Habib Peer, an Ahmadiyya Muslim and U.S. citizen, who returned to Pakistan after his brother was murdered by Muslim assailants, also had to embrace his brother's fate as he was shot dead by masked Muslim terrorists---all because of his faith, deemed heretical in Islam...

Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Habib Peer, a Pakistani-American citizen, who recently returned to Pakistan after living in the U.S. for 15 years, was murdered by Muslim zealots, according to his family, for his faith, deemed deviant in the Sunni Muslim eyes.

As he drove, along with his young nephew through the southern city of Sanghar, two motorbikes approached his car. One of the masked drivers fired a handgun twice through the open window, instantly killing the 60-year-old Peer.

His nephew, 13, survived to describe the assassination. "That's just how (the boy's) father died," recalled Mujeeb Chaudhary, Peer's brother-in-law and a Philadelphia pharmacist.

"It was a targeted killing, only because of his religion."

Peer Habib's brother, Pasha, a physician who cared for the poor of Sanghar, was also shot twice in the head as he left his clinic one evening four years earlier. The perpetrators were never found.

After his brother's assassination, Habib Peer moved back to Pakistan to care for Pasha's widow, whom he married, and to help raise his brother's children.

Ahmadiyya Islam was founded by Indian mystic Mirza Gulam Ahmad, who in 1887 announced that he was the messiah, or Mahdi.

Nearly all Muslims view Ahmad and his followers as heretics. They are generally disdained by Muslims, the worst in Pakistan, where the constitution and passports identify Ahmadis as non-Muslim.

This is just another instance of butchery of so-called deviants by Sunni Muslim terrorists.

Sunni Islam teaches as part of its doctrine to kill heretics. It's a terrorist doctrine, which has yet to be reformed. While the world demands freedom of conscience and human rights, terrorist Sunni Islam demands the right to kill for religious dogma, and to deny freedom of conscience and human rights to others.

See this Sunni forum, where 90% of those, who participated in a poll, voted to declare the Shiites and Ahmadiyyas heretics, and see the violent incitements to murder quoted (all pukka bloodthirsty verses from Sunni Islams 'holy' texts:

"There will be, at the end of the time, people who are called Rawafid (rejecters). They will reject Islam and spit it out. Thus, KILL THEM for they are polytheist."

There are similiar hadith also in Sahih Bukhari.

Sahih Bukhari 9.84.64:

Narrated 'Ali:
No doubt I heard Allah's Apostle saying, "During the last days there will appear some young foolish people who will say the best words but their faith will not go beyond their throats (i.e. they will have no faith) and will go out from (leave) their religion as an arrow goes out of the game. So, where-ever you find them, kill them, for whoever kills them shall have reward on the Day of Resurrection."

Sahih Bukhari 4:56:808:

In the last days of this world there will appear some young foolish people who will use (in their claim) the best speech of all people (i.e. the Qur'an) and they will abandon Islam as an arrow going through the game. Their belief will not go beyond their throats (i.e. they will have practically no belief), so wherever you meet them, kill them, for he who kills them shall get a reward on the Day of Resurrection."

Here's a top Pakistani Sunni Muslim scholar, featured on India's top Sunni news channel "Peace TV", who calls for murdering Ahmadiyyas as per terrorist Sunni Islamic teachings:

...then the parliament decided that they (Ahmedis) are non-Muslims. But this decision is incomplete! Please note it down. I am admitting, for the first time, that Ahmediyyat has not been harmed at all by declaring them non-Muslims. It is spreading and flourishing as ever before, deepening its root in our society. The entire Western world is also patronizing them. However, even in the country they could have been rooted out ONLY if the apostates/renegades would have been KILLED. There is "capital punishment" for the apostates in Islam.

Editing by M. A. Khan

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