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Google search has an auto-complete feature that gives suggestions to complete the sentence when you start typing. These are generated by algorithms based on the most commonly searched terms. When these auto-generate searches are not politically palatable, they are altered by human interventions.

poppy-remembranceFor example there are a lot of negative searches and follow-through clicks on material critical of Islam. But, due to activism by Muslim groups, these have been played around with so as to place Islam-critical contents further down and Islam-apologetic content higher up in the search results and to avoid the negative search auto-completes.

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The Sunni Jihadist ‘Islamic State’ or Dawla Islamiya is the manifestation of what Sunni Islamists have been striving for for a long time, especially groups like Hizb-ut-tahrir and many other hardline Islamist groups.

After 9/11 as I started to research into Islamic teachings I started visiting a liberal ex-Muslim website called secular Islam. There in a comments section for several months I viewed comments / arguments flying back and forwards and in particular some Islamist kept posting links to khilafah.com articles. These were truly scary reading material, very professionally produced with a lot of erudite writers and a large following. More than anything else these articles woke me up to the threat that Islamic thought poses with the most expansionist and supremacist teachings being not a mere historical curiosity but underpinning a large movement of Muslims striving hard for them.

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Boston bombing brothers Tamerlan
Tsarnaev (L),
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (R)

Two brothers of Chechen extraction settled in the USA commit a mass terror attack on spectators at a Boston Marathon race. The question of motivation certainly seems important. Having been given shelter by a host country, university scholarships and a new life in a prosperous country, why then in recompense do these youngsters commit unspeakable barbarity upon their new fellow citizens and target them with a mass slaughter?

The name Tamerlan is named after another famous jihadist, a monster who killed untold numbers for the sake of jihad. Naming your son after this butcher of humanity is like naming your son Adolf Hitler or Osama bin Laden. Amir Timur (Tamerlan the original in whose honour this jihadist criminal is named) called himself ‘sword of Islam’ and more than lived up to that name. From his memoirs we can see why:

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In Bahawalpur, Pakistan, rumours of a man having burnt pages of the Quran led to a mob of over a thousand enraged Muslims grabbing the man from a police station and delivering Islamic justice to him. This 'justice' entailed him being doused with petrol and burnt alive.

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As an illiterate and impoverished Christian woman faced death-sentence for blasphemy, Salman Taseer, the secular-leaning Governor of Punjab, tried to intervene to get her freed, describing the blasphemy law as a ‘black law’. And he was killed by his own guard Qadri after clerics declared Taseer as ‘wajib ul qatl’, or necessary to be slaughtered.

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