Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Islamization of Europe and Policies to Prevent It, Part 8


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A 12.1         BACKGROUND
B 12.3         More about goals and policies


Besides some new goals, attention is here mainly given to policies regarding some goals stated in 12.2. The order of subjects is not the same as in 12.2.

1. The European Union shall declare its view of terrorism and Islam in the following manner: Western countries and the European Union have no responsibility for the occurance of Islamic terrorism based on one or more interpretations of Islam´s holy or most respected texts. Many of the common explanations now for this terrorism are excuses without value. Islamic terrorism is a consequence of the goal to impose Islam on the world, and - if necessary - by force.

It is a basic goal for the foreign policy of the European nations to actively uphold universal values like those defined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations (UDHR; 1948). That is also a recognition of the fact that the only way western nations can coexist “peacefully” now with real, traditional Islam is by compromising over time all their basic values. But since that is an utter impossibility, it means that Islam must change - and by that enter the modern world.

A. The religion Islam contains parts which are not accepted in the European Union as parts of a religion in a modern western sense. Some parts of Islam violate the human rights of individuals according to e g UDHR. Such parts can therefore not be accepted by the members of EU on the basis of the principle of religious freedom. One human right – religious freedom – cannot be allowed to violate many other human rights.

B. Acceptance and introduction of some other parts of Islam in Europe would weaken or make impossible the long-term integration and assimilation of Muslims in the specific country, and are therefore not accepted. Acceptance of them would only build parallel societies (in the meaning given in Policy Area 6) and are therefore forbidden as a long-term threat to a free and democratic society based on human rights and which allows freedom for all religions incl the right not to have a religion. They are therefore not recognized as valid parts of a religion.

C. The remaining parts of Islam are allowed and respected in EU as a religion. These concern e g personal worship and include the five pillars of Islam.

2. All current Conventions, Declarations and Programs of EU, or parts of them, which work against the goal to prevent the Islamization of Europe, shall now be changed or eliminated.

3. It is an important goal for the European Union to promote human rights in countries where human rights are widely violated on a daily basis. The violations regard e g women and child-ren; religious minorities: christians, buddhists, hinduists etc; apostates, atheists and secular humanists; and members of the political democratic opposition. Special attentions shall be given to countries geographically close to the Union. In the long run, this policy will secure peace even if it may sometimes create extra opportunities for political gains for Islamists in the short run.

Just the treatment of the christian copts in a so-called moderate moslem country like Egypt is abhorrent but the treatment of atheists/secular persons there, is worse. The treatment of Muslim women in a so-called moderate country as Malaysia, or persons in that country who want to leave Islam, is unacceptable. Any country with similar uncivilized and cruel domestic policies is not a true and reliable friend of the western democracies even if e g Malaysia is a democracy, but in a more limited sense. But in reality it, like Egypt, is an enemy of
important values of the European countries. It shall have consequences for all types of contacts.

4. It is of vital interest to EU that the school education in moslem countries consists of real subjects incl science, and that religion is just is a small part of the curriculum. The children will then get impulses of many types which is important for their intellectual growth, and they learn for the future. Improvements in these school systems are an important part of the dismantling of the ideological infrastructure of extremism.

The special subject of religion at school ought to contain objective descriptions of other religions. The religious education at schools or universities shall not contain hate against people of other faiths, or against people without religious faith. Neither shall it contain teachings contrary to the UDHR, Muslim supremacism, incitements against western countries, promotion of physical jihad, encouragement of terrorism incl glorification of forced Islamification of infidel countries a s o. A country which allows such elements as a part of the schools´ religious curriculum is an enemy of of important values of the European countries. It shall have consequences for all types of contacts with that country.

5. The principles expressed in p. 4 are also valid regarding the contents of sermons and all messages conveyed in mosques and other buildings used for religious activities and education. The government of the specific country has the duty to control that no teaching supporting violations of human rights is performed. Neither shall any enmity, hatred or contempt of nonMuslims based just on their religious affiliation or lack of it, be expressed on a regular basis (see p.4).

