Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Endless Aggravated Crime Against Islam in America

There are eight million stories in the naked city and most of them have nothing to do with nudity. There are sad stories—stories of endless woe, stories of unbearable suffering. And there are good stories; Gloria marries the Meathead. There are stories of life and death, of degradation and exultation, of joy and grief; there are birthday parties and wakes and stories of aggravated harassment—yes, aggravated harassment, hundreds of thousands of stories of aggravated harassment. There are more stories of aggravated harassment than there are stories of firemen rescuing kitty cats from telephone poles.

Take Stanislav Shmulevich. Stanislav was arrested for aggravated harassment—a hate crime. Stanislav was guilty of transporting a Qur’an from a university meditation room to a toilet without proper authorization. He just up and took it into the can. Just like that! A Qur’an can float but it can’t swim and when the pages get soggy, especially if it’s a paperback, which it was, they are hard to read and that can be aggravating. The possibility that Stanislav might have done what he did because he was himself aggravated has not been properly raised. It should be looked into.

Stanislav is an immigrant from the Ukraine. His father was stunned. Stash was a good boy; he would never do anything that crazy. And a hate crime—come on! Get real! What he was doing was expressing his dissonance with a religion that persecutes non-Muslims and treats women like they were on their way to wash dishes or pick cotton for Jeff Davis. It was the kind of aggravated harassment Abe Lincoln engaged in. It’s as American as apple pie…as jambalaya…as fiddly gumbo.

It’s not wrong to hate things. Susan Sarandon hates injustice—especially George W. Bush injustice. Lloyd Garrison hated slavery; FDR hated war; half of all Democrats hate capitalism; Jimmy Carter still hates the people who didn’t vote for him in ’80. J. Edgar Hoover hated Communists. Was Hoover guilty of aggravated harassment? Sportswriters hated Ted Williams; Billy Martin hated sportswriters; Ty Cobb hated himself. Every time Rosie O’Donnell opens her mouth it is aggravated harassment. “Hey! Hey! LBJ! How many babies did you kill today?” Aggravated harassment? Absolutely!

Qur’an 5:73 “They are surely disbelievers who blaspheme and say, ‘God is one of three in the Trinity’ for there is no Ilah (God) except One, Allah. If they desist not from saying this (blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall them—the disbelievers will suffer a painful doom.”

Maybe Stanislav read that passage. Maybe it upset him. Painful doom! It could be considered aggravated harassment. It’s what Al Capone said to John Parmenter when John refused to buy Al’s beer. “You will suffer a painful doom.”

Remember the six Imams—the Muslim intellectuals—who boarded a US Airways Minneapolis-to-Phoenix flight like the Wild Bunch galloping into Dodge City? Pushy? Nervy? Aggravating to the point of harassment? Terry Bradshaw was once accused of wearing his religion on his sleeve but this Minneapolis International Airport Guerilla Theatre was in-your-face Godism. “We will force our religion down your throat whether you like it or not!” It was classic aggravated harassment. Butch Cassidy never acted holier-than-thou; he tipped generously and after he left town the barmaids couldn’t wait till he returned. The Imams have a way to go.

Yet one of the Holy Men screamed, “This is obvious discrimination!” This guy was so aggravating his actions bordered on harassment! Maybe he could explain Qur’an 5:73. Another member of the Minneapolis Six, Siraj Wahhaj, was on the list of potential un-indicted coconspirators for the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. “If Allah say stone them to death, through the Prophet Mohammed,” he said, “then you stone them to death, because it’s the obedience of Allah and his messenger—nothing personal.” It’s what Churchill would have expected of Himmler or Heydrich—or maybe the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem.

What was Stanislav thinking when he read the Qur’an? His mind couldn’t have been a total blank. Was he thinking of 1984 and George Orwell and Winston Smith and the Ministry of Truth? Was he hearing the bells of St. Clement’s Dane? “Oranges and lemons, says the bells of St. Clement’s; you owe me five farthings, says the bells of St. Martins.” Islam…1984…War is Peace…Freedom is Slavery…Ignorance is Strength. Was doublethink too much for Stanislav?

Qur’an 4:115 “If anyone contradicts or opposes the Messenger (not Allah) after guidance has been conveyed him, and follows a path other than the way, We shall burn him in Hell.”

Terrifying! The sound of jackboots on wet cobblestones in the dead of night! Harrowing! It is easy to see how Stanislav might have confused Mohammed with Goldstein; Eurasia with the dar al-Harb; Osama bin Laden with O’Brien; the Thought Police with the Council on American-Islamic Relations—Dennis Kucinich does it all the time.

So Stanislav tossed a Qur’an in the toilet—aggravated harassment! It wasn’t as if he had drawn a mustache on a portrait of Mohammed for Jyllands-Posten—that would have caused a three-day riot in East Baboonistan.

