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The Dreadful Islamic Hell


Most recently, the honorable readers have enjoyed reading most glittering, most glamorous, most luxurious and most amazingly lustful Islamic heaven which I had posted (for both Muslims and non-Muslim folks) at the various internet forums. My article on Islamic heaven was prepared very meticulously with all the available heavenly goodies (glad tidings) to be enjoyed by those pious mumeen musalmans in their afterlife. Here comes the ‘Islamic Hell’ with all the appropriate cautions from our most Merciful, most Compassionate, most Beneficent and most Powerful Pagan Allah (SWT). Please read them with extreme cautions and try to understand them very carefully, lest you do not want to lose the most glittering Islamic heaven (Merciful Allah has prepared for you) and fall into the trap of ‘Islamic hell’ only to suffer unlimited pain and agony in your entire afterlife.

Holy Quran is replete with verses having profoundly dreadful hellish-prescriptions formulated by the Merciful Allah to punish all the non-Muslims infidels including Jews and Christians. In this essay, I have presented some selected Quranic verses from the translation of Maolana Abdullah Yusuf Ali. Readers will find many identical hellish prescriptions of torture but they are in different chapters and verses altogether, hence should not be confused as the repetition of the same verse again and again.

Allah on Islamic Hell

Here are Some Quranic gems for hell punishment of kaffirs:

(Quran-43: 74-77)- The sinners will be in the Punishment of Hell, to dwell therein (for aye): Nowise will the (Punishment) be lightened for them, and in despair will they be there overwhelmed. Nowise shall We be unjust to them: but it is they who have been unjust themselves. They will cry: "O Malik! (chief gate-keeper of hell), would that thy Lord put an end to us!" He will say, "Nay, but ye shall abide!"

(Quran-55:41-44)- The sinners will be known by their marks; and they will be seized by their forelocks and their feet. This is the Hell which the Sinners deny! In its midst and in the midst of boiling hot water will they wander round! Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?

(Quran-44:40)- Verily the Day of sorting out is the time appointed for all of them. The Day when no protector can avail his client in aught, and no help can they receive, except such as receive Allah's Mercy; for He is Exalted in Might, Most Merciful. Verily the tree of Zaqqum will be the food of the Sinful, Like molten brass; it will boil in their insides. (A voice will cry: "Seize ye him and drag him into the midst of the Blazing Fire! "Then pour over his head the Penalty of Boiling Water, "Taste thou (this) Truly illustrious and honorable man! "Truly this is what ye used to doubt!"

(Quran-77: 28-37): Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth! (It will be said:) "Depart ye to that which ye used to reject as false! "Depart ye to a Shadow (of smoke ascending) in three columns, "(Which yields) no shade of coolness, and is of no use against the fierce Blaze. "Indeed it throws about sparks (huge) as Forts, "As if there were (a string of) yellow camels (marching swiftly)." Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth! That will be a Day when they shall not be able to speak. Nor will it be open to them to put forth pleas. Ah woe, that Day, to the Rejecters of Truth!

(Quran-56: 51-56): "Then will ye truly, O ye that go wrong, and treat (Truth) as Falsehood! "Ye will surely taste of the Tree of Zaqqum. "Then will ye fill your insides therewith, : "And drink Boiling Water on top of it: "Indeed ye shall drink like diseased camels raging with thirst!" Such will be their entertainment on the Day of Requital!

(Quran-69: 30-37): (The stern command will say): "Seize ye him, and bind ye him, "And burn ye him in the Blazing Fire. "Further, make him march in a chain, whereof the length is seventy cubits! "This was he that would not believe in Allah Most High. "And would not encourage the feeding of the indigent! "So no friend hath he here this Day. "Nor hath he any food except the pus from the washing of wounds, "Which none do eat but those in sin."

(Quran-4: 55-56): Some of them believed, and some of them averted their faces from him. And enough is Hell for a burning fire. And of them were (some) who believed therein and of them were (some) who turned away from it. Hell is sufficient for (their) burning. Those who reject our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire: as often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty; for Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.

(Quran-76:3-4): We showed him the Way: whether he be grateful or ungrateful (rests on his will. For the Rejecters we have prepared chains, yokes, and a blazing Fire.

(Quran-73:11-13): And leave Me (alone to deal with) those in possession of the good things of life (rich folks), who (yet) deny the Truth; and bear with them for a little while. With Us are Fetters (to bind them), and a blazing Fire (to burn them), And a Food that chokes, and a Penalty Grievous.

(Quran-13:5)- Behold, verily in these things there are signs for those who understand! If thou dost marvel (at their want of faith), strange is their saying: "When we are (actually) dust, shall we indeed then be in a creation renewed?" They are those who deny their Lord! They are those round whose necks will be yokes (of servitude): they will be Companions of the Fire, to dwell therein (for aye)!

(Quran-80:39-42)- Laughing, rejoicing. And other faces that Day will be dust-stained, Blackness will cover them: Such will be the Rejecters of Allah, the wicked. (Quran-98: 6)- Those who reject (Truth), among the People of the Book and among the Polytheists, will be in Hell-Fire, to dwell therein (for aye). They are the worst of creatures.

(Quran-22:19-22)- These two antagonists dispute with each other about their Lord; But those who deny (their Lord), for them will be cut out a garment of Fire over their heads will be poured out boiling water. With it will be scalded what is within their bodies, as well as (their) skins. In addition there will be maces (Clubs/whips) of iron (to punish) them. Every time they wish to get away therefrom, from anguish, they will be forced back therein, and (it will be said), "Taste ye the Penalty of Burning!"

(Quran-8:73)- The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another: Unless ye do this, (protect each other), there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief.

(Quran-52:1-16): By the Mount (of Revelation); By a Decree inscribed In a Scroll unfolded; By the much-frequented Fane; By the Canopy Raised High; And by the Ocean filled with Swell; Verily, the Doom of thy Lord will indeed come to pass; There is none can avert it;- On the Day when the firmament will be in dreadful commotion. And the mountains will fly hither and thither. Then woe that Day to those that treat (Truth) as Falsehood;- That play (and paddle) in shallow trifles. That Day shall they be thrust down to the Fire of Hell, irresistibly. "This:, it will be said, "Is the Fire,- which ye were wont to deny! "Is this then a fake, or is it ye that do not see? "Burn ye therein: the same is it to you whether ye bear it with patience, or not: Ye but receive the recompense of your (own) deeds."

