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Islam: The Arab Imperialism ― The Clash of Prophets

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Anwar Shaikh was a Jihadist turned apostate of Islam and became one of first and prominent critics of Islam of modern times. This is a part of his famous book, 'Islam, The Arab Imperialism'.

Prophethood is a device of the Middle Eastern origin, which seeks to impose secular and spiritual mastery of one man, the Prophet, over others in the name of God, who, in fact, is nothing but a tool for realising the personal ambitions of the Prophet.

Prophethood is not only the divine fountain of despotism but it is likely to act as the source of destroying mankind. This truth is well illustrated by Jerusalem, which has become an international dynamite through the Prophetic jealousies.

Man is privileged to believe in one God, many gods or no god at all. This fundamental right is given him by his free will, which is the true distinction between the living and the dead. The Lofty sun, despite being the source of life, is still lifeless because its every movement is already determined, and therefore it exists mechanically. On the contrary, the lowermost amoeba, a protozoa of ever- changing shape, is a living being for having the ability to move as it pleases.

Prophethood is based on a totally unverifiable claim that God has appointed the man called ''Prophet," to act as His vicar for persuading people to obey Him; this supernatural Being, is the Perfect, the Creator, the All-mighty, the All- wise and the All-independent. This concept is highly contemptuous of God for several reasons:

1. With all these qualities, God, the Perfect, cannot depend upon Prophet, the man, who is imperfect. Therefore, the device of Prophethood by its very nature, is defective, devious and distracting.

Again, owing to its high cultural and religious influence, veracity of the doctrine of Prophethood must be easily verifiable. Since it is not, it makes it a source of mischief, which we experience in the form of social discord.

2. Man is not only endowed with free will but also enjoys his intelligence. This is what makes him absolutely marvelous, magical and magnificent. He is, therefore, well-equipped to find the right path for himself. A Prophet, who lived centuries ago, and rode asses and mules, does not have the ability to guide the man, who has become a space-traveller through the means that he has invented himself. If God's guidance was really essential for man, He would not have equipped humans with such high intelligence and inventive power. Again, being All-independent and the Perfect, He should have designed man differently so that he could not err. This would have saved God all the humiliation that emanates from His dependence on an imperfect mortal, called "Prophet," and also the disrepute that springs from the faulty design of man, which requires guidance.

3. The concept of Prophethood seeks to turn man, a rational being, into a robot, which must be driven by faith; it is the exact opposite of rationality. Thus, a thing becomes good or bad, not because experience or wisdom proves it as such, but because God says so through His Prophet!

4. According to the notion of Guidance, God's greatest passion is that man must humiliate himself before the Almighty through a series of rituals known as worship. He who is Almighty and All-independent cannot be the lover of sycophancy, which worship really is; passion for flattery is not a virtue but a vice; it is a trait of humanity, which, makes people seek glory through enjoying entreaties and supplications of lesser men. This is an attribute of Dominance-Urge associated with man, who is impelled by it to usurp liberties of fellow men for looking great through their self-humiliating praises, prayers and pathetic submissions. God, the All-mighty and All-independent, is by definition, way above these belittling drawbacks of personality.

5 . It is actually Prophet, the man, who uses the ruse of revelation (Prophethood) to satisfy his Urge of Dominance. He pretends to be God's servant but encourages his followers to treat him as the God, and thus, God Himself slides into the background, leaving the entire field to the Prophet, who acts as the sole medium of all the worldly and spiritual fulfillments.

In fact, Prophethood is the gravest insult to the concept of Godhead. If you read the Bible or the Koran, you will find that God is someone who loves to be worshipped. He has such a childish and unstable disposition that, if man humiliates himself by worshipping Him, He feels glad as if someone were on top of the world but if man neglects Him, He becomes miserable like a fish out of water. What kind of God is He, whose pleasure and pain solely depend on man's attitude towards Himself?

If Prophethood was a true concept, it would be the greatest honour that a man could achieve, and in that case he would have worked hard and begged the Almighty for this dignity. Regrettably, the situation is quite the opposite: it is God who is so desperate that He imposes this divine distinction through threats and violence on a person who is most reluctant to accept it. Frankly speaking, one is obliged to think that God is extremely anxious for finding a Prophet, and the man awarded this esteem, does so as a favour to the Almighty. What a pious blasphemy it is!

The truth about the doctrine of Prophethood is that the man eager to become a Prophet asserts that he has reluctantly accepted God's commission to represent Him on earth. Since God cannot be seen or contacted and speaks only through the Prophet, who is visible, the latter becomes the Symbol of God like a statue, which ranks holy by virtue of representing the divine power that lurks behind it. The Prophet wants God as a figurative head only so that he himself must rank as the centre of people's attention and adoration. Eventually, he elevates himself so high that he looms as God's Superior. Showing God as threatening or indirectly begging a particular man to accept the dignity of Prophethood against his will, is an integral part of this ploy. Here are two examples to explain this point:

a. According to the Biblical story (Exodus 3), Moses saw an angel in the midst of a burning bush, which suffered no consumption despite the fact that flames enveloped it. As he was amazed by this miraculous event, a voice rose from the bush, and said, "I am the God of thy father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob."

