Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Belgium: Eurabization Report 2007

The situation in Belgium does not differ significantly from the situation in other Western European countries, except for the fact that it might be worse here than elsewhere because Belgium is an artificial state without a national identity to defend. 
Belgium, like the rest of Europe, is confronted with welfare immigration. Most immigrants in Belgium are Muslims from Morocco. There is also a significant number of Turkish immigrants. 

The overwhelming majority of the Muslim immigrants did not come to Belgium as so-called “guest workers” in the 1960s and 70s. They arrived since the 1980s purely for the purpose of claiming benefits. They sympathize with the parties of the Left. This is the very reason why the socialist Belgian establishment has given them the right to vote. 

In Antwerp, the Socialist Mayor Leona Detiege defended the policy of granting citizenships (and the subsequent right to participate in the elections) to as many immigrants as possible, on the grounds that the indigenous Flemings are – quote – “politically overrepresented as the immigrants are not allowed to vote” – unquote. 

Belgium is confronted with the phenomenon of Islamo-socialism – an alliance between Muslims and the Socialist Party leadership. The latter has seen its traditional blue-collar voters flock to conservative parties, such as ours, and hopes to find a new electoral base. 

This strategy has worked. In last year’s local elections in Belgium the immigrant vote tipped the balance in favour of the Left.

In Brussels more than one fifth of the municipal councillors are now immigrants of non-European origin. Most of them are Muslims, and most of them have been elected as Socialists, though many have also been welcomed as Christian-Democrat trade unionists on the lists of the Christian-Democrat Party. 

In the Brussels borough of Sint-Joost-ten-Node 11 of the 16 Socialist municipal councillors are non-European immigrants, as are 4 of the 5 Christian-Democrats, 2 of the 3 Liberals. 

In Antwerp one third of the Socialist councillors are Muslims, as are one third of the Christian-Democrat councillors. According to the Marxist sociologist Jan Hertogen – quote – “The immigrants saved democracy in Belgium” – unquote. Hertogen calculated that if the franchise had not been extended to immigrants my party, the Vlaams Belang, would have polled over 40 per cent in Antwerp instead of 33.5 per cent. 

In other towns the situation is similar. In Ghent, one quarter of the Socialist councillors are Muslims. In Vilvoorde, a Flemish town 20 km north of Brussels, half the Socialist representatives are Muslims. 

The authorities turn a blind eye tot the radicals because they want to buy the Muslim vote and the radicals control the Muslim population. The Socialists even help the radicals in their efforts to control the Muslim population. 

Last year, immediately after the elections, the Antwerp city council sacked Marij Uijt den Bogaard, an Antwerp civil servant who worked in the immigrant neighbourhoods. Uijt den Bogaard witnessed how Salafist extremists were taking over these neighbourhoods and wrote alarming reports for the city authorities about the growing radicalization. This brought her into conflict, both with the Islamists and her bosses in the city. 

The city warned her that her reports were unacceptable and that she had to – quote – “change her attitude” – unquote.

When she persisted, she was sacked and her job was given to a radical Salafist. The latter now works for the city, supervising 25 Antwerp Moroccan mosques. 

So far Belgium has never been the scene of Muslim terrorism, although Islamists frequently use the country as a logistic support base for actions elsewhere. The Madrid train bombings of 11 March 2004 were planned in Belgium. The Belgian authorities have always categorically denied it, but there are persistent rumours that Brussels has made a deal with the terrorists, agreeing to turn a blind eye to conspiracies hatched on Belgian soil in exchange for immunity from attack. In a GIA statement, addressing the Belgian King Albert II but posted to the French embassy in Brussels in June 1999, the Algerian terror movement explicitly referred to such a deal. 

In May 2002, the Belgian Parliamentary Committee controlling the State Intelligence Services published the report of its “inquiry into the ways in which the intelligence services screen extremist and terrorist Islamic activities”. The report confirms that Belgium is the logistical hub of Islamist terrorists. The report states that the Belgian secret service does not screen Muslim radicals, because (a) it is under-funded and under-staffed; (b) it relies on a mutual understanding that the terrorists won’t attack in Belgium; and (c) it fears being accused of racism or xenophobia towards Muslims and immigrants. 

According to the report, the Belgian Muslim community, officially numbering 350,000 members, of whom 200,000 Moroccans and 100,000 Turks, has been heavily infiltrated by fundamentalist extremists since the mid-1980s. 

