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Hezbollah Did Not Lose: Muslims Never Capitulate

[Original in Bangla. Translated by Abul Kasem]

It is just inconceivable that Muslims could ever lose a war. This is certainly true when fighting non-Muslims or the infidels, kafirs. The principal reason for this is that Allah has designated Muslims as His only holy vicegerent on Earth. On the other hand, kafirs are the absolute disciples of Satan. In the holy Qur’an Allah has repeatedly mentioned this issue. The bottom line is: Muslims are Allah’s chosen jihadi soldiers. Please note that Hezbollah means Allah’s party (Hizb = party, Allah = Islamic God) or Allah’s fighters. Therefore, how could Satan win a war against the Almighty Allah? 

During the Pakistani days (that is, when the holy Islamic Pakistan ruled Bangladesh), the Hindu kafir India fought between three to four wars with this sanctified land of Allah. Thanks to the power of the Islamic Pakistani media, we always heard that Pakistani-Hezbollah had invariably won the war. To further add salt to the injury, the Islamic media even had the effrontery to depict India as a sore loser. Although fact was, always it was the Pakistan a definite loser in the war with Kaffir India.

The war of 1971 was the only exception. The reason was: in this war the Hindu kafir joined hands with the Bengali Muslims. This meant that Bengali Muslims, the half-Hezbollah, had fought in collusion with the Indian army. That was why Allah could not manage a proper victory for the, thoroughbred, full-blood Hezbollah, the Pakistan army. 

On the other hand, if we were to believe the Islamic propaganda, the world is led deem that the Muslims had always won every single war—without any exception. Even the 1991 Gulf War was won by the Islamic potentate, Saddam Hussein. An Islamic hero, Saddam would celebrate every year his victory against the American. His school-children were brainwashed to believe in the invincibility of the Muslims and the utter inglorious defeat of the USA. Even in the war of 2003, Saddam won, hands down, believe it or not. If we were to ask Saddam the question, ‘Who really won the war?’ I am absolutely certain that Saddam will declare his victory even when he is inside the Iraqi prison. Meanwhile, in 2001 (in the aftermath of 9/11), the newest prophet of Islam, the venerable Osama bin Laden has already declared his victory against the USA even though when the entire world knows very well how America had completely routed Osama’s jihadi fighters from the sacred soil of Afghanistan. We know very well how America has used the mighty Daisy Cutter bombs to chase out the stray cats and dogs of Islam. But who could make the Muslims swallow the bitter truth? To the Muslims, this could never be the truth; the real victor against the kafirs has to be Muslims (i.e. the Talibans and al-Qaeda). 

Recently, we heard that in the hallowed land of Lebanon the Hezbollah jihadists, nurtured, financed and emboldened by the ‘oil’ of Iran, have completely routed the scoundrel Jews of Israel. Even in this war, the only victors are the Muslims (read Shia Muslims). At least, this is what the world is fed with the war news emanating from the Lebanese and Islamic media. No sooner had war ended than Iran, Hezbollah and Syria, in unison, started broadcasting that Hezbollah, without any shred of doubt has won the war against Israel. Wasting no time, they immediately celebrated their victory with great fanfare and fire-works. Such is the zeal for holy jihadis

From the Islamic source one amazing story of this war is that no Hezbollah was killed—absolutely none. The only dead were a thousand innocent Lebanese civilians. On the other hand, eighty Israeli soldiers, along with a few Israeli civilians had died in the war. In Lebanon, the casualties were only civilians—and no Hezbollah at all! The reason is: there is no difference between Hezbollah and the Lebanese civilians. A clever ploy indeed; the despicable Jews failed to distinguish between Hezbollah and the ordinary civilian. No doubt, this is the technique of war—Islamic style, of course. 

It was extremely difficult for the loathsome (harami) Jews to correctly identify the Hezbollah jihadists and bomb them appropriately. On the side of the Hezbollah, this was no problem. They did not have to carefully sift the civilians and the Israeli army personnel—all Jews are fair game for slaughter, as per the Islamic tenet. Killing a Jew, any Jew for that matter, is the name of the Islamic game. No wonder, the world watched how coolly Hezbollah jihadists, aimlessly launching hundreds of rockets, went on a gratuitous killing of the Jews. Because of this reason ninety percent of the Hezbollah rockets landed on bushes, moors, and worse, on Israeli Muslims. 

It is certain that in this month-long war, the infidel Jews has hit a mortal blow on the Hezbollah jihadists and has crushed their backbone. On southern Lebanon, Israel has occupied a vast tract of land and has carried out mopping out operations to steadfastly force the jihadists on the run, like exodus of cats and dogs. Israeli army has pulverized almost ninety percent of Hezbollah sanctuary. The contemptible Jews have leveled to the ground nearly all the residential quarters of the jihadists. More than six hundred Hezbollah jihadists have been killed (read martyred) and four thousand civilians wounded. Simply speaking, a wide swathe of land of southern Lebanon, about fifteen miles in radius, will be either under the control of the United Nations peace keeping force or under the direct suzerainty of the Israeli kafirs. Needless to say, the Hezbollah ambition of launching incessant rocket attack on Israel will remain just a pie-in-sky dream. 

Even with such a decisive decimation of Hezbollah, I am certain we will still hear the Islamic rant: the only victor in this war was Hezbollah. Because they unflinchingly believe that it is just impossible for the Muslims to lose a war with kafirsAllah will never allow this to happen. During war with the infidels Allah is always lend his ponderous hand to assist the Muslims. During time of jihad against kafirs, Allah, with His huge army truly descends on the lowest heaven. In this connection, Hezbollah members are none other than Allah’s soldiers. This is exactly how Allah had always helped His dearest friend, Muhammad. Allah even had helped Muhammad on sex orgies; sometimes by sending angels, some times through Qur’anic revelations. So, how could Allah refrain from helping the Jihadists when they are in mortal combat with the infidels? 

Interestingly, when the Muslims engage in internecine—Shias killing Sunnis, Sunnis killing Shias, both killing Ahmedi…and so on, they indulge in inveighing one another as kafir. One group is certain that Allah is on their side—that their victory is absolute. Under this bizarre situation, I guess, the pagan Allah is trapped in a difficult situation. He cannot decide who to side with.

It is no wonder that Muslims always have unswerving faith in Allah. They will always seek Allah’s succor on all matters, even on matters such as sexual intercourse, bath (ghusl), victuals, urination, defecating…and so on. With running tears on their cheeks they will implore Allah for His help, mercy and favor. To survive, they are hopelessly dependent on the Allah’s decree and compassion—they have no alternative. 

As written before, Muslims are Allah’s soldiers on earth. For this reason Allah is duty-bound to ensure their winning a war. This war of Lebanon has amply demonstrated Allah’s kudrat (glory). In Islam, all non-Muslims are manifest partisans of Satan. So, their defeat is guaranteed—there should not be any doubt on this. How could Satan win a war waged against Allah?

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