The 2007 and 2010 studies of Google Trends, which gather information about Internet searches by people in different countries, revealed that people in some Islamic countries were far more interested in distorted and criminal types of sexual contents like paedophilia, bestiality, and rape than people in the West and Japan. (reports on 2007 studies and 2010 studies)

While only 20% of the Middle East people have Internet access, Sarah Michelle Leonard of the American University in Cairo reports that interest in distorted types of sex is far greater there than in the West and Japan.

Why is there so much interest in sickly, criminal and abusive sexual contents in many Muslim countries?

That is a complicated issue which takes some explaining. One reason is: a sexually developing young boy in Saudi Arabia, who is segregated by Islamic gender apartheid from women outside his family, sees only very unsexy-looking women, who look like mobile black post-boxes walking around. In those black boxes, he sees some sexually alluring objects that requires covering. He thus lives in a sexually charged thinking and is, in my opinion, in danger of developing a sexual interest in unveiled, and thus more "sexy" children of either sex, or in more "sexy" animals. As I will show in a moment, Google Trends data which reveals the incredible number of Saudis, who search for "sexy child" and "sexy children", supports my opinion.

The fact that there is a uniquely Muslim pornography trend, which involves men having sex with veiled women, may also prove that post-box women are doing strange things to Muslim sexuality.

I know of cases like a bird in a zoo which had no exposure to other birds when it was young, and as a result, it developed a sexual interest in its keeper's glove, and no sexual interest in other birds. In another case, a dog, which clearly had little exposure to other dogs as a puppy, developed a sexual interest in male humans like its owner, but no sexual interest in dogs.

Some people argue that sexuality is 100% the result of individual’s genetic make-up, but these cases of the bird and the dog prove that the 100% genetics argument is not accurate. Instead, early life-experiences when sexuality is developing do play at least some role in creating sexual orientation.

The fetishists, who were interviewed for Nick Broomfield's 1996 documentary film "Fetishes", also prove the inaccuracy of 100% genetics argument, as some of them told Broomfield that their early life-experiences had led to their developing a sexual interest, for example, in rubber fetishism.

A boy in Saudi Arabia, for example, is a bit like the bird, the dog, and the fetishists I have mentioned, because he has so little exposure to women when compared with boys in non-Muslim cultures. Even a boy in a less strict Islamist culture like Iran, where women are required to wear headscarves, and to cover their torsos, arms, and legs with clothing, but are not required to wear veils, is not much better off, as those women do not look much more sexy than Saudi women, by comparison with women in non-Muslim cultures.

So, not surprisingly Google Trends revealed that, in  2007, the Saudis searched for "sexy child" more often than people in any other country except Pakistan and Iran, that Saudis searched for "sexy children" more often than people in any other country except Pakistan, Syria, and Iran, that people in Pakistan, Egypt, and Iran were searching for "children sex" more than anyone else, that people in Turkey were the second-most likely to search for "child porn", and that "child porn" was searched for in Turkish more than in any other language on the planet, while between 2004 and 2007, Google Trends showed that people in Pakistan searched for "child sex" more than people in any other country.

Pakistanis were also found to be searching for "child sex video" more than people in any other country.

The population of Saudi Arabia is 27 million, while Pakistan has 177 million people, Iran has 74 million, Syria has 22 million, Egypt has 81 million, and Turkey has 73 million. So, the Saudis, given their small population size, were definitely more interested in paedophilia than people in any other country on the planet. So the people of Saudi Arabia – the birth-place and the holiest place of Islam – are most interested in paedophilia.

James DeMeo, who has spent many years investigating how sexually repressed cultures like the Islamic world's create sexually abusive behaviour, points out in this article, "History Lesson: Outrageous Sexual Violence of Islam", that "paedophilia is something produced from children who are themselves subjected to rape and abuse [by their parents, relatives, etc.]". So not only forcing women to walk around looking like unsexy mobile post-boxes, but also sexual abuse by Saudi, Pakistani, Iranian, Egyptian, Turkish, Syrian, etc. parents and relatives, also creates the epidemic of paedophilia among Muslims to such an extent that it is "culturally accepted" in Southern Afghanistan, where elderly rich men keep young boys from poor families for gay sexual engagements. "Strict separation of men and women” – the so-called Islamic gender apartheid – is one of the causes of this rampant gay paedophilia in Afghanistan.

James DeMeo, therefore, correctly argues that "Islam proves itself to be the most sexually twisted and damaged social structure in existence, given the preponderance and full legal nature of this kind of child-rape of both boys and girls."

Apart from this "preponderance" of paedophilia in Afghanistan, I explained in an earlier article that child marriage involving pre-pubescent girls and men is legal in 6 mostly Muslim countries.

Google Trends 2007 revealed that people in Pakistan, Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt were searching for "animal sex" more than people in any other country on the planet, while Pakistanis search for "animal sex", "horse sex", "donkey sex", "dog sex", and "camel sex" more often than people anywhere else. Moreover, most Arabic yahoogroups, according to a 2007 report, were about sex. This is what you would expect, given the unsexy way that women are forced, or brainwashed to dress, in those countries just mentioned.

The fact that people in Egypt were searching for "bird sex" more than people anywhere else, may not be important, because as Sarah Michelle Leonard in her article points out (footnote 10):

"...another search term common for North Africa and Egypt is "bird sex". On the surface, it sounds rather damning – until one translates it into what you might hear on the street. Larger women are commonly greeted with the phrase "yaa bu 'ta" (or duck), which could conceivably be translated into English as "bird sex". Thus motives can be hard to ascertain; users could be searching for either sex with birds, or sex with large women."

