I was molded from my childhood as a practicing Muslim by my orthodox father. Starting from my childhood, I heard about Paradise and Hoor-e-een (Virgins) hundreds of times in their sermons of our Mullahs. As per the Islamic doctrine of Taqiya (deception), Mullahs conveniently forget to reveal the truth about the Hoor-e-een. From childhood to age 29, I was made to imagine the Hoor-e-een as the angels of God. I hope that most Muslims – especially the non-Arabs – consider the Hoor-e-een as I used to. It was my ‘Savior’ Ahmad Deedat, the well-known apologist of Islam, who opened my eyes.


In 1989, when I was 29, I happened to watch the video of the ‘great’ debate between the Arab American Christian evangelist Dr. Anis Shorrosh and my favorite Muslim apologist Ahmad Deedat on the topic of ‘QURAN OR THE BIBLE, WHICH IS GOD’S WORD?’ It was organized by the Islamic propagation center in Birmingham City, where the percentage of Muslims is above the national average in the UK. Most of them are from Pakistan and Bangladesh, and admirer of Ahmed Deedat. The idea of choosing Birmingham City was to make video of this debate for using as dawa (propagation of Islam) among English-speaking Christians. The crazy, fanatic Muslim audience repeatedly mocked and interrupted Dr. Shorrosh’s speech. Thousands of people were present in the audience, more than 95% of them Muslim.


In this debate, Dr. Shorrosh charged the Quran for having verses that glorify sex by pointing to ‘Hoor-e-een’, the 72 highly sophisticated sex machines, with which Allah will reward every blessed Muslim man in paradise. Until then, I used to consider the Hoor-e-een as the child-like angels of Allah.

Having prepared himself well for applying Taqiya to deceive non-Muslims, Ahmed Deedat refuted Dr. Shorrosh by saying, there is no such ‘filthy word’ in the Quran. Until then, I had read the Quran, cover to cover, many times in Arabic without understanding the meaning of a single word of it. But I was sure that, there is a verse on ‘Virgins’ (Hoor-e-een).


A long-time admirer, I used to consider Ahmad Deedad a champion of Islam. But when he, my hero, said, there is no such word as “Hoor-e-een” in the Quran, I was shocked. I’m had heard about “Hoor’e-een” for 29 years from my local Mullahs.

That was not all. Christian evangelist Dr. Shorrosh made several charges on the Quran, which Mr. Deedat simply ignored by not answering them. For example Dr. Shorrosh asked Deedat on what basis a Muslim in Alaska would fast, where Day and Night may occur several times in 24 hours, and sometimes may take weeks to change from day to night. Although I was well-educated and knew very well about Alaska and some other places, nearer to the Polar region, I never thought of this problem of Ramadan fasting in such regions.

Regardless of his belief in Christianity, I thanked Mr. Shorrosh for raising these points, which raised some real questions in my mind and turned me toward enlightenment. Instead of scrutinizing his charges, the majority of Muslims in audience were not even ready to hear it in first place. The livelihood of Muslim apologists like Ahmad Deedat and Zakir Naik solely depends on this kind of closed-mind Muslims.


So, I decided to read the Quran in English translation in order to know the truth myself and to find out if my hero Deedat was telling the truth. As I read on page after page, I kept getting shock after shock. And as an average Muslim, I started getting suspicious of the ‘English’ translator than suspecting the credibility of the Quran. I thought, the translator was probably an English man or an American, who wanted to ridicule my noble Quran. Here I wish to emphasize the fact that the Arabic Quran occupies book-shelf of every non-Arab Muslim house. Nobody bothers to have a copy of the Quran in translation in a language they understand.

To clear-off my doubts about the mischievous English translators playing with the noble message of my beloved Quran, I purchased two more translations in two other languages that I know. And reading them, I experienced similar shocks. The English and those two translations were so consistent. So I had to conclude that the translator of the English Quran was not wrong or mischievous, but the Mullahs, who dutifully veiled the nasty teachings of the Quran from us, were to blame.


For a moment, I felt sad and shattered for having wasted my 29 years of my life by dedicating to a belief system that was nothing spiritual, but was a dangerous political ideology instead. It supports the banditry for its followers, craving for spoils out of the toils of others. It elevated a barbaric shepherd (Muhammad) to the kinghood of Arabia.

Though the translations of the Quran that I read in three different languages revealed horrific characteristics of the Quran and its author Muhammad, but I found them to differ from one another in the severity of nastiness. This is because of the following hadith, which advises the preachers or translators to teach the Islamic message according to the mental caliber and culture of the particular people. It says,

“TEACH RELIGION TO THE PEOPLE ACCORDING TO THEIR MENTAL CALIBRE”  (Sahih Al-Bukhari,  Vol 1, The Book of Knowledge, Chapter 50, Hadees No: 129)

And also the Quran teaches Muslims to lie under the Al-Taqiya doctrine. (Quran 16:106 & 3:28)


Thanks to Ahmed Deedat, who induced me into reading the Quran in the understandable language I understand, that helped open my eyes and unshackle myself from the clutch of demonic Islam. Ahmad Deedad and his self-appointed junior, Dr Zakir Naik, are the saviors of lots of intellectually capable Muslims like me.

As Ahmad Deedat is no more, it is the sole responsibility of Dr Naik now to take the task in hand to help unshackle Muslims from Islam. And he is doing his job superbly. For that purpose, he opened his own TV Channel, the Peace TV, via which preachings and messages are directly going homes of the majority of Muslims not only in India, but all over the world. This way, he is making huge money and also gulping the Zakat money of gullible Muslims, which Ahmed Deedat was unable to do. In my view, it is OK to contribute our Zakat money to Zakir in exchange for his helping us freeing from Islam in ones and twos. Nice job Zakir! Keep it up!

My humble request to Zakir! As you proclaim that you are a disciple of Mr. Deedat, then please walk in Deedat’s shoes and come forward for open debates with Christian debaters in particular. Though, I know that you won’t do that.

At least allow Muslims to ask questions freely in your multimillion shows, and keep away your tamed rowdies from the questioners. It is a different thing that Muslim questioners can’t leave the premises without being abused.


In one of his debates a few years later, Mr. Deedat felt proud to recall his debate with Dr. Shorrosh as a disaster for his Christian counterpart. Deedat must be thinking that all Muslims are stupid. Not only Mr. Deedat, but all Muslim apologists think of common Muslims as stupid. That may a thing of the past when Muslims were generally uneducated and had no recourse to checking their doubts from original sources. But today, the real stupids are the Muslim apologists, who fail to sense the reality that his modern age provides opportunities for getting accurate information to anyone just at the click of a mouse. Deedat had done a wonderful job for the intelligent Muslims, who want to use their brain.

As an ex-Muslim, I’m whole-heartedly thankful to Dr. Anis Shorrosh for helping me unshackle myself from Islam. I also congratulate him for his courage of braving such a huge crowd of rowdy Muslims for the first time in the history, and dare to tear Islam in its true color in Birmingham. Thumps up Doctor! You have won the match!

It doesn’t mean that I despise Mr. Deedat. He certainly had a direct contribution to the opening of my eyes to real Islam. After coming out of Islam, I respect him more for making me to think of the way Muslim apologists use his doctrine of Taqiya (Deception). Neither Deedat nor Dr. Shorrosh won the debate. The real winners are the intelligent Muslims.


In my view the title of this great debate should have been “WHICH RELIGION IS MORE EVIL – ISLAM OR CHRISTIANITY?” Please watch this video to know which religion is more evil. Whoever watches this video must read the translation of the Quran and the Bible ‘Cover to Cover,’ to test your intellect.

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