(Quran-13:12-13): It is He Who doth show you the lightning, by way both of fear and of hope. It is He Who doth raise up the clouds, heavy with (fertilising) rain! Nay, thunder repeateth His praises, and so do the angels, with awe. He flingeth the loud-voiced thunder-bolts, and therewith He striketh whomsoever He will, yet these (are the men) who (dare to) dispute about Allah, with the strength of His power (supreme)!

(Quran-70:14-17): And all, all that is on earth,- so it could deliver him, By no means! for it would be the Fire of Hell! Plucking out (his being) right to the skull! Inviting (all) such as turn their backs and turn away their faces (from thee).

(Quran-5:10)- Those who reject faith and deny our signs will be companions of Hell-fire. (Quran-70: 38-40): Does every man of them long to enter the Garden of Bliss? By no means! For We have created them out of the (base matter) they know! Now I do call to witness the Lord of all points in the East and the West that We can certainly.

(Quran-9:84)- Nor do thou ever pray for any of them that dies, nor stand at his grave; for they rejected Allah and His Messenger, and died in a state of perverse rebellion. Let neither their wealth nor their (following in) sons dazzle thee: Allah's plan is to punish them with these things in this world, and that their souls may perish in their (very) denial of Allah.

(Quran-4:13-14): Those are limits set by Allah; those who obey Allah and His Messenger will be admitted to Gardens with rivers flowing beneath, to abide therein (for ever) and that will be the supreme achievement. But those who disobey Allah and His Messenger and transgress His limits will be admitted to a Fire, to abide therein: And they shall have a humiliating punishment.

(Quran-5:36-37)- As to those who reject Faith,- if they had everything on earth, and twice repeated, to give as ransom for the penalty of the Day of Judgment, it would never be accepted of them, theirs would be a grievous penalty. Their wish will be to get out of the Fire, but never will they get out therefrom; their penalty will be one that endures.

(Quran-7:36-38)- But those who reject Our signs and treat them with arrogance, they are companions of the Fire, to dwell therein (for ever). Who is more unjust than one who invents a lie against Allah or rejects His Signs? For such, their portion appointed must reach them from the Book (of decrees): until, when our messengers (of death) arrive and take their souls, they say: "Where are the things that ye used to invoke besides Allah?" They will reply, "They have left us in the lurch," And they will bear witness against themselves, that they had rejected Allah. He will say: "Enter ye in the company of the peoples who passed away before you - men and jinns, into the Fire." Every time a new people enters, it curses its sister-people (that went before), until they follow each other, all into the Fire. Saith the last about the first: "Our Lord! it is these that misled us; so give them a double penalty in the Fire." He will say: "Doubled for all", but this ye do not understand.

(Quran-8:13-14)- This because they contended against Allah and His Messenger. If any contend against Allah and His Messenger, Allah is strict in punishment. Thus (will it be said): "Taste ye then of the (punishment), for those who resist Allah, is the penalty of the Fire." (Quaran-9: 63)- Know they not that for those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, is the Fire of Hell, wherein they shall dwell? That is the supreme disgrace.

(Quran-10:7-8)- Those who rest not their hope on their meeting with Us, but are pleased and satisfied with the life of the present, and those who heed not Our Signs, their abode is the Fire, because of the (evil) they earned.

(Quran-11:15-17)- Those who desire the life of the present and its glitter, to them we shall pay (the price of) their deeds therein, without diminution. They are those for whom there is nothing in the Hereafter but the Fire: vain are the designs they frame therein, and of no effect and the deeds that they do! Can they be (like) those who accept a Clear (Sign) from their Lord, and whom a witness from Himself doth teach, as did the Book of Moses before it, a guide and a mercy? They believe therein; but those of the Sects that reject it, the Fire will be their promised meeting-place. Be not then in doubt thereon; for it is the truth from thy Lord; yet many among men do not believe!

(Quran-18:29)- Say, "The truth is from your Lord", Let him who will believe, and let him who will, reject (it); for the wrong-doers We have prepared a Fire whose (smoke and flames), like the walls and roof of a tent, will hem them in; if they implore relief they will be granted water like melted brass, that will scald their faces, how dreadful the drink! How uncomfortable a couch to recline on!

(Quran-40:70-74)- Those who reject the Book and the (revelations) with which We sent our messengers; but soon shall they know, When the yokes (shall be) round their necks, and the chains; they shall be dragged along; In the boiling fetid fluid; then in the Fire shall they be burned; Then shall it be said to them: "Where are the (deities) to which ye gave part-worship; "In derogation of Allah?" They will reply: "They have left us in the lurch. Nay, we invoked not, of old, anything (that had real existence)." Thus does Allah leave the Unbelievers to stray?

(Quran-19:86-87)- “And We shall drive the sinners to Hell, like thirsty cattle driven down to water, and None shall have the power of intercession, but such a one as has received permission (or promise) from (Allah) Most Gracious.”

(Quran-9:49)- Among them is (many) a man who says: "Grant me exemption and draw me not into trial." Have they not fallen into trial already? And indeed Hell surrounds the Unbelievers (on all sides).

(Quran-3:56)-"As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help."

(Quran-3:176)— Let not those grieve thee who rush headlong into Unbelief. Not the least harm will they do to Allah. Allah's plan is that He will give them no portion in the Hereafter, but a severe punishment.

(Quran-67:5-7)- And we have, (from of old), adorned the lowest heaven with Lamps, and We have made such (Lamps) (as) missiles to drive away the Evil Ones, and have prepared for them the Penalty of the Blazing Fire. For those who reject their Lord (and Cherisher) is the Penalty of Hell: and evil is (such), Destination. When they are cast therein, they will hear the (terrible) drawing in of its breath even as it blazes forth,

(Quran-50:24-26)- (The sentence will be:) "Throw, throw into Hell every contumacious Rejecter (of Allah)! "Who forbade what was good, transgressed all bounds, cast doubts and suspicions; "Who set up another god beside Allah: Throw him into a severe penalty."

(Quran-21:97-100)- Then will the true promise draw nigh (of fulfillment); then behold! the eyes of the Unbelievers will fixedly stare in horror: "Ah! Woe to us! we were indeed heedless of this; nay, we truly did wrong!" Verily ye, (unbelievers), and the (false) gods that ye worship besides Allah, are (but) fuel for Hell! To it will ye (surely) come! If these had been gods, they would not have got there! But each one will abide therein. There, sobbing will be their lot, nor will they there hear (aught else).

