Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

The Capricious Mind of Allah

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Allah makes idols alive, plays miracles, lets Satan loose, confuse Muhammad, dethrone Solomon, produces confusing book of guidance, would strip everybody on resurrection, will hold earth on hand and mountains on finger, swears by Himself & His creations, approves human sacrifice, creates human in so many confusing ways, Qur’an can obliterate mountains, forbid Muslims to migrate to infidel lands, doles out bizarre justice.


This lengthy essay contains plenty of information about various aspects of Allah, such as: His appearance, His idiosyncrasies, His likes and dislikes, His temperament, His activities and even about His whereabouts. Nevertheless, Allah is so fascinating that this treatise will not be complete if we do not learn about a few more strange characteristics and behaviour of Allah.  

This last part is about Allah’s absolute crazy mind and His eccentric actions that are at times simply childish, outlandish, at times pretty illogical, at times utterly implausible, contradictory, and at times just mad and insane. 

Let us proceed to examine this capricious mind of Allah.

On the resurrection day, Allah will make the idols come alive

We may find this simply mind‑boggling. Nevertheless, the Qur’an tells us that on the resurrection day, Allah will bring the idols of the pagans come alive—filled with life, energy, and ability to talk, see, and listen. This means that those despicable idolaters had always been correct—they insisted that their idols were not lifeless; those idols had the ability to intercede with Allah. Their idols had the ability to communicate with Allah, the supreme god of the pagans. So, where did the pagans go wrong? Why Muhammad had to destroy each idol which existed in the then Arabia? We should know the answer if we had read the previous episode of this series—Muhammad was Allah. He (Muhammad = Allah) only wanted to be worshipped by the pagans. Nowhere in the Qur’an had Allah ever instructed Muhammad to destroy all those idols of the pagan Arabs, even though Allah vehemently loathed them. 

Why did not Allah command Muhammad to destroy the idols of the pagans?  

Here is the answer.  

The readers might recall that in a previous episode we noted that Allah Himself admitted that those idols of the pagans were His own creation. So, how could Allah ask anyone to destroy His creation (the idols)? Allah simply did not like that pagans should worship His idols along with Him, and instructed Muhammad to exhort the pagans to desist from idolatry. Allah wanted them to worship Him (= Muhammad) and only HIM. 

However, Muhammad was not satisfied with Allah’s disposition vis-à-vis the pagan idols. He became Allah and unilaterally decided to destroy completely all the idols in Mecca, and later from all parts of Peninsular Arabia. 

Let us read the following verses to gauge the incredibly complex mind of Allah. These verses also prove that one of the activities of Allah is to make idols (read part 8 of this series). 

The creatures (idols) worshipped by the unbelievers themselves did not want to be worshipped; they (the idols) themselves worshipped Allah (on the resurrection day the idols will be alive will and talk with Allah)…25:18


YUSUFALI: They will say: "Glory to Thee! not meet was it for us that we should take for protectors others besides Thee: But Thou didst bestow, on them and their fathers, good things (in life), until they forgot the Message: for they were a people (worthless and) lost." [Q 025.018]


Because of the testimony of the idols (i.e., idols are not lifeless), the unbelievers cannot avert penalty; Allah will let them taste a grievous punishment…25:19


YUSUFALI: (Allah will say): "Now have they proved you liars in what ye say: so ye cannot avert (your penalty) nor (get) help." And whoever among you does wrong, him shall We cause to taste of a grievous Penalty. [Q 025.019]


On the resurrection day Allah will gather the idols as troops to testify against their worshippers (i.e. idols will become alive to testify)…36:75


YUSUFALI: They have not the power to help them: but they will be brought up (before Our Judgment-seat) as a troop (to be condemned). [Q 036.075]


The idolaters’ idols will disown them on the resurrection day; the idols will be of no benefit to the idolaters…41:48

YUSUFALI: The (deities) they used to invoke aforetime will leave them in the lurch, and they will perceive that they have no way of escape. [Q 041.048]

The above verse tells us that the idols have the ability to decide—they are quite similar to human or living objects, having the faculty of decision‑making. After all, Allah created them.

Allah can show miracles, Muhammad could not

When the pagans challenged Muhammad to show them a few miracles to prove his claim of Allah’s Apostleship, Muhammad was agitated, nervous and taciturn. So Allah (= Muhammad) quickly admitted that only Allah could perform miracles, Muhammad could not. Here is a verse on this.

Muhammad is incapable of performing any miracle; only Allah can show miracles; even then the infidels will not believe in Muhammad…6:109 

YUSUFALI: They swear their strongest oaths by Allah, that if a (special) sign came to them, by it they would believe. Say: "Certainly (all) signs are in the power of Allah: but what will make you (Muslims) realise that (even) if (special) signs came, they will not believe."? [Q 006.109]

The Qur’an had made Muhammad a mad man

The Almighty, All–powerful, All–knowing Allah was really fearful of the pagans, because when Muhammad was callow and started out raw Allah was fearful of his success. Therefore, He warned Muhammad that if he reminds the pagans of Allah and the Qur’an they would reject him. 