Why is bestial pornography more popular in those four mostly Muslim countries? Let me explain.

James DeMeo is undoubtedly right to say that sexually abused children can become paedophiles, because studies have revealed that children, who are physically abused by their parents, often end up physically abusing their own children. They also often end up in prison, as in country after country, studies have shown that violent criminals were usually physically abused by their parents, which made them angry, and as a result, more likely to be violent criminals themselves, because the abuse gave them a short temper. A counsellor for the state of California found that counselling former members of white supremacist skinhead gangs was impossible, as – unlike former black and Hispanic gang members, who he could reason with – 100% of the skinheads had been sexually and/or physically abused by their parents, which had made them too angry to get through to.

The negative long-term effect of sexual abuse of children on them can be gleaned from a case I am familiar with. I knew someone, who was repeatedly raped at knife-point by an Arab servant when he was a child, while living with his parents in one of the Gulf states, where his father worked in the oil industry. The servant threatened him that he would be killed if he ever told his parents; so he never did. Back in England, he turned an angry person, who would get into fights whenever he drank alcohol. And after he eventually revealed to people about the sexual abuse he had been subjected to as a child that he calmed down.

Pakistanis, Moroccans, Turks, and Egyptians obviously have no other reason to be more interested in "animal sex" than people anywhere else except the gender apartheid, and unsexy-looking women in veils, headscarves, and head-to-toe body clothing they are subjected to as a culture, that distort their sexual attitude and help develop an interest in animals sex.

So, it is unsurprising that the level of interest in bestiality, paedophilia, and rape was lower in some traditional African villages where the women walk around topless, and people in general wear scanty clothing.

Morocco is seen as a relatively Westernised culture, yet interest in distorted sexual content is higher, because Moroccans were against the dictatorial King’s Westernization and improving women's rights, which is reflected in the Islamist Justice and Development Party’s winning the 2011 election. Furthermore, Pew Research 2003 poll found that 56% of Moroccans had "much confidence", or "some confidence" that Osama bin Laden would "do the right thing in world affairs", which also reveals Moroccans’ Islamist mindset, despite the government undertaken Westernization.

While Western nations are seen by Muslims as sexually "immoral" as compared to Islamic nations, people in the West are more likely to search for "teen sex", "porn", and "blow job". There is, of course, a big difference between "teen sex", and "child sex", "child sex video", "child porn", "sexy child", "sexy children", etc. The age of consent in most American states is 18, and 16 or 17 in a minority of states, while most European countries have ages of consent between 14 and 16, with Ireland on its own at 17, and Spain is on its own at 13. No Western countries legally allow men to have sex with pre-pubescent girls like 6 mostly Muslim countries do. So, it is a ridiculous claim that Islamic cultures are more "moral" than Western cultures in sexual matters. The Google Trends reveals exactly the opposite of what Muslims claim about their higher sexual morality.

Google Trends also reveal that Pakistan, and mostly Muslim Malaysia, were the number 1 and number 3 countries, respectively, for searches of "rape" in 2007, and that Pakistan has been number one for searches of "rape pictures", "rape sex", and "rape video". And it is undoubtedly the sexually repressive Islamic gender apartheid and veiling of women, which causes sexual frustration leading Muslims into being interested in distorted and criminal sexual behaviour such as “rape”, “child sex”, and “animal sex”.

This distorted sexual interested and taste among Muslims is also expressed in their sexual behaviour. Muslim dominated localities in Western countries – from Australia to France, Sweden and Norway – are dens are rape, perpetrated exclusively by Muslims. The situation in Islamic countries is no different either. This 2011 CNN article cites an Egyptian Center for Women's Rights poll, which found that 98% of foreign women, and 83% of Egyptian women had been sexually harassed in Egypt. Sexual assault and rape of CBS News correspondent Lara Logan by a group of 200-300 men during the Egyptian Revolution, received much media coverage. Also Mona Eltahawy, an Egyptian-American journalist, was arrested during the Egyptian Revolution, and she also was sexually assaulted by a group of 5 or 6 men, as this ABC News story reveals.

Nehad Abu el Komsan, the director of the Egyptian Center for Women's Rights, partly blames the level of sexual harassment of women in Egypt on the "more conservative interpretations of Islam", which is on the rise because millions of Egyptian men have worked in the more sexually repressive Gulf states in the previous 3 decades, and brought back the more austere and sexually repressive culture to Egypt. Thus, by making Egypt more like most sexually repressive Saudi Arabia, with more gender apartheid, headscarves, and veils, Egypt is pushed toward more sexually distorted and abusive culture. As a result, almost all foreign female visitors in Egypt encounter sexual harassment from the very sexually frustrated and repressed men with an abusive mentality.

The fact that Islamists view women, who do not dress "modestly", wear a headscarf, etc., as "sluts" who are "fair game", or who are "asking to be raped", is one of the most important reasons why sexually abusive and criminal behaviour such as assaults on women are so prevalent in Islamic culture. And, as a result, Pakistani, Afghan, and Arab men are more heavily involved in sexually abusing girls than men from other non-Muslim groups in British society. And it not surprising that this law-enforcement official informs us in a youtube video that all rapes in Oslo during the past five years were committed exclusively by Muslims.

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