How close-blood marriages impact the IQ of offspring and a list of genetic diseases it sets off in them...

The extent of low IQ inbred people in Muslim community

When the 1st part of this article was posted in FFI, a reader commented that the story of Cain and Abel chasing their sister and killing of Abel by Cain is not in the Bible, but in some other book. I request to reader to open the Bible again to find the story in Genesis: 4:8-9.

Also to my mention that, in some special cases, Islam permits a Muslim man to marry his own daughter, one reader claimed, there is no such provision in Islam. In support of my claim, I have referred a video.

**The main thrust of the video is that Islam does not endorse a relation if it is outside marriage. To make his point, the commentator of the video says that, if a woman gives birth to a daughter out of adultery, then her legal father bears no relation with her. To him, such a daughter is no more than a whore. He can rape her, marry her or use her as a sex-slave. This clearly opens an opportunity for a Muslim to marry his own daughter if he likes so, simply by bringing an allegation against his wife that the daughter was borne out adultery, a charge which was very difficult for a woman to disprove until DNA tests became available in recent years.

He also refuses to believe my assertion that prophet Lot of Bible (aka Lut in Koran) slept with two daughters and made them pregnant. He said that the story is there in the Bible alone and not in the Koran. The reader does not that the Kalima Tahmid, the sixth kalmia makes it a binding for every Muslim to believe in and respect all other prophets, from Adam to Jesus Christ, who appeared before Muhammad, and hence Lut is also a prophet of Islam. So, it is not possible that there would be one story about Lot in the Bible and a separate story in the Koran.

Medical sciences have revealed many harmful effects of marriages between close relatives, such cousins, on the offspring. But Muslim clerics and mullahs refuse to believe those findings. They say that the cousin marriage has been sanctioned by Allah by revealing the verses 4:22-24. Hence the conclusions of the modern medical science are baseless, because, to them, Allah cannot sanction evil, immoral and harmful things. They consider such medical findings as nothing but attempts to vilify Islam and Allah.

What is the extent of such low IQ people in the Muslim community? A study by Danish psychologist Nicolai Sennels has revealed that about 70% of Pakistanis and 25-30% Turks are inbred (Jyllands-Posten, 27/2 2009 “More stillbirths among immigrants“). A rough estimate reveals that close to half of the people living in the Arab world are inbred. A large percentage of the parents that are blood related come from families where intermarriage has been a tradition for generations.[2] The Table-1 below shows the results of the investigation.

Table  1


Percentage of incestuous  marriages






50 of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan


40 of Muslim immigrants from Pakistan

Saudi Arabia


Jordan & Kuwait




UAR & Qatar




Percentage of consanguineous marriages – country-wise

The table shows that due to massive inbreeding in the Muslim community, there is about 50% of the world population of Muslims is inbred. Today, total Muslim population in the world is about 1.5 billion, and hence 750 million Muslims are low IQ stupid people having little interest in learning and creativity, and inclined to destruction, violence and criminal activity. Looking from their side of view, it is a boon for Islam and its clerics and mullahs. It needs low IQ people to swallow the most unscientific Islamic dogmas with raising any question whatsoever. It needs stupid people to believe in Islamic paradise, infested with millions virgin houries and pearly slave boys, called gilmans, for sexual indulgence of the blessed believers. It needs low IQ people to blow them up as suicide bombers to enter Allah’s five star brothel, called Islamic paradise.

Apart from that, it also needs low IQ people to accept a child molester pedophile, a super criminal rapist, an assassin, mass killer and a highway robber as a holy prophet. Only such low IQ people can project that super criminal prophet as the greatest man the world has ever seen. Also such low IQ people only can believe in a stupid God who says that: 1) the sky is a solid roof which he has fixed in position without pillar with the help of his extraordinary miraculous power or qudrah, 2) the sun is rotating round the earth which is flat like a carpet, 3) the stars are missiles kept ready to hit the Satan, 4) the sun sets in the west in a marshy pond, and 5) on the day of last judgment (qiyamah) he will bring the sun very close, less than a mile away from the earth.

Allah, a stupid God that he is, has fittingly opened the floodgate of creating low IQ followers, who would never question Islam and His stupidity will perpetuate.