What did God want from Moses? He wanted him (Moses) to represent Him among the Jews whom he brought out of Egypt where they had suffered slavery of the worst kind. Moses' response is expressed by this verse:

    "O my Lord, I am not eloquent ... I am slow of
    speech." ( Exodus 4: 10 )

Moses is apparently reluctant to accept the dignity of Prophethood on the ground that he is a stammerer and therefore lacks the eloquence needed for skilful performance of duty. The result of this unwillingness was:

    "And the anger of the Lord was kindled against Moses
    ....." ( Exodus 4: 14 )

Despite God's wrath, Moses does not yield until God appoints Aaron, the Levite, as Moses' assistant to interpret his speeches and render other relevant services! Could not God allot this function to some other man more suited to the job? Why did it have to be Moses, who lacked the necessary qualifications to be a missionary?

It is simply to exhibit God's desperation for Moses irrespective of his weakness, and his (Moses) own importance in relation to God! In fact, it is a subtle way of demonstrating a Prophet's superiority over God. See this truth for yourself:

As a background to this episode, I may add that the Jews were originally an idolatrous people. In the absence of Moses, they built the image of Golden Calf and started worshipping it. Anger of Yahwe, the Jewish God, flared up, and He wanted to kill them all:

    "And the Lord said unto Moses, I have seen this
    people, and, behold, it is a stiff-necked people."
    ( Exodus 32: 9 )

As God points out stubborness of the Jewish character, possibly with a view to justifying the punishment that He intends to inflict upon them, Moses enters into a battle of words with God and rebukes Him by declaring:

    "Wherefore should the Egyptians speak, and say, For
    mischief did he (Yahwe) bring them out, to slay them
    in the mountains, and to consume them from the face
    of the earth? Turn from Thy fierce wrath, and
    repent of this evil against Thy people."
    ( Exodus 32: 12 )

These are surely the most impolite words for a man to use about God, especially in His presence. It is more than an altercation: it demonstrates that Prophet is entitled to scold God with impunity.

In another episode (Numbers 14: 11-20), when the Jews denigrate the Promised Land, Yahwe's wrath flares up. Moses rebukes the Almighty once again to show the practical superiority of the Prophet over God, though theoretically, he remains a servant of the Creator!

b. The story of the Prophet Muhammad, in essence, is very much the same as that of Moses:

It is claimed that one day when Muhammad was meditating on the mysteries of creation, an angel of God called "Gabriel," appeared before him and said:

    Read: in the name of thy Lord who createth.
    Createth man from a clot.

    Read: And it is thy Lord the Most bountiful
    who teacheth pen,
    Teacheth man that which he knew not.

As the Koran testifies to the fact, it was a written message from Allah, otherwise, why would Gabriel tell Muhammad to "read in the name of thy Lord?" In answer to this command, Muhammad told Gabriel that he was illiterate and therefore, could not read the message. Hearing that, the angel caught him by the throat and ordered him again to read. Thrice the Prophet expressed his inability to read and thrice Gabriel choked him!

One can clearly see how the dignity of God is being flouted by the man, who afterwards fought many battles to be acknowledged as the prophet, but here it is claimed:

1. God is so desperate for a Prophet that He uses violence to persuade Muhammad, who does not want this dignity. Here, Muhammad holds the upper hand!

2. Allah not only urgently needs a representative but He is extremely desperate for this purpose because He settles for an illiterate person knowing full well that a missionary must be literate.

3. The whole event cannot be anything but a fiction to slight Allah, who claims to be All-knowing. How could He be All-knowing when He sends Gabriel with a written message to Muhammad, who cannot read!

Long after "appointing" Muhammad as the Prophet, Allah realises that a Prophet must be literate:

    "We (Allah) shall make thee read (O Muhammad)
    so that thou shall not forget."
    (The Overwhelming, LXXXVIII: 6)

* For further details of the event, see hadith no. 5591 of Mishkat, Vol. 3 p. 144-145.

Obviously, Muhammad must have been taught by Allah how to read and write (because reading and writing are one process) yet the Muslims, against this Koranic evidence claim that Muhammad was illiterate!

Again, surah, The Clot, XCVI ("Read in the name of thy Lord") being the first revelation, must have occurred right in the beginning of the Koran but it is found almost at the end.

This disorder must not be found in the Book of God, yet the Muslims believe that God's Word (Koran) cannot be changed! Surely, disorder can be worse than forgery.

