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Book (Online):

Chapter 1 :  What is A Prophet?

Chapter 2 :  The Prophet Muhammad?

Chapter 3 :  The Nature of Prophethood

Chapter 4 :  The Purpose of Prophethood

Chapter 5 :  Muhammad, the Politician

Chapter 6 :  Prophet and Nationalism

Chapter 7 :  Islam, the Self-Perpetuating Tool of Arab Imperialism

Chapter 8 :  The Clash of Prophets


A Tribute to Anwar Shaikh

Another great mind of 20th century, whose grim discoveries about Islam shook the world, passed away on November 25, 2006. Anwar Shaikh was born on June 1, 1928 in Gujrat, the then greater India. His family was extremely religious, which influenced him to follow Islam with passion. In 1947, India was in a process of independence from Britain, and Muslims and Hindus were in a civil war. At this time, Anwar Shaikh, a young Muslim zealot killed two Sikhs and one Hindu without any remorse. His religious conviction was akin to that of a typical Muslim Jihadist, of the sort we see today.

However, at the age of 25, Anwar saw the light of humanity and left Islam.

Anwar was a schoolmaster in Pakistan but he migrated to Britain in 1956 and became a successful businessman. He married a Welsh lady and integrated himself into British society. Perhaps his guilt of killing three people haunted him rest of his life. He embraced Hinduism.

In 1973, Anwar went public with his mission to eradicate Islam. Since then he became vocal against Islam, wrote several books and went for a mission of educating the world about the danger of Islam. Though a serious critic of Islam but having most of his family members Muslims, he had full sympathy for them because, as he rightly noted, "The problem is not Muslims, the problem is Islam". During the 1990s, Anwar Shaikh became the recipient of a fatwa for the content of his books.

Anwar Shaikh has died but his legacy will live on through his words.

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Anwar Shaikh’s Interview with Chandigarh Times


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