Thirty of Belgium’s 300 mosques, the report says, are run by fundamentalist clerics. Candidates for the Jihad are being recruited amongst Muslims in schools, prisons, hospitals and sports centres. Belgium has officially recognized the Muslim religion and consequently subsidizes Islamic clerics and teachers. The latter have free access to Belgian primary and secondary schools. The authorities fail to control what these people are propagating. The report warns that the fundamentalist Saudi-backed Salafi movement is creating a religious state within the Belgian state. The biggest mosque in Belgium, the Great Mosque of Brussels, is controlled by Saudi sects. It is the headquarters of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Belgium. This institution employs 600 Muslim teachers whose wages are paid by the Belgian state. According to the report, the Centre operates its own “Islamic police”, supervising certain Brussels neighbourhoods with a large concentration of Muslims. 

The report says that Brussels has become an ideal logistics centre for international terrorist groups, because of Belgium’s open-door immigration policy, the deliberate “hands-off” policy of the authorities towards the mosques and Islamic centres, the geographical position of Belgium and the fact that French is an official language in Brussels, which makes the city attractive to North Africans. 

Godelieve Timmermans, the head of the Belgian state security, resigned after details of the report had been leaked to the press. Unfortunately, the situation has not improved in the past five years. Only last month Jean-Claude Delepiere, the head of OCAD, the Belgian government’s terrorism watchdog, said that “there is no substantial evidence” that the risk of a terror attack in Belgium has grown because - quote – “Belgium is careful to avoid any aggressive attitude that may provoke negative reactions from Muslims” – unquote. 

Indeed, Belgium takes care not to provoke negative reactions from Islamists. Undoubtedly, this was also the reason why last month a pan-European anti-Islamization demonstration in Brussels was banned by the authorities and why the peaceful demonstrators were beaten up by the police. Appeasement is not new in Belgium. Throughout its history Belgium has always appeased its enemies. Apparently, Belgium has not learned the lessons from its history. 

Radical Islam is conquering Belgium and Europe by massive immigration and high birthrates. Libya’s Muammar Gadaffi states it this way: “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. They are a sign that Allah will give Islam victory over Europe — without swords, without cannons, without conquest. The 50 million Muslims in Europe will turn Europe Muslim within a few decades. Allah is mobilizing Muslim Turkey to adds that to the European Union. That is an addition of 50 million more Muslims. Then there will be 100 million Muslims in Europe. Albania, which is a Muslim country is already in the EU. Bosnia which is a Muslim country is already in the EU. 50% of the population in those countries are Muslim.” (Al Jazeera television, April 10 2006). Gadaffi might be right.  

In my home city, Antwerp, we count up to seventy thousand Muslims, or up to 15% of the population. In the municipal elementary schools of Antwerp, the Islamic children represent over one third of the school population. This number increases year after year. If this evolution persists, Antwerp will be a Islamic city by 2050. In Brussels, our nations capital, the situation is even more critical. Nowadays natives are already a minority in Brussels, over half the Brussels population has foreign roots. One third of the total population in Brussels is Muslim. For newborns in both Antwerp and Brussels, Muhammed is the most often received first name. 

Simultaneously, a frightening trend of radicalisation can be observed among Muslim youth throughout Flanders. An inquiry among five hundred Muslim youngsters revealed that half of them is convinced that the Koran should be followed literally. Two thirds indicated that they would force their children to become Muslim as well. Only a quarter of the respondents answered in denial to the question whether Muslims are better people than non-Muslims. This radicalisation is spurred by frequent visits of radical Islam websites. Almost every Muslim has access to satellite television, where they pick up radical Islam channels. 

The increasing demographic weight of the Muslim community, and the growing radicalisation among Muslims are putting our society under great pressure. Both Brussels and Antwerp have been the scene of ethnic and religious inspired violence. Young Muslims bring destruction, they harass natives and even policemen. Electoral considerations and the fear of escalation shape the policy of giving in to the demands of the Muslim community. Even basic democratic principles and acquirements of our Western civilisation are endangered, as for example the equality of men and women, or the separation of church and state. 