Genetic diseases that result from incest

According to modern medical science, an inbred man or women may suffer from as many as 6000 ailments, arising out of genetic disorders linked to consanguineous marriages, starting from physical deformity, micro cephalous, lower IQ, mental retardation to kidney and liver malfunctioning and so on. But the most common diseases are Sickle-cell disease (SCD), or sickle-cell anaemia (SCA) or drepanocytosis sickle beta-plus-thalassaemia. In Pakistan, the problem of thalassemia is compounded by the high rate (over 75%) of consanguineous marriage, which increases the likelihood of marriages, in which both parts carries recessive faulty genes, which become dominant in their offspring. Diabetes mellitus and other forms of diabetes mellitus include congenital diabetes, which is due to genetic defects of insulin secretion, cystic fibrosis-related diabetes, steroid diabetes induced by high doses of glucocorticoids, and several forms of monogenic diabetes. This author is neither a biologist nor a physician and hence he has no authority to describe these diseases in detail. But it can be said that a certain percentage of red-blood corpuscles (RBC) of an inbred attain sickle like shape and causes sickle-cell anaemia. This type of anaemia is prevalent in Saudi Arabia, where 67 to 70 percent marriages are consanguineous.

Sickle Cells
Transformation of healthy RBCs
into sickle cells
Physical deformity due to
consanguineous marriage
close blood marriage induced Deformation
Physical deformity, resulting from

There are so many Youtube videos on perilous effects of cousin marriages in the Muslim community. Ten such videos are listed below. [3] The videos (i) refers to four videos made by Kaspar Hauser, a few years ago, on cousin marriage in the Middle East. The videos say that children produced from consanguineous marriages have lower IQ than the children born out of unrelated parents. They are also more likely to suffer from ailments due to recessive genetic disorder. The video (i) also refers to an investigative report, submitted as a paper titled “Effects of Inbreeding on IQ and Mental Retardation” written by N E Morton (published on June 5, 1978). The paper says that, both decline of IQ and increase of mental retardation are consistent with rare recessive genetic diseases are linked to cousin marriage or marriage between close kin.

“A number of studies indicate that IQ declines and the frequency of mental retardation increases with inbreeding. In principle, polygene, rare recessive, or cultural factors could account for these results.  … This leads to inferences about the role of dominance deviations in family resemblance of IQ and about risks for mental retardation in offspring of consanguineous marriages”, the paper says. By allowing cousin marriage, Islam, in fact, is harming Muslims. When in a cousin marriage, one shares 12.5 per cent of DNA of the other, enhance the risk of mental retardation, lower IQ, birth defects, death in infancy and other genetic diseases of the offspring, the paper asserts.

The video (i) discusses another paper “The Effect of Consanguineous Marriages on Reading Disability in the Arab Community”, by Salim Abu-Rabia and Lateefeh Maroun of the Faculty of Education, University of Haifa, Haifa 31905, Israel. The authors have experimented with 814 students of 4th, 5th and 6th grades, using word recognition and reading comprehensive tests. Two experimental groups were chosen from this population. These were a reading disabled group of 22 pupils who were born out of 1st cousin marriage and the other contained pupils from unrelated parents. Investigation revealed that depressed IQ, reading disability, mental retardation and birth defects are more common among the pupils born out of close-blood marriages. First cousin marriage for generation after generation, as practiced in the Muslim community, produces chronic genetic illness, birth defects and death. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have the highest of cousin marriage in the world with 70-75% and 67-70%, respectively.

The video “Muslim Cousin Marriage 1” exposes a shocking picture of the Akhtar family, arising out of first cousin marriage. The son Mohsin Akhtar (17), second of the six children, is a patient of severe mental retardation. He cannot speak except groaning. He cannot walk without a helper. He cannot feel what is going around him. Doctors believe that the genetic disease, from which he is suffering is destroying him from inside. Mohsin’s two youngest sisters called Hena (13) and Zena (11), father Akhtar’s fourth and 5th children, are also victims of similar genetic disorder. One of them has severe eyesight and hearing problems in addition to mental retardation. Zena is also a patient of mental retardation. She also has inherited similar disease as Mohsin.

The family has immigrated to UK from Pakistan and living in Birmingham. All the six children of Akhtar have acquired the same disease as Mohsin is suffering from. The doctor treating them says, Muslim children born out of close-blood have 10 times higher chances to be affected with diseases linked to genetic disorder. He also said that the children of many families, immigrated from Bangladesh and Pakistan, are suffering from congenital kidney and liver ailments, linked to consanguineous marriages.


While the entire world is convinced that incestuous close-blood marriages are harmful and should be stopped, Muslim clerics refuse to agree, and say that all such medical reports are concocted. Their argument: Since Allah has permitted Muslims to marry their first cousins, it can not be harmful. But there are some good news as well. Qatar is going to ban the Allah-sanctioned cousin-marriage. It is going to implement a mandatory blood test for both the bride and the groom, before marriage and to disallow marriage if the blood samples are found to contain same DNA.

Danish psychologist Nicolas Sennels has done considerable research of Muslim psyche and the bad effects of consanguineous marriage in their community. We hope to discuss his works in the next article.


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