Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims

An Open Letter about Islamic Threats to the U.S. Lawmakers and Officials

This letter written by Kali Politeis:

"Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth."

-By Omar M. Ahmad, founder of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

“Islam is superior than the Jews, than the Christians, than the Buddhists, than the Hindus. The only law Allah accepts is Islam.... And the Christians are Kafirs [infidels].... No Kafir is innocent."

-By the Imam in Indonesia

Dear Sir/Madam:

As a patriotic American and concerned citizen, I am extremely alarmed at both the rampant illegal immigration and the encroachment of Islam in the United States. As one look at the situation in Europe will demonstrate, the open-door immigration policy in a number of nations, including France, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain, as well as Spain and Italy, appears to be leading to their complete and utter destruction. Fanatic Islamists in these nations are terrorizing the citizens into accepting not only endless violence and chaos in the streets but also the very despicable and horrific Islamic or sharia law.

As you may be aware, Canada and Australia are also having many problems with their Muslim populations, including attempts to implement sharia law. In case you do not know what sharia law constitutes, although it is different within the various sects of Islam, basically it is the harshest set of laws on earth today, with punishments of beating, beheading, stoning, hanging and limb amputation among others for a wide variety of transgressions. Along with Islam comes not only footbaths and special prayer privileges in schools and the workplace - demands for which we are already seeing in the U.S. - but also intense misogyny, such as a reduction of human rights for women, strict and oppressive dress codes, honor killings and female genital mutilation (FGM). In fact, emergency rooms in the U.S. are already experiencing FGM victims, and at least half a dozen honor killings have occurred in this country as well. Muslims have also been attempting to set up loudspeakers in mosques in Smalltown, USA, effectively driving the citizens out with their obnoxious and loud "calls to prayer," possibly so they can then buy up the surrounding properties cheaply in order to sell them to other Muslim immigrants. Islamic schools are being opened all over the United States, while terrorist-training camps for Hamas and other Muslim organizations seem to go unnoticed in such places as Islamberg, NY, and elsewhere.

With the attempt to implement sharia law will come an all-out assault on the U.S. Constitution, which I believe should be upheld by any and all means. One of the tactics by Islamists is to use the host laws against the host countries, suing for whatever they wish - and, through intimidation including death threats to lawmakers, as well as assassinations, these characters often get what they want. Many of these Islamists encourage unchecked birth rates so that Muslims will outpopulate all others in their host nations, at which point they will take over and subjugate the native population under what is called "dhimmitude." Those who do not convert or agree to dhimmitude will be killed.

I believe it is time NOW to make a strong stand in every direction against this planned and deliberate assault on Western civilization, as stated abundantly by numerous Muslim authorities and groups, including not only the well organized and well funded Muslim Brotherhood but also CAIR, which has been causing trouble in the United States, using the same tactics outlined above. American lawmakers need to be VERY savvy as to what these individuals and groups are really up to: Islamic global domination by any and all means. This is no joke, as 9/11 should have taught us. In fact, I am appalled that after 9/11 so many Muslims have been allowed to flood into this country and elsewhere - it seems as if our political leaders are deliberately sabotaging us.

In this regard, I think it is the duty of every patriotic American, including and especially all politicians, to uphold the Constitution of the United States and to become educated as to the real and serious threat posed by illegal immigration and Islam, which are frequently tied together.

For more information, please see the following website: The Truth About Islam

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Kali Politeis

P.S. According to Bill Warner at the Center for the Study of Political Islam, the number of non-Muslims murdered in the name of Islam over the past 1400 years is estimated at 270 MILLION. How many more will there be?

What you can do:

  1. Educate yourself and your family as to what Islam is really about: Total Global Domination.
  2. Send out letters like the one above to your State Senators and State Representatives. Simply copy/paste the letter and send it to your state and local elected officials: "FirstGov encourages you to contact your elected officials and share your thoughts on current events and government policy. Below you'll find links to e-mail addresses, as well as phone numbers and mailing addresses for key elected officials." US Official.
  3. Demand alternative energy so that your oil dollars are not funding an Islamic takeover of America and the rest of the world.
  4. Spread this website and the Islam Watchers/Truth About Islam website above to as many people as you can so they can become educated to the true nature of Islam.
  5. Approach local authorities about making sure noise and zoning ordinances are in place and are upheld to prevent mosque loudspeakers, mosques and Islamic schools in your neighborhoods.
  6. DO NOT ALLOW PUBLIC FUNDING OF ANYTHING RELATING TO ISLAM, whether it be footbaths or prayer rooms - this activity clearly goes against the U.S. Constitution's separation of church and state. If Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists - all of whom have been able to live in this country without being violent and without destroying the U.S. Constitution - cannot receive public funding for their religious activities, Muslim organizations should be prohibited as well, particularly since it is a stated goal of many Muslim authorities and organizations, including CAIR, to destroy the U.S. Constitution, replace it with sharia law and subjugate the American population. If your public officials DO allow funding of such religious artifacts as footbaths, DEMAND THAT SUCH CONTRAPTIONS BE REMOVED AND THAT THESE OFFICIALS ARE FIRED. Also demand that people washing their feet in public restroom sinks be arrested and/or fined for violation of public nuisance laws.
  7. Support those politicians and officials who WILL do something about these problems, including LIMITING AND/OR HALTING ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION INTO THE UNITED STATES IMMEDIATELY.
  8. Band together and pool resources to use the law, including implementing or fighting lawsuits - small towns are especially targeted because they cannot afford to fight lawsuits by Muslim individuals and groups demanding "rights." Targeting such organizations as the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is particularly important. DEMAND THAT OUR PUBLIC OFFICIALS STOP CATERING TO CAIR AND HELP REDUCE CAIR'S INFLUENCE AND MEMBERSHIP.
  9. Do not support any Muslim, Christian or other organization that assists Muslims in any endeavor to establish Islam as a "dominant" or specially favored religion or to contravene the United States Constitution. Organize boycott and protests where appropriate.
  10. DO NOT ALLOW MUSLIMS' FIVE PRAYERS PER DAY TO DISRUPT PUBLIC AMERICAN LIFE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. We will be seeing increasing demands for schools and workplaces to accommodate Muslims during their prayer times - this compulsion will cost American taxpayers money as well as create an unstable and inefficient school environment and workplace. This country was NOT founded in order to accommodate people praying five times a day. We have specifically set aside a weekend for people to pray and worship - no more than that is necessary. No special privileges are necessary for any religion, including and especially Islam, with its outrageous demands.
  11. Alert the authorities of any suspicious activity, including anything the controverts U.S. law, regardless of whether or not it is claimed to be "religious," such as polygamy, domestic violence, animal cruelty/sacrifice, child abuse, female genital mutilation and so on.
  12. DEMAND THAT ILLEGAL MUSLIM IMMIGRANTS BE DEPORTED IMMEDIATELY. Also demand that any public officials who do not immediately deport illegal immigrants be FIRED or RESIGN.

For more stuff for peaceful Islam please listen to this URL address:

(Forwarded by Syed Kamran Mirza)

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Syed Kamran Mirza is the author of Roots of Terrorism in Islam. He has also contributed in Beyond Jihad — Critical Voices from Inside Islam and Leaving Islam — Apostates Speaks Out. He can be contacted at


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Date: Saturday November 03, 2007
Time: 23:23:53 -0700


Racist and hateful "Syed Kamran Mirza" is not from Muslim background. He is probably a Hindutva fanatic who writes against Muslims using Muslim name. This has been an evil tactic of some non-Muslims to write against Islam and Muslims using Muslim/Arabic name.

Name: Really???
Date: Sunday November 04, 2007
Time: 00:55:00 -0700


SKM is not from a Muslim background? I know for 100% certainty that he is. If you had actually read a few of his articles you could judge that properly. Read this article if any doubts are there: or this one: .It is the first time I remember some knucklehead making claim SKM is from a non-Muslim background. Racist and hateful commentator should come up with some better arguments.

Name: Patriotic American
Date: Sunday November 04, 2007
Time: 02:25:00 -0700


Islam and the Muslims proved to be smarter than the Europeans. They tried to Islamize Europe centuries ago, they failed. These days, with the help of the European idiocy, they are succeeding. Will America and the rest of the Infidel world learn the lesson? Apparently NO, so far. It seems to me that stupidity (which includes all things like: political correctness, complacency, sensitivity, cowardice, etc.) is a natural-born, inherited gene of the contemporary Western world.

Name: vbv
Date: Sunday November 04, 2007
Time: 06:53:02 -0700


I have always maintained that the average American is a gullible dolt that he will fall for anything to with God?Allah? This is because secularism , atheism and rational thinking is looked down upon ,especially in the USA, where you will find evangelists , mullahs and other 'godmen' swindling millions of dollars out of the superstitious and gullible Americans who will uphold Biblical creation rather than scientific theory of evolution of the Universe. They rather believe that the world was created in seven days (or is it six days?) around 4004 BCE. They would jeer and deride anything scientific or rational. The American politicians are typical of its laity that they would swear by God and are willing to go on crusades like in Iraq now from which they are unable to come out without "loss of FACE"! Where ever USA interferes there is turmoil and all the religious fanatics get the upper hand , whether it is Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan all in the name of promoting "democracy". It is difficult to put out a conflagration based on religion and fundamentalism which the Americans are known to provoke as a counter to "communism/ socialism". The Americans are like the mad bull elephant destroying all in its path in the name of pursuing its own interests. Now they have home-grown fanatics like CAIR, Bush ,etc bent on self-destruction and backwardness!