To continue the story, I may add that several traditions sprang up regarding the first meeting of Muhammad with Gabriel. One of these stories says that he was so upset by the Message of Prophethood that he tried to commit suicide. Yet, he accepted it! How desperate Allah must have been for someone to act as His Mouthpiece!

As stated earlier, when Muhammad was weak, he claimed to be a servant of God but as he grew stronger, all the Koranic commands began to be issued in the name of Allah and the Prophet conjointly until Muhammad was able to reverse the whole doctrine by declaring that "Allah along with His angels, prays peace to the Prophet i.e. worships Muhammad."

What does a Prophet preach?

He advocates: God is One, who is Absolute: He does not include anyone in His government, and the Prophet is His appointee and a servant.

This is the basis of monotheism i.e. there is only One God, who is Absolute. The truth is that such a God does not have a real existence; His being depends on the word of the prophet, who, as we have seen, is just a mortal, subject to human weaknesses. The cause of God, would have been served better if He were to show His face to mankind frequently for assuring them that He is there. Since nobody has ever seen Him, He either does not exist or is too Great to bother about what people think of Him. It is obviously, the Prophet, who wants to be glorified as God, and to be treated as such insists that his laws (which he claims to be Divine) must be obeyed for ever because this is the highest dignity, which raises a man (Prophet) to the status of God. Again, as without exclusive power of law- making the Prophet cannot sustain his Divine Eminence, absolutism becomes the essence of Prophethood i.e. there is only One God, One * Prophet and One Law; nobody has any right to make law, which defies the doctrine of monotheism, and obedience to man-made law ( legislative or judicial ) ranks as idolatry. This is why monotheism is the fountain of absolute monarchy and dictatorship, and wherever Christianity and Islam have been dominant, this form of government has persisted. The most dreadful dictators of the 20th century such as Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini came from the Christian culture, which is no different from Islam in this respect.

* Of course, the Koran does say that people must believe in other Prophets as well, but insists that they all belong to the past, and only Muhammad is the Prophet of future, and it is only his laws that must be obeyed.

On the contrary, the nations that have practised polytheism, i.e. belief in more than one God, come to believe in pluralism which serves as the fountain of democracy i.e. the government of the people, which is totally opposed to theocracy, the government of God, advocated by monotheism or the doctrine of Prophethood. Thus, the former represents man's natural instincts but the latter being the exponent of dominance-urge, is a phenomenon of antihuman tendencies.

In a previous chapter, I have stated that a Prophet spreads his message and enforces his laws to sustain his supernatural prestige. Again, the stronger his nation, the greater the chances of his own elevation. This is why prophethood becomes the source of nationalism, much viler than Nazism. The Arab history provides a good illustration of this Prophetic Nationalism, which is based on boundless Dominance-Urge of one man, the Prophet, desperately needing the force of a strongly built nation to perpetuate his glory in the name of God, who will reward his followers with worldly riches and paradise studded with rivers of milk, honey and wine, and inhabited by the most beautiful virgins and handsome boys.

The nationhood of such people is founded on racial superiority because unless they feel exalted over other people, they cannot pronounce and enforce the superiority of their Prophet over other nations - the sole purpose of this exercise.

People of other nations, when they embrace Islam, come to be united under the Arabian hegemony, and call themselves Umma or one nation. What a self-deception it is! It is a self-deception because Muslims of other countries are treated as foreigners in Arabia. They are not considered as citizens of Hijaz (Arabia); neither they are allowed to buy property there, nor permitted to run businesses independently. These Muslims are complete foreigners in Arabia, subject to visa, passport and all other laws governing the behaviour and obligations of the aliens. If Islam was really based on true brotherhood of all Muslims, irrespective of geographical boundaries, Mecca and Medina would have been international cities (at least to all the Muslims); since quotations from the address of the Prophet at the Last Pilgrimage do not measure up to his pan-Islamic conduct, they must be forgeries like many hadilhs. Again, it must be remembered that almost all his audience at that occasion consisted of the Arabs, and therefore, whatever he said, related to the Arabs only. This point becomes clear when we realise that Muhammad laid the foundation of an Arab Empire in the name of Islam and not an Islamic Empire. The foreign Muslims did not have top- level representation in the government of Arabia during the times of Muhammad himself. Neither did they enjoy any such privilege during the heyday of the Arab political ascendancy, nor is there any legal precedent to prove that a Muslim from any territory can become the President or Prime Minister of an Arab country. On the contrary, a person of any race and colour could become the head of the mighty Roman Empire. Yet the Muslims claim the superiority of the Islamic system!

It may appear a digression but it is absolutely necessary to counter the false Islamic propaganda of international brotherhood. In fact, so complex is the nature of this issue that it requires a volume to clear the air, but in this context, the present brevity will have to suffice.

