Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Sharia-Infatuated Archbishop Williams: 'A Common Word for the Common Good'

How did this guy get to be an Archbishop? Sure, he’s got a beard and he looks religious but so does Muqtada al-Sadr. He knows how to spell ecumenical and a lot of other words people just as religious as he is and a lot less political don’t give a damn about—people who believe in God and let it go at that. He is Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, and therein is the tale.

Williams writes poetry, nothing on the order of The Wreck of the Hesperus or Casey at the Bat or There was once a lady from Worcester, but he gets published. What he needs is a letter to the Thessalonians. A Common Word for the Common Good won’t do.

Williams has an opinion on everything. He calls teaching creationism in school a ‘category mistake.’ Allowing God to compete with Darwin does not enhance the Doctrine of Creation; it reduces it he says. He prefers the church to be ‘welcoming’ rather than ‘inclusive.’ Is that too subtle? Freemasonry may be incompatible with Christianity. That is interesting but boring. He opposes almost everything the United States has ever done and many things he imagines it may have done and may do in the future. And he is not afraid of Sharia. He is either a very brave man or an inconsequential fool. “Certain provisions of Sharia are already recognized in our society and under our law,” he has said.

With Anglican Bishops from all over the world gathering in the UK to determine the fate of Anglicanism for the next hundred years, Williams sent a conciliatory letter to Islamic leaders calling for an alliance between the two faiths for the common good. The common good—was that a ‘category mistake?’ It’s best not to be too inclusive right off the bat. An angel would have wanted to know what the jizya would be before meeting with these folks. But with the bit in his mouth, Williams could not be restrained. “Christian Doctrine is offensive to Muslims,” he said.

It’s too bad he wasn’t on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Ed McMahon could have asked, “What Christian Doctrine it that, Rowan?”

And Rowan would have said it was the Christian belief in the Trinity—the Father, Son and Holy Ghost that “is difficult, sometimes offensive to Muslims.”

“How offensive is that, Rowan?” McMahon would have chuckled.

Yes, how offensive is that? But Carson is dead and Williams is pursuing the common good to the exclusion of all else. One must go to the Muslim Holy Book for an answer. That would suit Ed.

Qur’an 5:73 “They are surely disbelievers who blaspheme and say: God is one of three in the Trinity for there is no Ilah (God), except One, Allah. If they desist not from saying this (blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall them—the disbelievers will suffer a painful doom.”

Blasphemy! Grievous penalty! It would seem they are greatly offended. It is not nice to greatly offend other people. Hitler was greatly offended by International Jewry; Stalin was greatly offended by the kulaks, Mao by 30 million Chinese; Mohammed by the Banu Quraza. And look at what they did! Painful doom can be exceedingly painful. But we are just as bad says Williams. “Christianity has been promoted at the point of the sword and legally supported by extreme sanctions,” he says.

That darn Richard the Lion-Heart! Won’t they ever forgive him? But Dick has been dead for centuries and his heirs in the thousands years since have saved billions of people from starvation and disease. Haven’t they? No matter, the sins of the father are visited upon future generations. But what of Islam—the other partner in the common good?

Dateline Islamabad: District Judge Mian Muhammad Naeem recently ruled that two Christian sisters, Saba, 13, and Anila, 10, kidnapped last June while visiting friends in Chowk Munda in the province of Punjab, had converted to Islam in a legitimate manner and could not be returned to their family of origin. The judge also ruled their marriages to their kidnappers were legal. It is difficult to see any ‘common good’ in this. Nor is this an isolated incident. Christian children are frequently kidnapped by Muslims and forcibly converted to Islam.

In Arhus, Denmark, Arab and Somali immigrants have finally driven the Greenlanders—people of Inuit extraction—out of their homes in Gjellerup after years of harassment, intimidation, violence and threats of violence. This has been replicated in Kosovo where Muslims have been systematically driving Christians from their homes and destroying their churches.

In Brussels, Belgium, police took seventeen women from a luxury hotel on allegations an Arab Royal Family was using them as slaves. The women were ‘servants’ of the widow of a senior royal figure from the Untied Arab Emirates who was renting an entire floor. Their passports had been taken away from them upon arrival in Belgium and they had not been allowed to leave the hotel. The woman that did Jeff Davis’s laundry had more options.

