When it comes to dealing with others, Islam is in a category of its own. It is a solitary religion designed to annihilate the others, not to coexist with them. Indeed, this is the purpose of Islam as put in the Quran; to clean the world from all the others until the earth and religion are all for Allah. Islam does not only reject foreign ideas but it actively dislikes the others and seeks their destruction. This unique feature of Islam makes its proper implementation dangerous to all, including its own followers.

A proper implementation of Islam, as carried out by Taliban and the Saudis, implies preventing Muslims from properly interacting with the others in order to protect the purity of their culture. The theory behind this principle is that the best protection against sins is the elimination of its sources. Consequently, practicing and preaching other religions is not welcome in Islamic countries, even the mere existence of temples or other scriptures can be inflammatory. This is why wherever Islam rules, like in Saudi Arabia, the practice of other religions or importing other scriptures is legally banned. In countries where Islam is not ‘yet‘ formally in control, like Egypt,     attacks on Christians and their churches are common.

In Islam, women are considered a main source of sins; therefore, they must be completely covered and barred from mixing with men. Alcohol and non-halal foods are outlawed. Books and any printed material are heavily censored as they must not contain nudity or concepts that are alien to Islam, like evolution, socialism or freedom of expression. Theatres, cinemas and opera houses are not permitted while most forms of arts like music, painting and photography are not taught in schools.

When Muslims are a minority, they will try hard to get their way using the human rights law and the principle of freedom of religion, which they do not recognize in their own countries. The Muslims strategy is to get the West used to the fact that they have special demands because of their religion.

Mohammed did not leave his followers without guidance on this issue. In a famous hadith his instructions were clear: ‘when you meet the non Muslims in a narrow road, do not give way to them; force them to give way’ He also instructed his followers not to start the greetings to non Muslims. Mohammed’s guidance outlines the Muslims strategy towards the others, not only in narrow roads but every where.  Pious Muslims in countries where Christians live as a minority like Egypt, Syria and Jordan do not say ‘good morning’ when they meet Christian neighbors or colleagues but wait for the others to start the greetings and only then they respond.

Muslims try to make themselves as comfortable as possible by making use of the others’ willingness to accommodate, until the others eventually lose their comfort completely and leave. Cities like Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth, where mainly Christian cities with only small Muslim minorities. A few decades later, and without any wars, there are only a handful of Christian families still live there. The same applies to Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon, which was a Christian majority country after independence, but now they are a minority.

Islamic Civilization is Perfect, the Others are Void

There were other prophets in Arabia at the time of Mohammed and each had thousands of followers. Those prophets coexisted with each other without any wars or trouble. But Mohammed did not introduce Islam as just another religion; he introduced it as a replacement to all other religions. When he became powerful in Medina, Mohammed told the Arabs that Islam was ‘the best and the only acceptable religion’ and demanded that every one must embrace Islam, or face the consequences. Those who believed in other religions were considered, by default, as enemies to ‘Allah and his messenger’ even though they were living in peace without interfering with the others. Their refusal to embrace Islam was considered as an act of aggression. Deep in his mind, Mohammed interpreted their refusal as a humiliating snub that deserved retaliation. The Jewish, Christian and other Arab tribes were only minding their own businesses when Mohammed launched wars against them for not embracing Islam.

Today, Muslims are also brought up to believe that their religion is the best and the others are void. They consider Islam as the ‘perfect civilization’ on its own because they believe it was produced by Allah. On this basis, Muslims can not put up with Islam being eclipsed by the achievements of other civilizations. After fourteen centuries, Islam still fights with vengeance any civilization that comes in its way, just as Mohammed did in the past and for the same reasons.

The First Jahilyia

The first culture to fall victim to Islam was the Arabs’ own pre-Islamic culture, which was far superior to the one brought by Islam.