6. A new International Center for Crimes Against Human Rights (ICAHR) shall identify, find and arrange for the arrest of persons who regularly commit specially serious or abhorrent crimes against UDHR in countries where the governments do not protect human rights enough. New legislation shall be introduced in EU countries when there is a lack of legal rules concerning responsibility for certain barbaric acts based on religion. New principles or interpretations of international law are probably needed to increase the personal responsibility for inhuman acts based on the rules of a religion, anywhere in the world. Religion is now the primary reason for violence, terrorism, conflicts and wars, and special rules are therefore necessary in this area.

It is self evident that only a very small part of all abhorrent crimes against human rights can get attention, be investigated and have their perpetrators arrested and tried in a court in a EU country. However, just the possibility that such crimes a r e investigated, the publicity around various trials, and that attention aimed at certain crimes, will have important effects. Priority is initially given to countries close to EU.

Examples of possible criminals to be given attention by this center are:

- Prison guards in moslem countries who regularly rape girls or young women before their execution (often for political /religious reasons). These acts are committed in order to prevent them from going to heaven, and are a common practice in e g Iran.

- Specially notorious torturers of political prisoners of e g the democratic opposition in a country

- Medical doctors who regularly earn a good income by performing Female Genital Mutilations (FGMs)

- Religious leaders in moslem countries proclaiming specially abhorrent fatwas violating UDHR, against citizens or residents of that country aso

7. All financing of mosques, or financing of religious activities in EU, by states which do not allow full religious freedom on their own territories, is forbidden. This prohibition also regards companies and all types of organizations in, or from, those countries. Financing includes all types of gifts or loans, directly or via middlemen. No already existing financial agree-ments of these types may contain conditions regarding choice of personnel, rules about the contents of the religion in the specific building or organization etc. Such agreements shall no longer be observed. The local mosque in question shall decide regarding such matters.

It is well-known that moslem countries discriminate against other religions than Islam, and that specially Saudi Arabia, where other religions are not allowed, finances a fundamental interpretation of Islam in many western countries. Its financial muscles help it to take over and dominate other versions of Islam. The ultimate goal of eg Saudi Arabia regarding its financing of wahabism in Western countries is also to help to transform these countries to Islamic countries. Then other religions will heavily discriminated or even forbidden, christians and jews forced into dhimmitude, and e g apostates, atheists and agonostics persecuted and sometimes killed. Allowing religious financing from those moslem states is the same as financing the Islamisation and future limitation of e g religious freedom and freedom from religion in EU countries. This type of financing shall therefore be forbidden.

8. All collections of money for charities in EU countries shall be controlled. The distribution shall later be controlled by an EU-, or state, organization. No activities of the organizations which in other countries receive the money are allowed to violate the UDHR. If a specific sub-organization is active in social work but another suborganizaton belonging to the same umbrella organization is active regarding religious extremism or terrorism, no money is allowed to be distributed to the social work-organization.

There are no possibilities to make certain that money is not distributed to terrorist organizations, or organizations which partly support terrorism, if the receiving organizations (and the activities the money is meant for) are not tightly controlled. The controlling or distributing state/EU organization therefore has a strict responsibility that unsuitable recipients do not receive any money.

9. All countries (1) where one religion is given preferences by the constitutions and/or laws, and that religion is in opposition to UDHR regarding important aspects, or (2) which have signed the The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (1990), shall be prevented to:

(a) buy existing companies active in the following industries in EU countries, or

(b) otherwise in EU engage in activities concerning:

- Media of all types: newspapers, magazines, TV-stations etc

- Industries of importance for defence, or companies engaged in research for the national defence or defence-related areas

- Industries of importance for the national security of the specific nation (communication, transportation etc).

If these rules violate earlier trade agreements etc, these shall be renegotiated and amended, cancelled, or just copied and reconfirmed by the parliaments but now with certain countries excluded.

10. (1) Immigration, (2) the demographic growth of the Muslim population in Europe and its consequences in form of an increasing radicalization of it, and (3) the acceptance as members of EU of countries with populations trained in a version of Islam that often violates human rights, are all parts of the same problem. Policies regarding them must therefore be formulated from the same point-of-view and with the same goal. Issues regarding immigration will be treated in Policy Area 8. Just a few desirable components in a future immigration policy are mentioned here:

A. In order to increase the strength and power of the extended family that is so vital in many clan/tribe based countries in the Middle East, marriages between cousins are common. In some countries or regions, the proportion of marriages between first and second cousins are about one half of the total number of marriages. In western countries where the reason for marrying generally is love and affinity, this proportion is insignificant.