Two Gideons were arrested in Florida for passing out Bibles on a sidewalk in front of a public school in Key Largo. They must have been engaged in aggravated harassment or what somebody took to be aggravated harassment or suspected of being aggravated harassment or wished to be aggravated harassment. It was aggravated harassment than made Dirty Harry’s day. Archie Bunker was a constant victim of aggravated harassment though he kind of liked it.

But aggravated harassment doesn’t spring full-blown from the head of Zeus or Nietzsche or Doctor Phil. It has causes—root causes. If Nancy Pelosi can poke around in American Foreign Policy looking for root causes for the War on Terror, certainly an NYPD gumshoe can use root causes to figure out why Stanislav dunked a Qur’an in a toilet. Something was aggravating him, something was harassing him, something in the Qur’an—it was the words, not all of them, some of them, enough of them. He was irritated—the words were aimed at him, a non-Muslim, telling him how his life was to be lived and the perils he would suffer if he didn’t follow instructions. And it was whether he liked or not! Stanislav thought he liked it not so he put an apostrophe to his argument by dunking a Qur’an.

Let that be a lesson in root causes—aggravated harassment begins on page one of the Qur’an..

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Denis Schulz was prospective convert to Islam (read his testimony: How I Almost Became a Muslim?) before changing his mind after the 9/11. He actively writes on the threats of Islam and terrorism.

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Tuesday August 14, 2007
19:49:18 -0700


No Sharia
Tuesday August 14, 2007
23:47:51 -0700

By appplying the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations (1948) a nation commits innumerable crimes against islam.

Regards, No Sharia

Wednesday August 15, 2007
02:16:15 -0700

Today we are terrified and appalled at the attrocities committed in the name of islam,but we conveniently forget that it was the U.S.A.through its agency the CIA used the radical elements in islam ,teaching them the various acts of terror and violence , in order to evict the erstwhile super-power the USSR ; and on their eviction left Afghanistan in the hands of brigands ,thugs ,rapists,and murderers world-wide who have destroyed the country bringing untold misery to the common people ,beyond repair and redemption.Had it not been for 9/11 the U.S. would not have cocked a snook whatever would have happened to Afghanistan. The very same terror-merchants were the darling of the CIA and cynosure of the eyes for the U.S. until they turned their guns on their provider, a story of dog biting the hands that feed it.Even today the U.S. has ventured into Iraq only for its oil, whereas the close friend Saudi Arabia ,which by no strerch of imagination can be called a democratically ruled country but a very sordid and cruel form of monarchy, still gets all the support apart from their cronies Israel.They(U.S.) raise alarm when a third world country goes nuclear, whereas the U.S. is the only country that has used atomic weapons in the world war II against Japan and also chemical weapons against Vietnam.They kill civilians in their immoral wars by the hundreds and call it contemptuously as "collateral damage" as though the life of non-US or the Whiteman's blood is the only precious human blood.When an American soldier gets killed in the immoral wars they sing elegies and shed tears,while killing any other human being, or even capturing and subjecting them to ghastly and inhuman torture is just like killing a vermin for them.Today the world is suffering mainly because of the immoral foreign policies and unjust wars inflicted on the humanity by the arrogant so-called superpower U.S.A. The world would certainly have been a better place if the white got out of the colonial masters phobia and respected every civilsation and allowed equal opporunities to all nations instead of mere pursuing an avaricious, greedy and self interested objectives.The U.N. is an impotent organisation only serving the interests of the whiteman and other veto powers as well as the economically powerful nations.The U.S. is not agreat power as it claims ,especially after is defeat by Vietnam and its imminent defeat in the middle-east.They are afraid to engage in warfare with Iran and North Korea .They simply do have the guts ,when you can see very clearly the misrable failure in Iraq and also in Afghanistan ,both problems created by them. I am not a muslim and I certainly hate their religion, but I am only pointing out who is actually stoking the fire.It is because of the U.S. the radical islam has got a boost and we can see this in their approach to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan ,whose denizens were responsible for the 9/11 and other attacks ,whereas Iraq bears the fury of the American bombs and firepower.What can you expect from a country of Christian fanatics ,who talk the language of the wild-west cowboys "you are either with us or against us" ;what a great foreign policy statement!Amen!

Wednesday August 15, 2007
08:12:42 -0700

There is a growing pandemic of oversensitivity among members of different sects, religions, minorities and special groups. Unfortunately, it is being exploited to serve certain agendas. It was enforced by the useless notion of political correctness. Mr. Shmulevich should be charged for theft and vandalism only whether he did what he did with a Quran, a Bible, a novel or a comic book.

Wednesday August 15, 2007
12:57:12 -0700

The law says that dunking a Quran in the toilet is a hate crime, but it is not ok for two Gideons to pass out Bibles on a sidewalk in front of a public school. This smells double standard and the beginning of Christian persecution in America. If someone is being aggravately harassed it is the Christians. Stanislav's actions are a political statement, which shows that a person can say anything they want about other religions, but nobody can say anything about Islam.