Muslims are brought up to believe that pre-Islamic Arabia was marked with ignorance and barbaric practices such as burying female infants alive. Yet the evidence is overwhelming that the Arabs enjoyed a period of enlightenment and cultural diversity before the rise of Islam. Before the printing age, the pre-Islamic Arabs recorded their social and cultural activities in their poetry, which is the best the Arabs ever produced. There are no hints in poetry of barbaric practices or burying female infants alive. There is evidence that women enjoyed more confidence and participated in social life. Khadija, Mohammed’s first wife was a successful business woman and it was she, the woman, who proposed to Mohammed, which was unthinkable practice after Islam.

The Arabs traded and interacted with the outside world, they prospered and excelled in poetry, their favorite art, Arab poetry in the past did the job of newspapers of today. Arabia enjoyed a healthy multicultural environment that catered for freedom of religion and freedom of expression; even Mohammed was allowed to preach his own religion for thirteen years. The Meccans only asked Mohammed to respect the others’ religions and leave them alone. Jews and Arabs of pagan and Christian backgrounds coexisted and worshiped in harmony. They were civilized enough to arrange for an annual festival in Okaz, just outside Mecca, to celebrate all cultures.

Mohammed was a jealous parson; his jealousy controlled some of his behavior and made him oversensitive to any positive reference to the others. In his Quran, Mohammed repeatedly claimed that he was the best human created, which is echoed in many of his hadiths. He made it mandatory to all Muslims that they love him more than they love their parents and family members and made that as a condition for true faith. In one of his hadiths, Mohammed reportedly said to his followers “Those of you who treat their wives best are the best among you, and I am the best to treat my wives”. In another story, Umm Salma was a very attractive woman who lost her beloved husband and rejected all marriage proposals, even from senior figures like Abu Bakr and Omar. Her reason was she could only marry a man whom she would rate better than her late husband, implying that she did not regard any of those men better than her late husband. On hearing the story, Mohammed decided to marry her, proving to all that even Umm Salma believed he was better than her husband.

Mohammed’s jealousy extended to cultures; he used to get upset whenever his followers made positive remarks about the enlightenment of the pre-Islamic era. He ordered his followers to despise that period and call it the period of ignorance, or ‘jahilyia’, as it is now known.

The Modern Jahilyia

The rise of Islam in a culturally rich and liberal society such as Mecca reminds us of its rise today in the liberal and multicultural Europe. Hardline followers of Mohammed thrive in Europe and preach their hateful religion, while, at the same time, they brand the western civilization as the ‘modern jahilyia’! They actually use the same word for the same reason. From the Muslims’ perspective, the westerners are ignorant until they embrace Islam. Mohammed succeeded in eradicating the pre-Islamic culture in Arabia, let us hope his followers are not that successful.

It is interesting that Mohammed’s jealousy was passed on to his followers. Today’s followers of Mohammed are adamant that Islam is far superior to all the previous civilizations. Apart from Islam, All civilizations are considered as different forms of ignorance, including the current one which is branded as the modern ignorance. Democracy, human rights, socialism, capitalism and freedom of expression are no more than manifestations of ignorance, or ‘the modern jahilyia’ as they call it.

Renouncing Culture for the Sake of Islam

The early Muslims were required to renounce their old culture and disown their family and tribal connections. They were even compelled to turn against their old traditions and have only one allegiance; to Mohammed and Allah, which was ratified in the Quran. A story goes about one of the great sahabas, I think Abu Bakr, who was chatting with his son about their memories of the battle of Badr, which took place when the son was still a kafir fighting with the Quraysh. The son said to his father: “I deliberately stayed away from you to avoid killing you” to which Abu Bakr responded: “Had I seen you, I would have killed you for the sake of Allah and his messenger!” This incident says it all about the morality of the Muslim compared to that of the Kafir.

A convert to Islam still endures a complete cultural and identity transformation that  aims to bring into the world a new person who looks like an Arab and thinks like an Arab. Suddenly, the Arabs’ concerns become the convert’s own concerns with palestine at the top of the list. Converts to Islam  get rid of their previous names in favor of Arabic names. They dress like Arabs and embrace old Arabic traditions. They eat with their right hands, drink a glass of water in three sips and say the same prayers ‘dua’ before and after meals as Mohammed did. They eat dates and honey no matter what their taste buds feel about it. They change their toilet habits to match those of Islam. Their own likes and dislikes become irrelevant because they have to assume those of Mohammed, and when you ask them they say it is our choice!

