Individuals that fear and hate freedom and liberty are "Freedomphobiacs". Not all Muslims fear freedom. We have to identify the Freedomphobic Islamists and expose them...

As the new word “freedomphobia” starts to be used about Islamists’ phobia toward freedom and liberty, we now turn our attention to individual Islamicists, whom we call “Freedomphobiacs”, that fear freedom. There many Muslims around the world, who lead good and peaceful life, and treasure freedom just like we freedom-lovers do. These are not the ones we are talking about in this article; they are not “Freedomphobiacs”. We are concerned with the Islamists, who are hardcore in their beliefs and radical in their ideology of Islam. For them, the slightest thought or idea of questioning Islam by any Muslim or non-Muslim is deserving of death or persecution for the latter.

What is the fear if one leaves Islam?

What is the fear if one asks questions about Islam?

What is the fear if one learns about other religions outside of Islam?

Such questions may pile up about the realm of Islam, yet there would never be one definitive answer to cover all the questions. The biggest roadblock is the fear that is set upon Muslims from the onset of learning. They become so well-versed in their Quranic and other Islamic teachings that there is no freewill to think or act for one’s own self. Education in most of the Islamic world or communities is limited at best and it is never in conflict with the teachings of Islam. Their world, or realm of life, in itself has to be one hell of a freedomphobia. This limit on education goes all the way to the college level. That is how their whole society works. Just stop and think about their sharia laws: it infuses their religion with ever aspect of their lives. How to act, how to dress, how to treat your family, how to do business, and how not to trust infidels especially Jews and Christians? They are a whole society of freedomphiacs.

By the time these people turn teens, they are already programmed to turn violent, or even kill, vis-à-vis questioning their religion and prophet. They get violent even toward their fellow Muslim brothers if anyone deviate or supposedly insult Islam and the Prophet, or if instigated to do so by their clerics. That means, freedomphobia becomes deeply ingrained in their mind is so strong that they may even kill one another, because they don't agree with each other’s beliefs or ideology. They are so well trained that they commit acts of terror even on innocents (women and children), because they see no difference between combatants and civilians as they are all infidels. Their mindset is boxed in and cut-off from reality, as there is no purpose to life, no meaning to life, unless they can defend or even kill for preserving the sanctity of their religion and prophet. If anyone questions them, stands up to them, or tries to prove them wrong, they go into a tale-spin of rage and strike out at her/him. Their whole being is the fear of being wrong; therefore, they lash out in anger and curse you out in Arabic, so that you do not understand them.

Again I use the term “troglodyte” to describe them, because their behaviour and attitude as they present to us are more consistent with troglodytes, the prehistoric cavemen. Their mind is full of phobia of the world outside the realm of their own. They are frightened by new ideas, learning, reading, exploring and reaching out to people around them etc., which they can not accept. That is why they have become freedomphobiac.

Therefore we, as freedom-loving people, must never surrender or even compromise our freedom and liberty in the face of assault upon them by freedomphobiac Islamists. We must stand together and fight to expose the freedomphobic Islamists for what they truly are. Again, I leave you with three most important things you can do to learn about them: 1) Read, 2) Read & 3) Read. There is no more important you can do than this, for Mark Twain once said (I think): "A person who reads knows twice as much as a person who doesn't read”. If we would all do this, the freedomphobiacs would have a harder time trying to flim flam us nonconforming Americans. Remember Freedomphobiac is what we call people, who hate or fear freedom. Pass it along.

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