(Quran-4:55-56): Some of them believed, and some of them averted their faces from him. And enough is Hell for a burning fire. Those who reject our Signs, We shall soon cast into the Fire, as often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty: for Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise.

(Quran- 59:16-17)- (Their allies deceived them), like the Evil One, when he says to man, "Deny Allah": but when (man) denies Allah, (the Evil One) says, "I am free of thee: I do fear Allah, the Lord of the Worlds!" The end of both will be that they will go into the Fire, dwelling therein for ever. Such is the reward of the wrong-doers.

(Quran-67:8-11)- Almost bursting with fury, every time a Group is cast therein, its Keepers will ask, "Did no Warner come to you?" They will say: "Yes indeed; a Warner did come to us, but we rejected him and said, 'Allah never sent down any (Message): ye are nothing but an egregious delusion!'" They will further say: "Had we but listened or used our intelligence, we should not (now) be among the Companions of the Blazing Fire!" They will then confess their sins: but far will be (Forgiveness) from the Companions of the Blazing Fire!

(Quran-46:20)- On the Day when those who disbelieve (in the Oneness of Allâh Islâmic Monotheism) will be exposed to the Fire (it will be said): “You received your good things in the life of the world, and you took your pleasure therein. Now this Day you shall be recompensed with a torment of humiliation, because you were arrogant in the land without a right, and because you used to rebel and disobey (Allâh).”

(Quran-3:131)-Fear the Fire, which is prepared for those who reject Faith:

(Quran-4:14)—But those who disobey Allah and His Messenger and transgress His limits will be admitted to a Fire, to abide therein: And they shall have a humiliating punishment.

(Quran-5:37)— Their wish will be to get out of the Fire, but never will they get out therefrom: their penalty will be one that endures.

(Quran-7:4-6)- How many towns have We destroyed (for their sins)? Our punishment took them on a sudden by night or while they slept for their afternoon rest. When (thus) Our punishment took them, no cry did they utter but this: "Indeed we did wrong."

(Quran-7:36)-But those who reject Our signs and treat them with arrogance,- they are companions of the Fire, to dwell therein (for ever).

(Quran-8:12-14)- Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): "I am with you; give firmness to the Believers. I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers; smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them." This because they contended against Allah and His Messenger. If any contend against Allah and His Messenger, Allah is strict in punishment. Thus (will it be said): "Taste ye then of the (punishment): for those who resist Allah, is the penalty of the Fire."

(Quran-9:63)— Know they not that for those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, is the Fire of Hell? Wherein they shall dwell. That is the supreme disgrace.

(Quran-9:68)— Allah hath promised the Hypocrites men and women, and the rejecters, of Faith, the fire of Hell: Therein shall they dwell: Sufficient is it for them; for them is the curse of Allah, and an enduring punishment.

(Quran-10:8)— Their abode is the Fire, because of the (evil) they earned.

(Quran-11:17)— Can they be (like) those who accept a Clear (Sign) from their Lord, and whom a witness from Himself doth teach, as did the Book of Moses before it, a guide and a mercy? They believe therein; but those of the Sects that reject it,- the Fire will be their promised meeting-place. Be not then in doubt thereon; for it is the truth from thy Lord; yet many among men do not believe!

(Quran-13:5)— If thou dost marvel (at their want of faith), strange is their saying: "When we are (actually) dust, shall we indeed then be in a creation renewed?" They are those who deny their Lord! They are those round whose necks will be yokes (of servitude): they will be Companions of the Fire, to dwell therein (for aye)!

(Quran-2:89)— And when there comes to them a Book from Allah, confirming what is with them, although from of old they had prayed for victory against those without Faith, when there comes to them that which they (should) have recognized, they refuse to believe in it but the curse of Allah is on those without Faith.

(Quran-2:98)—Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and messengers, to Gabriel and Michael, Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject Faith.

(Quran-80:39-42)- Laughing, rejoicing. And other faces that Day will be dust-stained, Blackness will cover them. Such will be the Rejecters of Allah, the doers of iniquity.


Imam Ghazali, the greatest Islamic scholar and Sufi Pundit on Islamic Hell

Now here are some incredible “Hellish-Gems” from Ghazzali's Ihya Uloom Ed-Din:

(p.1.64; p.1.124; p.2.59) There will be terrible punishment in hell for a hypocrite learned man. His bowels will gush forth and he will roam with his bowels as a donkey moves around a mill-stone. Muhammad said: If a man explains the Qur’an according to his opinion, let him seek his abode in hell. The business of exchange in coins is for the inmates of hell.

(p.2.202) If a piece of cloth (so dirty & stinky) of the inmates of hell is exposed to the inmates of the world, all will die due to its terrible stench. Ditto for an iron chain of hell. Gabriel did not trust his rank with God lest God might punish him like Harut and Marut; that is why he wept in front of Muhammad. So God proclaimed that both of them will be spared from the punishment of hell. The color of fire in hell at present is dense black. Belly and sexual passion are the doors of hell and their root is eating with satisfaction. Humility and break of heart are the doors of Paradise and their root is hunger.

p.3.249-250 Muhammad said, “Paradise and Hell once quarreled with each other. Hell said: I have been entrusted with the proud and oppressors. Paradise said: the weak, the destitute and the helpless will enter in me.” (This confirms that all poor, hungry and destitute Muslims will go to heaven; and rich, prosperous and happy people will go to hell)

(p.3.250; p.3.102) Muhammad said, “The proud will be raised on the resurrection day as dwarfs. The people will go on treading with feet these dwarfs. The figure of everything will be higher than their figures. They will then be driven to a Hell name Bulas. Their food will be the fire of Hell and their drink will be Khobal or bloods and pusses of the dwellers of Hell.” He who commits sin laughing will enter Hell weeping.

p.3.270 Muhammad said, ‘On the Resurrection Day a learned man will be driven to Hell. His entrails will be cut to pieces and he will roam with that as an ass roams around the mill of oil. The dwellers of hell will ask him: What is your matter? He will say: I advised the people for good works but I did not do them myself. I prohibited the people from doing evil deeds but I myself did them ‘

(p.4.34; p.4.119; p.4.388) The boys of the infidels and the deranged persons will be neither in Hell nor in Paradise. They will be in a place between Paradise and Hell, called A’araf or elevated place.Hadis: 999 out of 1 000 people will be in Hell. The first terror of death is the terrible pangs at the time of death. The second terror is the sight of the figure of angel of death and the entry of terror and fear in mind. The third terror is that the sinner sees his place in Hell and the virtuous one sees his place in Paradise.