When Muhammad reminds the unbelievers of the Qur’an, they would surely label him as a lunatic…68:51 

YUSUFALI: And the Unbelievers would almost trip thee up with their eyes when they hear the Message; and they say: "Surely he is possessed!" [Q 068.051]

Allah let Satan temporarily dethrone Solomon

Yes, that is right. Allah intentionally let Satan win. This means Allah, at times, is not that powerful. 

Allah tested Solomon with vast material wealth; he temporarily lost his throne through the scheme of devil (Allah intentionally allowed a devil, taking the form of a body of Solomon to sit on Solomon’s throne)…38:34 

YUSUFALI: And We did try Solomon: We placed on his throne a body (without life); but he did turn (to Us in true devotion): [Q 038.034]
Allah let loose Iblis, the Satan; He did not want to control Iblis

This is indeed strange, Allah wilfully let Satan do whatever havoc he (Satan) wants to perpetrate. The funny part is that Satan invokes Allah’s name to carry on with his nefarious acts. Allah has little power to subdue Satan’s reprehensible actions. 

Iblis (Satan) vowed (by swearing the name of Allah) to lead astray all human except the true believers of Allah…38:82-83


YUSUFALI: (Iblis) said: "Then, by Thy power, I will put them all in the wrong,- [Q 38.82]
YUSUFALI: "Except Thy Servants amongst them, sincere and purified (by Thy Grace)." [Q 38.83]

Allah let Satan confuse Muhammad: Satan is more powerful than Allah (= Muhammad)

If a discord made by Satan makes Muhammad confused then he must seek refuge in Allah...41:36 

YUSUFALI: And if (at any time) an incitement to discord is made to thee by the Evil One, seek refuge in Allah. He is the One Who hears and knows all things. [Q 41.36]

Allah loves to sow discord about His Books

No doubt, this must be the epitome of Allah’s capriciousness. 

Dispute arose on the book given to Moses; it was Allah’s desire; if willed He could have solved the discord but He did not…41:45

YUSUFALI: We certainly gave Moses the Book aforetime: but disputes arose therein. Had it not been for a Word that went forth before from thy Lord, (their differences) would have been settled between them: but they remained in suspicious disquieting doubt thereon. [Q 41.45]
Could this not be true for the Qur’an? Is not Allah responsible for the often-conflicting interpretations of His words in it?

Gabriel is Allah’s announcer for His love to a person

Allah is very shy to announce his love for a person. He must have a chaperon to disclose his inner feelings. His chaperon is Gabriel. Read this hadith from Sahih Bukhari. Bizarrely, we note in hadith that Muhammad was a very shy person, shier than a virgin girl. 

If Allah loves a person He tells this to Gabriel to announce it to his people… (Sahih Bukhari, 4.54.431)


Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 54, Number 431: Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "If Allah loves a person, He calls Gabriel saying, 'Allah loves so and-so; O Gabriel! Love him.' Gabriel would love him and make an announcement amongst the inhabitants of the Heaven. 'Allah loves so-and-so, therefore you should love him also,' and so all the inhabitants of the Heaven would love him, and then he is granted the pleasure of the people on the earth."


Muhammad was shier than a veined girl...(Sahih Bukhari, 4.56.762)


Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 56, Number 762: Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri:


The Prophet was shier than a veined virgin girl.


Muhammad was shier than a veiled virgin girl...(Sahih Bukhari, 8.73.140)


Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 73, Number 140: Narrated Abu Said:

The Prophet was shier than a veiled virgin girl. (See Hadith No. 762, Vol. 4)

Allah does not like nakedness on earth, but on the resurrection day, He will make everyone naked and uncircumcised
Sahih Bukhari tells us this: 

People will be gathered to Allah bare footed, uncircumcised; Abraham will be the first person to be dressed... (Sahih Bukhari, 6.60.149)


Sahih Bukhari, Volume 6, Book 60, Number 149: Narrated Ibn Abbas:

Allah's Apostle delivered a sermon and said, "O people! You will be gathered before Allah bare-footed, naked and not circumcised." Then (quoting Quran) he said:--

"As We began the first creation, We shall repeat it. A promise We have undertaken: Truly we shall do it.." (21.104)


The Prophet then said, "The first of the human beings to be dressed on the Day of Resurrection will be Abraham. Lo! Some men from my followers will be brought and then (the angels) will drive them to the left side (Hell-Fire). I will say. 'O my Lord! (They are) my companions!' Then a reply will come (from Almighty), 'You do not know what they did after you.' I will say as the pious slave (the Prophet Jesus) said: And I was a witness over them while I dwelt amongst them. When You took me up. You were the Watcher over them and You are a Witness to all things.' (5.117) Then it will be said, "These people have continued to be apostates since you left them."


