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Islamo-Fascism is More Dangerous than Nazi’s Fascism!

After the successful foiling of the al-Qaeda terrorist’s plot to blow-up passenger planes over the cities and towns of USA, President George Bush used the term: “Islamo-fascism” to denote Islamic terrorists. This was of course a total metamorphosis of his own opinion about Islam—from “Islam means peace” and then “evil ideology” to “Islamo-fascism. To this Islamists (western living so called moderate Muslims) worldwide reacted angrily and blame President Bush for incorrectly calling peaceful (?) Islam as “Islamo-fascist”! The above scenario has warranted examining carefully whether President Bush really made a mistake by calling Islam as “Islamo-fascist”.

What is fascism?

The word “fascism” stands for: Dictatorship, one party government, autocracy, totalitarianism, racism, Nazism, Hitlerism (Webster’s NewWorld Thesaurus).
More precisely the word “fascism” stands for: A philosophy or system of government that is marked by stringent social and economical control headed by a dictator (The American heritage Dictionary). Fascism is a form of government headed by a dictator which involves total government control of political, economical, cultural, religious and social activities (World Book). But the question is why the president of America named those al-Qaeda terrorists as the “Islamo-fascists”?

What is Islam?

Islam is a politically motivated Arab imperialism in the garb of religion. Surprisingly
Islam does not possess much spiritualism in a real sense; rather, Islam is a totalitarianism which attempts to control human’s mind and body in its entirety. That is why Islam is widely known as the so called ‘code of life’ which is strictly articulated and governs by the ‘Islamic Shariaah’ the very constitution of Islamic state. Islamic Shariaah was originally formulated by the strict scriptural dictums from Holy Quran (the words of Allah) and Ahadiths (Sunnah of the Prophet). Now, if we do the detail analysis of the Shariaah-based state called Islamic state then clearly we can learn that actually an Islamic state is more dangerous then the all known fascist states of the world. Because, Islam does not have any regard for human life or human freedom; Islam only cares obligation of obeying Allah and His prophet.

A true Islamic Sharriaat or Islamic Hudud laws strictly controls or dictate every single affair of human lives. Islamic Sharraiat or so called Islamic ‘code of life’ is bound to control political, economical, cultural, family-life, business, personal life, sexual life, dress-codes, food habits, etc. etc. That is Islamic code will dictate people—what politics they can do or can not do, what they can eat or can not eat, how to greet or whom they can not greet, how to dress or what they can not dress, when to pray or what not to pray, how to do sex, how to wash their body or face, how to do business, what to produce or not to produce, what man can do or can not do, what women can do or can not do, what to sing or not to sing, what musical instrument can or can not be used, how to cry or not to cry, whom to marry or not marry, what to play or not to play etc. etc. Islamic shariaah-based nation will control almost every affair of citizen lives (from the day of birth until the day of death/grave) by the strict rules prescribed by the Islamic Allah and Prophet Muhammad.

A few examples will clarify this matter more vividly:

Religious practice: Only Islam will be allowed to practice freely and all other religions will be strongly persecuted, discouraged or allowed with very limited privilege. Because Islam does not recognize or respect any other religion on earth (Quran-3:85). Non-Muslims will lead the life of second class citizens and will reside in the country as Dhimmis.

[Islam divides human race into three main groups: 1. The believers (Muslims-slaves of Allah); 2. The dhimmis (Christians, Jews,  Buddhists, Zoroastrians); 3. The kaffirs (all polytheists such as Hindus, animists and atheists). The group-2 is considered dhimmitude and can live with very limited opportunity; but group-3 must either be converted to Islam or be brutally killed]

Coercive imposition of Islamic rituals: Islam is the only religion in which peoples are being forced/coerced to observe Islamic daily rituals. In any Islamic paradise—like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Talibani Afghanistan, or any other Islamic Arab countries—Islamic police (Muttawalli) force general citizens to observe daily rituals very strictly. Anybody who fails to obey is punished by beating severely or even by imprisonment. Even in the moderate Muslim countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia etc. Clergies, general public or the elders will repeatedly remind or even force younger people to join the daily five time prayers/rituals of Islam. Anybody who do not join or refuse to join will be cursed, looked down or insulted by the seniors.

People’s dress: Islam has a special dress code for both men and women. Citizens of any Islamic nation can not choose their own dress at will and they must obey Islamic strict dress code. State will dictate what men can wear and what women can wear. Example: Men will be compelled to keep long beard (giving them billy goat’s appearance) and women will be compelled to wear black burkha, hijab or Nikhab (Quran-33:59—giving them frightening ghostly appearance). Violators will be punished by Islamic beating/lashings or by imprisonment. Anybody from any foreign land convert to Islam also needs to adopt/change his dress according to Islam. A devout Bangladeshi, Chinese or a Burmese convert to Islam will pretend to be a good Muslim by wearing Arab garb or hijab for women, even though his/her own national dress is not at all similar to Arab national dress.