(p.4.431) Muhammad said, “There are 70,000 valleys in Hell and in each valley there are 70,000 serpents and 70,000 scorpions. The unbelievers will meet them.”There are seven layers of Hell: the first and the highest layer is called Jahannam, the second layer is called Sakher, lower than it is Jai, lower than it is Hotamah, lower than it is Saierr, lower than it is Jahim, and the lowest layer is Habiyah.

Prophet Muhammad on Islamic Hell

Now some hellish prescriptions from Sahih Hadiths:

Women to dominate Islamic Hell

Sahih Bukhari: (1.2.28; 4.54.482, 512; 4.54.483; 4.54.487; 4.55.567; 4.55.608) Majority in hell are women because they are ungrateful to their husbands. Allah permitted the hellfire to take two breaths—that is the reason for severe heat and a bitter cold in weather. [Shubahanallah!!!]. Fever is from the heat of hellfire; it can be cooled with Zam Zam water. Hell fire is sixty-nine times more intense than an ordinary fire. Children will become gray-haired; all pregnant women will have miscarriages; mankind will be drunken on the resurrection day; only one person in a thousand will be in Paradise (i.e 99.9% will be in hell) Malik is the gate-keeper of hell.

(4.56.667; 4.56.723: 7.69.538; 8.76.494; 6.60.371, 373; 8.76.552, 553; 8.76.562; 8.76.566, 567; 8.76.569; 8.76.587)

Whoever intentionally tells lies about Muhammad will be in hellfire. Muhammad saw Amr bin 'Amir bin Luhai Al-Khuzai dragging his intestines in the (Hell) Fire, for he was the first man who started the custom of releasing animals (for the sake of false gods. On the resurrection day the hellfire will reach up to his anklet but his brain will still boil from this hellfire. Allah puts his foot over hell fire. If you drink in silver utensils you will be in hell fire. Hell fire is surrounded by all kinds of desires and possessions while Paradise is surrounded by all kinds of disliked and undesirable things. People of hellfire will have no death and the people of Paradise will have eternal life. Allah will chide the denizens of hell for ignoring His call to worship Him alone. The least punishment in hell is the boiling of brain. Abu Talib’s brain will boil from the fire of hell. Apostates will be sent to hellfire.

Sahih Muslim (1.0045 ; 1.0199; 1.0259;1.0284)

If you believe in Allah and His messenger Muhammad then Allah would prohibit the fire of hell from you. Those Jews or Christians who have heard of Muhammad but do not believe in him will go to hell. The permanent inhabitants of hell will neither die nor live in hell. Temporary residents of hell will be burnt to charcoal and then spread over in paradise and sprinkled with water; then they will come back to life again. The inhabitants of hell will come out as if they were the wood of the ebony tree; then they will bathe in the river of paradise and will become as white as paper. The offenders will be caught with hooks that are suspended on the path to hell; the depth of hell is 70 years.

Sahi Muslim (1.0398; 2.0464; 3.40.4700) Muhammad’s father will be in hellfire; so will be all the unbelievers. Even if you feed the poor and be generous you will go to hell if you do not become a Muslim. Your feet will taste hellfire if you do not wash them during ablution. A believer’s father who is not a Muslim will be in hell; so is the case for Muhammad’s parents. (This confirms that good people like “Mother teresha” will go to burning hell)

Sahi Muslim (4.1926 ; 5.2163; 6.2570, 2572) While preaching to the women Muhammad admonished them, as most of them were the fuels for hell because they grumble and are ungrateful to their husbands. If anyone hoards a treasure without paying zakat then his hoards would be heated in the fire of hell and made into plates, his forehead would be cauterized and this punishment would last for fifty thousand years. One day of fasting equals 70 years of distance from hellfire. On the day of Arafa Allah lets loose some Muslims from hell. If someone emancipates a Muslim slave then Allah will set him free from hell, an organ of his body, for every organ of slave’s body.

Sahi Muslim (23.4962; 24.5209; 24.5310) Wine is the discharges or the sweat of denizens of hell (Tinat-al-Khabul). Wearing a gold signet ring is like wishing live coal from hell and putting the coal on one’s hand. Those women who are naked even in their dresses and lead their husbands to astray will go to hell. For everyone a seat has already been allotted in Paradise or Hell; so do good deeds to hasten to your seat in Paradise.

Sahi Muslim: (37.6665; 37.6666) On the day of resurrection Allah would give a Muslim a Jew or a Christian to throw him into hell fire; this is to rescue the Muslims from the hell fire. A Jew or a Christian can be exchanged for a Muslim who was supposed to go to hellfire. (This confirms how much Allah loved Jews and Christians, and also how much Muslims do respect other religions)

Hadiths by Sunaan Abu Dawud: (2.0427; 2.14.2705; 8.1480; 3.35.4255) No one will enter hell who has offered the dawn and afternoon prayers. If you see your brother's letter without his permission, you will see hell fire. Steal booty-face fire of hell. If anyone makes untruthful accusations against a Muslim, Allah will make him dwell in corrupt fluid flowing from the inhabitants of hell until he retracts his statement. When two Muslims fight with swords the killer and the killed will go to hell. Seventy-two of the seventy-three Muslim sects will go to hell; only one of the sects will be in Paradise, it is the majority group.

(3.40.4686; 41.4895, 4896; 41.5220) Allah put His hand on the back of Adam and brought forward Adam’s offspring destined for Paradise, then Allah put his hand again on the back of Adam and brought forward the offspring of Adam destined for hell. One Muslim should not keep away from another Muslim for more than three days; if you do so you will enter hell. If you cut a lote tree you will go to hell. Do not dye your beard with black color. Black dye is the sign of the inmates of hell. If you dye your beard black you will not get the fragrance of Paradise.


