The dreadful and deplorable killings in Norway last week cannot be justified whatever reasons the perpetrator, an extremist belonging to the Christian faith, had for it. However, ignoring the real reasons, the reasons that drive individuals and groups to such acts of violence can prove detrimental as more frustration will bring nothing but more such madness to the European society.

I have been following the incident from the very moment when it happened. The initial reports were that a jihadist group had claimed responsibility for the attack; that was not surprising for many. When it was confirmed that the coldblooded murderer was a far-right Christian extremist and a Norwegian, and that he had a lengthy manifesto for his violent agenda, it surprised many, not me.

Although I cannot say that I expected such a disgusting incident could happen, I have seen many people in Europe showing their contempt for the widespread Islamization and jihadism which, in their opinion, has suffocated the free, open and peaceful Western society with its values and respect for democracy, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, human rights, women rights, gay rights, etc.

‘I no longer feel that I live in Europe,’ a female teacher of a European language, aged about 50, told me one and a half year ago. She would have never discussed something like this with me, she told me later, if she was not convinced that I was not a Muslim. When I asked what was the reason for that feeling, she explained: ‘Whenever I or my daughter go to a beach in bikini, there are always many Muslims around who immediately start threatening and harassing us. I had to change my house two years ago because a man who was said to have converted from Islam had moved next door to us. Every night Muslims came and banged at his door and threw stones inside and left threatening letters. Many times they came to the wrong door and banged at ours. This is disgusting. We live in fear of Islam. Europe was not like this when I was young.’

Many other people I spoke with about this expressed similar feelings and ‘Europe was not like this’ has been said to me repeatedly.

It can be true that the Norwegian killer is a lone mad man but the terror inflicted and the madness caused by Islamism in the world generally and in Europe particularly is, unfortunately, not a lone case. Groups and networks of extremist Muslims are operating and are tolerated everywhere in the Western world. These groups openly build mosques and community centers wherever they find a place, not caring less if their activities bother people because they think it is their God given right; they have created their own segregated communities where they abuse women and radicalize children; they demand for imposing the brutal sharia laws which have given their own countries nothing but destruction and fear; they support Islamic terrorism around the world and send money to terrorist groups; they convert people to Islam and then threaten the converts if they wish to leave the religion; they terrorize Muslims who convert to other religions; they condemn women rights, democracy and freedom of speech; they contribute nothing to the society they live in and eat from, instead they always dream to conquer the West so they can found a khilafat, a medieval sharia kingdom; and they start violence for a mere criticism of Islam while they never stop denouncing the Western values and freedom as ‘corrupt,’ ‘filth,’ and ‘unacceptable.’ This aggressive attitude and countless incidents of violence have forced countless political leaders, activists, writers, journalists, artists, cartoonists, bloggers and many more to live like prisoners in their own countries while hundreds of thousands of ex-muslims, me among them, live in fear and are not able to say or share their thoughts on any public forum.

Violence not only instills fear, it also inspires violence. When all this is happening everyday and around everyone, people will inevitably get fed up. And there will be reaction which we have already seen: anti-Muslim parties, such as Geert Wilders’ in The Netherlands, became more popular recently; more anti-Muslim political groups emerged; and now we see someone in Norway, a country known for its very peaceful, friendly and open society, can go to the extent of killing 76 people in a well-thought plan and long-thought agenda. The killer can be described as a ‘mad’ or ‘insane’ person, but the reasons – Islamism, jihadism, and its violent and aggressive presence all over the Western world – that drive people in this madness and insanity must not be ignored.

I don’t think if multiculturalism is a failure; In fact, Islamism is determined to make it a failure: Mulsim immigrants who have extremist ideas and immigrate with an obsession to conquer the West, don’t integrate because they don’t want to mix in what they call an ‘infidel’ and ‘prostitute’ society. This group of people when see a girl going to school, whether it is in their own country or in the West, they think she is a prostitute. And their ‘solution’ of such ‘evils’ is the use of violence. The second group of Muslims, who mainly flee their countries because of their secular ideas or persecution by sharia, are often slow in integrating because they are afraid of violence from Muslim extremists or people avoid interacting with them considering them, from their looks, typical Islamists, thus afraid of troubles. This, though not their fault, discourages them from fully participating in, and contributing to, the society they live or want to live in. I have had horrible personal experiences of this.

Finding practical solutions to these problems need to be worked out. However, I would like to emphasize on one very important point: It is Islamism and its violent agenda that we need to stop in the West otherwise Islamism will, on one hand continue, and even increase, causing violence through its networks of extremists and sharia-imposers, and on the other hand provoke violence from people who are suffering from its brutalities and are fed up with its inquisition.

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