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Adoption − Islamic Style!

(An Addendum to Original Article)

True Islam prohibits adoption of human child (orphans and destitute) and one can read my essay on adoption to learn why Islam prohibits the most noble practice of human adoption. In my essay “Adoption in Islam and History of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Marriage to Zainab Bint Jahsh” I have categorically proved that that Islam prohibits adopting children. Adoption in the technical sense is not allowed in Muslim Shriah law. Islamic adoption is nothing but the system of orphan home/ house. This is because Allah does not like the noble gesture of adopting orphan children. I have cited Quranic verses and some support from two most famous Islamic scholars as Muhammad Rushed Ridha and Dr. M.H. Haykal. Both of these Islamic scholars strongly stated with their logic that, “Those who are Muslims and are obedient to the Qur'an will not have adopted sons.” Readers can learn more from my essay mentioned above.

Arguments made by the Defender of Islam 

Islamists living in the comfort-zone of western paradise frequently claim that—adoption is not forbidden as the Islam bashers sarcastically claim but Islam permits adoption with some pre-conditions! Islamists do claim that Allah did not prohibit adoption rather Allah asked human to not to make any orphan child as their own child. Reason is Allah does not like that any human calls a son of another human as his own son! Why? Because that may cause some confusion of heredity! Not only that, so called Islamic adoption does not provide any share of property to the adoptee, i.e. adopted parents are not allowed to give any share of his property (inheritance) to his adopted son. Because, that practice of noble gesture will be un-islamic! 

In the pre-islamic Arabia, adoption of orphan/helpless child was a very popular and moral practice. By adopting orphan/helpless child, they used to consider adopted child as their own. And they used to pass onto them the adopter's genealogy and name, his investment of them with all the rights of the legitimate son including that of inheritance and the prohibition of marriage on grounds of consanguinity. But everything has changed when Allah’s best friend Prophet Muhammad married his own adopted son’s beautiful wife Zainab Bint Jahsh. Allah came to assist Muhammad and asked to abolish the most noble gesture (adopting orphans) and historical custom of pre-Islamic Arabs. Because, we know it very well that time after time, Prophet Muhammad took his Allah’s help to legitimize his personal lusts and greed.  

Now, why these shameless Islamists brought this ludicrous logic (to defend the best Prophet) is very clear. Without any doubt this practice of adoption is most noble thing. But because this Islamic prohibition of adoption sound utterly immoral and unethical (at least in the eyes of civilized world of today), western living so called moderate Muslims felt ashamed of this Islamic truth which was established in the 7th century by Allah only to protect Prophet Muhammad from social scandals and humiliation. These so called moderate Muslims have devised some ludicrous logic which they desperately want to feed the civilized world, in order to save Prophet Muhammad, Allah and Islam from shameful situation. Its really very unfortunate and laughable that true defender of ‘Islam and Allah’ most of the times plays either childish game or argues like a Zombie, i.e. they eat up their normal human logic or sense and begun to make all sorts of illogical and nonsensical arguments only to please/defend Allah’s stupidity in order to earn Allah’s lustful heaven in their afterlife. I will prove with irrefutable logic how silly are those arguments by these defender of Islam are. 

Many hypocritical Islamists claim that Allah actually did not prohibit adoption. Rather Allah forbade Muslim to call the adopted child as their own child. If one can not call a child as their own then it is not adoption in the first place. Islamic way of so called adoption is only a system of charitable residence or orphan house. There those orphans may get food and shelter but they never get love or parental care at all. This is not the universal adoption or fostering of a child that mankind know from the dawn of civilization.

What is adoption?

Adoption means to take and rear an orphan child (child of others) as one’s own child. Who does practice adoption? Answer is anybody, that is, any compassionate able human being can adopt a child. But most commonly it is the childless couples (Couple who can not give birth a child of their own) do practice adoption. It is the only process they can ever rear a human child as their own and call them as their son/daughter, give them love and affections and in return they get love and affections from the adoptee. Tens of thousands of American couples or family do practice adoption. And they all do it for noble cause. 