For that reason, Muslim girls are influenced or forced to marry cousins from their homecountries in order to strengthen their extended families. A male Muslim immigrant in Europe marries his daughter to a nephew in the home country (1). The opportunity to increase the family in the west is often seen as so important and the pressure on the daughter is so hard that the daughter very often doesn´t have the power to resist the pressure. A ban on marriages between first and second cousins is therefore one of the most effective ways to help young Muslim women avoid forced marriages. If they choose freely, the same low proportion of them as in Europe would choose cousins as partners. The psychological drive of her parents – and specially when forced marriages have been made unlawful - to force the daughter to marry a non-family person is also much weaker. At the same time a ban weakens the extended families which – like earlier in Europe – has positive consequences for the feeling for, and growth of, citizenship in the relevant group.

B. People who base their careers on applying or teaching a version of Islam which often violates human rights, are not neutral or negative to these violations. If they were, they would have chosen another career. Instead these people constitute the strong base for continuous human rights violations in a Muslim country. They accept and approve of the violations and teach and argue for them. Their values and goals make them dangerous for a tolerant democracy. Regarding visits or immigration to Europe of such persons and their families, certain special rules were indicated in P A 4 (4.2).

Special restrictive rules shall apply to: (1) professional teachers and students of shari'a and Islamic jurisprudence; (2) jurists which practice sharia laws except defense attorneys (new category); (3) politicians, representatives and employees of Islamic religious parties which don't accept UDHR; (4) managers and representatives for religious or faith organizations, financial organizations etc with charters, policies and/or record of earlier actions that violate the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and/or the rights of a citizen or an individual defined in the Constitution of X-country.

Such persons are not allowed to visit or immigrate to EU unless they are able to show that their opinions regarding human rights don't in any way contradict the UDHR. They have the burden of proof. No members of any Islamist organization like the Muslim Brotherhood can visit EU or immigrate here.

No immigrants shall be allowed to enter Europe without a psychological test of his /her values regarding democratic and human rights and a written assurance that he/she will accept the important values of his/her new country; and that he/she will bring up his/her children to accept the laws and important norms of his new country.

11. Islamic clergy with traditional Islamic education and training in countries that have signed the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam, or have received similar education in other countries, are not allowed to act as clergy regarding religious activities in EU. It is a training that is built on contempt for human rights, inequality and dislike for non-Muslims, and recommends all types of practices that are contrary to UDHR. A reformed education of Islamic clergy must be created by Muslims in Europe with a contents that is not contrary to the UDHR, Individual members of the clergy who are able to give ironclad assurances that they will never act or talk in any manner against UDHR, can be allowed to function as clergy. During a period of transition, traditional clergy may temporarily be allowed to work even without such an assurance.

12. Lying about the holocaust, or the genocide against the Armenian people, has been criminalized in a few countries. The pervasive atmosphere of a certain definition of multiculturalism (meaning that Islamic values have the same worth as western values), and the intolerance in media against everybody who dissents from this view, makes it necessary to counteract the tendency in media to conceal negative aspects of Islam.

Media are in their practical work dominated by socialists and socialdemocrats who are now trying to regain the political initiative for the left by destroying the non-socialist market society by using multiculturalism (in the given meaning), Islam and immigration as tools. Many of the journalists understand that an Islamic society and Islamic laws are fundamentally unsuitable for handling the modern world and complex economies. They believe that moslem politicians will then turn to socialists to find help. So after the cold war showed the bankruptcy of the socialistic ideas, the socialists would again be able to revive their collapsed doctrine because Islam will need s o m e theory for running large, or complex economies.

Market economy has as its foundation individualism, freedom, creativity and democracy with protection of minority rights - all values antithetical to Islam. That Islamic countries historically have partly used a market economy for their primitive industrial sectors and their commerce activities will not be enough of an obstacle to introducing extensive socialistic policies in European countries.. The collectivism of socialism will be found to be more suitable for Islam in western societies.

Another advantage of socialism is that its first purpose in practice was never to produce goods and services effectively but - to control people. The future Islamic regimes in the west will appreciate the possibilities to cement their positions of power and realize the Islamization of society by using all control mechanisms that socialism offers. That socialism is a totally unsuitable system for economic growth and development doesn't matter, because future moslem societies in Europe will stagnate and decline anyway.