The Prophetic Nationalism such as practised by the Arabs, is the most loathsome, lethal and lowest form of racism and shall eventually bring about the total destruction of the human race. The reason being that such religions are based on the fanatical promotion of the deification of their founders. All that serves this purpose is great, good and grand irrespective of the means to achieve it. This is the reason that there is no clear concept of vice and virtue in these religions. In the background of all this, lurks the Prophetic claim to be better than all other Prophets, leading to the national rivalries and their concomitant effects, which are degrading, dreadful and destructive to mankind. Here are some facts to prove this theory:

Let us first take the Jewish claim, which requires for better understanding, some repitition of the already stated facts:

The Bible (Old Testament) declares:

    "But My (God) covenant will I establish with Isaac,
    (the ancestor of the Jews) which Sarah (the wife of
    Abraham) shall bear unto thee (Abraham) ..."
    (Genesis, 17: 21)

This statement is contradistinctive because it asserts superiority of the Jews whereas Genesis 21: 13 declares inferiority of the Arabs, who happen to be the children of Ishmael, borne by Hagar, the bondwoman of Abraham's wife, Sarah:

    "And also of the son of the bondwoman ( Ishmael )
    will make a nation, because he is thy (Abraham's)

Here, the Old Testament has not referred to Ishmael as the son of Abraham but a product of his semen. Again, it is a swear-word to call someone the "son of a bondwoman." This demonstrates the Jewish contempt of the Arabs.

To bolster the Jewish nationalism, their God declares them to be superior to all nations:

    "For thou (the Jews) art an holy people unto the Lord
    thy God: the Lord thy God, hath chosen thee to be a
    special people unto himself, above all people that are
    upon the face of the earth." (Deuteronomy 7: 6)

To make the Jews the Superior race, their Lord taught them a novel formula of ascendancy, that is, be rich. This is the reason that the Jews have developed a sacred motto: "the richer, the godlier" i.e. the more money one has, the closer to God one becomes!

This is why the Bible says:

    "The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure .....
    and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt
    lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow."
    ( Deuteronomy 28: 12 )

Money is power; in fact, a wealthy fool has usually proved better than a wise pauper. This is the source and secret of the Jewish "superiority." And this is what had lifted them above the Arabs before the advent of Muhammad, who wanted to make his own people an exalted race.

The Jews having suffered the worst type of slavery in Egypt for over four centuries, were just a socially disorganised rabble, and had no national or cultural virtue. It was Moses, the Great, who welded them into a proud nation through the marvel of his Prophethood, which only the dynamic force of Muhammad could rival.

Besides the principle of money-making, he laid down the Law of Talion, which was to become the guideline of the Jewish culture, lacking the ideal of compassion and forgiveness. This law, stated in Exodus 21: 24-26 demands that if someone hurts your eye, you must hurt his eye and if someone breaks your tooth, you must break his tooth. This is the reason that even a naturally kind Jew does not believe in forgiveness.

Realising that just blood ties were not strong enough to weld the Jews into a nation, Moses wanted to find them a permanent home of their own. So he declared that there waited for them the Promised Land, which turned out to be Canaan (Palestine). To achieve this goal, he trained them for forty years in a ruthless environment known as "Wilderness" until they became a martial race. This Apostle of God, setting aside all rules of tenderness, taught the Jews to be tough towards other people. It is an irony of history that the Jews themselves have been haunted by similar conditions of dread, dismay and devastation that they inflicted on the Canaanites. One feels distraught when one reads ( Deuteronomy Chapter 3 ) that as an act of obedience to God, the Jews struck the Canaanites "with the edge of their swords" to murder every man, woman and child including anything that breathes: the extermination of the opponents had got to be utter and complete. Further, Joshua 10: 28 gives a systematic account of the planned destruction city by city. Even greater tragedy is the fact that after a passage of 3000 years, the religious scruples have kept the old racial hatred aflame and the war between the Jews and the Palestinians is still as active as ever.

To understand the situation, one must realise that the Jews are a racial group like any other nation, and, therefore, entitled to preserve their national integrity through all possible means. Their religion has become their personal affair and does not seek expansion through persistent propaganda or persecution. Neither it advocates annihilation of the Gentile on religious grounds nor it seeks abrasive international grouping to create discord, distrust and destruction in the name of God or Moses to promote the Jewish cause. I could have ignored the reference to Judaism but the nature of the discussion does not permit it.

