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Dr. Yunus is My Messenger, too

I am a follower of almighty and great Allah. A few days ago I did not have any messenger. But now I have got my messenger of Allah and he is Prof. Dr. Yunus. Prof. Yunus is an excellent gentleman. He has been awarded Nobel Prize for peace by which his superb and superior quality as human being has been proved and appreciated by the western world. Following Ys. Abdus Salam, I also have accepted him as my messenger from Allah. As I obey Prof. Yunus as Allah's messenger I take the privilege to use his short name i.e. Ys. (meaning Yunus, my rasul from Allah) before my name.

Ys. Abdus Salam has mentioned a crucial problem that we, the intelligent section of the followers of Allah have been suffering from a long time. I visited Arab countries in connection with service and thus I have vivid knowledge about the people of those countries. In general they hate us and think themselves as superior. Well, I have no complain against that. But I feel pity when I know from my own experience how great fools they are. I have not seen the least intelligence in any of their learned person. In comparison those learned persons are far less intelligent than a beggar of our country. In their country they have persons with more than thousand official and unofficial wives. The greater number of wives a man can maintain the more he is honored. That is why their kings and ministers have harems. Just think of their intelligence and xx-hunger.

It is no wonder that the flaws Ys. Abdus Salam mentioned in his article escaped the attention of those fools. In fact their level of intelligence is not sufficient enough to find those flaws. Like many Bangalees including Ys. Abdus Salam, I also noticed those flaws. However, I want to add one additional flaw that I did not find in Ys. Abdus Salam's writing. In that book there is clear mention that the ideal man in his sixty married his son's wife. This is a case that I cannot imagine even in my dream. I have an adopted son and he has a wife. Never in life I could think of that nice lady someone other than my own daughter. I cannot fathom the xx-hunger of a person who can think of enjoying his son's wife. It may be mentioned that I have one own son. When my two sons grew old, I could not make any difference between the two, nor they could make any between them.

From childhood I had the understanding that in case I want to be a good man, then I have to follow the best or at least a better man. I could not understand how a man with that dark track record could be considered 'ideal'. So, when I used to utter Kolema and when it was time to utter that man's name I turned confused. Ys. Abdus Salam used to replace that name by 'a good man'. In my case I did not pronounce any name and uttered 'dot dot'. However, after I saw Ys. Abdus Salam's writing I also have reshaped my Kolema as 'La Ilaha Illallahu Yunusur Rasul Allah'.

I believe Prof. Yunus' win of Nobel prize has created excellent opportunity to prove our intelligence, to prove that we are more intelligent than the people who believe in all those lullabies. Believe me, when I pronounce Kolema, I utter Prof. Yunus' name, where I know who Yunus really is, I feel a great honor in myself as the follower of Allah. I believe, by attaching Prof. Yunus' name as his messenger I increase the honor of Allah in my heart.

Pilgrimage is customary for the followers of Allah. After we take Prof. Yunus as our Rasul, we can make pilgrimage in his motherland. We can request him to arrange several thousand acres of land in his village where we can meet every year during the two Eids. We should not bother about the house of Allah. Allah, with his greatness exists every where, in every square feet area of this world. If we can have our pilgrimage within the country then we will not only save billions of valuable foreign currency of our poor country, we shall also relieve ourselves from the hateful eyes of the Arab people, who do not think of us any better than "miskins".

I believe our brethren in the western world would look at our venture with sympathy. As followers of the same almighty and great force (probably with a different name like Christ, Buddha etc) I strongly believe, the Christians, the Jews, the Hindus and Buddhists are our brethren. For a period of 1500 years we unnecessarily fought against them because we believed in a "special" person as our Rasul. But this "special" person in fact hypnotized his followers to occupy land such that he could become the king. Even after his death the dull-headed followers continued bloody wars and our less intelligent forefathers joined hands.

Now, in this century Prof. Yunus, our pride, our savior has appeared with his teaching of Peace. He taught us, how peace can be ensured through eradication of poverty and not through swords. Our brethren in the western world have conferred the most befitting honor to this great man. They have given him one of the highest awards of the world, they have given him Nobel prize. Now, I would request our brethren in the west to help us to come out of the trap that the Arabian people fabricated for themselves and used to trap our ancestors. We are more intelligent than our ancestors, we want to breakaway from the prison of ignorance preached by that 'special' man who hypnotized the war and xx-hungry Arabian people.

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