Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

How About Abolishing Islam?

After all this brainstorming, beating-around-bushes and dialogues taking place across the world, how bad would be a direct approach - abolishing Islam? Outrageous as it sounds, it is actually simpler and far more effective than most would credit it as being; definitely more candid and honest.

The nations such as Germany and Austria, most severely affected by the ravages of Nazism have banned the expression of pro-Nazi ideas, including publication of books, organized activities and a concerted campaign to defame, marginalize and extinguish neo-Nazism. While the First Amendment may protect the freedom of expression for neo-Nazis, that system of thought and organizations are very isolated in society. Even societies that are rigidly protective of civil rights are prepared to censor the circulation of books and media considered unfit for certain audiences. All schools teach the evils of Nazism, racism, etc. as obvious facts, even though they didn't seem so obvious 60 years ago...

It doesn't seem obvious to most, but the reality is that Islam is destined for the same fate. So why mince words or wait for World War III? Start a campaign of non-violent civil disobedience, of public interest litigation to strip Islam of the status of a religion. Official measures that can help:

  1. Ban the publication, distribution and sale of all pro-Islam media, books, literature and published materials
  2. Outlaw pro-Islamic organizations and organized activities of religious, social and political nature and deport the Islamic "religious leaders," "clerics" and other charlatans. Outlaw Islamic practices such as the burkha and the religious cap and other medieval nonsense.
  3. Shut down all madrassahs and Muslim-majority schools and integrate them within mainstream public schools, diverse student and faculty bodies and modern, scientific curriculum.
  4. Shut down all mosques and convert the buildings into hospitals or schools - something good.
  5. Encourage (not penalize) the criticism of Islam across all media and strata of society. Encourage public debates and encourage society to take this issue head-on.
  6. Severely restrict immigration of Muslims - subject applicants to rigorous citizenship tests, socio-cultural integration and an official renunciation of Islam. Deport those who remain loyal to this hate-mongering cult.
  7. Encourage government agencies, NGOs, police and human rights groups to scour the length and depth of Muslim society to uncover and remedy the countless incidences of abuses against women, arranged marriages, secretive polygamy and practice of Sharia principles.
  8. Last but not least, strip Islam from legal recognition, from government surveys, official sources of information and census. Cease to identify a "Muslim" demographic; factor them out on ethnic and national origin. "Non-religious" or "Agnostic" is certainly better to being identified as a Muslim.
  9. Encourage, provide opportunities for former Muslims to progress, obtain more education, become a normal part of a healthy society, instead of being disease-ridden, frothing, rabies-spreading stray dogs living on the mercy and fear of passers-by. Save them from being taken to the pound and the passers-by from being bitten and infected.
  10. Point out the obvious - the evil suras of the Qur'an calling for hate and violence, the backward, senseless and abusive laws of the Shariat, the bloody history of Islam (continuing today). Case closed.

This can be achieved in European and North American countries, in the South American nations and in yet-to-be-Islamized nations such as India, China, Russia and Southeast Asia. Peaceful but determined agitation and sacrifice from normal people can drown out the cries of "racism" from frothing Muslims. This courage, frankness and determination will force Muslims to shiver and respect the fortitude of the "Kaffirs," those "filthy najis."

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