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Erroneous Science and Contradictions in the Quran [26 Sep, 2008]

Does Soul Exist? [25 Sep, 2008]

How Many Gods are There? Allah Says Many! [24 Aug, 2008]

False claim of the American Islamists finally exposed; American Muslim population is only 1.8 millions in total! [08 Mar, 2008]

The Nostalgia of Islamic Golden Age vs. the History of Science  [07 Nov, 2007]

An Open Letter about Islamic Threats to the U.S. Lawmakers and Officials [04 Nov, 2007]

Did Prophet Muhammad order Killing Surrendered Jews of Banu Quraiza and Khaybar? [07 Jul, 2007]

Why Critical Scrutiny of Islam is an Utmost Necessity!  [23 May, 2007]

Science in Quran: Ambiguity of Human Embryology  [12 May, 2007]

Samples of Quranic Contradictions and Flaws  [12 March, 2007]

Debate between Syed Mirza and Shah Abdul Halim: Islam and Pluralism—Comments by  Archimedez [10 March, 2007]

Islam: Pluralism and Interfaith Dialogue – A Debate, Part 1 [23 Feb, 2007]

Islamo-Fascism is More Dangerous than Nazi’s Fascism!  [21 October, 2006]

Should Every Muslim Emulate Prophet Muhammad as Their Model?  [21 October, 2006]

Hezbollah Did Not Lose: Muslims Never Capitulate [17 August, 2006]

The Would-Be Terrorist's Explosive Tell-All Tale - Faiza Saleh Amba  [24 July, 2006]

Adoption − Islamic Style!   [21 April, 2006]

Qur'an is the Primary Manual of Islamic Suicide Terrorism

Islam and Superstitions [02 April, 2006]

Were they not saying: "Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance"? [Afghan Converts Case] [25 March, 2006]

Qurbani: whose sin, whose piety, whose penance and at the expense of whose life? [15 January, 2005]

The Dreadful Islamic Hell [08 January, 2006]

Islamic Heaven [18/12/2005]

Islamic Terrorists are more powerful and more lethal than the Communism of the last Century [17/12/2005]


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