Let me give you some examples from Antwerp: 

  • Antwerp was the first of many cities in Flanders to allow for restricted opening hours for men in public swimming pools, in advantage of Muslim women, since their partners don’t grant them the presence of other men.
  • All school meals in Antwerp are prepared “halal” according to Muslim regulation. School forms explicit note that pig or horse meat is completely banned from school menus – even for Christian pupils. This solely to meet Muslim demands.
  • The neutrality of public service in Antwerp was contaminated by a growing number of Muslim clerks at reception desks. Therefore the town council intended to ban all expressions of religion whatsoever. This ban would imply for both the Muslim veil, Jewish kippa and Christian crucifix alike. Muslims protested furiously and demanded a general prohibition of Christmas trees and Easter chocolates on the work floor. The ban on veils was immediately withdrawn, mysteriously the prohibition on crucifixes and kippas was maintained. 

It must be clear in meantime that the theory of “appeasement” has failed. The more we give in to Muslim demands, the higher the next demand turns out to be. Flemish leading islamologist in Europe, professor Urbain Vermeulen, leaves no margin for misinterpretation concerning the Muslims motivation. I quote: “They simply don’t want to integrate. If they want an integration, than it is according to their Islamic morals. They intend to live in OUR nations, according to THEIR rules. And if this disbelieving regime allows for it, the better for them. Therefore I dare to say that wearing a veil, the continuing claim for generalisation of certain Islamic rules, the enforcement of Muslim rules in the name of the constitutional separation of church – excuse me – mosque and state, are all in essence rejections of our society as a whole.”. End quote. (HLN 27/10/2004) 

Hind Fraihi is a reporter for a Flemish newspaper. Having immigrant roots herself, she went undercover two years ago for two months in Molenbeek, a suburb of Brussels with a very high concentration of Muslim immigrants. The outcome of her investigation was clear as crystal. I quote: “The Muslims of Molenbeek have chosen a different path, separate from integration; a path of a Moroccan Muslim state within Belgium. The Muslims of Molenbeek all seem to be made out of the same stuff. Their lives are determined by Islam, Islam, a thousand fold Islam. The evil of the world is the work of “despicable Zionists”. The Palestinian issue and Islamic martyrs are cherished.” End quote (Nieuwsblad 17/03/2005). Fraihi observed how public life in Molenbeek was completely organised by Muslim regulation: fitness centres apply completely separated opening hours for men and women, bookstores sell radical Islam literature, and pig meat can’t be found in a butcher far or near. 

I believe there exists a masterplan to submit, first our cities and later Europa as a whole to Islam. Islamic organisations are creating ghetto’s in certain neighbourhoods of our cities. They strive after segregation of the Muslim communities to keep the Muslims living in these cities under control. These faithful Muslims live together in de Islamised neighbourhoods of our cities, where they go to the mosques and Koran schools, go to Arabic shops that only sell halal food, join the Islamic organisations who took over the original social tissue in a very short term. Non-Muslims are not welcome anymore in these neighbourhoods. Integration of the Muslims in our society is made impossible that way. 

In neighbourhoods with a Muslim majority, the radical Muslims try to impose the extreme Muslim way of life on the other Muslims. Everything not in line with Islam, has to deal with tremendous pressure. Step by step the sharia is imposed on these neighbourhoods. Women reluctant to wearing a veil are insulted, threatened and even under physical attack. In some Muslim neighbourhoods a kind of religious police force is keeping an eye on dressing. Last year in the Antwerp suburb Borgerhout, with now almost half of the population Muslim, radicals disturbed and interrupted a music festival. Visitors were intimidated or stripped of entrance tickets. The entrance was charged by a group of young, fired up radical Muslims. Also in Borgerhout, this year, in some areas the bartenders are threatened not to serve any alcoholic beverages any longer. 

By this concentration politics, radical Muslims are deliberately creating Muslim enclaves in our cities, who isolate themselves from our society. This ghetto strategy stimulates the white flight of the indigenous people out of the neighbourhoods and cities. These neighbourhoods are used as a bridgeheads of the radical Islam to conquer the city as a whole. If the evolution persists, cities like Antwerp en Brussels in Belgium, but also Marseille and Lille in France, Birmingham and Bradford in the United Kingdom and Stuttgart en Frankfurt in Germany risk to become Islamic cities in a few decades.  

One may wonder how this is going to end up if Belgian policies don’t change? The Flemish islamologist professor Urbain Vermeulen is very clear about this: “In thirty to forty years the region ranging from the North of France Lille – Roubaix – Tourcoing to Amsterdam will be one Islamic enclave. Flanders and Brussels lay in the centre of it. In twenty years Brussels will be the largest Maghreban city outside of the Maghreb. (…) Our society will be destabilised. Muslims will continue to launch problem after problem, increase o their demands and they will determine the public life. This may be the end of the mainly European civilisation”. My party will do its very best to prevent that this dark scenario becomes reality.  (HLN 27/10/2004).