Now, who are the children that are being adopted? Mostly they are orphans due to: Natural calamities (earthquake, tsunami, and tornado), wars, famine and other children who have lost their parents. Among them there are many children whose parent’s identity remains unknown, such as, abandoned children (newly born children found in the road-sides, drains, canals or in the garbage can) or during the tragic devastation either due to wars or natural calamities—both parents or entire family may have perished leaving the baby crying for help. In this situation nobody really can discover the real identity of that baby who needs care for the survival. 

Now, in such tragic situation only survived baby needs either to get a place in the orphan house, or be adopted by some compassionate couple. In such situation baby needs not just the nutrition and shelter but he/she also needs love, care and parental affections for its survival. On the other hand the childless couple needs to have some one whom they can call their own son/daughter and give their parental love and affections. What’s wrong in it? 

By the universal natural instinct, every human being (man and woman) wants to be a mother and father and every human baby wants to call some one as father and mother, or brother and sister. What’s the crime/wrong in that when an orphan baby gets some one to be called his father? And what’s wrong when a man is getting a human baby (having no identity) to call his own son? What’s wrong if the baby gets exactly the same love and affections (like biological baby) from his adopted father? What’s wrong if I call some one my brother and love him just like my own biological brother and give him same family rights like my own brother? How in the world it could be harmful for anybody? 

Islamists and Allah’s ludicrous argument that in real adoption—the child may lose its hereditary (so Allah dislikes true adoption) is a pure joke indeed! Is the hereditary identity of the abandoned baby (whose identity is already lost for ever) is more important than his survival? How the hereditary identity can be more important than the very survival of the orphan baby? And most importantly, what is wrong if a family wants to give equal rights to a baby who has lost his parents or entire family? Is not all divine deities asked human to treat all people as their own? Why then Islamic Allah has prohibited true adoption with the lame excuse of so called hereditary confusion? What the hell that poor orphan baby will do with his true hereditary??? 

Fact of the matter is Islamic Allah came to aid lascivious prophet Muhammad so that he can enjoy beautiful Zainab and help Muhammad marry Zainab his adopted son’s wife—breaking all norms, taste, logic, ethics and civility of civilized society. And Allah has come to tell mankind that adopting an orphan child as his own is a bad thing!  

 Merciful Allah the best friend of Muhammad came to assist him with Qur'anic verses when he married his adopted son’s beautiful wife Zainab Bint Jahsh. 

(Sura al-Ahzab 33:40): "Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but [he is] God's Messenger and the Seal of the Prophets. God is Aware of everything!"  

(Sura al-Ahzab 33:37): "We married her off to you so that there would be no objection for believers in respect to their adopted sons' wives once they have accomplished their purpose with them. God's command must be done!"  

In the verse (33:37) Allah has stated a particular purpose (ridiculous indeed) for this revelation and action of Muhammad. It is not for himself, but it is for the future of the Muslim community. It is so that in future there may not be a problem if anybody (father-in-law) wants to marry the divorced wife of an adopted son. “We permitted you to marry her so that it may hence be legitimate and morally blameless for a believer to marry the wife of his adopted son.”  Good question is why in the world, any father-in law will need to marry his adopted son's wife. Is there any shortage of bride in this world? 

Without adoption, there cannot be any adopted son either. Therefore, the explicitly stated reason for the revelation of this verse does not exist. Prophet Muhammad himself dissolved the original adoption of Zaid  (Zaid used call Muhammad as his father) when the above revelation came, only to enable him to marry beautiful zainab bint Jahsh.  

Prohibiting adoption is no way a moral action. Prohibitions of alcohol drinking, smoking, gambling, sorceries, killing, etc., could be a moral action. But why was there prohibition of adoption? Was it because of so called silly confusion of baby’s heredity? I have already explained the valid cause of this Islamic hypocrisy. This business of Allah and Muhammad is self-explanatory to all those who have free mind and thinking to judge the real issue of Islamic tricks. Only those blind-faith Islamic zombies will still like to argue only to fool the world. Finally, it is not only wrong to prohibit true system of human adoption, it is also un-ethical, immoral, cruelest, and most lowly human behavior, to say the least.

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