It is not correct today to see the media as a guarantee for political freedom. For many of the left-oriented journalists, a revival of socialism is probably more important than freedom. They therefore want to suppress everything that can prevent the Islamification and hinder Muslims positive to sharia to get into power in the west. In order to reach their political purposes, they try to conceal all negative matters regarding Islam and call nearly all criticisms for Islamophobia, racism, cultural imperialism etc. Then the population is kept in the dark and therefore passive.

It shall therefore be a crime to conceal the religious background of criminals in cases it may have played a role. For example, data from various countries show that rape is committed much more frequently by Muslim young men than by men from other religions. It is evident that religion may play a role in that. The matter shall be freely discussed, and the opinions of the citizens shall be heard. But in order not to cause any obstacles for their political goals the journalists instead suppress all negative matters regarding Muslim persons where the religion may play a role. That behaviour shall therefore be criminalized and the religious background of e g criminals shown.

13. Leftist governments and governments sympathetic to Islamists shall not be able to use the bureaucracy and decision-making processes within EU to prevent effective anti-Islamist or antiterror measures. It is therefore important for governments really concerned about protecting human rights to agree outside EU on such measures concerning national security, in case differences of opinion inside EU prevents the union from acting.

The most important parts of the anti-Islamist/anti-terrorist work by police,
intelligence/security, or military personnel shall either be carried out outside the EU organization, or – if kept in EU – an organization shall be prepared by interested governments which organization immediately (if needed) can take over all functions (relevant for those countries) of the specific EU administration.

14. Anti-Islamist (ie Human Rights) parties which are members of coalition governments in various countries shall together determine and cooperate regarding those EU policies to which they give special priority. The Human Rights (HR) parties can then force, or gain important concessions from their domestic coalition partners concerning just these EU policies by sacrificing their own standpoints regarding less vital domestic matters. By concentrating on a small number of issues and sacrificing others, essential results may be won.

One can foresee that at some point in time during phase 5-7 of the future development of Europe (see part 1), one EU country will during a crisis declare that certain specified EU laws, conventions etc are not operative (valid) any longer in that country. It just stops to apply these specified laws that EU has created and forced upon the member states. Some other countries will later follow that example. Because the EU establishment at that time have pushed through too many laws without support of, or against the wishes of a majority of the population in EU, the union will have lost part of its legitimacy and support. And the populations have generally started to understand the great danger that the politicians have put Europe in.

The governments committed to human rights, and sympathizers in coalition governments in other countries will be able to prevent that any effective measures are taken against them by EU. The HR parties will in various countries threaten to topple the coalition governments if those want to support the EU commission. New elections can't generally be used by the establishments, because at that time most political conditions will support the HR parties. The consequences of decades of disastrous policies regarding immigration and wholesale acceptance of Islam start to become visible to everybody. And if decisions are made by EU, they are ignored. The legal process is too slow and cumbersome and unable to handle such political processes. And if any verdicts are made, they will be ignored. When EU has lost its legitimacy, legal issues will anyway in practice have little importance.

By paralyzing the political process and ignoring a number of EU laws and conventions, these states will get back their freedom of action and can then carry out the policies they find necessary in accordance with their national interest and national rules. EU loses rapidly its importance outside the economic sphere, and its house of cards consisting of various conventions, declarations and programs etc with no basis in the will of the populations, will crash.

15. The intelligence about all types of Islamist activities in the EU countries shall be improved. A considerable effort shall be made so that enough persons in the police, intelligence services, the military, diplomatic corps a s o swiftly learn the Arab language All large mosques and Muslim organizations where any Islamist activities can be suspected, shall be under surveillance. All possible Islamist organizations shall be infiltrated.

A European center shall be created that gathers information from national centers in EU countries regarding all (1) acts of violence, or (2) threats of violence that can be judged to be political and are motivated by religion. Political violence and political murders constitute the beginning of physical jihad (see phases 3-5 (c-e) in part 1). Good indicators regarding the degree of radicalization of various parts of the Muslim population shall be created.

A European center shall be created with the goal to collect the information from national centers regarding all crimes against the human rights of Muslims by Islamists and other Muslims, owing to religion or traditions, which in practice are accepted and/or supported by religion. These crimes aim at supporting or strengthening parallel societies in Europe, and are often directed towards women, girls, apostates, or Muslims who are not enough religious. They constitute an important part of the efforts to undermine Europe.

