History of Jihad

How the Jihadis mercilessly vandalized the gentle pre-Islamic Berbers of North Africa – Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and transformed them eventually into bloodthirsty aggressors who would soon vandalize Spain (640-711)

The Berbers were the ancient indigenous people of North Africa west of Egypt. They were made up of many tribes, but they managed to maintain their culture, their Hamitic languages, and considerable military power during successive invasions of their land. In ancient times, North Africa had been colonized by the Phoenicians (who became the Carthaginians), they were followed by the Romans, the Vandals (one of the Germanic tribes that destroyed the Roman Empire), the Byzantines, and finally the Arabs. Other foreigners, notably Greeks and Jews, also ruled parts of ancient North Africa at different times.

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As a nation, Nigeria has suffered the most devastating assaults in 2012 from the hands of the "peaceful" Jihadis of Islam. And this is not something new to the Nigerians and the people belonging to surrounding regions. Instead, it has history that goes paste hundreds of year. As Nigeria's Christians pick themselves up not only from heavily battered years, but also another tragic Christmas, let us review the prolonged history of Jihadi barbarism against Nigeria and neighbouring countries:

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