Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

Islamization of Europe and Policies to Prevent It, Part 7

Policy Area 12: Foreign Policy, Part A

1. Background

A             12.1         Background

A             12.2         Certain Goals For A New European Foreign Policy

B             12.3         MORE ABOUT GOALS AND POLICIES


D             12.5         POLICIES NECESSARY TO REALIZE THE GOALS IN 12.4

E             12.6         THE ENDGAME: NEVER AGAIN



Some of the goals and policies described below in sect.12.2-3 are mainly relevant regarding phase 2–4 of the coming political development in Europe (see Part 1: A theory of the Islamization process in the European countries). In later phases, these goals and policies will change. And some of the security goals and policies described in 12.4-5 are relevant primarily during the phases 5-8.

  1. The continuous immigration, and the growth and lack of integration of the Muslim population in Europe, is the continent’s most important political issue in the 21st century. It may change the national cultures of Europe and the political situation in many countries. A peaceful region with all prerequisites for progress and a very good life for all its citizens now stands in front of a catastrophe. The multicultural dogmatism of some politicians and the hunger for power of others, have paved the road for a foreign religion which historically has been a grave threat to Europe. When the real, traditional interpretation of Islam gathers enough followers and gains power, the human rights of Europeans will be distinctly limited. The values of orthodox Islam are contrary to those of modern democratic societies. To rely on moderate Muslims is of no use. In PA 6, I expressed the following conclusion: “In many cases, a moderate Muslim evidently has the same goals as the terrorists but refuses to fight for them with a weapon in his hand and sacrifice himself in battle (until jihad has been legally proclaimed). But that is no reason to make a sharp differentiation between a moderate and an extreme Muslim religion”. Even if the Muslim clerics and some adherents now conceal the true contents of their faith in order not to frighten the majority of Europeans, the truth about Islam will appear when the radical followers of traditional Islam grow in number.
  2. Many Muslim immigrants to Europe differ from individuals in other immigrant groups. Some of the Muslims seem to have no intention to integrate in a real sense into the European society. Real integration means that immigrants adapt their values – and specially their fundamental values – and habits (dress, food, general behaviour etc) to those dominant in the specific European country. According to many indications, considerable parts of the first and second generation of Muslims don’t integrate in a meaningful sense. And many evidently didn’t have any intention to do that when immigrating to Europe. But then it is not a question about immigration to Europe, but colonization of Europe.

And many Muslim immigrants evidently look upon themselves as a group which shall transform Europe to a Muslim society. They feel a larger solidarity with the Ummah than with their new country and their fellow citizens. They don’t allow Muslim women to marry infidels, prevent their children to freely meet with European children and youth, and are reluctant to have European friends, all because of their religion. Many of their leaders talk about a demographic conquest of Europe. The intent is that by breeding and immigration shall Muslims take over the political power on the continent.

  1. There is no possibility that traditional Islam will change because of theological discussions and religious interactions with non-Muslims. These interfaith “dialogues” are just used for making Christians passive and helpful while Muslims grow strong. There are enough useful idiots (in Lenin’s sense) among the Christian clergy allowing some Christian faiths to be used as political tools. The best alternative for Islam to change would be the growth of a strong reform movement which abrogates many of the (mainly) Medinan parts of the Quran. These parts are distinctly against equality between human beings, against human rights, democracy, the separation of state and church aso. Non-Muslims may perhaps be of some help in the task of reforming Islam by defining what must be excluded, but Muslims must naturally perform the work. However, there are no convincing signs that such a reform movement is growing enough fast and will be able to oppose orthodox Islam in Western countries. There is today no trustworthy, forceful reform movement in Islam.
  2. 4. For each passing year, Europe slides closer towards widespread physical violence, strife, rebellions and – ultimately – civil war in many countries. The political course of Europe is already set because of the considerable minorities of Muslims. If forceful anti-Islamification polices are not rapidly put in place, there is no possibility to avoid a disaster. Enmity, continuous frictions and confrontations between groups, growing political and cultural conflicts culminating in armed rebellion and – in some countries – civil war, will follow.

A considerable part of the European population will start to understand that they just cannot sacrifice what their forefathers sacrificed their lives for during perhaps sixty generations. For the sake of civilization, they feel they must act. But the politicians today are – for various reasons including lack of knowledge – ready to sacrifice the nations for temporary political gain, cowardice, or lack of insight. But a new type of patriots have now appeared, closely cooperating with patriots in other European countries but deeply aware of the uniqueness and value of their own countries. This movement will grow fast and become the vanguard against Islamism in Europe.