Prophethood, though considered a Middle Eastern tradition, is not a Jewish invention; it is ascribed to Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV) of Egypt (1379-1362 B.C.) but it is the Jews who perfected this device, and are now paying for it. There is no historical evidence that the Arabs ever awaited the advent of their own Prophet. This tradition had come to be associated with the Jews only, but the genius of Muhammad spotted its national and political potential, which resulted in his own Prophethood. The Arabian Allah in His wisdom thought it fit to declare Muhammad as the Best and the Last Prophet with the sole purpose of not only denying this honour to any other human for good, but also bidding all the Jews and Christians to renounce their faith and follow Muhammad! The worst aspect of this episode is the Muslim belief that denying Muhammad as the Last and the Greatest of all Prophets, is a legitimate *1 cause of war against the infidels. This is a clear proof of the Prophetic jealousy and all the evils that spring from it in the form of power-struggle, social abrasion and international wars. Here is an example in relation to the Arabs and the Jews:

Prophethood is essentially a form of extreme nationalism, which seeks to raise the Prophet to the status of God in the guise of humanity. However, to succeed, the device of Prophethood requires the force of a strong nation for lifting the Prophet to the status of God, without ripping off his robe of humanity. Hoisting the flag of racial superiority for igniting the undying flame of national bigotry, hatred and jealousy is a favourite, fruitful and frightening tool of prophethood. For sake of convenience, I may once again quote the hadith which formed the principle and practice of Muhammad's apostolic ministry:

    "Of the two *2 tribes that God chose as the best were
    the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac. God
    *3 preferred the children of Ishmael (Arabs) to the
    children of Isaac (the Jews). Then God created
    Muhammad in the chosen tribe the *4 Quresh (the
    descendants of Ishmael) and then he chose his family
    as the best among the Quresh families and created
    *5 Muhammad as the best of all men."
    (Jame Tirmze, Vol. 2)

This hadith shows the racial nature and national aims of Prophethood. Just consider the following points raised by this hadith:

    *2 The Semitic race, mainly consisting of the Jews and the Arabs, is the best in the world because they both are the Chosen tribes!

    *3 However, God has preferred the Arabs to the Jews.

This is Muhammad's retort to the Biblical declaration that Ishmael, the ancestor of the Arabs was a "bondwoman's son!" Again, the Bible says that it was Isaac, who was offered as a sacrifice to God by Abraham but the Koran negates it, and claims that it was Ishmael. Both are supposed to be the Holy Books. Which one of them is telling the truth?

    *4 The Quresh are the best tribe amongst the Arabs.

    *5 His own family, the Banu Hashim are the best family, and he himself (Muhammad) is the best of all people!

In view of the above facts, can anyone honestly say that Prophethood is not the champion of extreme nationalism?

*1 See hadith no. 284 (Muslim). It does not allow the Jews and Christians to hold on to their faith. Jews and Christians are held as infidels by Islam. Another hadith of Bokhari, Vol. one, declares it as the most sacred duty of every Muslim lo fight the infidels until they embrace Islam. The Koran openly confirms it in The Clear Sign XCVIII: 5 by classifying "People of the Book" i.e. the Jews and Christians as unbelievers.

Even more surprising is the staunch belief that Islam is the ambassador of international brotherhood, and Muhammad is the humblest of men. How could he be the humblest of men when he claimed to be the best of mankind, especially when he rose to become the ruler of Arabia. Even this is not the whole truth: he claimed that Allah and His angels worshipped him, and so should do all believers, addressing him most reverently!

It is to perpetuate his own superiority that he devised Islam and made it a highly abrasive ideology based on a permanent conflict of Momin (believer) and Kafir (unbeliever). Being rooted in faith, it is far more destructive than the theory of Class struggle, which Karl Marx borrowed from F. W. Hegel, who might have adapted it from the Koran.

To understand this point, one ought to ponder over the Islamic attitude towards Jerusalem, which is not only the Holiest Jewish centre but also the foundation-stone of the Jewish nationhood and all its traditions.

It appears that the prophet Muhammad originally dreamt of a Super Semitic Nation, with the Arabs as the senior partners, and to achieve this goal, he was willing to concede a good bit to the Jews:

1. He acknowledged that God had exalted the Jews over all the people. (The Cow, II: 115)

2. He made Abraham, the Jewish patriarch, as the Leader of mankind including the Arabs.

3. He also declared that Islam was not a new faith but the old Jewish faith of Abraham.

4. However, his Master Stroke was the appointment of Jerusalem as the Kibla of Islam i.e. the direction of prayers for all Muslims. It means that all Muslims would pay the same adoration to Jerusalem as did the Jews but there was one basic condition attached to it i.e. the Jews of Arabia must embrace Islam, which in religious and national terms meant that the Jews would follow the Koranic law and the Arab traditions instead of the Torah and the Jewish practices. Circumstantial evidence suggests that in all probability, Muhammad hoped that if the Arabian Jews accepted him as the Last Messenger of God, the rest of the Jews in diaspora would also follow suit, thus fulfilling his dream of the Super Semitic Nation on his terms. Obviously, he was convinced of the Jewish expertise that they had accumulated over the centuries. Further, Jesus Christ was also a Jew, whose reverence had raised the holy status of Jerusalem beyond imagination. Thus, this City of David, by becoming the Muslim Kibla would raise the prestige of Muhammad, resulting in his acceptance by both the Jews and Christians. It was a brilliant plan but its success depended on the attitude of the Arabian Jews towards Muhammad as the Prophet. To the utter sorrow of the Jews, they stubbornly denied him, incurring the apostolic wrath not only for themselves but also the entire Jewish race for all times. How?