Name: Allat
Date: Sunday November 04, 2007
Time: 08:26:15 -0700


ADVISE----------TO ALL POSTERS IT would be a GREAT idea - to make an effort to separate points, ideas and paragraphs IN ANY WAY YOU CAN.-------- Long Postings are hard to read - and don't get read.EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE PERTINENT AND SOUND.--------------------- And by the way, personally, I DON"T read anything quoted from the koran - any chapter or verse------if people don't bother stating their own words or interpretations-------I don't bother reading any verses from koran.-------I consider people who do this, lazy and just plain stupid, because they can't think for themselves. -----

Name: Allat
Date: Sunday November 04, 2007
Time: 08:57:11 -0700


As per your statement:----------------------------------------------------------------------------"I have always maintained that the average American is a gullible dolt that he will fall for anything to with God?Allah? This is because secularism , atheism and rational thinking is looked down upon ,especially in the USA, where you will find evangelists , mullahs and other 'godmen' swindling millions of dollars out of the superstitious and gullible Americans who will uphold Biblical creation rather than scientific theory of evolution of the Universe. They rather believe that the world was created in seven days (or is it six days?) around 4004 BCE. They would jeer and deride anything scientific or rational" -------------------------------------------Au contraire, it's the other way around. Not only have Americans separated "church" and state (most of the other countries have adopted some version of the U.S. Constitution -but not much of the Bill of Rights) but they have even gone further and accepted science more than spirituality. To their detriment.---------------------- Every time there is anyone in the public forum or a speaker which talks about spirituality, or life in other Realms, and such, such Speakers are are mocked and laughed and jeered at.---------This is because the "church" /state encourages it - because the latter entity wants to maintain control. If the average citizen knew that they could depend more on God for their desires, instead of the Church/State (which are in cahoots together) - citizens would drop them like a hot potato - and church/state would have no control or gold to exist.--------------Also, you confuse, the People with the State - AS REGARDS THE DANGERS OF ISLAM. ---------------The State is pushing islam and accepting islamic immigration (closing the entry to other groups) for their own nefarious purposes ( because the Hierachy will be among the "favored" when the islamics take over?) ------------------The People - the man/woman in the stret - is very much aware of the danger and resents gov. imposition.

Name: Kali Politeis
Date: Sunday November 04, 2007
Time: 10:22:50 -0700


I would like to thank you for publishing my letter. I did, however, wish to be sure that your readers understood that it was I who had written the letter - not Syed Mirza - as it appears at the top. Once again, I appreciate you circulating my letter. -- Kali Politeis,

Name: Ananda
Date: Sunday November 04, 2007
Time: 20:25:36 -0700


Muslims are threatening USA with Sharia & Muhammad, my god! They are 1 million strong taxi drivers & low middle class indigents. They are disliked in every American community. These laughing stock is threatening USA everyday. (question) But why aren't some people laughing? (answer) To avoid Muslim Arson & Terrorism.

Name: Allat
Date: Monday November 05, 2007
Time: 10:21:29 -0700


"270 MILLION victims of islam"..? Something is very wrong with this figure. They must have thrown out the numbers from India alone. Indian sources state, in just a very short time, between the entry of islam there (when the islamics really got down to business) to and during the rule of the Moghuls, the dead totalled approx. 200 MILLION!-----------------That's just in India-----------What is the real total, then, taking in JUST the figures from ALL of Africa -- the Byzantine Empire and East Europe? AND not counting Mesopotamia and Persia?--------------THere is no way to know - because these countries did not have regular censuses and/if they ever did, they have long been burned by the invaders. Not to mention the total of today---------NOT to mention right now the killings among the islamics themselves.-----------270 Million is wrong!-----There's no way to figure the body count, but it is many times the amount of 270 Million!

Name: Syed Kamran Mirza
Date: Monday November 05, 2007
Time: 15:34:36 -0700


Many many thanks to "Kali Politeis" for this great letter to all Americans. The editor of both IW and FFI mistakenly used my name as the author; though, I simply forwarded this marvelously written letter, which every American should read very carefully. I request every sensible and coscientious people to propagate this letter to every where possible. Thanks again to the real author of this letter Kali Politeis.