Just as the creation of glittering and most luxurious Islamic heaven (having barrages of bogus hopes) was to incite/lure great attractions of Arab pagans towards Islam; likewise, the creation of extremely unnaturally and shockingly dreadful Islamic hell was to create profound panic and terror in order to intimidate those who reject Islam. Prophet Muhammad himself (not Allah) purposefully created/formulated these unthinkable, sickly horrific, fearful hellish stories of torture by his sheer hallucination and weird imagination. This only shows how cruel he was and how horrendously inhumane was his thinking process. His purpose was to punish non-Muslims (those who do not believe in Islam, such as Hindus, Christians, Jews, Sikhs and other polytheists), no matter how good human beings they were, or how much they believed in their own religion. According to the cruel wish of Prophet Muhammad they all will be dumped randomly to the Islamic hell. Jewish will be the first to enter Islamic hell, next are the Christians, Hindus, idolaters, and other un-believers.

People of the books are Christians and Jews, and religion of truth means Islam. That is if they (people of the books) do not accept Islam, then they must be tortured and subdued to pay pole tax (Zizzya) and even to kill them or convert them by force (as per Quranic verse-9:29). This was the clear evidence of Muhammad’s utter intolerance and great hatreds towards other religions (including Christianity and Judaism), which is prevailing till today in Saudi Arabia. By his cruel, sick and disgusting imagination—Prophet of Islam did every effort to create panic and terror among non-Muslims, so that out of fear they convert to Islam; or he always left clear instructions to his followers to convert unbelievers by the brutal force of Islamic jihad.

Most ridiculously disgusting thing is, this mad Pagan Allah is so angry and so cruel that He is not at all satisfied by putting un-believers in the blazing fire of hell. He will first feed those poor non-believers with poisonous Zaqqum tree which will simmer inside their stomachs, then He will put chain around their necks to drag them into the scalding boiling water, and then they will be left to burn in the blazing fire of Hell. On top of it He (Allah) will pour molten brass over their heads. In addition to these, He will whip them up with iron rods (hooks), so that they can not come out of blazing fire. Not only that, He will keep changing their roasted skins for fresh skins, so that those unbeliever kaffirs suffer the terrible pain for good; while those pious mumeen mussalmans will be enjoying the beautiful 72 virgins and young boys in the Islamic heaven. No wonder Quran puts the prefixes for Allah at the beginning of every chapter with—most Merciful, most beneficent, most compassionate, most cherisher, and most sustainer of this poor universe!

In my boyhood, I learned from our Huzur (Mullah) that only Muslims will enter the heaven, i.e. no other non-Muslims will ever enter the heaven, period. That is, people like Mother Teresa or other non-Muslims who were best human beings on earth will never get to see heaven. Even those non-Muslim scientists (kaffirs) who invented medicine, airplane, electricity, computer etc. will never enter the heaven—because they were not Muslims. But Muslims those who used readily all those scientific miracles invented by kaffirs—will surely go to heaven. All Islamic mullahs like Allama Moududi, Khomeini of Iran, Syeedi, Golam Azam, Nizami gong of Bangladesh, and Osama Bin Laden and his jihadi gang will definitely occupy the best of the heavens!

According to Quranic verse: (The darkening: 15-20) even Allah recognizes and respects the word of Prophet Muhammad. Muslims believe that, in the day of resurrection Allah will sit on His mighty thrown and Muhammad will sit at the right side of Him. Only Muhammad will be given the power of intercession, and it is only Prophet Muhammad will decide who will go to heaven, and who will go to hell. The Great compassionate Prophet Mohammad will allow only Mumeen Mussalmans to enter the Islamic heaven; and the Kaffirs (Pagans, Christians, Jews, idolaters and others) will go to Islamic hell.

The Muslims will not have to be better humans than those kaffirs. All they have to do is utter the Kalema (incantation) by which one convert to a Muslim: “there is no God but Allah and Mohammad is his Prophet." After that they have the clear license to kill as many kaffirs as they could or pleased, looting and burning their belongings and enslaving their women and children as Allah’s gift of war booty. It is also commonly believed by Muslims that at the time of death—if the Muslim simply can utter the above ‘Kalema’ he will be forgiven for all his sins that he committed during his entire life. A college friend of mine was never prayed in his entire life. When I asked him what will happen to him after his death, he said: “at the time of my death, I will simply utter the Kalema Toiyab—and Inshallah I will enter the heaven.” Folks, this is what Islam teaches to the 1.2 Billion robots (Zombies). Praise to Pagan Allah!!!


1. Holy Quran translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali

 2. Ihya Uloom Ed-Din (Famous Book by Imam Ghazali).

3. Sahih Bukhari Sahrif

4. Sahih Muslim

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Syed Kamran Mirza is the author of Roots of Terrorism in Islam. He has also contributed in Beyond Jihad — Critical Voices from Inside Islam and Leaving Islam — Apostates Speaks Out.

He can be contacted at


Name: Helmut Schwarzboeck
Date: Sunday October 14, 2007
Time: 19:13:39 -0700


I have just flipped through a book on the buddhist's concept of after life. What a difference! Lightyears in between not only worlds. But, what to do? 1.5 billion Muslims will never read a text like this one.... and a new generation is getting brainwashed beyond recognition.

Name: buddhist concept is from kafir pagan hinduism
Date: Sunday October 14, 2007
Time: 22:53:56 -0700


buddhist concept of ife karma from hinduism.but till today there has been no proof of afterlife.

Name: vbv
Date: Monday October 15, 2007
Time: 01:16:25 -0700


Quran the mafia criminal book of ultimate cruelties and barbarities is far from 'holy',as its Allah and Mohamed are both the most sadistic,intolerant and the cruelest punks ever!! It is indeed "Satanic Verses" as Salman Rushdie put it. It will make even the Biblical satan/Lucifer very tame and civilized before this rotten Allah and his Mohamed!! Good morals and civilized and cultured conduct has no place in islam , only the 'kalima' professing absolute and abject surrender to Allah and his Mohamed ,after which you can go looting,raping,cheating,committing incest,pedophile,etc ,and get the islamic reward of a lewd heaven,or else eternal torment in the most barbaric and cruelway!!.So much for this rotten creed and its dumb pea-brained/brain-dead followers!!! The concept of heaven and hell is in itself very puerile,stupid ,primitive and non-existent! In the 21st century of science and enlightenment people should reject such inanities and throw such religious crap in the gutter and forget about it.