16. All legal obstacles for an effective anti-terrorism and anti-Islamist policy shall be removed in all EU countries. Countries may have to modernize their legislations so that laws used in a state of war, can be used during e g armed rebellion and civil war. Terrorists are not soldiers and shall not be given any protection similar to that a soldier has according to the Geneva Convention. They shall not be tried in civilian courts: special or military courts and military laws shall be used.

A terrorist is according to his philosophy and way of fighting, a fundamental enemy of the specific country and also of civilization. Any type of armed rebellion for religious reasons against a member state of EU shall be treated as if the participants have committed high treason during war. Using explosives is comparable to using a firearm against own citizens and soldiers, and helping the enemy in wartime.

A military state of emergency is an extremely drastic measure, and a small number of less drastic “Levels of Emergencies” with varying limitations of human rights shall be defined for the EU countries. They shall be suitable for combating lower levels of unrest and violence than a widespread armed rebellion.

17. In order to meet a new political situation in Europe, new laws and punishments are necessary. Economic criminals are sometimes forbidden to work as business men. Likewise, it shall be possible to forbid political/religious criminals to work with political and/or religious matters. Members of the Islamic clergy who have committed e g religious hate crimes or crimes against integration (see PA 4 -6) shall not be allowed to take part in religious work or activities. Other punishments which may be new in some countries are: ban against moving outside a geographic area; house arrest; ban to meet people besides the family; ban to communicate with others via telephone, internet etc.

The new crime called “Betrayal of the European Civilization” was described in sect 12.2 p.6. It is necessary to establish such a crime because the nation state is now heavily influenced by the actions of non-elected international administrators and bureaucrats, who can seriously damage the specific country. If the consequences of the actions of such EU employees are highly detrimental to the national interest of a state, and can be judged to be part of a political agenda that aims at promoting the interests of radical Islam, or objectively helps radical Islam to gain influence in Europe, such a crime is committed. The proper definitions, criteria and safeguards for the legal rights of the accused will be formulated by the European states which introduce this crime in their legal systems..

It can be expected that laws in different countries may counteract each other regarding such a crime. However, during a political process similar to the one described in p. 13 above, there will probably be possibilities in various countries to apprehend and bring accused EU employees to justice even before an armed rebellion or civil war in Europe has been started by the Islamists. After military operations start, there will be a widespread demand among the European populations that those politicians and EU employees who are responsible for the misguided policies that have caused a disaster for Europe, shall be brought to justice. Then other parts of national laws will also be relevant.


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Monday June 25, 2007
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13. Leftist governments and governments sympathetic to Islamists shall not be able to use the bureaucracy and decision-making processes within EU to prevent effective anti-Islamist or antiterror measures. It is therefore important for governments really concerned about protecting human rights to agree outside EU on such measures concerning national security, in case differences of opinion inside EU prevents the union from acting. I assert that leftist movements have destabilized Europe (and the west) in that traditional values such as faith, family, and patriotism has been devalued. These values are viewed as old fashioned, unworldly, and potentially racist, but nothing can be farther forom the truth. The shadows of Europe's recent past (20th century) have contributed to this disintegration of western society. Conversely, jihadists are armed with the values of faith, family, and the desire to re-create a Caliphate. They have successfully gained footholds in every European nation on the map, particularly France, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands, and Denmark. Their value of family has contributed to their population explosion right in our midsts. Westerners have depopulated their nations through an assault on family values, abortion (in the USA an estimated 40,000,000 children were claimed by this "procedure" since the 1970's), and other types of moral laxities. It is time for the west embrace traditional values for the sake of our mutally continued existence.

MA Khan, Editor
Monday June 25, 2007
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Triphammer says, "Their value of family has contributed to their population explosion right in our midsts."

I think, there is little we can learn from the family values from Muslims than honor-killing and stuffs like that. Muslim family values have only fostered illiteracy, poverty, vandalism, fanaticism and intolerance. Population burst among Muslims in the West is mainly a directed policy for dominating the infidel natives so that Sharia and Islamic system can be put in place ASAP.

Tuesday June 26, 2007
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well written and digged

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