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Understanding and analyzing Muslim or Islamic mindsets is not an easy job! Islam is the only religion which teaches Islamic brotherhood, that is, only a Muslim is the brother of another Muslim and a non-Muslim can not be a brother of any Muslim. Needless to mention that it was the same theory (Islamic virus) worked behind the mindsets of entire Arab nations who could not see any fairness for Bangalees freedom in 1971. They all supported marauding Paki-monster who were raping and killing millions of Bangalees (not so good muslims) only to save Islam. In this essay I will try to analyze some pertinent symptoms of Islamic brotherhood which was instrumental/pretext to the phenomenal Jihadi protests against Iraq war by all Muslims around the world. 

In general many people of many countries including USA and Britain (real perpetrators) protested against Iraq war. Some people do protest any war, especially left-leaning folks living in the western world and leftists/communists in the Third world countries also do protest almost any war. In fact all people hate war though some times war becomes an essential means of saving humanity.  Leftists are staunch enemy of America, because they consider America destroyed their dream of communism, that's why. Now all Islamists do hate America because Islamists consider America as the biggest obstacle to their ardent dream of establishing real Islam on Allah's earth. Islamists also can not tolerate America and the west because they blame west for their own failure. 

We have seen this kind of protests during Vietnam War. Of course, Islamic folks did not bother/mind Uncle Sam's utterly unjust war in Vietnam, because in those days of whipping communists by America, Islamists were having honeymoon with the Uncle Sam. Same was the case when NATO was whipping and beating hard on the back of Milosalav's Sarbia, because at that time-it was Christian brothers whipping another Christian bad guy. Nothing was wrong in it! But it was puzzling to me why Most Muslims staunchly supported Iraqi Dictator.  I demanded and still claim that this was just because Saddam is a Tyrant but Muslim Dictator. If he was not a Muslim dictator, or America attacked North Korea, no Muslim would ever bother about this war at all. Why I believe so? Please be with me for a few minutes.


Please just take the case of the war protest Bangladeshi style or should I say Moderate Muslim style:

1)  It was not an ordinary protest by Muslims along with other nations in the world. These protests by Muslims through out the world were much special and gave the color of holy war or Islamic Jihad (to save Islam form the hands of infidels), and not just mere protest like other peoples in many country. Among the jihadi maneuvers Bangladesh (BD) is the champion of all. BD is the only country which has observed a day of Hartal for Iraq war. 

Here is how BD Muslims did the jihadi holy maneuvers to please Allah. Bangladesh was having super-tumultuous days of wide spread protests against Iraq war. No, not by leftists/communists at all. It was done by Pukka Tupi-clad Muslims (Mullahs, maulanas, Madrasha's students, Islamic political parties, even women Muslimaahs with Hijabs and Burkhas.) with myriads of anti-kaffir and anti-infidels vitriolic slogans full of Islamic curse.  Hundreds of thousands of Tupi-clad Bangalee Muslims were in the streets of every city and every Bazars of Bangladesh (repeatedly appeared, not just one time) with Islamic/Jihadi anger-chanting various poisonous slogans and demonstrated various postures of Jumping (Nordon, Kurdon). These jihadi Muslims of Bangladesh did something which no other Muslims did. Bangladeshi protesters performed mass-prayers (Gano-munazat). Tens of thousands of pukka, tupi-clad angry muslims massively laid down in the open asphalt road on their back and simultaneously raised their hands towards the sky and prayed to Allah to help defeat American infidels by their favorite Muslin Saddam. Not only that, they conducted mass-prayers in every Mosque after Zumma Prayers and also during regular five times prayers Jihad Protesters also damaged many private cars and some foreign business establishments. What is called: Madness of Islamic Umma (Ummabazeer Ummadona) 

What an Islamic zeal? Does anybody believe that this kind of jihadi support to Saddam was just for mere humanity sake? You must be kidding folks! 

2) Thousands of BD jihadi muslims enlisted for suicide bombing operation against Kaffirs. 1,200 to join 'suicide squad' from Bangladesh Staff Correspondent

Daily Star. Please click here to see the sensational news. 

Does anybody still consider that these Bangalee suicide heroes are enlisting their name just to show sympathy for humanity? Was there anybody from Bangladesh to join the suicide squad for Vietnam War? Folks, you must be again kidding or just lying with people.


Media Puzzles: There were two sets of Medias broadcasting war news since the beginning of the Iraq war: (1) Western Medias like CNN, MSNBC, BBC etc. and (2) Al-Jazeera and other Arab Medias. Surprisingly these two groups were generating war coverage quite contrast/contradictory to each other. That is if you believed that Al-Jazeera and Arab Medias were talking the truth, then CNN or MSNBC were giving blatant lies about the war and vice versa.  Bangladeshi Muslims were listening news which was Al-Jazeera generated and they did not listen or believe any news which was generated by western Medias. Because Aljazeera was broadcasting news that most Muslims ardently wanted to hear about Iraq war. 