Name: human55
Date: Monday October 15, 2007
Time: 06:02:41 -0700


Mr. Schwarzboeck, Can you please share the name and author of the book. Thanks. Reg. the second comment, I would like to ask this gentleman, if there is proof Islamic afterlife at all so far? On the other hand, like of Dr. Stevenson have found plenty of evidence of reincarnation.

Name: Bobby
Date: Monday October 15, 2007
Time: 18:28:04 -0700


Wow all this for not believing in allah! Whatever your life deeds, its not more important the believing in Allah? If God Himself created man, why is He so obsessed in making man believe in him? Why is that so important? Sounds more like founders of the religion wanted to make people believe in them and their cult - and it was very convenient to make God say so.

Name: scorp
Date: Wednesday October 17, 2007
Time: 05:47:43 -0700


the truth is truth. Islam is most peaceful relegion. If some muslim is doing bad you cannot implement to all. As a muslim we beleive mosas, jesus and all other prophets. But it looks like you guys are looking us with one eye and from one source only. Allah is the name of GOD for us. But it is the same God as describe in Christianity and Muhammad is the Prophet appointed by HIM. I have a question for all of you?? Ever you listened that muslim used Bad words of GOD, Mosas, jesus or any of other Prophets????

Name: Dhimmi too
Date: Wednesday October 17, 2007
Time: 09:59:18 -0700


To scorp & all poisonous ,evil ISLAMISTS : You are brain washed & blind. You cant speak cant see truth.You cant hear truth. Islam has injected that much of poison in you.You can never speak truth as long as you are a true Moslem - that is mandatory & you chose the wrong,wicked,cruel,murderous path. First take oath that you love everybody,that you treat everybody as equal with utmost respect,dignity,kindness. you pledge yourself to give up discrimination,give up hatred, divisiveness,give upill will,give up animosity against kufrs,infidels,non-moslems--recognize all other faiths,religions as good & equal believe in & work for & implement freedom of religion,freedom of all ,liberty to all,democracy to all, humanism,liberalism ,peace,love,nondiscrimination in all moslem countries, treat all nonmoslems as equal citizens,with equal rights. ISLAM/Alla is false hood. God is not evil as portrayed by wicked ,profeteer Mo. God is not interested in discrimination.God is love.God is not hatred as said by MO iN Qurran. God is not vengeful against his own creation & God is not a killer as ordered by MO. God is not partial,divisive as said BY the pedophile ,murderous MO. Qurran is full of contradictions,ignorance,primitive,dogmatic,fascist,intolerant,darkness. What is good in Qurran ? Nothing - See any Moslem country- see their laws, shariat etc. It is all like sewage- repulsive,not progressive. In which moslem country do you want to live? The most outrageous thing is that knowing all this - you still have the nerve or heart to argue, to talk- only thing is you do not have conscience- not honest. You demand using all the best & progressive ,liberal human values in INDIA,USA,UK,Australis,canada to the right to destroy,kill,take the world backwards,kill people,loot,rape. But you wont give the same progressive values,rights to nonmoslems in ISLAMIC countries & treat nonmoslems in Moslem countries as slaves - blackmail them,terrorize them,instill fear by daily war against infidels. What kind of humans are Moslems ? real monsters with no kindness,no conscience. Your so called God ISLAMIC ALLA is a pimp, a tout offering you all booze,women,soft beds,homosexuality for all Moslems who kill nonmoslems !!! is this spirituality ? is this religion? is this kindness? Is this equality? Your ISLAMIC moon God is real monster , a real pervert ,cruel guy. Qurran is a copied version from Bible,judaism,christianity ,preislamic pagans . No doubt in this. Qurran is a lye. No real human being can,will accept Qurran - only reral thugs,monsters,filled with poison can accept Qurran/MO/ALLA. period. Be good to all. Live with pure heart ,kindness,compassion,equality,equal justice,no force ,no discrimination,no animosity,no ill will - all values which are absent in ISLAM/Moslems lives /in Qurran.

Name: G. Kintail
Date: Wednesday October 17, 2007
Time: 11:40:09 -0700


To be credible when criticising Islam, one ought to put all 'Abrahamic Religions' in one pot. What happens if 'God' (in any religion)is replaced with Nature as we know it? If you replace God with nature as we know it, then you will see haven and hell, mercy and punishment, life and death,..., coming from the same source (i.e. nature).

Name: DH
Date: Thursday October 18, 2007
Time: 02:36:37 -0700


Remove from the Koran the threats of hell and its lurid descriptions and there would be very little left of that book!

Name: Haji Playboy
Date: Friday October 19, 2007
Time: 19:22:42 -0700


The Quran should be banned. It's more dangerous than Karl marx's Communist manifesto.