Name: jack diamond
Date: Monday November 05, 2007
Time: 15:58:30 -0700


Those excoriating America need to read the Constitution Bill of Rights & Declaration of Independence, it's founding principles, to understand its society, then examine it's role as the bulwark of freedom against the worst totalitarian forces in history in the 20th century. All of that takes precedence over the good or bad of its individual citizens (whom the poster seems to feel so superior to). This isn't patriotic drivel, it's the historic truth. And let me tell you something else, the United States is the only power that's going to be able to challenge the force of Islam in the 21st century. Jihadists understand that. They see America as the only power that could keep Islam from dominating in the next century (just read their manifestos). America has had a slow-learning curve with the Muslim world. The Muslim world needs freedom, way before it needs democracy. Democracy now means Hamas and their replicas. Democracy now means Shari'a law grafted onto the constitutions of "free" Afghanistan & Iraq. That's foolish of America but not sinister. What the hell do you mean "destroying all in its path"? Who is killing everyone in Iraq? Islamists. 16,000 civilians were killed last year from Islamic terrorist attacks. About 200 died in connection with American soldiers, usually caught in the crossfire with--Islamic terrorists. Yeah, America took the lid off this can of worms. It has been equally naive in Kosovo and Afghanistan. What it suffers from is not being a "mad elephant" but excessive respect for religious freedom, when it comes to Islam, to the point of gravely being harmed, and terrible ignorance about it, inexcusable after 9/11, but ever-present. Slowly it is growing wiser with bitter experience. That's the American way.

Name: Allat
Date: Monday November 05, 2007
Time: 16:17:44 -0700


Jack Diamond: You're right! --------- But why aren't some people laughing? (answer) To avoid Muslim Arson & Terrorism................. In the U.S. it's because the common people are NOT aware of the danger, yet! The cell phones are stuck to their ears.

Name: kafir/infidel ( & Ex-communist ).
Date: Monday November 05, 2007
Time: 21:33:22 -0700


The no name,faceless ISLAMIST -( the very first message posted on this article, on NOV 3,2007; Time 23:23:53-0700 ) accusing Syed kamran Mirza as racist, hateful,not from Moslem background, and a Hindutva fanatic !!!!!!! Wow - you are ZAKIR NAIK the ISLAMIC terrorism instigator, TAQIYYA player , fascist ISLAMIST follower of rapist ,pedo MO. Do you know what you are writing ? ZAKIR NAIK? ALL lies, deceit, propaganda ,ISLAMIC TAQIYYA ,illogical,unprincipled,unconscienable brutal character actions. ISLAM is racism. ISLAM is hate filled . Kaleema it self is racist,fascist & by uttering it you are a true racist,fascist as you do not recognize other faiths,people, women,children. There is no word like equality in ISLAM - it is always in equality. No equal laws. In QQurran there are many references to balcks,slaves, whiteness of skin , treating balcks as scum. Even now - in Darfur the ARABIC decent people are killing, raping, murdering blacks in hundreds of thousands ,millions,driven out of their lands,country. In TURKEY, INDIA when Moslems were ruling there used to be places ( quarters ) for women & are called "Harem" to keep thousands of women as concubines , and Eunuchs to gaurd them - all for the sexual pleasure of the Moslem ruler !!!! Obviously these Moslem rulers were following the Profeteer MO & his slavery practices. ................... It really does not matter - who posts the message here on the forum. The matter under discussion is the most important. We are talking about ISLAM/MO/QQURRAN/ ISLAMIST terrorism . You can always post a rejoinder by citing authentic sources, facts,truths, references ,books & authors ( but not fake ones ) . ZAKIR NAIK - you must be booked & put behind the bars for instigating ISLAMIC terrorism- but the INDIAN Govt is spineless ,blinded by political wars in INDIA !!!!!!! ZAKIR NAIK - you are a traitor according to law of the land.

Name: DA
Date: Wednesday November 07, 2007
Time: 20:04:19 -0700


To Jack Diamond: Would you please figure out how to hack your way into the websites of every major news source in the English-speaking world, and post your most erudite, lucid and succinct comment there? I rarley encounter its like. I hope you won't mind being quoted in conversation. Bravo! I too am beyond fed up with those who attribute every death in Iraq and elsewhere in the Dar al-Islam to the U.S. military and/or American-Zionist conspiracy.

Name: Walter Sieruk
Date: Friday November 16, 2007
Time: 09:18:42 -0700


"Let the eye of vigilance never be closed" and "Fortitude...teaches us to meet and surmount difficlties; not to fly from them." - Thommas Jefferson

Name: the true infidel
Date: Saturday August 23, 2008
Time: 01:42:22 -0700


it seems to me that this world domination will come then more of my fellow kufar will start thining the hurd

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