You will meet Allah barefooted, naked, walking on feet and uncircumcised...(Sahih  Bukhari, 8.76.531, 532)

On the resurrection day, people will be gathered bare-footed, naked and uncircumcised; the first to be dressed will be Abraham… (Sahih Bukhari,  4.55..568)

Allah will hold the earth on His hand and the mountains on His finger
Allah will take the whole world in His hand and will roll up heaven in his right hand... (Sahih Bukhari, 8.76.526)

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 8, Book 76, Number 526: Narrated Abu Huraira:


The Prophet said, "Allah will take the whole earth (in His Hand) and will roll up the Heaven in His right Hand, and then He will say, "I am King! Where are the kings of the earth ? "


Allah will carry the heavens in one finger and the earths upon one finger and the mountains and trees upon one finger and the oceans upon one finger i.e. the whole of creation upon one finger; then Allah will stir them… (Sahih Muslim, 39.6699, 6700)


Sahih Muslim, Book 039, Number 6699:

Abdullah b. Mas'ud reported that a Jew scholar came to Allah's Apostle (may peace he upon him) and said. Muhammad, or Abu al-Qasim, verily, Allah, the Exalted and Glorious. would carry the Heavens on the Day of Judgment upon one finger and earths upon one finger and the mountains and trees upor (sic) one finger and the ocean and moist earth upon one finger-in fact the whole of the creation upon one finger, and then He would stir them and say: I am your Lord, I am your Lord. Thereupon Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) smiled testifying what that scholar had said. He then recited this verse:" And they honour not Allah with the honour due to Him; and the whole earth will be in His grip on the Day of Resurrection and the heaven* r*Utd  (sic) up in His right hand. Glory be to Him I and highly Exalted is Re above what they associate (with Him)" (xxxix. 67).

Allah will fold the heavens on the Day of Judgment and then He would place them on His right hand. He will then fold the earth on His left hand… (Sahih Muslim, 39.6704, 6705, 6706)

Allah might change His mind about the inevitability of the resurrection day
This means: if we could understand the capriciousness of Allah,—there might be no resurrection day, after all.

Resurrection would not come so long as Allah is worshipped in the world… (Sahih Muslim, 1.0273)


Book 001, Number 0273:

It is narrated on the authority of Anas that verily the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) observed: The Hour (Resurrection) would not come so long as Allah is supplicated in the world.
Allah will turn this earth into a single piece of bread

Here is a mind-boggling hadith for the readers:

The earth would turn in to single bread and Allah would turn the single bread like a loaf on a journey; this would be a feast for the people in paradise; Allah’s seasoning for the loaf would be balam (ox liver). Seventy thousand people would be able to eat…(Sahih Muslim, 39.6710)

Sahih Muslim, Book 039, Number 6710:
Abu al-Sa'id Khudri reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying that the earth would turn to be one single bread on the Day of Resurrection and the Almighty would turn it in His hand as one of you turns a loaf while on a journey. It would be a feast arranged in the honour of the people of Paradise. He (the narrator) further narrated that a person from among the Jews came and he said: Abu al-Qasim, may the Compassionate Lord be pleased with you! May I inform you about the feast arranged in honour of the people of Paradise on the Day of Resurrection? He said: Do it, of course. He said: The earth would become one single bread. Then Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) looked towards us and laughed until his molar teeth became visible. He then again said: May I inform you about that with which they would season it? He said: Do it, of course. He said: Their seasoning would be balim and fish. The Companions of the Holy Prophet (may peace be upon him) said: What is this balam? He said: Ox and fish from whose excessive livers seventy thousand people would be able to eat.

Allah likes to swear by Himself (Muhammad)

Here is a Qur’anic verse to overwhelm the readers.

Allah swears (or is it Muhammad talking to himself) by Himself, i.e., by the Lord of the heavens and the earth…51:23

YUSUFALI: Then, by the Lord of heaven and earth, this is the very Truth, as much as the fact that ye can speak intelligently to each other. [Q 051.023]

Allah lacks self-confidence, He has to swear by His own creations

Here are a few examples of Allah’s craziness.

Allah swears by the planets…81:15

Allah swears by Muhammad’s sustainers that He will interrogate the unbelievers…15:92-93

Allah swears by the angels who are arranged as battalions…37:1

Allah swears by Muhammad’s statement; Allah knows that people will not believe Muhammad ...43:88

Allah swears by Mount Sinai…52:1

Allah swears by Adam and by the city (Mecca) where Muhammad lives…90:1-3

Allah swears by the sun’s splendour…91:1

Allah swears by the afternoon...103:1

Allah had approved human sacrifice by the pagans

So, why should Muhammad blame the pagans?