Name: Philip Saenz
Date: Saturday October 27, 2007
Time: 13:15:07 -0700


The first part of this letter is only for the bad ass fanatical Muslims: Dear Bad Muslims, we're going to ram the truth down your throat until you come to your senses and convert, or until you choke to death. So you might as well get used to hearing the truth. We will never let up in writing and speaking the truth. You see, we are not politically correct. The truth means more to us than a pack of lies. The following is what I know about your evil false-prophet Muhammad. The following are the many pernicious earmarks that prove that Muhammad, founder of the evil religion of Islam, was a false-prophet of the highest order. Muhammad was piggish, full of lust, a wife beater, cruel, wicked, insidious, unforgiving, lecherous, hateful, abhorrent, violent, psychotic, corrupt, overbearing, arrogant, mentally deranged, psychopathic, a narcissist, a hyprocrite, selfish, a sex fiend, vindictive, beheaded opponents for the slightest provocations, a big liar, deceptive, contradictory, a murderer, brutal, a torturer, disrespectful and chauvinistic, taught that women are inferior, treated women like trash. Muhammad was also unmerciful, belligerent, abnormal, mentally diseased, incestuous and envious, married his son's wife, greedy, would confiscate one-fifth of the war booty for himself, and the rest would go to his violent army. Furthermore, Muhammad was mentally defective, a woman beater, diabolical, unjustly aggressive, uncontrolled, had an insatiable sexual appetite, a whoremonger, raped slave girls, an adulterer and polygamist, had at least nine wives and two concubines, satanic, an inveterate thief and robber, sadistic, a child molester, brutish, a pedophile, married litte Aisha when the innocent child was barely six years old, and then raped her when Aisha was barely nines years old. Poor little Aisha was still playing with dolls when the pedophile Muhammad raped her. Evil Muslims of the pernicious religion of Islam argue that it was the "custom" for old men to "marry" little girls. Yes, it was the so-called custom because fiendish, uncontrolled, mentally defective, lecherous, disgusting, dirty old men like Muhammad foisted and forced this grave injustice unto the public, and turned it into a so-called custom. Would these uncontrolled, lecherous, over-sexed dirty old men ever ask the helpless little children if this grave violence, that is, forcible rape, could become a custom? Hell no! The sick, psychopaths like Muhammad would never ask the scared, helpless and displeased little girls, who suffered unspeakably at the hands of animalistic and uncaring old men because they knew that helpless little girls would reject such brutality. Some young girls still suffer today at the hands of old, sex craved animals called Muslims because it's the so-called custom in some Muslim countries for sex craved old Muslims to "marry" young helpless children. Do these lecherous, sex craved two-legged Muslim animals care that these children cry on account of the injustices perpetrated by dirty old men? Of course not! Every day the vile and sex craved Muslim dirty old men "marry" helpless children against their will. How did the helpless little Aisha feel when the long-bearded, dirty old man Muhammad, 53 years old, violently forced himself into her and raped her for the first time? I hope little Aisha was at least still holding onto her doll for a bit of security. Did Muhammad care that little Aisha cried? Hell no! Sadistic Muhammad enjoyed it all the more. Sadistic pedophiles are that way from what I've read. Yes, pedophile Muhammad was rotten to the core! Rest assured that the evil false-prophet Muhammad wasn't sent by the God of order, justice, forgiveness, compassion and divine love. The false-prophet Muhammad was sent by Allah, the god of war, deceit, confusion and cruely. Allah is also the god of rapists, death by stoning, cutthroats, honor killings, suicide bombers, greed, envy, jealously, hatred, violence, lust, mutilator of little girls' sexual organs, punishment by cutting off hands and feet and gouging out eyes, violent death and destruction. All you need do is open your eyes and see all around you the putrid and poisonous fruit that emanates from most evil Islam, the religion of mayhem, hatred, untimely death and destruction. Hidious and most evil Islam was a concoction from the bowels of hell. This evil hell, Islam, is part of the anti-Christ. This part is for the nice Muslims. I know they exist because I have met nice Muslims. Not all of them wish to emulate the pedophile Muhammad. Since the nice Muslims are more like Jesus Christ, and not at all like the evil, lusty, false-prophet Muhammad, why don't they dump that jerk Muhammad? Dear nice Muslims, I know what you are trying to do. You are trying to turn Islam into a beautiful religion. Just because your hearts are kind and beautiful doesn't mean you can do that. Your Muslim historical documents are indelible. They will never go away. As a result, an evil faction will always cling to them and then spread the mayhem that the documents contain. It is better that you leave Islam since you are not a true Islamist. If you are nice, then you know very well that you would never emulate the lecherous, pedophile Muhammad. So leave the putrid, evil religion. We understand. It's not your fault that you were foisted, at the date of your birth, into the wicked and violent religion of Islam, and then brainwashed through the years with lies and deception without the chance of questioning. Dare to question and then dump the violent, unjust, ugly, evil religion of Islam, and the insidious false-prophet Muhammad. Be not afraid. Do not allow evil Islam to deter you from questioning evil Islam. But be careful when you question because evil Islam will murder you if it has the chance just because you're questioning. Does a kind and compassionate religion punish you if you question it? Of course not, but evil Islam will punish you if you question it. Do criminals like being questioned? Of course not! Islam is the same way. It does not want to be discovered because it is putrid everywhere within. May the caring God of Love bless you, and give you the courage to question. Good-bye for now.

Name: Philip Saenz
Date: Sunday October 28, 2007
Time: 04:32:21 -0700


My dear Scorp, you ask if we "infidels" have ever heard any Muslim say anything bad about Jesus, Moses, God or any other prophet. My dear friend, what do you suppose a Muslim is doing when he is slitting someone's throat, or when a Muslim is murdering other persons in varias ways, and at the same time he is screaming ALLAH HU AKBAR? Can't you understand that he is blaspheming God in one of the worst ways imaginable? Can't you understand that? I'm a Catholic. That means to you that I'm an "infidel." But can't you believe that God Almighty created me? Do you believe that you are greater and have more rights than I just because you are a Muslim? Friend, you are not greater, or have more rights than I for being a Muslim. As a Catholic, I believe you have equal rights because God Almighty gave you those rights, but you are not greater, or have more rights than a Christian, or Jew, or any other human created by God. I suspect that you are a good person. If so, you are not a real Islamist. Do you believe you should hate especially Jews or Christians? If not, then you are not a true Islamist! Do believe that you have the right to murder Jews, Christians and people of other faiths? If not, then you are not a true Islamist! Do you believe that it's okay to emulate the pedophile, polygamist, murderer, hateful Muhammad? If not, then you are not a true Islamist! By being good, you cannot erase the evil historical documents of Islam. Those documents are indelible. That means they will be in existence until the end of the world. Since there will always be an evil faction, that evil faction will always follow those evil Muslim documents, just as some evil faction follows Hitler's "Mein Kamph," and Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. Remember that if you are not evil, then you are not a true Islamist. If you are truly nice and kind, you are more like Jesus Christ than like the pedophile, evil Muhammad. Remember that! However, if you are like the pedophile, cruel, hateful, corrupt, wife beater, mentally deranged, hypocrite, violent,insidious, polygamist Muhammad, then you are an Islamist, and an enemy of the sane human race. May the God of Love bless you.

Name: Kell
Date: Thursday November 01, 2007
Time: 18:00:30 -0700


You are ignorant. Infidel means non-believers....not non believers of Islam, but non-believers of any religion. Get your facts straight.

Name: Philip Saenz
Date: Friday November 02, 2007
Time: 03:10:13 -0700


Dear Kell, If "infidel" in Islam means "non believers of any religion," then, why do the Muslim Sunni's call the Muslim Shiites "infidels," and the Muslim Shiites call the Muslim Sunnis "infidels"? Yes, these Muslims call each other "infidels" and they murder each other every day because they are "infidels." This is also true among the Muslim Kurds and the Muslim Wahabbis, and others of the 73 sects of Islam. So who is really ignorant? However, kid, you might have a point. Since all these Muslims believe in Allah, they are "not believers" since Allah isn't the God of Love. Since Allah teaches violence and more violence, Allah must be Satan. I believe you should inform yourself a bit more, and also study more logic. Please pray sincerely to the God of Love when you pray. Thank you and may the God of Love bless you.