As a result of their denial, the Prophet *changed his entire policy towards the Jews, whom he had acknowledged to be the Exalted people:

* "I will expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslims." (Hadith no. 4366, Muslim)

    "O believers, take not Jews and Christians
    as friends, they are friends of each other,
    whoso of you makes them as his friends
    is one of them. God guides not the people
    of the evildoers." (The Table, V: 55)

It appears that Muhammad thought of the Jews as the most formidable foe, who could harm his religion and the country. Therefore, he was not content with their extermination in Arabia, and desired their permanent suppression by his followers during all ages. So, he adopted a stunning hate-love policy towards Jerusalem to seal the Jewish fate:

    "Turn thy (Muhammad) face towards the Holy
    Mosque (Kaaba); and wherever you are, turn your
    faces towards it." (The Cow, II: 135-140)

Thus, the Prophet Muhammad deprived Jerusalem of the dignity that he had bestowed upon it: it was no more the Kibla of Islam. Why? Look at the following verse:

    "Those are they (the Jews) whom God has cursed;
    he whom God has cursed,
    thou will not find for him any helper
    Or have a share in the kingdom?
    If that is so, they do not give the people
    a single date-spot ..." (Women, IV: 55)

It is difficult to interpret this verse on its own. However, it is clear from it that the Jews are no longer a Blessed, but a Cursed people. The Koran has given reason for this Divine change of heart, that is, they have not believed in Muhammad. The meaning of this verse begins to amplify itself when we consider this hadith:

    "The last hour would not come unless the Muslims
    fought and killed the Jews ... and until the Jews hid
    themselves behind a stone or a wall would say:
    'Muslims, the servants of Allah, there is a Jew behind
    me, come and kill him."'
    (Hadith no. 6985, Muslim, Vol. 4)

One should note that this hadith directs All Muslims, and not just the Arabs, to kill the Jews, wherever they are found. The Jew-bashing in Arabia and the immense hatred found against them in all the Islamic sacred books and literature, has resulted in a strange but a very strong belief among all Muslims throughout the world: they believe that the Koran has forbidden return of the Jews to Jerusalem and form a government of their own. Why should not the Jews return to Jerusalem?

Muhammad accomplished this feat through a stroke of sagacity, which has no parallel in the world history. Look at the following:

    "Glory be to Him (Allah), who carried His servant
    (Muhammad) by night from the Holy Mosque
    (Kaaba) to the Further Mosque (Jerusalem), the
    precincts of which we have blessed ..."
    (The Night Journey, XVII: I)

It is a reference to the Prophet's visit to Allah when on his way to seeing the Almighty in person, he was taken to Jerusalem as a part of his holy itinerary. Thus Jerusalem became a sacred place in the Islamic faith and an integral part of its territory!

Frankly speaking, one should add that the appointment of Jerusalem as the Muslim Kibla has nothing to do with spiritual affairs; it was simply a political decision seeking a permanent foothold in the Jewish life. Look at the following facts:

1. The change of Kibla took place at the repeated requests of Muhammad because "We ( Allah ) have seen thee turning thy face about in the heaven; now we shall surely turn thee to a direction (Kaaba) that shall satisfy thee ( O Muhammad)." (The Cow, II: 137)

One should remember that Allah always acts as Muhammad desires! Change of Kibla was Muhammad's decision that he imposed on Allah for the benefit of the Arabs.

2. The Koran (2: 148) states that every nation has its own Kibla. Therefore, the Arabs should have had their own Kibla right from the beginning. The mere fact that they did not, demonstrates its political nature.

3. Umar had a hand in the change of Kibla on national ground (hadith no. 5903 - Muslim). This great Arab nationalist was stabbed to death by a Persian slave owing to his (Umar's) racial bias.