Let us read this incredible verse.

Human (children) sacrifice by the pagan Arabs lead them to their destruction; it was Allah’s will, He wanted it that way...6:137

YUSUFALI: Even so, in the eyes of most of the pagans, their "partners" made alluring the slaughter of their children, in order to lead them to their own destruction, and cause confusion in their religion. If Allah had willed, they would not have done so: But leave alone them and their inventions. [Q 6.137]

Allah sent the Qur’an for the ordinary Quraysh of Mecca, not for their leaders

So, why the jihadists should go out and create mayhem to spread Islam?

Qur’an is not sent down to some chief of either Mecca or Taif (two cities)...43:31

YUSUFALI: Also, they say: "Why is not this Qur'an sent down to some leading man in either of the two (chief) cities?" [Q 43.31]

The Qur’an is truly a message for Muhammad and his people (the Quraysh)...43:44

YUSUFALI: The (Qur'an) is indeed the message, for thee and for thy people; and soon shall ye (all) be brought to account. [Q 43.44]

Allah intentionally seals the minds of the unbelievers; He has predestined our fate

Let us read these Qur’anic verses to comprehend the complex mind of Allah (= Muhammad).

Allah seals the minds and hearings of the knowledgeable disbelievers and puts veils on their eyes to lead them astray…45:23

YUSUFALI: Then seest thou such a one as takes as his god his own vain desire? Allah has, knowing (him as such), left him astray, and sealed his hearing and his heart (and understanding), and put a cover on his sight. Who, then, will guide him after Allah (has withdrawn Guidance)? Will ye not then receive admonition? [Q45.23]

Allah predetermined all misfortunes on earth, even before Allah created the heavens and the earth...57:22

YUSUFALI: No misfortune can happen on earth or in your souls but is recorded in a decree before We bring it into existence: That is truly easy for Allah: [Q 57.22]

Despite the enmity between devil and Allah, Allah needs devil’s help

It is impossible to grasp Allah’s (= Muhammad) mind—He is, after all Satan’s helper. Allah and Satan work in collusion.

Whoever ignores Allah’s messages, Allah appoints a devil companion for him…43:36

YUSUFALI: If anyone withdraws himself from remembrance of (Allah) Most Gracious, We appoint for him an evil one, to be an intimate companion to him. [Q 43.36]

Allah is not sure how He created the human being

Allah created humankind out of nothing…19:9, 76:1

YUSUFALI: He said: "So (it will be) thy Lord saith, 'that is easy for Me: I did indeed create thee before, when thou hadst been nothing!'" [Q 19.9]

YUSUFALI: Has there not been over Man a long period of Time, when he was nothing - (not even) mentioned? [Q 76.1]

Man was created out of nothing before he was sent on earth...19:67

YUSUFALI: But does not man call to mind that We created him before out of nothing? [Q 19.67]

Humans were not created out of nothing (contradicts 19:67)...52:35

YUSUFALI: Were they created of nothing, or were they themselves the creators? [Q 52.35]

The Qur’an is an atom bomb; Allah could obliterate a mountain by placing the Qur’an on it

The mountain would have cleaved if Qur’an was revealed on it... 59:21

YUSUFALI: Had We sent down this Qur'an on a mountain, verily, thou wouldst have seen it humble itself and cleave asunder for fear of Allah. Such is the similitude which We propound to men, that they may reflect. [Q 59.21]

Allah will send a beast as a messenger

In Islam, it is a very serious crime to assert that Allah will send any other messengers after Muhammad. The violators face beheading. Nonetheless, Allah has no qualm in sending a beast as the final messenger for humankind. This means that Allah’s mission to redeem humankind through His best creation (Muhammad) is an utter failure.

Despite so much jihad, bloodshed, suicide bombing, hatred and sheer torment perpetrated to the unbelievers, Allah (= Muhammad) could not win the war against the infidels.

Here is what Allah says about the Islamic beast as the final messenger for humankind.

Allah will send a beast as a final messenger to humans…27:82

27:82. And when the Word (of torment) is fulfilled against them, We shall bring out from the earth a beast to them, which will speak to them because mankind believed not with certainty in Our Ayât (Verses of the Qur'ân and Prophet Muhammad). (Tr. Hilali and Khan, the Noble Qur’an).

Embarrassed with such an incredulous tale of Allah, many modern-day Islamist scientists (like Dr Shamsher Ali of Bangladesh) defend Islam and Allah by contending that this ‘beast’ of Allah refers to the creation of modern computers.

Ironically, these Islamist scientists conveniently forget that the modern computers were solely researched, invented, developed and produced by the harami infidels. How is it possible for Allah to handover to the infidels this great task of creating the Islamic beast as the ultimate messenger of Allah?

