Leaders of a barbaric Muslim terror-mob that invaded an Ahmadiyya complex and hacked 3 Ahmadiyyas to death were given 3-6-month jail-terms, while a guard was given a 6-month jail-term for trying to defend the complex against the attack (that's his job).

Attack and killing of Ahmadiyahs in Indonesia

Ahmadiyah Muslims, a group viewed as heretical by mainstream Sunni Muslims, have been suffering a campaign of terror, murder, intimidation and genocide by Sunni Muslims all over the Islamic world.

In this video (warning extremely graphic), you can see three men beaten to death by a mob of Muslims and having their heads repeatedly smashed in by poles and sticks even after they are long dead (for uncensored version of the video, see this link: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=63c_1297160793). It is sickening and a terrible crime against humanity for the mere crime of having a belief, which mainstream Sunni Muslims find blasphemous to their dogma:

And what about the justice to this barbaric crime? The Indonesian court has decided that the perpetrators of this horrendous barbarism will receive a jail-term between 3 and 6 months. While this Islamic justice concerning a crime committed against heretic kuffars may not surprise people with in-depth knowledge of Islam, what must surprise everyone is that an Ahmadiyah guard, who tried to put up a defence against the Muslim mob, invading their house of worship, has been found guilty, and not only guilty but guilty of greater crime, and has been given longer jail-term than the murderous Muslim perpetrator who instigated the violence and committed the murders.

Read the following news story for more:

DENPASAR, Indonesia — An Indonesian man who survived a deadly mob attack by Muslim hard-liners was sentenced Monday to six months in prison, prompting outrage from rights groups over a sentence that was harsher than what some of his assailants received.

Deden Sudjana, a member of Ahmadiyya, a minority Muslim sect that many conservative Muslims consider heretical, was found guilty by a district court in the province of Banten on charges stemming from the February incident. Judges said he had refused police orders to leave the scene and had wounded one of the attackers.

The judges rejected a charge of incitement leveled by prosecutors, who had sought a sentence of nine months.

The clash, in the remote district of Cikeusik, caused international outrage after a graphic video of it surfaced online. It showed the police offering little resistance as more than 1,000 villagers descended on a home where 21 Ahmadis were staying, killing three and then beating and stomping on their mud- covered bodies.

The attack and the trial that followed have been widely denounced as evidence of declining religious tolerance in Indonesia, where the police, officials and the justice system have often appeared reluctant to punish — and, in some cases, are alleged to have colluded with — Islamic hard-liners, who have engaged in increasingly frequent attacks on Christian churches and on properties owned by Ahmadiyya.

Last month the same court sentenced 12 villagers, including a 17-year-old who was seen in the video bashing a man’s skull with a rock, to between 3 and 6 months in jail over their involvement in the attack. Prosecutors did not seek charges of murder or manslaughter.

This vicious attack, filmed secretly by someone, was posted on the internet and seen by hundreds of thousands of people. In spite of that, the Indonesian police and courts have made a mockery of justice by treating murderers with kid gloves and seeking to blame the victims.

As per this following story you can see the complicity of the police and 'justice' system in covering up for the killers:

Police arrested and charged 12 suspects in relation to the attack. Despite facing sentences of up to 12 years in jail, prosecutors recommended prison sentences of between five and seven months for the defendants.

On the other hand, prosecutors recommended nine months in jail for Deden Sujana, the head of security for the Indonesian Ahmadiyah Congregation (JAI), for allegedly provoking the attack.

So the court outcome is only what the prosecutors sought. This injustice makes the Indonesian legal system itself complicit and guilty in the persecution and brutal slaughter of followers of this sect.

Indonesia, in spite of having a relatively moderate forms of Islam compared to other parts of the world has a problem with the more uncompromising Islam too. Around 42% of the population supported stoning for adulterers 30% thought killing apostates was the way to go in a recent pew survey. There is no wonder they are acting on the killing of 'heretics' and 'apostates' part of that.

Both stoning adulterers and killing apostates are mainstream Sunni Islamic positions practiced since the beginning of Islam.

If you look to another country in this pew survey, Pakistan, you find 82% support for stoning to death adulterers, which the Taliban and others having actually been carrying out, and 76% support for killing apostates. No wonder there have been machine gun attacks on Ahmadi Mosques, in one such attack 80 people were murdered. In Pakistan however Ahmadis are called by the State as non-Muslims and their places cannot be referred to as Mosques by the media. They can be locked up for even saying asalam alaikum, the Muslim greeting.

Mainstream Sunni Islam has plenty of problematic aspects and when it is used to form the basis of laws injustice will certainly be the outcome.

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