Wednesday August 15, 2007
16:30:51 -0700

I repeat, it is the west that is to be blamed for increased islamisation and enforced submission to islam on its people. The US and UK lead in this. They allow taxpayer funded schools to have an avowed Islamist to head it as happening right now with the Khalil Gibran International Academy in New York. Like Nancy Pelosi inviting an imam to lead Sunday prayers, like Bush cosying up to islamists and propagandising "islam is a religion of peace" like gordon Brown making it mandatory for all schools to study Arabic language and islam while throwing out Churchill, Wellington, Nelson, english history; who never answered Parliament when asked why the one eyed hook for a hand Abu Hamza while sitting in jail was able to buy a 600,000 Stg. P house, 25,000 for refurbishing, and his family of parasites gets to fleece the British natives 2,000/week. Blair who had 10 years to destroy Britain from within with warm welcome to jihadists and allowing them to inflict terror on his own people, encouraging muslim polygamy and other hideous muslim evil. Ken Livingstone and George Galloway joins him in accelerating the islamisation of Britain. Meanwhile, the US that started the fragmenting of prosperous Yugoslavia, the deliberate murder of 800,000 Serbs to create a Kosovo with the aim of destabilising Russia. Today, anyone who cares for his future should look towards Russia, China and the East. Live in the West and you come under complete slavery. Don't believe me? Examine the Patriot Acts I & II, the UN Agenda 21, the Sustainable Development and Sustainable Medicine. Only two big powers stand in the way of Islam controlling the world - China and Russia. Mark the days for the demise of both US and UK. It's sooner than you think.

dump the double standard
Wednesday August 15, 2007
17:31:43 -0700

So this is called a hate crime but the many crimes perpetrated in the name of this book are not called hate crimes.

valid questions
Wednesday August 15, 2007
19:20:32 -0700

It is President Bush who is at fault. AS a believer why would he say the isalm religion was HIJACKED" Its a religon of peace my @aa. Show me one Islam group that denounced the uss cole bombing, 911 and many other terrorist acts. NONE

Thursday August 16, 2007
06:48:02 -0700

I tend to agree with vbv's views on US, it is the addiction of oil that drives US foreign policy, if US was really trying to spread democracy and fight for human rights, then it should have taken military action in SUDAN's on-going genocide. And yes if it were truly fighting the war on terror, they should have attacked PAKISTAN and SAUDI ARABIA, the two main culprits of worldwide TERRORISM. Oh BTW I am an AMERICAN.

Thom Francis
Thursday August 16, 2007
08:11:33 -0700

It is the misuse of the American system that landed poor Stan in the trouble he's in. These Barbarians want to use American freedoms to support their 8th century vodoo. If we are to follow even a small numer of verses of this Unholy novel called the quran we will see it filled with hate, violence, justification for the most heinous behavior, and instructions for world domination. Our freedoms today are slowly disentigrating into a quagmire of guilt, fear, and very soon oppression of our thoughts and a silencing of our voices. islam is a peaceful (false) religion, so long as you see things their way. The camels ass is now entering the tent.

Thursday August 16, 2007
13:32:59 -0700

Dump the Double standard, I totally agree with you. Law officials don't know what the meaning of hate crime is and Liberals, the Multiculturalist,the politically correct crowd and Muslims have corrupted the term, so that anybody that criticizes Islam is labeled an Islamophobe.

Friday August 17, 2007
14:36:39 -0700

Can you get anymore childish? - To say that this people, through this religion are the pole of evil is to be a moron. Islam has only existed since the 7th Century, last time I read history it seems as if men were busy warring and killing long, long, long before the 7th Century A.D. But I suppose that does not matter because your website is not designed to have an intelligent debate, no, but to write up jocular 'essays' that appeal to the lowest common denominator and which would not even receive a passing grade in a middle level highschool.

Showan Khurshid
Friday August 17, 2007
16:50:13 -0700

David (Friday August 17, 2007, 14:36:39 -0700) your comment is not clear. You are too quick to dismiss people here but you add nothing in the way of enlightening people. What do you mean by saying: ‘Islam has only existed since the 7th Century, last time I read history it seems as if men were busy warring and killing long, long, long before the 7th Century A.D?’ Do you mean warring is a part of men’s nature and having a religion like Islam would not make any difference any way? You accuse people here with lack of intelligence in their discussions. I hope you come up with something intelligent. At least you should be able to clarify what you mean. I have seen here excellent articles about Islam. However, I would refer you to my own article, Islam on the Couch, about understanding Islam and the reasons why this religion is so abominable.

Saturday August 18, 2007
05:05:53 -0700

The West and Islam mix like Oil and Water

Muslim and Proud of it
Saturday August 18, 2007
23:48:36 -0700

I refer to the comment made by,David Friday August 17, 2007 14:36:39 -0700"Can you get anymore childish? - To say that this people, through this religion are the pole of evil is to be a moron. Islam has only existed since the 7th Century". I wish to state that all prophets including Isa alayhis salam (Jesus) called people to worship one god,Allah. It is people who corrupted the truth. Anyway, something that appears later is not necessarily false. May allah give u all people who write in this site guidance and attain the truth. Amen

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