In the struggle for Europe, there will be growing possibilities to make the ideologies of social democracy and social liberalism collapse in the future after their more than a century in power. The citizens will slowly start to understand the basic role of these parties for the disastrous political development in Europe. Conservative, nationalistic, classical liberal and libertarian parties will then take over the dominance in European politics. So Islamists will destroy their benefactor’s social democracy and social liberalism together with parts of Europe. The Europeans will at that time understand their responsibility for the mass immigration of Muslims with traditional faith, of which many will follow the Islamists and political Islam.



2.1. The main foreign policy goal for European anti-Islamist parties and organizations is to avoid a European civil war by promoting all relevant proposals that prevent the Islamification of the European countries. If a comprehensive policy hindering the Islamization of Europe is not applied within some years, an armed struggle and a partial destruction of Europe owing to military operations can later not be prevented.

If these organizations fail in this task, they must then formulate and implement policies that will lead to victory in the civil wars in Europe in 25-50 years time. And after that victory they have the responsibility to eliminate – for ever - the threat of orthodox Islam/political Islam against Europe.

The indigenous Europeans will not accept being deprived of their freedom, and will fight to maintain, or regain, the rights that their ancestors secured for them. And they will not give up even if they would become a minority because of the success of the demographic strategy of Islamists. Democracy without protection of human and minority rights is mob-rule, and nothing to specially respect. It is just a mass of foreign people trying to force an unacceptable system on Europeans, and Europeans have always ferociously fought such attempts. Such “societies” are not worth living in, and an armed struggle will be the outcome. However, it is not likely that Muslims will be a majority before the clashes between the groups have become uncontrollable. The coming generation of Europeans then have the responsibility to devote some years of their lives, and perhaps even their lives, to secure the European civilization. The grave mistakes of today’s politicians force them to make this sacrifice.

At that time everybody will know that this is a fight to the finish, and that no compromise is ever possible with political Islam and sharia. If the patriots must retreat from some countries, it will be temporary. Together with European citizens from other countries and – perhaps – US forces, they will later regain their countries. The policy of Reconquista will then be formulated in many languages.

2.2. During this struggle, a true European spirit now missing owing to the non-democratic and artificial method of building EU, will at last appear. But already now it is important to realize another main foreign policy goal: a real European solidarity: One nation for all and all nations for one. Every act of Islamist internal violence against one nation is an act against all. All nations understand that it is only a matter of time before similar acts will be aimed at them, because their Muslim populations will become larger and more radicalized. Therefore all nations must respond, when one is struck. The most far-reaching protective measures applied in the European country hit by attacks shall – in relevant parts – be applied in all EU countries.

2.3. Not one square centimeter of European soil shall be allowed to be under the sovereignty of political Islam. For example, there shall be no “no-go” areas in Europe. They must all be eliminated immediately because they are incubators for political Islam. European national or local public administration following national laws shall effectively be in charge everywhere in Europe.

2.4 No parallel societies shall be allowed in any European country. Parallel societies (see Policy Area 6) are forerunners to separatism and to introduction of sharia. They are a threat to political unity, democracy and human rights. The rules in PA 6 regarding these societies shall be instituted in all EU-countries. “Crimes against integration” and “Religious Hate Crimes” with the contents described in PA 1, 3, 4 and 6 are also crimes that shall be introduced in all EU countries.

3A. All open and concealed attacks against human rights within EU must be stopped. Belonging to e g a tribe or clan has no legal importance at all in Europe – residence or citizenship has. A woman basically belongs to nobody but herself – she is an independent citizen with the rights of such a person. Proactive measures and especially against those who - according to their religion and various traditions - continually violate human rights of others shall be taken. Muslim women and children are specially exposed to such violations, and a proactive non-tolerance of all violations of their human rights shall be a fundamental goal of EU.

Also male Muslims are victims of orthodox Islam because of indoctrination since birth and the following suppression of all other perspectives on life. Reason, freedom, democracy and the values of Western civilization including human rights must always be upheld at e g all education and in all schools in EU. Ideas which violate these ideals shall be opposed at all occasions by all public employees in EU countries which meet citizens in various situations. If non-democratic values contrary to human rights and a secular state survive or even remain strong in certain immigrant groups, special measures shall be taken. All informal sharia courts must immediately be shut down in all EU countries.

One type of attack regard attacks on freedom of expression in the name of a religion. All such attacks shall be forcefully opposed.

3B. Violations of human rights inside Muslim countries shall have distinct consequences regarding contacts and assistance from EU, or individual EU countries. The policy to help the populations economically despite their abominable governments shall stop. It helps these governments too much and prolongs the misery of the populations. The money shall instead be used to support e g information via radio, TV, and internet to that country, and human rights and democratic political organizations working there and outside the country. Strengthening such organizations and preventing attacks against them is a fundamental goal for the EU. A cultural and political infrastructure supporting freedom and democracy in the future shall be built in the country instead of an economic infrastructure.

