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Will Women Prevent Bangladesh's Slide to Islamism? [03 Jan, 2009]

Condemning the Central Value of Civilized Society  [18 Apr, 2008]

Taming Islamic Intolerance Through Provocations [11 Apr, 2008]

The UN Inhuman Rights Council [04 Apr, 2008]

Benazir Bhutto: In Life and Death, a Blessing to the Jihadists  [07 Jan, 2008

Jihadist or Not? [06 Mar, 2008]

Death for Refusing Burka and the Deceptive Muslim Denials  [21 Dec, 2007]

Strangulating Freedom of Expression: Prophet’s Footprint Reaches the West  [17 Dec, 2007]

Walking in Prophet's Footsteps: Indian Muslims Hound Taslima  [28 Nov, 2007]

Islamic Rage: Why a Cartoon in Bangladesh Leads to Killing of Christians in Nigeria [04 Oct, 2007]

Osama's Tax Incentives to Americans ― Not Telling the Whole Truth [13 Sep, 2007]

Secular Islam Summit: Islam’s Rebel Women Make Their Mark  [13 Mar, 2007]

Murder of Frenchmen in Holy City: Continued Legacy of 14 Centuries of Holy Terror  [02 Mar, 2007]

From Jew-hater to a Jew-lover [13 Feb, 2007]

Keith Ellison’s offended foot-soldiers and what didn’t offend the Muslims?  [01 Feb, 2007]

Why Muslims have more rights in Australia?  [19 Jan, 2007]

The Falling Towers and Islam  [07 Jan, 2007]

Article up to 2006

The Moral Dilemma of Saddam’s Execution  [30 Dec, 2006]

Keith Ellison: Ye Worst Beasts, Thou Must Accept Swearing by the Koran  [29 Dec, 2006]

Unfettered Religious Freedom in Islam – A Fact or Fiction?  [25 Dec, 2006]

Are Sharia Laws Being Applied in Cricket?  [09 Dec, 2006]

Can Democracy Be Imposed? Not in Muslim countries.  [06 Dec, 2006]

Naïve Experts' Misleading Views on Jihad in Southern Thailand [28th Nov, 2006]

Never Intervene in a Muslim Country [23 Nov 2006]

Islamization of a Secular Nobel Laureate [25 Oct, 2006]

How Ramadan and Eid became Noble Rituals in Islam  [24 Oct, 2006]

Reasons behind Islamic Terrorism: Illiteracy, Poverty and Deprivation?  [01 Sept, 2006]

What Islam teaches about Christianity?  [20 May, 2006]

Why Muslims are a Threat to Western Society? [09 Apr, 2006]

Migration to the West and the Radicalization of Muslims  [07 March, 2006]

The cartoons, the liberals and the death of Voltaire!  [22 Feb, 2006]

Civilization Clash and the Myth of Injustice against Muslims [15 Jan, 2006]

Clash of Civilization and the Moderate Islam [05 Jan, 2006]

Islam in Desperate Need of a Little Bit of Idolatry  [02 Dec, 2005]

Which Religion Should I Choose?

Terrorists - A Metamorphosis of Satan or God?

Churchill Case and Morality Dilemma

Debate on Sex with Slave girls and Captive Women in Islam

India: The Fallouts of the Islamic Invasion and British Occupation

The Myth of Islam’s Contribution to Human Civilization

The Pope, the Greats, the Tragedies

Prophet Muhammad Killed Entire Humanity 700 Times on One Occasion: Islam Bashers

Story of Pharaoh in the Koran: A Miracle?

Why Muhammad Was So Successful?

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