Filip Dewinter blogs at Eurabia.

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  • Name: Byron Bovaird
  • Date: Saturday October 27, 2007
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Mosques and Muslems should be persona non gratis in yhe USA.

  • Name: vbv
  • Date: Sunday October 28, 2007
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Koran is the result of the hallucinations of a mad ,power hungry ,sex-pervert and schizophrenic psychopath called Mohamed the only prophet of his immoral creed called islam. Islam is bigoted ,intolerant ,anti-women,vicious ,violent mafia-like idealogy of the zombie arabs imposed upon a billion others rendering them brain-dead ,crazy zombies. It is a creed that came about by vicious brute-force and violence ,not like Hinduism,which is as old as human civilization not imposed by anyone and not founded by a particular individual ,certainly not anyone like the vicious and cruel and sex-perverted madcap Mohamed. Hinduism doesn't promise lewd sexy paradise as a reward for massacring , murdering ,raping ,robing ,fornicating non-adherents. It only advises humans to be good to each other,be righteous,pious and morally upright,unlike islam. Hindus rever all forms of life because they always lived in a land filled with all kinds of flora and fauna ,with rivers and streams flowing ,snowcapped mountains ,even deserts, infact we always had abundance of nature with us ,unlike the barbarian arabs who lived in barren and inhospitable desert and for whom a land like India was realisable only in their lewd paradise of drinking and debauchery promised by their lewd immoral ,vicious ,cruel and vindictive Allah! Castism is there in islam also as Saudi arabs are placed higher than others ,the Ahmedias are treated as outcastes and killed at the slightest opportunity,the Shias and Sunnis hate each other , the wahabis hate all other castes ,especially sufism, slavery is rampant in Saudi Arabia and bonded labour in Pakistan , Bangladesh, etc even in the 21st century . Infact there is hate idealogy all over ,which is why you don't find democracy ,freedom of speech and human rights in islamic countries. What about non-muslims in islamic countries? They are "Dhimmis" who are supposed to live in abject submission and humiliation far from having any rights their women can be taken slaves or raped by muslims at will as "sharia" the barbaric and primitive law does not recognise even the crime against the non-muslims as such. So what are you gloating over in islam ,which is the most backward,immoral ,cruel bigoted ,intolerant and the most barbaric creed ever????

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  • Date: Sunday October 28, 2007
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to vbv: this site is milking money from gullible but fanatic, hateful, bigot and moronic hindus like you! your lord krishna says, you will be tortured into the cycles of rebirth in the womb of demons again and again! you will also be tortured in the lowest hell for ever! because your lord krishna says: "I hurl these haters, cruel, sinful, and mean people into the cycles of rebirth in the womb of demons again and again. O Arjuna, entering the wombs of demons birth after birth, the deluded ones sink to the lowest hell without ever attaining Me." (Gita 16.19-20) LOLZ! your lord krishna's mouth was blazing fiery hell! "I see You with infinite power, without beginning, middle, or end; with many arms, with the sun and the moon as Your eyes, with Your mouth as a blazing fire scorching all the universe with Your radiance." (Gita 11.19) "These warriors of the mortal world are entering Your blazing mouths as many torrents of the rivers enter into the ocean." (Gita 11.28) your lord krishna was a terrorist and mass murderer! "I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world. I have come here to destroy all these people. I have already destroyed all these warriors. Kill all these great warriors who are already killed by Me." (Gita 11.32-34)

  • Name: Ash
  • Date: Sunday October 28, 2007
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One thing is for sure we are badly in the need of freedom FROM religion and other concoted theories. Man is born above that of the beast and should be thought how to think for him/herself.

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  • Date: Sunday October 28, 2007
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Hindu god Krishna is the most dangerous god in the world! He was a terrorist and mass murderer! He says in Gita: "I am death, the mighty destroyer of the world. I have come here to destroy all these people. I have already destroyed all these warriors. Kill all these great warriors who are already killed by Me. (Gita 11.32-34)" So, Humanity should be aware of this mass murderer god!