A steady and increasing pressure shall be applied in all practical ways against especially abominable non-democratic governments in order to prevent state crimes against UDHR. All violations of human rights and specially violations of freedom of expression, of the right to free assembly and association, and to religious freedom shall be forcefully counteracted. E g the passivity of EU and European governments regarding Mubarak's oppression of democratic forces in Egypt at the same time as the regime presents itself as the bastion against the Muslim Brotherhood, is one example of shameful acts of the European countries.

3C. If a country in reality allows madrassahs which inoculate children with religious hate; allows schools and training for terrorists; allows terrorists to move around in the country; allows financing of terrorists a s o, it must be isolated and punished. It is then also better that the country remains economically underdeveloped and weak. If its government proclaims acceptable political goals but in its actions to oppose terrorists show a too high a level of passivity and incompetence, the country must also be isolated and punished.

3D. All fatwas proclaimed in Muslim countries and aiming at any human rights in democratic countries shall be punished. Issuing violent fatwas in other countries against EU citizens shall legally be defined as a criminal act. No fatwas containing any incitements or encouragement of violence against any citizen of, or immigrant living in, EU countries shall be ignored. If the country where the person(s) which issue(s) the fatwa doesn’t react enough forcefully, this shall have consequences for the host country. International arrest orders shall be issued, and if the relevant person(s) travels to non-EU countries, applications for their extradition to EU shall be made.

4. All member states of EU shall differentiate in a distinctive way between democratic states and countries which are dictatorships. Dictatorships are recognized according to international law when they have the power over their territories, but they shall always be treated as dictatorships and not allowed to influence the activities and life in democracies. For that reason, they cannot seriously be allowed to influence the decision-making in international associations. If possible and practical, they shall be excluded, or at least deprived of influence in these.

Besides technical matters in associations where it is of interest for the Western countries that dictatorships are members, their opinions are of no special interest regarding moral and political issues regarding which - in many or most cases – they support policies contrary to the interest of democratic states. E g resolutions in the United Nations affecting the lives of citizens in democratic countries, and which only have passed because of the votes from dictatorships including states that in practice don’t recognize UDHR, have no value at all and shall always be ignored. Countries that have signed the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam shall specially be treated as potentially hostile countries owing to their stand on freedom and human rights, and shall be given no preferences of any kind. E g the Barcelona Declaration is an example of today’s failed EU policies in its willingness to give Muslim dictatorships and orthodox Islam privileges and influence in Europe.

Economic help and other types of assistance shall primarily be directed towards less developed democratic states, or states that clearly are on the road to democracy and realizing human rights. General economic liberalization of the world economy has a value in itself, but regarding non-democratic states the gains for EU countries shall be equivalent to the advantages offered such countries. If not, these countries shall be forced to offer liberalization regarding human and political rights of their citizens in exchange for any economic advantages. If that is not accepted, no agreements shall be made.

The national independence of nations which suppress human rights is no reason not to forcefully react against such violations. International law shall not prevent a high degree of activism against non-democratic states. The economic power of EU shall always be used to further human rights and political freedom in dictatorships.

5. It is of great importance that media and political leaders in EU stop to lie or hide the truth about the true character of orthodox Islam and Islamism. Omitting facts and being silent is sometimes as dangerous as lying. Disregarding – in media - the religious background of perpetrators of crime, when the religion may be of relevance, shall be criminalized in all EU countries. Democracy rests upon the notion that citizens are well informed, and not manipulated by media. The silence about religion is manipulation of the voters. Now media and governments conceal the religious background of criminals in order to reach political goals i e keeping the populations in the dark and therefore passive.

6. In the same way as treachery is severely punished in individual countries, a new type of crime must now be introduced because of the influence of EU over individual countries. E g EU-administrators and EU-commissioners have considerable power and their actions can be disastrous for the individual countries regarding many matters. Their actions may favour and help Islamism in a way that is highly dangerous. The new crime regards Betrayal of the European Civilization (or Europe). It is a goal that many countries criminalize such behaviour. The jurisdiction of a national court regarding just this crime differs from all other crimes because of its character. The jurisdiction shall in this case regard all employees of EU regardless of their location and nationalities.

It will force all EU employees to avoid helping – in any way – political Islam or real, traditional (orthodox) Islam. After the second world, a new interpretation of international law made it impossible for Germans to excuse their actions by referring to that they just obeyed orders. In a similar way, a new interpretation of international law shall make it impossible for individual EU employees to hide behind decisions made elsewhere in EU.

