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Conspiracy theories are believed by people of all nationalities and religions all over the world. As a young man, I didn't feel the Muslims had a particularly big problem with conspiracy theories. Of course, there were already a few of them circulating which the Arabs believed as facts, and they still do. It was in the 1990s when the Muslims’ conspiracy mentality reached a phenomenal level that still shapes their minds. The 1990s was the decade characterised by the spread of satellite television broadcasting and the link between the two is more than likely. Having said that, Muslims believed in conspiracy theories throughout their entire history, which is why we have so many different sects of Islam today.

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I am old enough to remember the good days of air travel when people actually enjoyed the experience. Those were the days when people dressed for the occasion and looked forward to their journeys in those humble propeller aircrafts. Passengers didn’t have to endure any of today's inconveniences such as taking off their jackets, belts and shoes and go through security checks. That was before Muslims made their only contribution to aviation, which is aviation terrorism.

Nations around the globe take the credit for making the dream of flying a passenger aircraft possible. While the rest of the world was working hard to make air travel safer and more comfortable, the Muslims were working exactly in the opposite direction – to make it an annoying experience fraught with danger.

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I was saddened and horrified by the attacks in Paris last Friday. I like France and the French people. Paris – associated with culture, love and romance – is my favourite city. It was heartbreaking to follow the events as the bad news got worse by the hour. Most of us were angered and saddened but certainly not surprised, knowing the kind of enemy we face. The Friday attacks were the deadliest on France so far. In a way, they were French equivalent for 9/11. Like many others, I knew it was only a matter of time when bad things start to happen to our world. I am afraid that things can, and will, get worse unless we do something to stop them. I come from an Islamic background and know what is in the hearts and minds of Muslims. The amount of hate in the hearts of some Muslims, once released, can produce enough energy to destroy the world.


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The war that has been going on between the West and Islam is obvious to all except those Westerners who live in denial and refuse to believe their eyes. What we actually see is a new kind of war the like of which never been fought before. In fact the word ‘war’ may not be the right expression to describe what has been going on. In wars, the fighting is in both directions but what we see today is that Islam is fighting against the West while the West is fighting alongside Islam!

Islam will lose

Islam has no place in this age of the Internet because its true nature can be easily exposed. It simply has no strength to survive an intellectual challenge. The ideology was not well constructed but a random collection of myths and ideas that make no sense to any person with common sense.

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The Quran describes Muslims as being nice to each other and harsh against the unbelievers (Q. 48:29 “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah; and those with him are forceful against the disbelievers, merciful among themselves…”). Some may argue that it is wrong and unfair to look only at the Muslims’ harsh side and make a judgement. This article browses through Islamic history attempt to see how nice the Muslims have been to each other. The following is only a small selection of events that come to mind.

The Quran correctly says that reminders benefit the believers (Q.51:55 “And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers”). Let us hope that this reminder helps the unbelievers as well, although judging from how the West is dealing with Islamic invasion, this only seems more like a wishful thinking.

The Rashidun (the rightly guided) Era

There are conflicting reports about the nature of Muhammad’s death. Some Muslims insist it was a natural death while others (including Muhammad himself ) believed he was poisoned by a Jewish woman (probably a convert to Islam). Some even accuse Abu Bakr and Omar of plotting to assassinate Muhammad towards the end of his life. The Muslims’ split regarding succession surfaced immediately after their leader’s death and remains unresolved up to the present day. Abu Bakr’s era was marked with the a blood bath ( the Ridda wars) on a scale Arabia never experienced before.

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