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  • Date: Sunday October 28, 2007
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Cripes, "Musa" ( the Muslim LOL at his own 'wisecracks' guy)really does infest the comments sections on this site. I know this is supposed to be a dialogue site but his style of dawa by invective is peculiarly offensive somehow.

  • Name: pmk
  • Date: Sunday October 28, 2007
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Do Europeans want to save their civilization or cling to their political correctness? Are government handouts more important than freedom? Like all democracies, they'll get the government they deserve. The same country that houses the ICC is willing to cut deals with terrorists. The same people that look down on the US cower in fear before Muslim crowds. You asked for it, you got it.

  • Name: vbv
  • Date: Monday October 29, 2007
  • Time: 05:11:24 -0700


" Hindu god Krishna ...." Krishna was not the founder of hinduism ,nor did go about spreading his beliefs like Mohamed did with rape ,torture,murders,plundering ,massacres,etc. Islam depends on Mohamed for its survival. There is no islam without Mohamed.You remove Mohamed islam crumble and goes into oblivion. It is a fraudulent creed as it rests only on Mohamed's concocted stories about receiving Allah's tidings through a so-called angel called Gabriel (who anyway is borrowed from jewish mythology). Any creed that says that god will only communicate with his so-called 'chosen' messengers is certainly dubious and fraudulent ,since you have to rely on that so-called messenger and take his word blindly,unquestioningly as a 'revelation' or else face persecution and a torturous death inlicted by the fanatical followers of such a creed. Mohamed himself says that if someone apostates from his religion kill him. Islams survival depends on this kind of terror to keep its flocks together . Otherwise ,islam would have been extinct by now. You can see the fanaticism and brutal savagery in forcing its inane customs and rituals in all the islamic countries. What do the mullahs preach? Not brotherhood of all humanbeings but just hatred and contempt of nonmuslims. Forcible conversion or massacre of non-muslim to spread this evil creed. You cannot say the same about hinduism. It does not depend on Krishna or any other deity alone for its sustenance. Actually the true name of the religion of hinduism is "Sanatana Dharma" which means The Eternal Path of Righteousness , not 'islam which means just surrender - abject surrender- like a mafia gangster demanding absolute surrender.That is the basis of islam -just fear and abject and humiliating surrender to the diktats of a barbaric and cruel false-deity called Allah and his goon Mohamed. It is not love, compassion ,caring for the well-being of Humanity,mercy,goodness and such other finer sentiments found in other religions. Hinduism was not founded by one individual. It is as old as humanity.It inculcates good values and morals ,not fear and terror like islam as evidence not only in the history of the world but also today in all islamic countries. You can take the examples of Sadam Hussain, Osama Bin Laden, Hezbollah,Hamas,PLA,Taliban, the crooked rulers of Saudi Arabia, Syria and Iran, the endless murders in Iraq, the daily beheadings,chopping off of limbs,lashing (all as per the barbaric uncivilzed codes of 'Sharia'),etc are all evident in todays world of 21st century and also the ever-increasing frenzy of the fanatic muslim zealots everywhere to 'islamise' the world. All proselyting creeds are frauds as they depend on promoting their creed and gaining more followers by debunking others ,by terrors ,threats and lies and deception (called Taqiyya by muslims) to common decent people. Thats what you are good at ,nothing constructive but deception and destruction of civilization and good values!

  • Name: stephen williams
  • Date: Thursday November 01, 2007
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politically, i consider myself to be quite some distance from the "vlaams blok"-please forgive my scant aquaintance with vlaams and nederlands-ik kan niet goed nederlands sprakken... mr de winter addresses a serious and pressing problem which ought not to be tainted with any "boo" complaints involving spurious accusations of racism or nationalism,even though i cannot entirely free myself of the suspicion that they lurk on his agenda somewhere... i am unable to enthuse along the lines of "x for the x's,y for the y's" and so on... territorial takeovers,however,can be observed in history:large scale immigration followed by subversion,revolt,or outright invasion may be observed in the cases of all the larger empires in history , the integrity of our hard won popular suffrage is in direct conflict with islam,and "good muslims" will not bend the knee so where does that leave us? expulsion of the moriscos? dissolution of the monasteries? i do think that people who consider themselves to be muslim must choose between their religion and their chosen place of abode-no one obliges them to abide-otherwise they could remove themselves to a friendlier local( oh dear-coming over all cromwellian) and wasting words-just go and try to be a democrat or an atheist in saudi arabia or pakistan!

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