Regardless of their cultural backgrounds, converts to Islam aim for modeling themselves on Mohammed. They start to hate dogs because Mohammed did  fourteen centuries ago. They cannot become vegetarians because Mohammed ate meat. They cannot adopt orphans because Mohammed changed his mind about this practice after glimpsing Zainab, his adopted son’s wife, which he married. Green becomes their favorite colour and drums become their favorite music. They learn Arabic and yearn to speak it fluently. They dress in short Arabic ‘thaub’ even in Europe while their wives cover with niqab and when you ask them they say it is our choice!

If Islam Rules...

Currently, there are concerns about the adoption of Sharia in Western countries. Most people think of sharia in terms of halal food and alcohol. But Islam is not only about religious practices; it is an extensive wide-ranging and all-inclusive package that controls every aspect of a Muslim’s life.  From the moment he wakes up for the early  morning prayers to the moment he goes to bed at night, a Muslim is never outside the grip of Islam for more than a few minutes, if at all.

I remember watching a TV documentary over fifteen years ago about Omar Bakri, then the leader of Al Muhajeroon group, about his vision of an Islamic state in Britain. That was well before 9/11and Bakri was not a known person. I was surprised by the honesty of the man as he made no effort to practice taqyia, or Islamic deceit. Bakri told it as it is and described how would a pious Muslim run Britain, which is not far from what is described in this article or already happening in Saudi Arabia or areas under Taliban rule. 

Civilizations and cultures are all doomed under Islam even when there is nothing wrong with them! The ‘Islamic civilization’ scorns all the others and brands them as rubbish that must be cleared. Even the areas where the ‘others’ civilization’ made huge successes, like science and medicine, wouldn't sooth Islam’s feeling of disdain. Islam’s ‘divine civilization’ doesn't like to be eclipsed by the achievements and successes of the others. Muslims would find ways to make little of those achievements anyway.

Western cities under Islam would be redesigned. The restyling would get rid off all those sculptures and statues, which are a offensive to Islam. They are called Asnam (idols) and hit Islam right where it hurts. Mohammed destroyed the idols in his city as did prophet Ibrahim. Today’s idols provide a golden opportunity for today’s Muslims to please Allah by doing the same, probably with big celebrations. In the 1990s, the Taliban shelled the huge Bhudda statues with no respect to any religion or culture and paying no attention to the world. In Egypt, many salafies expressed concerns about the ancient historical monuments and suggested that getting rid of them would be better to the Egyptians because Allah would reward them generously.

Life under Islam, as described above, is not imagination or guess work, it is the reality wherever Islam happens to be in charge. Saudi Arabia is the typical example, but Islamic groups are increasingly implementing Islam in areas under their control in various parts of the world.

Islam is currently living its golden times; it never had it so good. I don't think there was a time in history when Muslims were so adherent and so disillusioned with Islam as they are today. The current level of mass Islamization was not possible centuries ago because of lack of the necessary technology and communication. The West is reacting to this danger with denial and apathy. The more Islam hits them, the more they give in. For Islam to reach its highest point at the same moment of time when the West reaches its lowest is a very strange and scary coincidence.

This wave of Islamization of the world did not simply coincide with the massive wealth of the Gulf States, or the appeasement policy of the West; it is a result of both.

Muslims, all of them, are satisfied that the West will fall to them, as Allah promised, and they can see the moment of victory is revealing itself. The Internet is full with articles and videos that reflect this visualization. The Westerners, on the other hand, think it is a very unlikely, or impossible, postulation. But so did the notion of Persia and the Roman Empire falling to Islam. The unlikely things can happen. Within a year, the Arab world has fallen to the Muslim Brotherhood, and it happened with the help of the West.

It is true that the westerners are waking up, but it is too late. Their countries already have enough Muslims to become a majority in a generation or two. This chain of events looks unstoppable unless there is blood shed, which is a pity because the whole thing could have been averted by only some changes to the law.

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