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Iraqi Kurdish Rushdie: Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam

The Kurdistani - Photo of book cover - Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam, by Mariwan HalabjayeeAs first reported by the The Kurdistani, the book Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam by Mariwan (sp. Marywan) Halabjaee (sp. Halabjay, Halabjayee, Halabjaye, Halabjayi), "the Salman Rushdie of Iraqi-Kurdistan," has now been published on the Internet.

The book is about how Islam is allegedly used to oppress women. "I wanted to prove how oppressed women are in Islam and that they have no rights," said Halabjaee. "My book is based on Islamic sources such as the Holly Qur'an, Muslim and Bukhari books and many more." The book is in its third printing.

A dedicated website, Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam, has been created to facilitate Internet distribution of the book. The book can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, compressed zip format, compressed rar format (the format originally provided by The Kurdistani), and as jpeg graphic files for each individual page.

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The website Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam is founded on the belief that the best way to respond to those who try to suppress publication of an academic book is to increase publication, promotion and distribution of that book. The most efficient way to do that is on the Internet. It is also based on the belief that the only thing that should be accomplished by those who seek to suppress publication of the book Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam is to cause it to be published to the entire world.

The book was originally made available online by, along with information about efforts to aid Halabjaee. In addition, provides contact information for the representative of Halabjaee’s campaign in the United Kingdom, Shapol Said [[email protected]].

As previously reported, Halabjaee was forced to flee to Sweden after the Islamic League of Kurdistan issued a "conditional" fatwa to kill him if he did not repent and apologize for writing his book. The "conditional" nature of the fatal fatwa was uncertain. Halabjaee reported that "a couple of weeks ago in Halabja, the mullahs and scholars said if I go to them and apologize they will give me 80 lashes and then refer me to the fatwa committee to decide if I am to be beheaded. They might forgive me, they might not."

Halabjaee received telephone calls saying, "Now, in 10 years or 15 years, we will kill you." Another time, Halabjaee reported, "the Islamists said once from the radio, if they found out where I was, they would blow themselves up with me." The worse thing was realizing that his wife and children were in danger. "With that book I wanted to defend women but the first thing I did was hurt my wife." As a result, Halabjaye went into hiding with his pregnant wife and three children.

Halabjaee was forced to flee Iraqi-Kurdistan after the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) refused to offer him any protection or to arrest those who threatened his life. "The Kurdish authorities have not provided any protection from threats and fatwas," said Halabjaee, "any moment I am expecting a bullet or a hand grenade to be thrown into where I live."

In response to the Halabjaee affair, the KRG Minister of Religious Issues, Dr. Mohammad Gaznayi, told protestors that according to the law of Iraqi-Kurdistan, "defamation" or "criticizing" religion or religious figures is a crime and its punishment is severe. "We will give those who attack our prophets a sentence so that they can be a lesson for everyone," said Gaznayi. Halabjaee was in possession of a warrant for his arrest issued by the Suleimaniya police department when he fled Iraqi-Kurdistan.

The book Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam is available at the following Internet locations:

Website: Sex, Sharia and Women in the History of Islam

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