Women came to mosque in Sweden to complain about beating by husbands, rape etc., but the Imams advised them not to report the incidents to police and to accept it...

A correspondent has sent me this story - note that he says it's big news in Sweden.

The ideology of woman-hatred strikes again, playing victim after caught in crime. When listening to excuses, it is wise to recall that lying to infidels is the order of the day with these fanatics.

swedish mosque imams cover up rape, wife-beating

I'm glad to hear that this is a big issue in Sweden and that the people there are waking up to the spiritual cancer eating at the fabric of their society.

From: JR

Subject: Imams in sweden caught on hidden camera covering up wife abuse and rape

Hi Acharya.

Dont know if u heard this but here in Sweden the tv program “uppdrag granskning” (a bit like your “60 minutes”) sent in 2 women in niqab with hidden cameras into mosques to ask the imams for advice.

They claimed they were beaten, forced to have sex and that they were unhappy to be in a polygamous relationship (their husband had married a second wife) things that are against Swedish law.

Almost all Imams told them not to go to the police and to simply accept these things.

After the program was shown on tv the muslims complained they were being “demonized by the media” and that the recordings were “edited”.

The producer of the show Nils Hansson says the conversations are “shown in a correct and relevant way. The message is clear and cannot be misunderstood”.

He also says: “Using hidden cameras might be a source of criticism. But in this case we deemed it necessary to be able to document the double standards of these imams.”

Here is a link to an article and video that shows clips from the program:


A bit of a background on the issue is also that a couple of years ago another tv program caught an Imam on tape giving advice on female genitalia mutilation which is also against Swedish law.

At the moment this is quite big news over here.

Thanks and regards

Below is the original Aftonbladet newspaper article, run through Google Translate, warts and all - note the sleazy reference to "Islamophobia." It's okay to beat and rape women, but don't point out these crimes, or you will be guilty of the horrible transgression of "Islamophobia." There is nothing remotely "irrational" about detesting an ideology that causes its adherents to behave constantly in this and many other abominable ways. Criticizing the evils of Islamic fanaticism is not "phobic" - it is moral. Not criticizing such a violent and hateful mentality is immoral. (Hard to believe I have to point out that fact, but it seems much of humanity has lost its moral compass.) "Islamophobia" is a "loathsome term" trumpeted by the Muslim Brotherhood in order to stifle criticism of this archaic and barbaric male-dominant ideology. The cause of "Islamophobia" is ISLAM and MUSLIMS. Nobody needs to "demonize" Islam and Muslims - they do that all by themselves. Time to grow up and grow a conscience, folks!

Notice also this remark from the same "Islamophobia" cleric: "It can provide a breeding ground for extremism from both sides." So, exposing crimes provides a "breeding ground for extremism." And which "both sides" are those? The natives of the countries to which Islamists are bringing this violent mentality? Why have Muslims set themselves up against the natives to create 'both sides" in the first place? And is this imam also essentially threatening that members of his own congregation will become or are "extremists" who will now commit violence? If Islam is so "peaceful," why are its most fanatical adherents so quick to become violent extremists? Keeping the lid on a boiling pot is what causes an extreme reaction. Islamic fundamentalism and covering up crimes against women are what cause extremism.

"They've cut and pasted"

Imams critical element of SVT's Mandate Review

The Islamic Assembly takes seriously Imams advice to vulnerable women and will investigate what happened.

Yet they are critical to SVT's Mandate Review.

- They try to demonize us, says Ahmed Al-Mofty, president of the Islamic Information Association.

With the help of hidden cameras reveal the evening's Mandate Review that representatives of several mosques break the law by encouraging battered women to not go to the police. Two women dressed in niqab get the Council to set up at six, although they do not want and to accept polygamy.

Aftonbladet has spoken with representatives of several Islamic congregations. They condemn the Council of Imams give women in the program.

"It is outrageous"

- I have no sympathy for it. I can not accept that you can abuse women and claims to be a good Muslim. It is scandalous, says Abd al Haqq Kielan, chairman of the Swedish Islamic community.

- First, Islam forbids to beat up other Muslims. Moreover, a person living in Sweden under Swedish law, according to Islamic law.

He will now go to the bottom of what happened.

- I will take this up with the church in Uppsala. I can not accept that people in our congregations drag Islam into the dirt by speaking about things they do not understand.

The program invites cleric Abdul Rashid Mohammed from the mosque in Gothenburg, a battered woman not to go to the police. Ahmed Al-Mofty is chairman of the foundation which owns the mosque. He will now set up an inquiry.

- You should definitely follow the laws of the country you live in. And six will be done in consultation between man and woman.
Critical to the UG

But he is also deeply critical of Mandate Review.

- It was a call for an hour and then they cut and pasted. In general, calls it a battered woman to go to the police but this lady said several times that she did not want to lose her husband.

According to Al-Mofty is Imam Abdul Rashid Mohammed very sorry for what happened.

- He is very depressed and feel that Mission Review has tricked him and distorted what he said.

How will this affect you Muslims as a group?

- It creates Islamophobia and hatred against Muslims. It can provide a breeding ground for extremism from both sides.

Nils Hanson, project manager of Mission Review, defending editorial practices.

- We have reproduced this conversation in an accurate and relevant way. The message is very clear and can not be misunderstood.

- Using a hidden camera invites criticism. But in this case, we judged it necessary to document the twin messages of the imams.

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