Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Muslims' Science-in-the-Quran Fantasy

Our Muslim friends are becoming very agitated, almost hysterical. How come? They tell us that Quran anticipated modern sciences. “Dr. Sgt from Indonesia” proved that their pretensions were of no value at all. They certainly feel he is right. Than, they began to freak. WHY?

They begin to feel anguish because, more or less consciously, they feel that their faith lean on very unstable bases such as those Koranic scientific fancies so easily refuted and such childish “proofs” as the impossibility to imitate Quran or Muhammad’s own delirious pretensions….

Muslims are surely honest and intelligent persons but they have been unfortunately born without their consent, into this and archaic religion which Islam is. Islam is based on fear, blind submission, call for violence and domination.. The result is all the atrocities we hear of around the world. Just look, my Muslim friends . Just look what Islam produces. It is a tree which bear very bitter fruits. It does not bear joy, love, peace of mind, tolerance, progress, enlighten but miseries, poverty, anger and anguish. Look at yourselves.

If you really want to free yourself, begin to read your own Holy Books BY YOURSELVES, Quran first. All Mohammad’s life, words and “genius” are there. Ask yourselves honestly if such a man can have founded a religion deserving this name, a religion of love, of peace and of tolerance as Buddhism, for example. (At least, in principle) If not, you will see that the very roots of Islam are rotten. Pardon me to tell you that.

Here is an example out of hundreds:

  • Ishaq : 327: Allah said: “A prophet must slaughter before collecting captives. A slaughtered enemy is driven from the land. Muhammad, you crave the desire of this world, its good and the ransom captives would bring. But Allah desires killing them to manifest the religion”
  • Bukhari : V4B52N220 : Allah’s Apostle said, “I have been made victorious with terror.”

Is this a man of God ? Are these words from God ? The answer is obvious. It is written in the Holy Books of Islam. This is yet the prophet and the God you believe in.. Pardon me but I can’t agree with you. And I am pretty sure you don’t agree with that yourself. What are you going to do if you don’t agree with your own religion , your own prophet ? You will lie ? Lie to yourself ? Just open your eyes.

Make an honest inquiry into Islam, its origin, its history, its founder etc. Don’t be afraid. Do the same thing I did for Christianity. You should not be afraid of truth. If you are afraid of truth, you are lost. Truth may be sometimes appalling but, at last, if you look at it with courage and honesty, it will free yourself from superstitions, fear, anguish, anger and possible temptation of violence and crime in the name of religion as so many Muslems do. Invoking self-defense is absolutely irresponsible and deceitful.

There is no scientific truths in the Quran as “dr. Sgt. from Indonesia” so clearly prove it. This is a first truth you should accept. But you are afraid and you become anxious, and angry. You can’t sustain that Quran anticipated modern scientific discoveries without lying to yourself. And you know it. For the sake of sustaining that thesis you must stretch words and interpretations beyond likelihood, near ridiculousness. Many Christians do the same thing when they try to make Bible know that the earth was round. Eratosthene (273–192 BCE) knew it, 2200 years ago, but not Muhammad , Quran nor Bible. And he did not ask for God’s revelation. Just observation of his own and reason. Do it with Islam. You will discover surprising things. Be a little inquisitive instead of blindly credulous of what everyone as credulous as you tell you. You will not die of it.


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