Date: Tuesday November 27, 2007
Time: 14:15:48 -0700


this is for phillip saenz.......if you don't like what Islam teaches...why are do you take the time to read about it an comment on it? LOL....all i can say to you is take note of everythng you've said and everything you've read because when your in jahanamma (HELL) you'll be able to see for yourself how true it is. When the poisonous trees are burning your insides, when you have scalding water poured over your head, when your brain is frying and when you can't see anything because the hell fire is too dark to see're gonna think to yourself....."ooops.....i really should have taken notice". Your so called God of Love ain't gonna be there to help you out.

Name: Allah "the merciful"?
Date: Thursday March 06, 2008
Time: 04:03:09 -0700


For a diety that the Koran always refers to as "merciful" there are precious few examples of Allah's mercy when dealing with everyday sinful humans and their weaknesses. Even if the world's most wicked man had committed barbaric acts against others his entire life every day starting from the day of his birth to the day of his death at age 75, let's say, it still doesn't justify ETERNAL torment as descibed in Islam's "holy" book. ETERNAL suffering and torture is not the way of a just and merciful God. Rather, it reveals Muhammad's psychological bent as a sick bully.

Name: Curious
Date: Friday March 14, 2008
Time: 06:20:54 -0700


Can muslims tell me if hell dwellers will be allowed to have sex in hell. There is nothing in the Quran about this, so I suppose we have been given something to enjoy. At least, I expect all the whores of this world to provide us with our needs. In positive light, these whores will be more fun than the 72 virgins prescribed for the believers.

Name: Islam....The only Oay of Life
Date: Tuesday April 15, 2008
Time: 00:20:33 -0700


every verse and hadith he has mentioned is on point. And yet you still disbelieve? If you find no truth in it, produce even one verse like the one in the glorious Quraan. It is impossible, it is a book which has stood the test of time, criticism, hate and slander ! There is a grave punishment for the denier of the Truth and word of Allah, but it is not my place to judge. As a Muslim i denounce your cheap excuse to bash and slander the good name of Muslims and its Holy Book. If so much as one open-minded intellectual would pick up a copy, it does nothing other than provide you with what you will need for the afterlife. This life is but a tempoary state but the punishments of the disbelievers? Eternal and ever-lasting...for they are given great resources (the Qura'an and sunnah) yet they deny them or ignore them all together!...Allah has placed a veil over the hearts of some people (those who have refused to believe) so no worries. You will not have to report to any human being on the Day of Judgment, you will stand in front of your creator and you WILL be held accountable for everything you have done/or have failed to do. Islam is for the rational, open- minded and the successful in faith. Still don't believe, suit yourselves..but a time will come when no one will be able to help you, not "Jeuss" not "Mary" not this "Holy Spirit" Christians speak of ! Whether you worship the cow like the Hindus or this "Holy trinity" like the Christians, you will be held accountable for ascribing false partners to Allah. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Say: He is Allah, the One and Only! Allah, the Eternal, Absolute; He begetteth not nor is He begotten. And there is none like unto Him. 1. Say (O Muhammad to these Mushrikûn and Kâfirûn): "O Al-Kâfirûn (disbelievers in Allâh, in His Oneness, in His Angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Day of Resurrection, and in Al-Qadar, etc.)! 2. "I worship not that which you worship, 3. "Nor will you worship that which I worship. 4. "And I shall not worship that which you are worshipping. 5. "Nor will you worship that which I worship 6. "To you be your religion, and to me my religion (Islâmic Monotheism)." Ignorance breeds Bliss.

Name: Shaf
Date: Thursday May 08, 2008
Time: 12:04:43 -0700


Its better not to talk with these unbelievers of Allah..May god show us all the true path to heaven..and may all the unbelievers be punished in hell..ameen.

Name: shaking head
Date: Monday June 09, 2008
Time: 03:52:20 -0700


Pray to God for forgiveness for this aritcle, before what you mocked at will overtake you.

Name: Th.G.Baalman
Date: Friday July 04, 2008
Time: 15:58:18 -0700


Allah wordt herhaaldelijk de Barmhartige genoemd. Ik kan mij niet voorstellen dat de God van liefde Zijn kinderen, wat zij ook gedaan hebben in hun kortstondig leven eeuwig zal kwellen en martelen.Ik mis in de Islam de naastenliefde, de vergeving, het erbarmen. Ik vind onvergeeflijke,onverdraagzame, brandende duivelse haat!

Name: Th.G.Baalman Kortenhoef
Date: Tuesday July 15, 2008
Time: 07:53:46 -0700


Als en mens sterft vraagt men gewoonlijk, "Wat liet hij aan schatten na? Maar de engelen die u in het graf ondervragen, zullen vragen" Wat zond u aan schatten voor u uit? Kunt u dan zeggen, "Ik heb de liefde van Allah trachten te verwerven door Zijn geboden te onderhouden, door de naaste lief te hebben en onbaatzuchtig te dienen, ik heb omgezien naar de weduwe en de wees. ik opende mijn hand voor de arme, ik kleedde de naakte, de zwerveling gaf ik onderdak, de zieke bezocht ik en de gevangene, de hongerige heb ik gespijzigd. Ik heb niemand gedood of gehaat en ik eerde mijn vader en moeder, ik gaf valse goden geen eer en stal niet de goederen van mijn broeder noch begeerde ik die of zijn vrouw en ik heb nimmer een valse aanklacht ingediend of de waarheid verdraaid. DAT ZIJN DE WARE SCHATTEN! Dan zal Allah u het eeuwige leven schenken en volmaakt geluk door verbondenheid met Hem en zeggen, "Gaat zo door gij goede en getrouwe dienstknecht in Mijn eeuwige werelden en werk verder aan uw spiratuele en positieve kwaliteiten, vervul het heelal met vele kinderen en verricht alle arbeid die nodig is tot verder opbouw van Mijn koninkrijk!". En dit medegelovigen in Allah of God, is de zin en het doel van het leven en ons bestaan. Niet in eeuwig nietsdoen uw dagen doorbrengen in een paradijs maar meewerken met Allah en de engelen aan een groter en nog volmaakter schepping.

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