This is an excerpt from a letter to Ali Sina from Alan in Sweden, a victim of Muslim assault in Malmo.

In September last year (2012), Muslims demonstrated in Malmö against freedom of speech. I protested and was kicked and beaten by Muslims. And as I ran to police for safety, they arrested me, not my assailants. The assault on me as well as was my detention by police was filmed as can be seen here:

(For non-Swedish speakers, the officer says he does not want a riot on his hands, to which I respond that I am one person and that the riot is over there.)


What a happened on that day

It was a Sunday afternoon. As I was walking to the cinema to see a French film, a Muslim mob approached me, bearing the usual Muslim banners – “to hell with free speech” etc. – and screaming that those who defame the mighty prophet should be killed.

Apparently they dislike a film about the great man. It is not a Swedish film and none in Sweden had anything to do with it.

This is an attempt to frighten and intimidate ordinary Swedes.

I shouted to them that freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution and that their self-proclaimed prophet was a pedophile, rapist, mass-murderer and terrorist (see Ali Sina’s Challenge).

It was my freedom of speech right to point that out.

I was promptly set upon by several Muslim thugs who knocked me to the ground, punched me and kicked me.

I managed to get up and run to a police car with a howling gang of religionists behind me, clearly determined to kill me (see above).

The police promptly arrested… why me of course!

Passers-by protested that I had been assaulted, kicked and punched and that they had filmed everything. To no avail.

There was no attempt to apprehend my assailants.

I was thrown in the cells and am to be charged with disturbing the peace(!) and  “hets mot folkgrupp” which could be translated as “inciting racial hatred”

The local newspaper, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, prides itself on being “independent liberal”.

There was a big article in the paper about freedom of speech being more important than religious feelings.

Does the paper mean what it says? Will it really stand up for liberal values? It did little to support Jyllands-Posten in Denmark, just a few kilometres away, when they published cartoons of the mighty prophet.

Personally, I think Pat Condell has got it right in his video, A Word to Rioting Muslims:

I went to the newspaper office and said I was not happy with the reporting and the description of myself as “screaming insults” at the demonstration.


Trial of my assailant at last

The man wearing the red armband and kicking me in the head in the assault video is Ali Abdul Karim Cheaib.

And eventually, he will be on trial for the assault in Malmö District Court tomorrow, Thursday 16 May, at 0900 (case B12079-12).

Hopefully, during the trial, I shall have the opportunity to say something about Islam and Muhammad.

The Religion of Peace is stalking the streets of Malmö.

Reminds me of the 1930’s and the rise of Nazism…

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