Funnily, about this beast, the greatest scholar of Qur’an, ibn Kathir writes:

The description of this beast is narrated in a hadis described by ibn Kathir:

It was also recorded by Ibn Majah. Ibn Jurayj reported that Ibn Az-Zubayr described the beast and said, "Its head is like the head of a bull, its eyes are like the eyes of a pig, its ears are like the ears of an elephant, its horns are like the horns of a stag, its neck is like the neck of an ostrich, its chest is like the chest of a lion, its color is like the colour of a tiger, its haunches are like the haunches of a cat, its tail is like the tail of a ram, and its legs are like the legs of a camel. Between each pair of its joints is a distance of twelve cubits. It will bring out with it the staff of Musa and the ring of Sulayman. There will be no believer left without it making a white spot on his face, which will spread until all his face is shining white as a result; and there will be no disbeliever left without it making a black spot on his face, which will spread until all his face is black as a result, then when the people trade with one another in the marketplace, they will say, `How much is this, O believer' `How much is this, O disbeliever' And when the members of one household sit down together to eat, they will know who is a believer and who is a disbeliever. Then the beast will say: `O so-and-so, enjoy yourself, for you are among the people of Paradise.' And it will say: `O so-and-so, you are among the people of Hell. (Link)

The hadith of ibn Majah mentioned by ibn Kathir above reads thus:

During the last hour, a strange beast will appear… (ibn Majah, 5.4066)

Sunaan Ibn Majah, vol. v, hadis number 4066

Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) reported that Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “The beast would appear (near the Last Hour) along with the signet ring of Sulaiman b. Dawud and Musa b. Imran’s staff (peace be upon them). It would make, a believer’s face brilliant with the staff and brand the nose of a disbeliever with the signet ring till inmates of a collection of houses adjacent to one another would assemble and this (man) would utter, “O believer” and that (man) would say, “O infidel”

Dabbat ul-Ard is an angel in the form of a beautiful beast that would appear from Safa mountain. According to some learned scholars, it will be a queer creature sixty arm long having the resemblance of every animal in it.

Abu l-Hasan al-Qattan mentioned like that with the chain of transmission consisting of Ibrahim b. Yahya, Musa b. Ismail, Hammad b. Salama and said one about it, “This (man) would say: O believer and this one would say: O the Non-believer. (sic).

Sahih Muslim writes that the name of this Islamic beast (messenger of Allah) is Jassas. This beast will chain Dajjal (anti-Christ).

A group of Arabian sailors marooned in an island met the beast, Jassas and talked with it; upon instruction from Jassas, the beast, they met a chained Dajjal and spoke with him. The Dajjal instructed the sailors to declare their allegiance to Muhammad (very long hadith)… (Sahih Muslim, 41.7028)

In addition, here is Sunaan Abu Dawud on how the Islamic beast will chain the Dajjal:

Dajjal has a woman spy named Jassasah; Dajjal will be chained in iron-collars and he will be leaping between the heaven and the earth…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.37.4311).

This hadith is not available online. Let us read it from the print version.

Sunaan Abu Dawud, vol.iii, Hadith number 4311

Fatimah, daughter of Qais, said: The Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) once delayed the congregational night prayer. He came out and said: The talk of Tamim al-Dari detained me. He transmitted it to me from a man who was in an island of the islands of the sea. All of a sudden he found a woman who was trailing her hair. He asked: Who are you? She said: I am Jassasah. Go to that castle. So I came to it and found a man who was trailing his hair, chained in iron-collars, and leaping between the heavens and the earth. I asked: Who are you? He replied: I am the Dajjal (Antichrist). Has the prophet of the unlettered people come forth now? I replied: Yes. He said: Have they obeyed him or disobeyed him? I said: No, they have obeyed him. He said: That is better for them.

Dajjal’s spy is a hairy beast named Jassasah (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.37.4312)

This is a very long hadith, not available online. Please consult the print version of Sunaan Abu Dawud to read this hadith.

Allah does not want Muslims to migrate to infidel lands to improve their lots

In the last few decades millions of Muslims, mostly from desperately poor Islamic Paradises (such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia…and so on), have migrated to infidel lands, such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. Besides, many more Muslims have settled in many parts of Europe after the end of the Second World War.

According to Islam, if Muslims migrate and settle in infidel lands they are no longer Muslims.

Let us read these ahadith:

Allah is not responsible for the Muslims staying with the unbelievers...(Sunaan Abu Dawud 14.2639)

Sunaan Abu Dawud, Book 14, Number 2639: Narrated Jarir ibn Abdullah:

The Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) sent an expedition to Khath'am. Some people sought protection by having recourse to prostration, and were hastily killed. When the Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) heard that, he ordered half the blood-wit to be paid for them, saying: I am not responsible for any Muslim who stays among polytheists. They asked: Why, Apostle of Allah? He said: Their fires should not be visible to one another

Sunaan Abu Dawud, Book 14, Number 2781: Narrated Samurah ibn Jundub:

To proceed, the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) said: Anyone who associates with a polytheist and lives with him is like him.

