15 -0700


Thanks for a great piece. I have linked to it at Bravo!

Name: Godot
Date: Monday July 23, 2007
Time: 07:37:42 -0700


Dear Mr. MacKenzie, I started reading your article with interest and ended it with surprize. I agreed with you in the beginning when you exposed Islam, its intolerance and its atrocities but when you switched form Islam to Arabs, your article became all of a sudden a racist one. You know very well that most Muslims are not Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslims so your generalization hurt your point and irratated some of your avid readers and supporters, I am consider myself one of them. Let's not mix oranges and peaches.

Name: Warner MacKenzie
Date: Monday July 23, 2007
Time: 17:36:24 -0700


Dear Godot, I don't normally respond to comments or enter into debates on my articles but rather, let the reader draw his/her/their own conclusion. In this case, the subject matter, i.e.the tradition of Bedouin ghazwat, should make it obvious that,because there is no history of Maronite Christian raiding,it would be assumed that the reader knows that the theme will be continued throughout the article as at was at the outset.....This is known as an "understood" If I were a motoring journalist writing an appraisal of a newly released Volkswagen car would you expect that everytime I mentioned the particular vehicle I include a disclaimer such as: " I test drove the new Volswagen Polo today and found that the VW (NB not a Ford, not a Chrysler, not a Mercedes etc.--ad infinitum) handled like a sports car (NB not a VW truck, not a VW mini-van,not a VW 4wd). As for ibn Khaldun's comments--the only part of the article that mentions "Arabs" without any qualifier-- I personally have no doubt he was in fact referring to "Muslims Arabs" as once again what other "Arabs" conducted themselves in the manner which he describes? As for your comment of my beginning with Muslims and ending with racism, I would redirect you to the final paragraphs where once again it's as clear as it was in the beginning to whom I am referring .

Name: Godot
Date: Tuesday July 24, 2007
Time: 07:37:19 -0700


Dear Mr. MacKenzie (may I call you Warner?): Thank you for your response which I appreciated a lot. The title of the article was: "Islam and the West, One Enormous Razia" and you (and Ibn Khaldoun) used the word Arabs more often than the word Muslims when you both intended to mean Muslims. Most Arabs are Muslims but most Muslims are NOT Arabs. I am proud to be an Islamophobe but I am not a racist. Let's be careful and use le mot juste whenever we can. Thank you.

Name: abdul aziz ibrahim
Date: Wednesday July 25, 2007
Time: 05:15:33 -0700


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Date: Tuesday July 31, 2007
Time: 02:34:05 -0700


dont you have the facility of mailing articles, such as this, to someone? too bad. i wanted to mail this to some organization.

Name: Bearster
Date: Wednesday August 01, 2007
Time: 20:25:43 -0700


As a student of Old Norse history as well as (recently) of Islam, I think there are a number of important differences. The Vikings did not have a sense of blind obedience to one man, and in fact a leader had to constantly work to keep the loyalty of his men. Also, the Vikings valued honor (not the Islamist perversion of controlling women but of keeping your word), honesty, and the rule of law. It is here that I have to distinguish between the Vikings and the other members of Old Norse society. The Vikings were viewed as the ruffians they were, and many Norse did not respect them. The Althing, which began in 9th Century Iceland, led to the Brittish concept of common law. I am not saying that the Vikings were good people. But I do not think they make a great analogy to the Arabs or Muslims.

Name: xyubeo
Date: Tuesday November 20, 2007
Time: 05:07:27 -0700


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