The practice of first cousin marriages or marriage between close-blood relations in the Muslim community across the globe and the low-IQ children such marriages produce is a major cause of the Muslim backwardness globally. Since some 70% of the world 1.5 billion Muslims are conceived of inbreeding, and therefore likely to have low IQ, its impact on the well-being of the Muslim community is undoubtedly huge.

After the 2nd part of this article appeared in and, reader "Muslim and Proud" termed my observations wrong by citing the findings of 30-year-long research of Professor Alan Bittles at the Centre for Comparative Genomics at Murdoch University marriage of first cousins. According to him, most babies born to first-cousins are healthy. Opposed to Professor Bittles’ finding, numerous other researchers have found definite and positive correlation between close-blood marriages, such as between first cousins, and the inheritance of genetic diseases. Not only that, the whole mechanism of genetics that is understood by scientists today – which enables us to produce all kinds of genetic foods to clone animals including humans – will turn out wrong, if Professor Bittles’ findings were to reflect reality. One would wonder if Professor Bittles is another of those Western scientists, like Maurice Bucaille and Keith Moore, who find all the treasure-trove of sciences in the Quran.

After the second part of the article, against my calling Prophet Muhammad a child-molester pedophile, some Muslim readers have cited a few references from Hindu scriptures that sanction child-marriage and sex with underage children.

  1. Verse 9,94 of the Manu Samhita says that a man, aged thirty years, shall marry a maiden of twelve who pleases him, or a man of twenty-four should marry an 8-year-old girl.
  2. He also pointed out that the verse III,10 of the Vishnu Purana says that a man must marry a girl whose age is one third of his own age.
  3. Mahabharata prescribes a man of 30 to marry a girl of 10.
  4. Baudhayana and Arya Gautama advise a man to give his daughter in marriage before she attains puberty.
  5. Some others say that a girl should be given in marriage before she wears clothes, and so on.

What one must comprehend is that the Hindu scriptures were written by men, called Rishis; they were not revealed from heaven by the almighty creator, unlike the holy scripture of Islam and other Abrahamic faiths. Men can change or ignore what is written by men (Rishis) as new reality arises. So, the current Hindu Marriage Act in India forbids the marriage of a girl below the age of 18. All Hindus accept this. But difficulty for Muslims is that, their holy scriptures are God’s words. Changing or instituting laws contrary to what Allah commanded and prescribed in the Quran is the most horrible and sinful things to do, which will land Muslims in hellfire for eternity.

Crippling impact of the tradition of first cousin marriages amongst Muslims

I previously thought that marriages between close blood relations in the Muslim community were stray incidents and it has no perceptible adverse impact on the Muslim community. But when I started investigating the practice of cousin-marriages in the Muslim community, I was astonished to find how widespread and deep-rooted was the practice of cousin-marriages in the Muslim community.

Muslims care little about its harmful effects. They are indifferent to the fact that consanguineous marriage produces low IQ progeny. The tradition has lasted 1,400 years or 50 generations; and in today’s world, about 50% of the total Muslim population are likely to be of low IQ due to inbreeding. The impact of this in the Muslim community will be huge, which is reflected in their poor achievements in our world today. And they are aspiring to conquer and rule the entire world. How dreadful will be the impact on humanity should they succeed!

While talking about the harmful effects of first cousin marriages it is important to distinguish between certain stray incident of such a marriage and the tradition where it is repeated again and again throughout the history. This second kind is very dangerous as it produces offspring with physical deformities. Nearly 6,000 serious ailments, including deficiency of IQ, are linked to genetic disorders. To highlight this aspect, I have attached nearly 11 Youtube video clips to the 2nd part of this article. Research on this field revealed that a child born out of incestuous marriage is more likely suffer from the diseases arising from genetic disorder.