Elaborating on the above hadith, the translator of Sunaan Abu Dawud, Professor Ahmad Hasan writes that Muslims should avoid making friends with non-Muslims; Muslims living amidst non-Muslims should leave the territory and migrate to a Muslim territory; i.e., Muslims should not settle in non-Muslim territories (Hasan, 2001, vol. ii, p.782, note 2164)

There should be no two Qiblas in one land… (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.19.3026)

The above hadith is unavailable online. Let us read it from the print version of Sunaan Abu Dawud.

Sunaan Abu Dawud, vol.ii, Hadith number 3026

Ibn ‘Abbas reported that Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) as saying two qiblas in one land are not right.

Commenting on the above hadith Professor Ahmad Hasan writes that Muslims should not stay in the land of non-Muslims. It also means that the non-Muslims should not be allowed to exhibit their rituals in Muslim territories. This tradition also refers to the expulsion of non-Muslims from Arabia (Hasan, 2001, vol. ii, p 861, note 2468)

The readers should note that al-Qaeda and other Jihadist organizations often justify the slaughter of Muslims who have settled in infidel lands. According to these Islamist killers, along with the non-combatant infidel citizens, these migrant Muslims are also legitimate targets for Islamic slaughter. Needless to say, these Islamist killers find their full legitimacy from the core scriptures of Islam.


Allah’s bizarre justice system

Here is a summary of Allah’s mind-boggling Islamic justice system.

All Muslims are alike and they fight hard against the non-Muslims; a Muslim should not be killed for killing an unbeliever; only blood money is payable...(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 14.2745)

If you have sexual intercourse with your wife while she is menstruating then you must pay a fine of one dinar or half a dinar in the form of Islamic alms...(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 1.0264)

Perform sexual intercourse during the start of menstruation—pay one dinar fine; towards the end of menstruation—pay half a dinar… (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 1.0265)

There is no prescribed punishment for treachery; a banner will be hoisted on the resurrection day for a treacherous person…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.14.2750)

Sunaan Abu Dawud, vol.ii, Hadith number 2750

Ibn ‘Umar reported the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) as saying: A banner will be hoisted for a treacherous man on the Day of Judgment; it will then be announced: This is a treachery of so-and-so, son of so-and-so.

Commenting on the above hadith Professor Ahmad Hasan, the Islamist scholar writes that there is no prescribed punishment in Islam for treachery except the punishment of the hereafter (Hasan, 2001, vol. ii, p 770, note 2115)

Muhammad is the inheritor of those who have no heir...(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 18.2895)

People of two different religions cannot inherit from one another…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.18.2905)

Muhammad appointed a Muslim heir to a non-Muslim; because Islam must dominate other religions, a Muslim may inherit from a non-Muslim but not vice versa... (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.18.2906

Abdallah ibn Ubay’s dead body was lifted from his grave, placed on the knee of Muhammad and then Muhammad spat on Abdallah’s dead body… (Sahih Bukhari, 2.23.433)

With false witnesses you can consummate a marriage…(Sahih Bukhari, 9.86.101)

If you set free any animals in the name of idols then you will drag your intestine in fire… (Sahih Bukhari, 6.60.147, 148)

Citing Islamic brotherhood, Muhammad refused to marry the not-so-pretty daughter of Hamzah (Sahih Bukhari, 7.62.37), but he had no qualm in marrying the beautiful child-girl of Abu Bakr, his brother-in-Islam (Sahih Bukhari, 7.62.18)

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 37: Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: It was said to the Prophet, "Won't you marry the daughter of Hamza?" He said, "She is my foster niece (brother's daughter)."

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 62, Number 18: Narrated 'Ursa: The Prophet asked Abu Bakr for 'Aisha's hand in marriage. Abu Bakr said "But I am your brother." The Prophet said, "You are my brother in Allah's religion and His Book, but she (Aisha) is lawful for me to marry."

Whoever says that Allah did not speak directly with Moses must be killed… (Ash Shifa, Tr. Aisha Abdurrahman Bewley, 2004, p 418)

On the resurrection day the unbelievers will regret when they have to carry their loads on their backs (every unjust person, upon entering his grave will meet a man with ugly face, dark skin and awful odour and wearing dirty clothes; on the resurrection day the unjust person will carry this ugly companion on his back to enter hell —ibn Kathir)…6:31

Muslims cannot accept the present from polytheists...(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 19.3051)

Muhammad visited a dying Jew and commanded him to embrace Islam…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.20.3089)

Let us read this hadith from the print version of Sunaan Abu Dawud.