7. The activities of EU shall not be allowed to expand, and involvement of EU outside matters having an economic character, shall now be limited as much as possible. E g the Barcelona Declaration contains a number of examples of activities by EU that immediately shall stop. Because the transfer of power to EU has happened mainly because of decisions by parliaments, therefore, perhaps without public support, no more power shall be transferred to the Commission or the EU administration. A real democratic component must be brought into the decision-making of EU before the organization can be trusted.

The new EU constitution would not have been accepted in many countries if referendums had been held. It shall not be approved without referendums. Because of the devious way it is realized, its future is highly questionable even if it is formally approved according to today’s rules.

Owing to the fact that EU has too much power and inadequate democratic oversight, it is vitally necessary for anti-Islamist parties to forcefully try to influence it by gaining larger representation in the European parliament, or forcing coalition parties in governments to help rein in EU in exchange for backing their domestic proposals etc. Non-economic activities by EU that weaken the fight against Islamism, shall be blocked and paralyzed.

8. Cooperation between the EU states regarding foreign policy, police, security, and military matters shall – if possible - now be structured outside of EU institutions. The EU commission cannot be trusted to make the right decisions and shall not have the right to influence the cooperation regarding security matters in Europe. Its influence on foreign policy shall also be curtailed as much as possible.

9. Immigration is now not mainly an economic, social or cultural issue but is a national security issue for the EU states. The immigration is slowly becoming a threat to national survival. Then we think about preservation of traditional freedoms and human rights, of democratic institutions, national culture and traditions, national laws as they have developed during centuries, and the preservation of the identity of the specific country. Persons, who may constitute any type of threat against the nation in this meaning, shall not be allowed to immigrate.

The criteria for immigration shall drastically change, and the economic interest of EU must be a priority. Immigrants shall be able to contribute to the development of their countries which means that competence and knowledge shall be important criteria.

The immigration policy for a country will be treated in Policy Area 8. E g no person with an Islamist background, or associated with Islamist organizations, or employed at educational or other institutions/organizations teaching or promoting a religion which in any way contradicts UDHR, can be allowed to immigrate to, or visit, Europe. If Muslim countries don’t cooperate in order to help prevent illegal emigration to Europe by their citizens, it is a reason for sanctions against them.

An effective Border Control Force shall immediately be established regarding EUs external borders. It shall have all necessary resources to realize a policy of complete non-tolerance of illegal immigration to Europe. No illegal immigrants shall be allowed to remain in EU.

10. The demographic conquest of Europe by Muslims shall be prevented in all possible ways. The number of children by European parents must in many countries increase for the sake of national survival, and shall be forcefully stimulated.

At the same time it must be acknowledged that fewer children is a choice of many European parents. Why shall they because of that choice see their society transformed into a Muslim one? And why shall they have to pay for their enslavement of themselves by giving Muslim immigrants the economic means to produce children – not for the Muslim children’s parents’ sake – but in order to reach political goals?

The average number of children for a Tunisian woman in her homeland is less than two children while a Tunisian woman in France may have six probably owing to the economic support from the state and influence from clerics. Europeans generally don’t take more than 3 children. No child support for larger families shall be given. Those Muslims who use their women as breeding machines must pay an economic price for that.

All Muslim girls must at school be thoroughly educated that they are individuals and citizens with rights. They shall be forcefully stimulated to have an independent life, get a good education and employment, marry the person they really want, and that they shall not allow themselves to become child-factories in order to realize the clerics´ dreams of an Islamic Europe.

11. No Islamic country where real traditional Islam reigns, can be a member of the EU. It means that Turkey cannot become a member. Before an Islamic country can join, a reformed Islam explicitly acknowledging human rights, democracy, and the separation of state and religion, must be the dominant religion. If a country dominated by orthodox Islam is accepted, it shall in all ways be boycotted and opposed until it leaves or is thrown out of from the European Union. If Turkey because of electoral misfortunes in some European countries gets into EU; that shall just be the start of a long struggle to evict it from the union.

12. The political/cultural struggle (during the phases 2-4) and later the political/military struggle (ph. 5-8) will undermine the economic growth and well-being in Europe. The gross national product will be substantially cut during some years of the long struggle. However, it is a necessary cost to accept in the fight for freedom, and the earlier income levels can later rapidly be restored.

At all occasions, and in all contexts, shall it be both a domestic and a foreign policy goal to brand the parties representing social democracy and social liberalism as those responsible for the coming, or ongoing, catastrophe befalling Europe. The European populations shall in a decade be made to be very aware of the guilt of these parties for the unfolding events, and the destruction of the welfare, harmony and unity of the European societies, and the coming violence and deaths of European citizens.

It is important that these parties will slowly be reduced to weak shadows of their past. Their ideologies cause a considerable risk for the European civilization to become annihilated. If they are not branded and generally recognized as the architects of the coming disaster, they may later otherwise come back and again undermine Europe, when victory over orthodox Islam has been realized.


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