Supporters and friends of known Islamic terrorists are treated with respect with Spain and the Spanish judiciary does their bidding. Yet those, who criticize the terrorists and their Islamic ideology, are prosecuted.

Welcome to Spain, the 21st century Al-Andalus.

For two years, I have been in legal limbo without any identity documents after the Spanish government confiscated it. The Spanish authority threatened me with deportation to an Islamic country, where I will be killed by mob for criticizing Islam or will face death penalty under blasphemy law.

What is my crime?

Why am I being treated in this manner by the Spanish authorities?

Have I violated any Spanish law or done something not permitted in the Spanish Constitution?

The only thing I did is express my views on Islam, its violent ideology of jihad and its prophet. Spain is a free society where it is everyone’s guaranteed right freely express what he/she feels and thinks. In this overwhelmingly predominant Christian country, I have seen Jesus Christ portrayed as gay, and roasted in an oven. His mother Mary has been shown as a prostitute. The Bible has been torn to pieces in public. But that is all considered legal under the right to freedom of expression.

But when I made a film portraying Muhammad as the man I think he was, I was prosecuted for hate crime, declared a threat to national security, had my asylum status revoked and threatened with expulsion.

Why? Why is expressing honest opinion about Islam being treated as crime and serious security threat to society by Western authorities, when they don’t care about people insulting Christianity in grossest manner? Why is Islam treated as an exception?

Is criticizing Islam really a matter of national security? Certainly there is no evidence to prove it. There hasn’t been any attack on Spain due to my films for the past two years. How can I, then, become a threat to national security? But the Spanish authority continued treating me as a threat to national security even after the Spanish judiciary acquitted me of hate-crime charges filed against me.

Terrorism is a threat to national security and speaking against terrorism is certainly not, cannot be.

The funny part of this entire saga is that Helal Jamal Abboshi Khaledi, the secretary general of the Union of the Islamic Communities of Spain, who filed a complaint against me for inciting hatred against Muslims, is an ally of Islamic terrorists. In 2004, a Madrid judge revealed that this gentleman used to receive money from the perpetrators of the March 11, 2004 Madrid train bombings.

The man involved in financial dealings with known terrorists still lives in Spain and is well respected. When he launches a complaint against me, the authorities listen. When I speak out against terrorists and jihadis, I am treated like a terrorist—threat to national security that is.

All I can say is: By revoking my residency status in Spain and oppressing me, the Spanish government has sent a message of caving in to the Islamic world and Spain’s own violent Muslim communities that will bear long-term consequences for the great nation of Spain. My suffering will be noticed, will serve as a warning to others who might dare criticize Islam.

By prosecuting and persecuting me, the Spanish government has also given encouragement to those Muslims, who want to burn embassies and engage in violence in response to cartoons and films they don’t like.

Spain’s message to violent Muslims is: We are intimidated enough by violent means and we will make every effort to please you, not to offend you. You may safely proceed to do what you like.

I pray for the fine nation of Spain and its lovely people. It is very unfortunate that Spanish politicians want to take the country back to the time when this beautiful land was ruled and ravaged by Muslims.

Welcome back to the Islamic state of al-Andalus, 711-1492.

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