4. The Prophet had commanded his followers not to defecate, facing Kaaba and Jerusalem because both ranked as Kibla. These instructions, which were binding on every Muslim, were meant to show one's respect to the holiness of these places. However, the Prophet himself ignored it in respect of Jerusalem:

    "Narrated 'Abdullah bin Umar: People say whenever you sit for answering the call of nature, you should not face the Kibla or Bait-i-Muqaddis (Jerusalem). I told them, "Once I went up the roof of our house and I saw Allah's Messenger (Muhammad) answering the call of nature while sitting on two bricks facing Bait-ul- Muqaddas (Jerusalem) but there was a screen covering him.'" (Bokhari, 147 Vol. I)

Muhammad's act clearly demonstrates that he did not have genuine respect for Jerusalem: it was just a political convenience to him. It is further confirmed by the fact that twice a year (during Shabaan and Zwilhajj) Kaaba, the Arabian Kibla, receives a highly reverential treatment when it is washed with gallons of rose-scent and Zamzam water and is honoured with a change of new covering every year, but nothing of the sort takes place in regard to the Bait-ul- Muqaddas ( Jerusalem ) !

Against this Islamic background, one must look at the Jewish attitude towards Jerusalem to realise the possibility of a most horrendous clash, which may sound the death-knell of human civilisation.

Diaspora, that is, dispersal of the Jews from their homeland, first resulted from the Babylonian Exile of 586 B.C. What Muhammad did twelve centuries later, only fractionally added to it, and does not strictly come within this category. Though the Jews came to be settled in Persia, Spain and many countries of the West, it has been the burning desire of the Diaspora Jewry to return home despite the fact that they did very well in the foreign lands. Returning home i.e. to Jerusalem became, not only a fervent desire but an integral part of the Jewish faith. This is what led to the formation of the Zionist Movement, which sought to achieve this goal. While this forms the greatest triumph for the Jews, it strikes at the Islamic precept of No-Return, which the Muslim Zealots have so painfully forged over the centuries to keep the Jews out of their Motherland. Returning of the Jews to Israel may just be a historical event to the world but for the Muslims it is a tragedy of immense proportions because it strikes at the root of the Islamic traditions which hold that the Jews have been cursed by Allah and, as a result, shall not be allowed to return to Jerusalem and form a government of their own. Bearing this Islamic doctrine in mind, one can realise why the Prophet Muhammad wanted to lay a spiritual claim on Jerusalem as a part of the Islamic faith despite having no real reverence for it. Obviously, it was a political ploy to interfere with the Jewish history.

To stress the enormity of the situation, I must add that there is no Judaism without Jerusalem. This fact is borne out by the concept of Diaspora, which describes the religious, eschatological, philosophical and political concerns of the Jewish people. It means that the Land of Israel (and Judah) has been given to the Jews as a fulfilment of the Divine Promise, and returning to it is a part of the messianic hope. Here, one can see the most devastating conflict between the Jewish faith and the Islamic Law of No-Return. And who is responsible for the lethal strife? It is the doctrine of Prophethood, which enables a person to realise the dictates of his super ego in the name of a supernatural Power, termed as God. Here the clash is between two Prophets - Moses and Muhammad. Who was right? - Moses, who claimed that Israel is the Land promised to the Jews by God, and therefore, it is exclusively theirs - or is it Muhammad who asserts that the Jews have been cursed by God for not believing in his prophethood, and as a result, shall not be allowed to return to Israel and form their own government?

The fact, as we see is, that the Jews have returned to Israel for the last fifty years and have beel able to form a government of their own. While it gives them a lot of satisfaction, it has hurt the Muslims badly and they desperately want to restore the dignity of the Islamic faith by expelling the Jews from Israel, which they claim to be their First Kibla. To prove the Koran right, the Muslims are determined to exterminate the Jews in Israel.

In fact, Muhammad's eternal desire to humiliate the Jews is rooted in his national tendencies. He abhorred the Jews, not only because he thought of them as the rivals to the Arabs, but also because he could not swallow their claim of racial superiority based on the choice of God; the Jewish claim to be the only legitimate descendants of Abraham has proved highly provocative to the Arab ego, fathered by Ishmael; mundane success of the Jews is another cause of envy.

To remedy this situation, the Prophet not only declared the Arabs as racially superior to the Jews but also checked their historical progress by laying a perpetual claim on Jerusalem. He must have realised that the Arabs on their own might not be able to stop the Jewish march to glory, and therefore, he put the weight of Islamic Imperialism behind the Arabs.

This stratagem expresses the political vision and patriotic sincerity of the Prophet Muhammad. As already described, Muhammad projected himself to be the Behavioural Model ( 33:20) not only for the Arabs but all Muslims irrespective of where they come from. It means, to qualify for paradise, a Muslim must copy the Prophet in all details such as eating, drinking, talking, walking, thinking and acting. Thus, a true Muslim must hate the Jews as did the Prophet.

Here one can see the nature of Islam, as the Arab Imperialism. This is a specially devised faith to serve the national interest of Arabia - subtlety being its key-word. During the heyday of the British, if there was a political upheaval in a certain part of the Empire, the government had to mobilise armed forces from other territories to restore the situation. But the unique form of Arab Imperialism that the Prophet invented, does not depend on armies; the Muslims of non-Arab origin have been so thoroughly brainwashed that they hate the Jews as their religious duty and shall be happy to join any campaign of Jew-bashing of their own free will and at their own expense. The fact that most Muslim countries have still not recognised Israel, is a product of these religious tendencies.