Sunaan Abu Dawud, vol. Ii, hadith number 3089: Anas said: A young Jew became ill. The Prophet (may peace be upon him) went to visit him. He sat down by his side and said to him: Accept Islam. He looked at his father who was beside him near his head, and he said: Obey Abu al-Qasim. So he accepted Islam, and the Prophet (may peace be upon him) stood up saying: Praise be to Allah. Who has saved him through me from Hell.

Allah does forgive the idolaters

Idolatry is an unforgivable crime in Islam. Islam shows no mercy to idolaters.

However, Allah’s mind is too complex. At times, He does indeed forgive the idolaters. In Qur’an we read that Allah did forgive Moses people for reverting to shrik (idolatry).

God dazed people with thunder and lightning (miracles of God) for asking Moses to show them God in public; God forgave the calf worshippers (i.e., God forgives shrik, idolatry; also see 2:55, 56, 17:90)...4:153

YUSUFALI: The people of the Book ask thee to cause a book to descend to them from heaven: Indeed they asked Moses for an even greater (miracle), for they said: "Show us Allah in public," but they were dazed for their presumption, with thunder and lightning. Yet they worshipped the calf even after clear signs had come to them; even so we forgave them; and gave Moses manifest proofs of authority. [Q 4.153]

To complicate matters, Allah even admits that he loves the sinners (including the idolaters, perhaps). In a hadith we read:

Allah needs sinners… (Sahih Muslim 37.6620, 6622)

Sahih Muslim, Book 037, Number 6620:

Abu Sirma reported that when the time of the death of Abu Ayyub Ansari drew near, he said: I used to conceal from you a thing which I heard from Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) and I heard Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: Had you not committed sins, Allah would have brought into existence a creation that would have committed sin (and Allah) would have forgiven them.

Sahih Muslim Book 037, Number 6622:

Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) having said: By Him in Whose Hand is my life, if you were not to commit sin, Allah would sweep you out of existence and He would replace (you by) those people who would commit sin and seek forgiveness from Allah, and He would have pardoned them.

The incredible mind of Allah

Here are more Islamic stuff to marvel at Allah’s capriciousness.

[Too many hyperlinks are involved. So please read the appropriate hadith from the website:].

A well-dressed soul may be naked hereafter for not praying on time… (Sahih Bukhari, 1.3.115)

Do not breath while drinking water; do not touch penis in lavatory and do not cleanse private parts with your right hand...(Sahih Bukhari, 1. 4.155)

When urinating do not hold penis with your right hand…(Sahih Bukhari, 1. 4.156)

The first food for a newly-born baby (the first child born in the Islamic Land of Medina) was Muhammad's saliva...(Sahih Bukhari, 5.58.248, 249)

A dead person is punished in his grave, although the Qur’an says that the dead cannot hear in grave (30:52, 35:22)...(Sahih Bukhari, 5.59.316)

The best Muslims had the largest number of wives...(Sahih Bukhari, 7.62.7)

Palm tree is a good tree; it is like a Muslim…(Sahih Bukhari 7.65.359)

When you eat, do not wipe your hands until you have licked it, or had it licked by somebody else. (Sahih Bukhari 7.65.366)

If you suffer from epilepsy you will go to paradise...(Sahih Bukhari 7.70.555

A dirt-poor Muslim is better than a super-rich infidel…(Sahih Bukhari 8.76.454)

Allah will ridicule Muslims and will end Islam

Among all the irrationalities of Allah, perhaps this is the most amazing.

In a previous episode, we read Allah’s fixation with the purity of Muslims. Allah has created the Muslims (especially the Arab Muslims) as the best of humankind. Muslims are very very special to Allah. Allah’s love for them knows no bounds. Allah is simply obsessed with Muslims, Muslims, and Muslims. All other creatures are of no importance to Allah. With such a disposition of absolute superiority of the Muslims, we would certainly expect Allah to protect, nurture, and elevate the Muslims to the loftiest positions.

However, Allah’s mind is not that simple. We already noted in a previous episode that, Allah does not trust the Muslims, after all—in fact, Allah spies on them and eavesdrops on them.

This is not all. Allah even has a plan to destroy the Muslims.

This is simply unbelievable, we might think. Nevertheless, read on. Here is Allah, fed up with the Muslims and curses them to perdition.