Education: Islamic state will prohibit western style education, i.e. anything that contradicts Islamic dictum will be prohibited. Modern science in general and biological science in particular such as evolution theory will be strictly prohibited. Women will be barred from going outside for education, i.e. women will not be allowed to go to school and college and they will only be allowed to learn about religion (keeping them inside their homes) and how to be obedient and submissive to their husbands.

Working outside/job: Only men will be allowed to work outside and women will not be allowed to work outside. Women will stay at home to serve men and to breed and rear

Treatment: Islam will dictate even treatment privilege of general citizens. Male doctor will not be allowed to treat any female patient and similarly no female doctor will see male patients. Many of the modern treatments (surgical procedures etc) will be prohibited for women and men.

Business or Industrial development: Islamic state will decide what business is legal or what production is illegal. For example productions like: Alcohol, musical instruments, music recording, sports goods etc will be strictly prohibited. Violators will be beaten severely by Islamic methods.

Sports and leisure: All sports like foot-ball, cricket, bally-ball, basket-ball etc. will be prohibited. Islam does not condone any types of sports and sport of any type is considered the game of Satan. Praying five times a day is their main sports.

Banking or economic programs: Modern economic systems of banking or monetary business like stocks, bears and bulls market, mutual funds and bonds etc. will be prohibited. Islamic Banking without interest payment will run the country’s economic transactions.

Drama/theater/Cinema: All forms of drama, theaters and cinema are deadly illegal in Islam; hence will be strictly prohibited by Islamic shariah. Islamic police for virtue (Muttawalli) will roam the country to stop these vices of Satan and will punish severely with Islamic beatings if anybody violates the code of Islamic virtue.

Tourism/recreations: Tourist’s attractions will be almost nil and only thing will be allowed is to pilgrimage some holy places by the devout Muslims. Recreations like sun-bathing in the sea-beaches will be strictly prohibited. Violators will be beaten like dogs and cats.

Food and drinks: Muslims will follow very strict Islamic food codes. Unlike other religious groups, Muslims can not eat western most hygienically produced meat products. Muslims need to eat so called un-hygienically produced halal meat from Islamically slaughtered animals. Alcoholic drinks of all types will be strictly prohibited.

Music: Under the Islamic Shariah laws—music is considered weapons of Satan (Devil); hence music of all kinds are strictly prohibited. Only vocal music of religious nature (commonly known as Gazzal) is allowed. All instrumental music, i.e. all musical instruments is strictly prohibited. Violators are punished or imprisoned.

Arts and sculptures: Islam does not allow drawings or sculpturing of any living beings (such as humans, animals and birds) and only thing will be allowed is drawings of plants and vines, because Islamic Allah thought plants and vines are not living objects! Therefore, arts and sculpturing of any living objects will be prohibited.

Punishments for the crime: Punishments for the crimes (like stealing, adultery, killings etc.) will be cutting/chopping hands, feet and even chopping heads, or stoning death and lashings one hundred and one times. Today’s Islamic paradises like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sudan and many other Arab nations randomly practice these above mentioned punishments according to Allah’s laws (Islamic Shariaat or hudud laws).

Sexual life: Islamic shariaah laws will also control people’s sexual life and marriage life. Shariaat will dictate when, what and how to do sexual acts and birth control will be strictly prohibited. Love acts of all types will be strictly prohibited at the outside of the private home.

Family life: Even the family lives in the Islamic country are controlled by Shariah laws. Family planning such as birth-control will be thing of the past. Islam decides how to distribute family wealth, how to divorce or not to divorce, who is the leader of the family etc.

[The above mentioned Islamic scenarios could be found 100% in the erstwhile Talibani Afghanistan and can be found 90% now in the present day Islamic paradises like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and 60% in Nigeria, Sudan and Pakistan.]

In brief, according to the true Islamic state as per the puritanical Islam preached by the Prophet of Islam, humans have been created only to worship Allah and to praise and sing about Allah and His prophet. Every Muslim is enslaved (submission) by the Islam and Allah. Human race is nothing but the slaves of Allah! In this mortal earth Islam will control almost everything a Muslim will do or will not do. That is lives of all citizens of an Islamic state will be controlled by Islamic shariah laws 100%. Because, Islam is a super totalitarian divine system which controls human’s life with iron-fist. Therefore, Islam is the strictest form of fascism on earth and can not be compared with any other type of known fascism.

On the other hand, a true fascist state or fascism (like Hitlerism, Italian fascism or even communism) may only control political, economical or rarely some religious events. The known fascism will never control or dictate people’s freedom to lead their lives just the way an Islamic state will control which I have described above.

Therefore, it’s an obvious fact and reality that Islamic fascism is hundred fold dangerous and brutal than the conventional fascism like Nazi’s or Italian fascism that is known to the world today. It can be safely concluded that naming Islamic terrorists as “Islamo-fascist” by the American President George Bush was no mistake at all. World must recognize that Islam is not just a religion (like Christianity, Judaism or Hinduism etc) rather Islam is a super fascist Arab imperialistic agenda inside the garb of religion, which is about to engulf entire civilized world through the terrorist’s campaign by the al-Qaeda Islamists. Western world must better be serious about it!

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