Over the last fifty years, the Israelis have fought several wars against the Arabs and are still on permanent alert against them, particularly, and the world of Islam, generally. It is usually believed that the American oil interest is the real cause of political instability in the Middle East, and some go as far as to claim that the Jews have been planted there by the West for this reason. This is a sheer nonsense because the Americans and the Western nations buy oil from the Arab countries at the internationally fixed prices as set by the free economic forces. The truth is the other way round: if the Americans and Europeans did not buy oil from Arabia, she would run into dire economic conditions.

The real cause of trouble is the clash of the two Prophets - Moses and Muhammad: the Jews want to feel secure in their Promised Land and the Arabs, believing the Jewish return against the precepts of Islam, desperately want to uphold the dignity of their faith by drowning all Jews in the sea of Galilee. The Arabs have been tremendously helped by their Islamic Imperialism and the Jews have been lucky (so far) to defend themselves with the help of the West.

How long can the Jews stand up to the Arabs and their one billion followers? When they find it impossible to survive through political means, that will be the saddest moment not only for them and the Arabs, but also the entire human race. The Jews, who believe in the Law of Talion, shall not go down quietly. To demonstrate their hatred of Islam, they will turn Mecca and Medina into Hiroshima and Nagasaki, thus mobilising the spirit of Islamic Jehad, which is a practical demonstration of Allah's "terrible retribution" (The Cow, II: 205). It will create a state of war throughout the world.

What I have said above is not a wild guess but a calculation based on Arab-Jewish antagonism that has persisted over the centuries. The cause of this perpetual strife is not the Jewish religion because a Jew is someone, who is racially Jew, and not just a follower of the Jewish religion. Again, he is not dedicated to propagating his religion for gaining converts, though the doors of a synagogue are open to those, who want to embrace this faith of their own free will. It is the seeker, who has to prove his genuineness for admission.

On the contrary, Allah has made it obligatory for all humans to embrace Islam; those who refuse to accept it, qualify as the "Satan's Party" and must be eliminated by the Muslims, who rank as "Allah's Party." Rejection of Islam is the most heinous crime that one can imagine, and for this reason one is liable to a terrible punishment: Allah Himself declares was on infidels and legitimises the most despicable acts such as murder, rape, arson and enslavement of non-Muslims, when they are committed to spread Islam. This is called "Jehad," the Holy War. The West tasted its Holiness for four hundred years in the form of the Crusades, which reduced the European population to half of its normal size.

This Islamic attitude is at its worst towards the Jews. Any Muslim, who can kill a Jew is sure to win a seat in paradise. Realising this fact, some Islamic countries have made Jew-bashing as the cornerstone of their foreign policy with a view to winning leadership of the Muslim world. This is what makes Israel wary of the Muslim lands and they have to watch their economic and military progress. History has recorded that Israel launched an air raid against Iraq in 1981 to destroy its nuclear reactor at Osirak. It was considered an unprovoked attack by the Muslim world. Apparently, it was so, but in view of the above mentioned facts, it was not.

As a humanist, I must emphasise, once again, that man is intellectually and morally too great to need guidance of any supernatural agency. Thus, Prophethood or Revelation, being a political device, is the source of primitiveness and destruction to humankind, and these remarks equally apply to both the Koran and the Bible. These books are highly self- contradictory. Therefore, instead of leading, they mislead people. Take for example, the Islamic Law of No-Return in relation to the Jews. The Koran in The Table, V: 20-25 contravenes itself:

    "And when Moses said to his people, 'O, my people,
    remember God's blessings upon you .... When He
    gave you such as He had not given to any being.'"

    "O, my people, enter the Holy Land, which God has
    prescribed for you, and turn not back in your

    " They said, 'Moses, there are people in it, very
    arrogant; we will not enter it until they depart from
    it; if they depart from it, then we will enter.' Said,
    two men of those that feared God whom God had
    blessed, 'Enter against them ... when you enter it,
    you will be victors.'"

In a nutshell, it means that Palestine i.e. Israel (and Judah) is the Holy Land that has been prescribed for the Jews by Allah, who has assured them victory in the struggle.

Today, due to the enormity of weapons, Israel is not just an Arab-Jewish affair because it may involve the survival of mankind. Since this clash is a product of the prophetic rivalries, one can clearly see that Prophethood has nothing to do with guidance; it is simply a political doctrine, which especially, exposes the reality of Islam as the tool of Arab Imperialism owing to its active role in the international field as well as its dictatorial part in the internal affairs of every Muslim country.




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