In Bangladesh and also all those Arab world the main news was that Saddam was winning the war and America was losing the war with much devastations to it's army. On 5th April I got some visitors from Bangladesh and Holland. They are Bangalee Muslims and all of them were vehemently arguing that Iraq was winning the war. When I asked what was there source of news, they replied: "Al-Jazeera and BTV and they told me CNN and other Western Medias are giving distorted one-sided news". When I took them in front of the TV set which was broadcasting CNN evening news they said, "CNN is giving wrong/distorted news". I understood they do not like CNN or MSNBC because these Medias do not provide news they want to hear. One of them claimed that CNN and MSNBC give 90% false news. Then I urge them to decide who is telling the truth after the end of the war. They agreed with me. 

One of them brought for me 12 Bangladeshi daily news papers (like Jankantha, Ajker kagoz, Prothom alo, Inkelab etc.) dated April 3 and 4, 2003. All those BD news papers had many colorful headings of news about Iraq war. When I quickly glanced all of them-I could not believe my eyes what I was reading. By reading these BD news paper one will surely get the idea that Saddam was winning the war. News papers were loaded with pictures of American atrocities (civilian casualties) and stories about Saddam's valiant soldiers. Some of the headings I still remember are: "Coalition forces were halted by Saddam,s valiant forces, Coalition command and control were shattered, 39 US tanks were destroyed, 14 US fighter jets were shot down, 150 coalition soldiers were killed and many US soldiers surrendered to Saddam heroic Soldiers, US Helicopters downed by Iraqi peasant, Baghdad will be flooded with bloods of coalition forces, etc. etc. No news about the dynamic success of coalition forces at all. I was shocked by the gross bluffs that Al-Jazeera TV was broadcasting to satisfy Muslim mindsets. I also heard from one of the CNN reporter who was telling with much despair that-just in the neighboring Jordan Arabs are getting totally different pictures of the war. It was not very difficult to understand how BD news papers were bluffing gullible Muslim readers. 

My relative was not believing the news he was hearing from American Media at all, and he was telling me that, "you will know the truth when war is ended." On 9th April when I was calling him in front of the TV set he was almost crying with shock and utter disbelief. He did not like to hear and see that news of the fall of Baghdad, jubilant and joyous celebration of Iraqi people and statue demolition scenarios of Baghdad. These people believed Iraqi information minister's Goebali version of war news. Did you see how information minister al- Sahhaf was lying with the whole world? That's the typical character of any Muslim rulers. We have seen same thing in the early period of Afghan war last year. We have seen during India Pakistan wars-when we used hear that Pakistan was always winning the war. 

When I asked my BD relative why he was so shocked for Saddam Hossain knowing that he is an evil person? He replied, "after all he was our Muslim brother and he was humiliated by non-Muslim western infidels".  I was surprised and dismayed by the zeal of utterly empty Islamic brotherhood. I asked him do you remember that in our freedom struggle in 1971 no Arab people supported us. He remained silent to my question.


Some puzzling Questions: 

Muslim Umma support Saddam because saddam is a Muslim! But in Islam making any statue of living object is greatly sinful and Mullahs hate any statue. Iraq was flooded with Saddam's all fancy statues everywhere. Ho come no Muslims/mullahs ever protested about Saddam's statues? I enjoyed the euphoria of destroying Saddam's mammoth statues by those Iraqi freedom loving people. That was really something to remember for life. Looting was also Iraqi style. I saw people looting cash or valuables, but I never saw people looting almost anything they found in font of them. This showed the real refection of many years of brutal repressions by Saddam's regime. This was not simply an act of lootings, but it was payback or revenge to Saddam's regime by oppressed Iraqi people..


Blaming Electronic Media: 

Islamists have a very funny way of judging correctness and authenticity of Media news. Whenever western Media like CNN or MSNBC broadcast something in their favor or likings they will try to highlight it 100 folds. But the moment news goes against their choice/likings-they will immediately call it western propaganda or Zionist conspiracy. What a double standard by those Islamists! 

News about war can never be 100% true, and there is always some 10-20% distortion of the actual happening. Every news has some flaws in it when it is broad cast, but we can easily find the substance of the actual news. To my knowledge, western Medias are 70-90% true when Medias of Asian countries (BD included) only 10-30% are true. I always find CNN, MSNBC, BBC and many other western Medias quite acceptable and they rank amongst the best in the whole world. In this case of Iraq war I found 80-90% truth in the broadcasts of CNN, MSNBC and BBC, because they broadcast war news with sufficient pictures which substantiated the claim. At the end of the Iraq war (now) we can positively determine who spoke the truth. Al-Jazeera and other Arab Medias were broadcasting 80-90% lies about Iraq war. On the contrary, western Medias like CNN, MSNBC and BBC were broadcasting about 80-90% true war news. That is what we are witnessing now after the removal of Saddam. I have some questions to the readers: (1) Please name some world Media/Medias which is more open, more neutral and broadcasts more authentic news than CNN, MSNBC or BBC. (2) Please give me one Third worlds TV Media which will broadcast news from both sides (enemy and friend) of the conflicts. (3) Could you tell us that any Media of some Muslim nation is better than CNN, MSNBC or BBC? 

