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Professor Robinson’s Holocaust: 'Warsaw' Same as 'Gaza' [09 May, 2009]

Abraham Lincoln the Muslim [29 Apr, 2009]

Obama: Bowing, Scraping and Praising [18 Apr, 2009]

Moderation in Everything but Religion [30 Mar, 2009]

Brave Men Marching [20 Mar, 2009]

Burning One Hijab: One Giant Burning for Womankind (Hopefully) [13 Mar, 2009]

A Sad Day for Freedom of Speech [18 Feb, 2009]

Obama's Battle of Hearts and Minds of Muslims [13 Feb, 2009]

No Such Thing as Rape in Islam; Beat Them (Lightly) to Force Them to Bed [28 Jan, 2009]

Articles 2008

Mumbai Massacre: One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Gunman [12 Dec, 2008]

Beware of Deoband's Deceptive Gifts of Peace & Tolerance  [24 Nov, 2008]

Living Next Door to Ibrahim Hooper [20 Nov, 2008]

Eternal Vigilance against Islam and its Useful Idiots [09 Nov, 2008]

Academic Lie: Jesus Christ was a Palestinian [18 Oct, 2008]

Ramadan Jihad: Wildcatting for Allah at US Meat Factory  [21 Sep, 2008]

Yorkshire Muslim Open House: Breaking Down Barriers, Islamic Style [10 Sep, 2008]

Defining Islamophobia [29 Aug, 2008]

American Outreach Program: Bob Hopes Visits Camp Jihad [18 Aug, 2008]

Islam's Lies, Damned Lies [13 Aug, 2008]

Sharia-Infatuated Archbishop Williams: 'A Common Word for the Common Good' [05 Aug, 2008]

The Final Battle for Freedom [24 Jul, 2008]

Dogs United for Freedom and Justice from Islam [11 Jul, 2008]

Islam’s Mission Impossible: Get Cartoonist Kurt Westergaard! [01 Jul, 2008]

Islam's Muzzling of Human Rights Protest at the UN [26 Jun, 2008]

Islam Stuck in the Middle Ages? [21 Jun, 2008]

France: Bardot’s Greatest Role—'Silence of the Sheep' [11 Jun, 2008]

CAIR's Forced ‘Islamic Awareness’ at Friendswood Junior High  [06 Jun, 2008]

Minnesota's Suicidal Slide to Dhimmitude [25 May, 2008]

A Reformed Quran for the Infidels [19 May, 2008]

Jihad with the Pen against Kafirs' Misinterpretation and Misunderstanding of Islam  [16 May, 2008]

Jihad against Billboards... and Bikinis [10 May, 2008]

An Islamic Hell Grows in Brooklyn [05 May, 2008]

Islam in America: Lies and Deception Rules [28 Apr, 2008]

OIC: Respect Our Religion and Pay Jizya, or See You in Court! [26 Mar, 2008]

Terrorists: Thrill Seeking Youths Or Products Of Aggressive Policing? [19 Mar, 2008]

The Archbishop's Road to Dhimmitude! [21 Feb, 2008]

Muslims: The Most Kind, Loving, Loyal, Protective and Easily Offended People [03 Jan, 2008]

Young Poets Gone to Jihad [29 Dec, 2007]

Chief Whooping Cough Meets Islam at Dewsbury  [20 Dec, 2007]

Egypt Muslims' Deep Desire to Get along with non-Muslims [18 Sep, 2007]

Sweden Muhammad Cartoon: What About the Poor Dog? [14 Sep, 2007]

Amanpour's Allah's Martyrs  [06 Sep, 2007]

Jihad Against Ham Dust from Backyard BBQ in Birmingham [26 Aug, 2007]

Endless Aggravated Crime Against Islam in America  [15 Aug, 2007]

Shoe-bomber Richard Reid on Waiting List for Allah’s Whorehouse [07 Aug, 2007]

British Police Go to Hell! [01 Aug, 2007]

Fraternization and the Death of the West!   [13 Jul, 2007]

Knighting of Salman Rushdie and the War of Jenkins' Ear  [08 Jul, 2007]

Terrorism: Put the Charge Where It Belongs [28 Jun, 2007]

Michigan Uni's 'Lovely Touch of Appreciation for Prayer Rituals' of Muslims Only [19 Jun, 2007]

Can Blair's Million £ Bill on Islam Save England? [15 Jun, 2007]

Saudi/CAIR's Muslim-to-be Night in Amherst & How About a Kaffir-to-be Night in Riyadh! [10 Jun, 2007]

How I Almost Became a Muslim? [07 Jun, 2007]

Dinesh D’Souza: Choosing the Burqa [31 May, 2007]

Mollycoddling Islam and Dawah in Buena Vista University [28 May, 2007]

Islamic Propaganda: Sorting the Mindless from the Real Ones [22 May, 2007]

Cool, Hip, Avant-garde ― The Modern Islam at al-Maghrib Institute in USA! [05 May, 2007]

Death Fatwa on Ayaan Hirsi: Weird Silence of the Progressive and Liberals  [30 April, 2007]





Denis Schulz was prospective convert to Islam (read his testimony: How I Almost Became a Muslim?) before changing his mind after the 9/11. He actively writes on the threats of Islam and terrorism.

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