Are diseases linked to genetic disorders inheritable? Genetic defects are always inheritable, but it may not always result in genetic disease or disorder. For example, when one parent – say father – has a genetic disorder, but the mother does not have the same genetic disorder or defect, the children born out of them may not have the father’s genetic disorder/disease, because the mothers good of the gene repairs the defect. Of course, not all genetic disorders are inherited. Many of them are acquired by a person during his/her lifetime due to new mutations. For example, excessive sun-bathing exposes one to UV radiation, which can cause damage/mutations in genes of the skin-cells. Some of those mutations hit cancer-related genes, they cause skin cancers.


Microcephaly (also called microcephalus) is a disease that prevents normal growth of the brain of the affected person.  The circumference of the head remains much smaller than normal, because the brain does not grow at the expected rate. In this condition, the brain's small size will result in a head circumference that is less than 2 standard deviations below the average size for a child of that age.

“Microcephalus is of two types. Primary microcephalus occurs with no identifiable cause as an inherited trait in families where many members are born with small head sizes. Secondary microcephalus occurs when the brain's growth is decreased because of conditions that can be identified: chromosomal anomaly such as Down syndrome, congenital infections with organisms such as the virus rubella, metabolic disorders, bacterial meningitis, or lack of oxygen early in life (called hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy). A mother who uses drugs or alcohol during pregnancy can also have a child with microcephalus. Exposure to radiation or chemicals can also produce a small head size (and thus, small brain). This is especially the result of conditions that occur in the first two years of a child's life when the brain growth is most rapid”, says Wikipedia.

But most of the investigators have found a direct link between microcephalus and genetic disorder arising out of consanguineous marriages. “Primary microcephaly is a genetic disorder in which an affected individual has a head circumference >3 SDs below the age- and sex-related mean”, says an investigating team. “Microcephaly or microcephalus is a neuro-developmental disorder in which the circumference of the head is smaller than average for the person's age and sex. Microcephaly may be congenital or it may develop in the first few years of life”, says Linda Lindeke, an Associate Professor University of Minnesota, School of Nursing & Department of Pediatrics.

“The prevalence of consanguineous marriages was studied in 940 families belonging to four different socio-economic groups in and around Lahore, Pakistan. The births occurring in these families from September 1984 to March 1987 were also investigated for birth defects. …Although, the frequency of both consanguinity and birth defects were related with the socio-economic levels of the study groups, there was no association between inbreeding and birth defects. Perhaps, deleterious recessive genes for birth defects have been “bred out”, because of continuous inbreeding over generations in this population”, says a study team in Lahore, Pakistan. [5]

A group of Dutch scientists found a direct link between microcephaly and consanguineous marriage and says, “Data were collected on the incidence, geographical distribution, and genetic aspects of 113 cases of microcephaly in the Netherlands: thirty-nine cases, or about 34 %, appeared to be of special genetic origin. …Consanguinity among the parents of the ‘genetic’ propositi was found in 54 % of the cases. In 23% the parents were first cousins. In 24% no genetic arguments could be shown to exist for the diagnosis ‘special genetic type’. In 24 % the only confirmation on genetical grounds was the existence of more cases in sibs hip and/or family.” [6]

A team of Japanese scientists also found that the most cases of microcephaly originate from incestuous marriages. “Microcephaly is one of the most severe congenital abnormalities found in man. Its main characteristics are a distinctively small skull and brain, extreme idiocy, underdeveloped body and some neuropathic symptoms. Although it is rare, it may be found in both Caucasian and Mongolian races and possibly in other races as well. The cases occurring in the different races have many similar features. Great interest attaches to the genetic study of this abnormality, because of its severity, its conspicuousness and its rarity. Most of the microcephalics are undoubtedly of genetic origin, but there are cases apparently due to non-genetic. The Japanese investigators of this problem seem to have an advantage over the European or American workers is that microcephaly of genetic is apparently more common among Japanese than among occidental people. These greater incidents are based upon these facts: (1) the higher rate of consanguineous marriages among the Japanese and (2) the almost total lack of pelvic irradiation in the pregnant mother”, says the study. [7]

Rat people in Pakistan

In Pakistan, where nearly 70% of the marriages occur between first cousin marriages, produces many offspring afflicted with microcephalus, with deformation of the brain and skull. People with this deformity are called rat (Chuha, Urdu for Rat) people. Most probably the term "rat man" was coined by the German psychologist Sigmund Freud. These rat people are unfit to do any job, except begging and there are mafia gangs, who utilize them for begging on the streets.