Humanity factor:  Muslims and especially Islamists widely blaming American (coalition) force for their atrocity and inhumanity in the war of Iraq. They also claim that, they are protesting this war for humanity sake. Every war causes some collateral human casualty, but question is who can avoid this collateral damage better than American? Also, will these collateral damages be more than the damages/atrocities/killings (Saddam was killing 10-20 thousands Iraqis every year) that would happened had there been Saddam stayed in power? Let me ask my readers: who is better humane people in the world? I am not saying America is any saint or angel. But do we have any better humane people than westerners or Americans? Consider if this super power was some Arab nation (say Saddam's Iraq or Saudi Arabia) instead of America and that Arab super power invaded a western infidel country. What would we see there? Would they come with Billions of dollars worth of food, medicine and other modern amenities to help the people of invaded country like America did in Iraq? Let me ask some questions to my honorable readers: (1) Please name one country where I can find more humane/compassionate human beings than America. (2) Please tell me which country gives more economic aid to any Third World poor country than America. Was it any Arab Muslim country? Please think about it for a moment!


Coalition forces were invader or rescuers? 

Images speak thousands words! What have we seen for last several days in Iraq? Have we seen Iraqis are mourning for Saddam, or have we seen that majority Iraqis were sadden that Coalition forces have crushed Saddam's Republican guard? What was the indication of these: tumultuously joyous jubilant celebrations of Iraqis, kissing the advancing marines by Iraqi people, showering rose petals by Iraqi women over the American tanks, joyously greeting American soldiers chanting/jumping/clapping with euphoria of relief and happiness of freedom, chanting with various slogans like-thank you America, thank you Bush, Bush Bush thank you Bush, kissing the hands of Marines, euphoria of demolitions of all those Saddam's mammoth statues, looting Iraqi Govt. property etc.etc.etc. Were these the signs of an invaded country or was it the sign of a liberated country from the mighty hands of an unimaginable tyrant like Saddam? I can not see anything parallel to this; I remember our joyous moments of 1971 when Indian army and our valiant freedom fighters entered Dhaka. But I don not think that can be compared here because of the much superior intensity and degree of joy Iraqi people were expressing in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq after the fall of Saddam. I have not seen any Iraqis protesting as much our BD muslims have exhibited with their Islamic zeal. I must bring that famous Bengali adage: "Untie shows more fervor in loving me than my own mother (Mayyer chheye mashir doraad beshi).


Some after thoughts:

My point here is-what type of Islamic mania is it that Muslims can not separate good from the bad due to their blindness caused by childhood brain-washing with Islamic brotherhood syndrome? How come Muslim born human beings can never come out of the closed tunnels of Islamic brotherhood and never can see the reality of the life?  Saddam was killing tens of thousands of Iraqi Muslims every year for long 25 years, yet they are shedding crocodile's tears for few hundreds of collateral civilian killings? Who likes war or killing innocent people? No body likes war and no body likes killings. But sometimes war does happen to bring good for the world. In this case of Iraq war, I strongly consider that Iraq was not occupied by anybody, but Iraq has been finally liberated by America and Iraqi people will see the sunshine after long times.

Interestingly enough, Iraqi Muslims ( except Saddam's supporters which is no more than 10% of Iraqi people) overwhelmingly wanted this change to be happened. And it was obvious that no other country but super power America could do this job of removing this Iraqi monster so precisely and successfully. Thanks to Osama-Bin-Laden for his utter Islamic stupidity, otherwise America would never pay any attention to Iraq and mighty Saddam would rule Iraq ruthlessly until his death. Of course, our Muslims folks also would not bother about Saddam's tyranny.

How did Iraqi civilians (inside and outside Iraq) respond to the coalition victory? Were they not happy by this long-deserved freedom from the iron clutch of Saddam?  Have not we witnessed unbelievable massive jubilant celebrations in the Iraqi streets? Why then we the outside Muslims were so unhappy about Iraq war? Look what an Iraqi American has said to CNN reporter on 8th April, 2003. When asked how he (name not remember) was feeling about this war of Iraq by America he replied he was very happy and hopeful about this war. And then he angrily made this statement below: "Those Arabs protesting this war of Iraq are most cruel hypocrites. They should be ashamed of their act of supporting a tyrant like Saddam in the name of Muslim-sympathy, when they know very well that Saddam killed 3 millions of Iraqi Muslims. They should rather protest against their own dictators"

Here is another comment from Baghdad people:  "I am 49, but I never lived a single day," said Yousuf Abed kazim, a Baghdad Mosque Imam who ponded the statue's pedestal with a sledgehammer. "Only now will I start living. That Saddam is a Murderer and criminal."

Folks, we surely live in a strange world. I have seen ample doubts and disbelief even among some of my left-leaning secular and semi-secular Muslim friends, who also felt sorry for the fall of Saddam's regime at the hands of western infidel forces. Perhaps, they considered it as the humiliation of Muslim country by an infidel country. May be these secular, left-leaning folks still possess some traces of Islamic virus in their system. Who knows when they will be completely free of Islamic prejudice and will be able to see things in the stature of global brotherhood rather than Islamic brotherhood?

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