Slavery has always been a part of Islam. Thousands of Christian and animist children have been sold into servitude by the Muslim government of Sudan, a country that continues to thumb its nose at the United Nations while engaged in a genocidal campaign against its own black Muslim population.

Honor killing and female genital circumcision have become part of Islam. It is not a woman’s world. In European countries with even modest increases in Muslim immigration, rape statistics have been doubled and tripled because of assaults by Muslim youths on Christian girls. Jack the Ripper would not feel alone. Darth Vader would shake his head in wonder and decide to bypass this dark and scary planet.

In the News column at appeared the following snippets: Hindu Child Beaten by Muslim Mob over Qur’an incident; Iran to Hang Woman for Alleged crime at Age 13; Qaddafi’s Son Jailed in Switzerland for Beating Maids. Qaddafi’s Son! It is nurture or Islam?

Muslims have committed 11.468 terrorist acts since 9/11.

In Henrietta, New York, Waheed Allah Mohammad took it upon himself to kill his younger sister, Fauzia, because she had become a “bad Muslim girl.” She was going to clubs, dressing immodestly and was planning to move to New York. So he stabbed her, Fortunately, she survived and Waheed has been charged with attempted murder. The Saints be preserved! Why is it so few Muslim men reach adulthood in their relations with women and non-Muslims?

Williams titled his Opus A Common Word for the Common Good. No doubt, Williams is a well-meaning man—so was Neville Chamberlain. By a faint stretch of the imagination one could have supposed there was a common good between Hitler and International Jewry. Then comes the Holocaust. What is important is not the Common Good in Islam but the Uncommon Bad and as long as the vast majority of 1.3 billion Muslims do little or nothing to eradicate it no Common Good will be attained between them and the dhimmis except surrender on the part of the latter.

So how much jizya do you think will be equitable, Mr. Archbishop?


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Denis Schulz was prospective convert to Islam (read his testimony: How I Almost Became a Muslim?) before changing his mind after the 9/11. He actively writes on the threats of Islam and terrorism.

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Name: Moderates
Date: Monday August 04, 2008
Time: 20:36:38 -0700


(((What is important is not the Common Good in Islam but the Uncommon Bad and as long as the vast majority of 1.3 billion Muslims do little or nothing to eradicate it no Common Good will be attained between them and the dhimmis ...))) The thing is, the moderates identify more with the terrorists than the kaffirs. They feel disloyal if they speak out too strongly against terrorism. What we usually get from the moderates is "Oh, terrorism is evil, what a tragedy, this is not Islamic, Islam is a peaceful religion BUT you can't really blame them. They're poor/discriminated against/Islamic countries are persecuted/look at Iraq/Palestine". And you sense that they really mean the latter while the former is just lip service.

Name: send this retard to iran/saudi arabia
Date: Monday August 04, 2008
Time: 23:25:51 -0700


send this fucking basatrd to iran/saudi arabia.

Name: why imaginary jehova/allah is so focussed on blood lust and foreskin of people ????
Date: Tuesday August 05, 2008
Time: 00:18:42 -0700


i wonder...why the imaginary god of the jews-christians/muslims is so preoccuiped with blood,he wants the blood of abraham son,he wants to blood of jesus,he wants the blood of animals...etc....and why he is so keen to let jews and muslims cut the foreskin [ sunnat ] what will he acheive with it ? some pig muslims says it reduces aids chances by 50-70%...but if really jehova/allah was a god then foreskin cutting shud hv removed aids chances by 100%,instead its only few%. even wearing condom is better than that and if person get aids he can still eart medicine for betterment,why allah never invented any medicine ? in fact in entire koran no medicine for malaria,tb,etc,why this injustice to mankind ? why this imaginary allah is so obssessed with blood and foreskin ? whst sadistic satisfaction he gets from cutting the foreskin of people ?? BIGGER QUESTION : IF IMAGINARY ALLAH IS PERFECT AND HE CREATED MAN PERFECT THEN WHY HE DID NOT REMOVE FORESKIN AT THE TIME OF CREATION FROM MUD/DIRT ITSELF ?? WHY ?? THE REASON IS THAT ALLAH IS IMAGINARY AND MAN NOT CREATED FROM MUD/DSUT,BUT MAN IS EVOLED BY NATURE FROM 1 CELLED ORGANISMS WHO MADE THESE 1 CELLED ORGANISMS AND PROOF IS IN HUMAN DNA.

