A BBC report on how and what Muslims are teaching in private Islamic schools in the U.K. is very surprising and disheartening for natives of the United Kingdom, who have been living there for centuries before the migration of Muslims.


The report can be found on Youtube.

Dr. Sumaya Alyusaf, director of the King Fahad Academy, recognized that their books and curriculum, taught to Muslim children, say that Jews are monkeys and Christians are pigs. She confessed that these are the books that were taught in her schools.  However, the arrogant and haughty Alyusaf, notwithstanding the advice of the interviewer, openly refused to withdraw those hatemongering books from her schools.

To defend the Quran, she said that we should not see the misinterpretation of the specific verses that says Christians are pigs and Jews are monkeys, but we should see and consider the entire story in the chapter of the Quran. After that only would we understand the true soul of the Quran that it teaches humanity to mankind. This is real laughable and ridiculous answer by Dr. Alyusaf.

The interviewer also raised the point that schools, overseen by the Fahd Academy, also teaches that those, who do not follow Islam, will be perished in Hellfire. Dr. Alyusaf denied this, but only to accept it in her next sentence that Islam emphasizes that whoever does not believe in Muhammad as the final messenger, he/she will find their abode in the Hell fire and the Quran testifies this many times.

My advice and request to those high authorities of non-Muslim countries that they should open an organization on how to deal with Islam and truth about Islam. They can now openly tell to their students that Muslims are dogs; they should teach the true history of the real pirates of Arabia of the 7th and 8th centuries that ruled over the weak, oppressed women, and engaged in massive killings. How Muslims claim that women have equal rights in Islam even after practicing polygamy and distribution of less property share than their brothers inherited from their parents.

I personally believe that now is the right time that Islam should be exposed naked before the world, before this virus spreads in the minds of otherwise innocent people, who might go to kill innocent people, even their own parents, siblings, and beloved ones.

Mohammad A. Khan is a Pakistani-born ex-Muslim, currently living in the U.S.

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