An article by Washiqur Rahman, a Bangladeshi ex-Muslim and atheist, murdered by Islamic fanatics in Dhaka on March 30, 2015.


Insulting Comment 41: Whatever Islam demands to believe in and whatever evidence is shown in their support comes from the mouth of Muhammad. Besides that, there are no proof. Then how can one know what Muhammad said were true?

Jaw-Breaking answer: For 14 hundred years, hundreds of crores of the Muslim Ummah have believed the prophet. A liar can not attain the trust of such a huge number of people. That is enough proof that Prophet Muhammad said the truth.

Insulting Comment 42: A few hundred crores of Christians have believed for a longer period that Jesus was the Son of God. Does that mean their belief is correct?

Jaw-Breaking answer: It is no logic that something is true just because crores of people believe it. Is there any proof in support of their claim other than just their belief?

Writer Washiqur Rahman (27) hacked to death by Islamic fanatics in Dhaka

Insulting Comment 43: Muslims claim that Islam is a religion compatible with science. Yet, there are many issues in Islam, including Muhammad's moon-plitting, which are not at all compatible with science. Then how can one believe in Islam?

Jaw-Breaking answer: There are many thing in the world which cannot be explained by science. Those are part of the divine plans. We must believe that Allah can do anything.

Insulting Comment 44: If we just have to close our eyes and believe, then we can believe in any religion.

Jaw-Breaking answer: Why must one believe with eyes closed? We have to believe in the religion which is most compatible with science. By Allah, Islam is the most science-compliant religion in the world.

Insulting Comment 45: In Islam's heaven, each man is allotted 72 houries or sex-partners. Besides that, men will get Gilmans or little boys as sex-partners. Isn't it an example of perverted pedophilia?

Jaw-Breaking answer: You see: Nowhere has it been said that Gilmans are sex-partners. They have been kept only to serve the blessed residents of the heaven. Atheists misrepresent Islam in order to mislead Muslims.

Insulting Comment 46: For fulfilling the sexual desires of men, there will be 72 houries besides there wives. Yet, there will be no such privilege for women. If a woman goes to heaven, but her husband doesn't, then she will have to spend lonely life there. Isn't this a deprivation of the women?

Jaw-Breaking answer: In Islam, women have been given complete sexual right. Like their male counterparts, Gilmans are kept for fulfilling the sexual needs of women. Atheists, pretending to be feminists, tries to mislead women and deprive them from the blessing of Islamic heaven.

Insulting Comment 47: In most Muslim-majority countries, idols of unbelievers or their places of worship have been destroyed or are still being destroyed. Why Islam is so intolerant toward other religions?

Jaw-Breaking answer: Is there another way to open the eyes of those, who are sunk in blind beliefs? Have their so-called gods ever been able to prevent these? Instead, it's only they, who try to prevent it. This alone proves that their alleged gods have no power.

Insulting Comment 48: Then why Muslims rise in protest when a mosque is destroyed somewhere? Why don't they just wait for the protection by Allah? If Allah is All-Powerful, then He should be able to prevent demolition of mosques.

Jaw-Breaking answer: The great Allah has kept His caliph or representative on earth. Allah is certainly All-Powerful. But it is not befitting for Allah to show his power to a few unbelievers. For that, Muslims' power of faith is good enough.

Insulting Comment 49: Devout Muslims claims Islam to be a scientific religion. But will they be able to show any scientific proof in support of the existence of the Creator?

Jaw-Breaking answer: Even a scientist like Stephen Hawking have agreed to the existence of the Creator. That means, no one can laugh away the concept of the Creator as imaginary.

Insulting Comment 50: Stephen Hawking have used the term “God” as a literary simile. In his book, 'The Grand Design', he has categorically rejected the idea of the existence of God. Why then Muslims still worship the imaginary Creator?

Jaw-Breaking answer: The Creator is beyond the comprehension of human beings. If He doesn't want, no scientist an prove His existence. Stephen Hawking is just a lunatic. Words of a lunatic like him doesn't disprove the existence of God. He should be sent to a lunatic asylum for treatments.

Insulting Comment 51: In the Quran, verse 34 of Surah Lukman (31:34) says, the gender of a fetus in mother's womb can be known by Allah only. But today, we can determine the gender of fetus in mother's womb. Doesn't that prove the Quran wrong?

Jaw-Breaking answer: The said verse never talks about the gender of a fetus. Instead, it talks about the character of the child – whether he/she will be sinner or virtuous, whether he/she would go to hell or heaven? Atheists misinterpret it in order to find faults in the Quran.

Insulting Comment 52: If verse 31:34 says that Allah knows what will be the future of the child, then how logical is it to hold him/her responsible for her actions? Does he/she has power to go out of the path Allah already knows?

Jaw-Breaking answer: The verse actually talks about the gender of the child. Although today it is possible to know the gender of a child in mother's womb after it has completely developed, but Allah knows about it even in the fetal stage. The verse says just that. Atheists try to complicate this simple matter just to mislead Muslims.

Insulting Comment 53: Why just in the fetal stage? Today, we can determine the gender of a child even before that by DNA test.

Jaw-Breaking answer: Actually we don't know what Allah means in that verse. It is impossible for human beings to understand Allah's message.

Insulting Comment 53: Muslims intensely hate the Jews and Christians. They even use their name in derogatory sense. Although some Jews and Christians are fanatics, it is reasonable to hate the entire communities because of a few bad ones among them.

Jaw-Breaking answer: The Jews and the Nasaras (Christians) have always conspired against Islam. Although all of them are not bad, but they all belong to the same religion. The good ones among them should leave their hated religion.

Insulting Comment 54: Many Muslims today commit terrorist activities in the name of establishing Islam and Jihad. Why do Muslims object to calling them Muslim terrorists?

Jaw-Breaking answer: You see, it is never acceptable to hold the entire Muslim Ummah accountable for the actions of a few extremists holding Muslim names. Not all Muslims are bad in this world. Why every Muslim should bear the responsibility of a few bad ones. Spreading such communal hatred in never acceptable.

Insulting Comment 57: Why there is no religious right for non-Muslims in Islamic states? Why non-Muslims are not allowed to build their places of worhsip?

Jaw-Breaking answer: You see, just like 2 plus 2 equals to 4 is true, Islam is also a similarly true religion. Allah has said in the Quran that He will not aaccept any other religion. Will you accept someone as your teacher, who says 2 plus 2 equals to 3? That is why non-Muslims have no right to practise their false religion openly in Islamic states. But they can practise their religion quitetly in their homes.

Insulting Comment 58: Why then do Muslims want religious rights in non-Muslim counties, want to build mosques?

Jaw-Breaking answer: Non-Muslims are not certain about the truthfulness of their religion, but Muslims are 100% sure about the truthfulness of Islam. Therefore, anywhere in the land of Allah do Muslims have the right to practise their religion.

Insulting Comment 59: A scientist's work has no connection to his religious identity. But Muslims call scientists belonging to their faith Muslim scientists. How is their scientific work related to Islam?

Jaw-Breaking answer: A Muslim follows Islam. It is always said that Islam makes people averse to knowledge. This complaint is not at all true. Muslim scientists are the proof that Islam encourages people to the exercise of knowledge.

Insulting Comment 60: Should Einstein, Newton, Hawking be then called Christian or Jewish scientists?

Jaw-Breaking answer: A scientist's investigation work does not have any connection to his/her religion. It is not that they have made any discovery from their Holy Book. Why should then call them Jewish or Christian scientists unnecessarily?

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