Name: balam
Date: Tuesday August 05, 2008
Time: 05:55:20 -0700


Rowan Williams is a disgrace for the Anglican Church in particular and the Christians in genral. He does not understand the ideology of Islam,which is anti-christian and Mohammad came as Anti-Christ.Mohammad tried to exalt himself against the Son of living God. Mohammad was a real fraud and to give him any credence as a messenger of God is sheer lunacy. He brought a new creed challenging the Christian faith for his lust for power and sex with host of women,even a nine year child Ayesha.Christ led a sinless life whereas Mohammad left no sin Uncommitted. Mohammad broke all the ten commandments which are the guide for moral living. He even allowed the worship of three daughters of Pagan Moon god Allah, which he later blamed on Satan.He forgot that he had told his folloers to woship one god though a pagan moon god,still displayed on their mosques.I am pleased for highlighting the the incident of two little Christian girls forcebly coverted to Islam by the EVIL MULIMS of PAKISTAN and THE EVIL JUDGE representing sharia laws, which this ignorant Archbishop is promoting is beyond me.If he is a good Shepard,he should try to free those helpless Chritian girls from the despicable Wolves of Allah in Pakistan.If he can not do that ,he should resign because he is also a wolf in sheeps clothing like his mohammadan friends, who are all anti-Christian just as mohammad is anti-Christ. The archbishop should resign from his position, because he can not serve God and Satanic Islam at the same time.

Name: What needs be done
Date: Tuesday August 05, 2008
Time: 06:09:11 -0700


Bombs in India and China by Muslims killed innocent people. What has India and China to do with Israel? Did China or India support the Jews to fight the Muslims? NO. The Muslims are at war with ALL non-Muslims EVERYWHERE. The non-Muslims majority countries have to close down mosques, Islamic religious schools. If Muslims are itching for a fight, non-Muslims must make sure that these trouble makers are destroyed, like you destroy rats and ants. Archbishop Rowan Williams is one of those useless irrational EUROPEANS looney-left who support Muslims and gay rights. Where Muslims are in power, there are no gays or looney-left!! Is there a gay-rights movement in Saudi Arabia or looney-left organisations? NO!

Name: Nawaz
Date: Tuesday August 05, 2008
Time: 11:13:34 -0700


The idea that Shariat Law be introduced in the UK formally sounds ludacris to many.

Name: Ralph
Date: Tuesday August 05, 2008
Time: 12:31:59 -0700


Rowan Williams, What an arsehole you are. A First Class Arsehole.

Date: Tuesday August 05, 2008
Time: 13:16:45 -0700


How did this idiot get to be an archbishop?........Bible... 1John2:22 clearly describes islam as liar,the antichrist... the one that denies the Father and the Son.

Name: Paul R.
Date: Wednesday August 06, 2008
Time: 21:06:05 -0700


Granted, Archbishop Williams is a politically correct fool, but surely his stance on creationism is enlightened.

Name: The cycles of war
Date: Thursday August 07, 2008
Time: 08:38:15 -0700


The cycles of war No war brings permanent peace. Fighting typically only helps assure another war-and much suffering en route. Real peace is something that must be built when the battles have stopped and the participants can pause to comprehend the futility of their combative conduct.But spilled blood begs for vengeance from the bereaved, and on we go again. World War I (supposedly the war to end all wars) begot World War II, which led to the Cold War. Not surprisingly, the Gulf conflict also grew in the soil of continuing aggression. The eight-year Iran-Iraqi war helped spawn the invasion of Kuwait and the predictable Allied response.War stands discredited as a permanent solution to conflict. As a wise man said in his address to the National Conference of Christians and Jews: "The world cannot continue to wage war like physical giants and to seek peace like intellectual pygmies."Yet there could be real hope based on our common ground. True understanding of the roots of a problem is a step towards a solution. God has not left humankind without solutions. Long-neglected spiritual tools are still available that men and women ignore at their peril.Christians, Muslims and Jews share in some elements of their spiritual inheritance. Although that commonality is neither complete nor perfectly expressed, all three religions agree on some of the principles and truths of the revolation of God and highly esteem such figures as Abraham and Moses.

Name: The Archbishop is crazy!
Date: Wednesday August 13, 2008
Time: 08:50:28 -0700


Well what can u expect from the head of a Christian denomonation born out of Henry the 8ths desire to divorce his wife. Absolute idiot!

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