A rat man begging on the street Gujarat,
Nadia, Pakistan

About such people in Pakistan, Mikel Joshua writes, "Hundreds of microcephalics – people born with small skulls and protruding noses and ears because of a genetic mutation – can be found on the streets of Gujrat, in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Called the “rat children”, they are sold by their families to begging mafias, who exploit a tradition that they are sacred offerings to Shah Daula, the shrine's 17th century Sufi saint."

A Twitter news, on August 2, 2008, says Outside a Muslim shrine in Gujarat, Nadia, a 25 'rat woman" with a tiny head sits on a filthy mattress and takes money from worshippers who cling to an ancient fertility rite. Many of these people have been sold off by their families to begging mafias, who exploit a tradition that the “rat children” are sacred offerings to Shah Daula, the shrine’s 17th century Sufi saint. “These are God’s children. We are proud to look after her,” said Ijaz Hussain, the shrine’s government-employed custodian, as Nadia shrieked unintelligibly and put coins in a battered wooden box at her side.

According to a local legend, an infertile woman who prays at Shah Daula’s shrine, at Gujrat, she will be blessed with children, but at a terrible cost. The first child will be born microcephalic and must be offered to the shrine. Otherwise, all the children born thereafter would be microcephalics or rat children. This legend serves two purposes: (1) help concealing the real cause of microcsphalus and (2) provides an opportunity for dumpling the microcephalic baby usually in the darkness of night. The staffs of the shrine, in most cases, sell those babies to begging mafias at a lucrative price.

“Nadia was just a young child when she was dumped at the shrine 20 years ago in the dead of the night. Her parents were never traced. Since that day we have taken care of her, she is like family to us. People come here for prayers and seek fulfillment of their desires but they are respectful towards her,” says Hussain (56), a staff of the shrine…

Rat people work for the mafia gang as
beggars in Pakistan

Many believe that the beggar mafias produce rat children by arresting the normal growth of the brain of the victims by clamping the children’s heads in infancy. Pakistan’s government says it has tried to crack down exploitation of the “chuhas” and planned to set up a shelter in Gujarat to rehabilitate them.

The root cause of Muslims’ backwardness

In previous articles, such as Muslims: A Shackled People Enslaved by the Koran and Sachar Committee Report Uncovers the Backwardness of India’s Muslims etc., I have discussed backwardness of the Muslim community in India and beyond. I was then convinced that the Muslim backwardness stems from suppression of freedom of thought, freedom of expression and suppression of their women. In addition, brainwashing of them by Muslim clerics and religious leaders with archaic and backward thinking contributes to their backwardness.

After the present study on the extent of cousin marriages amongst Muslims, and the genetic disorders, especially low IQ, that it may cause to them, I am now convinced that consanguineous marriages also play havoc on the intellectual capabilities of Muslims. According to Nicolai Sennels, the Danish psychologist, the rate of first cousin marriages is high amongst Muslim immigrants in Denmark and the children born out of such marriages are incapable of coping with Denmark's high standard education, due to inadequate intelligence, thus, swelling the rank of school-dropouts.

So, the practice of first cousin marriages or marriage between close-blood relations in the Muslim community across the globe and the low-IQ children such marriages produce is a major cause of the Muslim backwardness globally. Since some 70% of the world's 1.5 billion Muslims are conceived of inbreeding, and therefore with high chances of low IQ, its impact on the well-being of the Muslim community is undoubtedly huge.










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