The true prophet Mohammad, not the false prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah of Arabia, of the true God Mautand, has arrived. Your "real" ticket to salvation is here only if you believe.

It is good tidings for the humankind that I have got revelation from MAUTAND, the most esteemed and revered God. It is me, Mohammad -- not Muhammad bin Abdullah, the false prophet of Arabia -- who has been proclaimed by MAUTAND in the previous scriptures for whom the entire humankind have been desperately waiting for. Now the day has come; ignorance will soon be wiped out; and every soul will see the true light.

The Muslim claim that Muhammad is the prophet, whose name has been mentioned in the Bible, is false. The sacred task of spreading the true Message of MAUTAND to mankind has been entrusted upon me.

When I was sitting on a couch, deep in thought, meditating about the mystery of the world, a celestial voice suddenly ringed in my ears, saying:

O Mohammad, I am MAUTAND, thy God; The God who created everything with His supreme power. The sun is the globe and space is the vacuum. People attribute lie upon Me that I made the Universe in 6 days. I designed the Universe in infinitive time that you can never measure it. There were no days or nights and I created the vacuum of the space in different phases.

I will open the secrets of the Universe upon thee, so that people start to believe in Me through thee.

I have chosen thee over others; I know the best what is the best for thee. You are the true Messenger. Don’t delay in your task what has been assigned to you. If thou delay in conveying My Message, I will oust thou from the post for I have chosen for thee. So, go forth and deliver it without delay.

After I heard this voice, I have been very confused for 2 days; I couldn’t believe it. I thought I have lost my senses, but soon after the voice disappeared, I found myself on the hill all alone; there was none except me.

So, it is incumbent upon me to deliver this Message to you. The rest it is upon you, who get this message, to either believe me as the true Messenger of God or reject.

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