Muslims will diminish in number and they will go back to where they started… (Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.19.3029)

Those Muslims who wear suits made of silk and wool, Allah will transform them into apes and pigs…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.32.4028)

People of al-Basrah will become apes and swine in the morning…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 37.4293)

Muslims will be the scum and the rubbish even though their numbers may increase; the enemy will not fear Muslims anymore. This will be because the Muslims will love world and dislike death…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 37.4284)

People will sever from Islam as an arrow goes out through the animal shot at. If you find them, kill them…(Sunaan Abu Dawud, 3.40.4746)

Islamic belief returns and goes back to Medina like a snake...(Sahih Bukhari, 3.30.100)

Muhammad’s contemporaries were the best Muslims; after three generations, the Muslims will be mainly treacherous and untrustworthy… (Sahih Bukhari, 5.57.2, 3)

Muslims will be destroyed through the hands of some Quraysh young men… (Sahih Bukhari, 9.87.180)

There will be much killing during the last days of the Muslims…(Sahih Bukhari, 9.88.183)

Truly, Allah is wacky. He has a plan to obliterate the Muslims. How crazy Allah could be, come to think of this.



This prolix essay has made a deep probe into the very foundation of Islam—Allah and His/its nature. Numerous anecdotes, quotes, historical references, as well as many authentic ahadith and Qur’anic verses have been used to establish that what the vast majority of Muslims believe to be true about Allah may not be true, after all. In conclusion, we may list the following points:

Muhammad was clever enough to use the pagan Arabs’ Allah as his Allah, though he made certain changes to his version of Allah.

As situation dictated, Muhammad used either the anthropomorphic nature of Allah, or the amorphous nature of Allah—just to exploit and confuse the pagan Arabs. Muhammad indeed demonstrated his smartness in how to manipulate the rabble—to control their thought process by whatever means necessary.

In the beginning of his career as a professional ‘prophet’, Muhammad had a rather confused view of his God. He attempted to sway the Arab pagans’ allegiance to him by trying several other gods, but these methods were not successful. In the end, he settled for the same Allah whom the pagans, for many centuries, had taken as their supreme deity. The only exception Muhammad made was that the pagans must not associate any other entity with his version of Allah. Allah became his own/personal copyright, we might say.

Having decided to maintain the statuesque vis-à-vis the pagan Allah, Muhammad kept intact almost all the pagan rituals, which Allah had commanded the pagans, save for the idol worshipping and perhaps the provision of jihad. Muhammad was the first (the only) prophet who propagated that killing the non-Muslims is a virtuous act and any Muslim who kills a non-Muslim will reside in Islamic paradise.

Since Muhammad designed his own Allah, it is not surprising that Allah has the similar likes and dislikes as that of Muhammad.

Since the pagans had difficulty in visualizing Muhammad’s Allah, Muhammad cleverly introduced such concepts as Allah’s Executive Office, His Throne, His Assistants, His Kingship and other features, which might enhance Allah’s vividness.

Not surprisingly, Allah has a human-like temperament.

Allah’s chauvinistic, dictatorial, racist and misogynist nature is in full conformity with Islam.

Islamic laws on business finance and personal matters are simply copies of traditions and practices of the seventh century desert Bedouin Arabs. Allah confirms this.

Muhammad is the Islamic Allah Allah is an Arab imperialist, mandating on every one on earth Arab language, Arab culture, Arab traditions Arab dress, Arab name, Arab food, Arab religion…and so on. This is Allah’s Islam—the perpetuation of Arab imperialism on humankind. The history of Arab invasions, blood letting and the subjugation of many peaceful nations to this imperialist cult is the stark proof. The eminent Arab Historian, Professor Philip K. Hitti aptly wrote that the Arabs are invaders. They impose on the people of agriculture (Hitti, 2002, p 12). Please note that in this essay we have found that Allah greatly dislikes agriculture.

Final words

Whenever we buy Islamic/Arabic oil, we also buy Islamic Terrorism with all its havoc mandated by Muhammad (=Allah). In fact, buying Islamic oil is financing Islamist terrorism. As per Allah’s law, at least two and a half per cent of Islamic oil revenue (zakat) is reserved to advance Islamic Jihad. Multiply the trillions of dollars of Islamic oil revenue with the zakat rate. To this minimum fund of Allah, add additional money, which many rich Arab/Islamists regularly donate to continue the Jihad operations, to kill innocent, infidel civilians. Mind you, this incredible sum of money is spent for only one purpose—to please Allah (= Muhammad), to convert the entire earth to Islam. It is certain that this vast amount of Allah’s money is being used to kill many innocent people—both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Using oil and Islamist terror Allah certainly wants to force Islam to the world.

Understanding Allah is the key in comprehending the Islamic mind-set and its uncontrolled taste for human blood.

This essay has been a testimony to this blood-thirsty Islamic Allah.



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The End

Abul Kasem is an Bengali ex-Muslim and academic. He has contributed in Leaving Islam - Apostates Speak Out and Beyond Jihad Critical Voices from Inside. He has also written extensively on Islam in various websites and is the author of four e-Books: In the Name of Allah, Root of Terrorism ala Islamic Style, Sex and Sexuality in Islam, Who Authored the Quran? and Women in Islam. Mr. Kasem leaves in Sydney, Australia. He can be contacted at

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