A sect of Shiite Muslims have built a new Kaaba in Iraq. Are more Kaabas on the way? Cracks in the so-called Islamic unity are obviously appearing.

Brief History of Kaaba

The myth of Kaaba has been mentioned in Islamic history books that it was built by Abraham. Surah al-Feel (The Elephant) of the Quran relates Allah had paralyzed the army of Abraha al-Ashram, who was invading Mecca to demolish the Kaaba, by sending martins, which destroyed Abraha’s army of elephants. Thus, Allah miraculously saved the Kaaba.

Muslims Prayers

When asked Muslims as to why they face toward the Kaaba in Mecca, quite like polytheism, they strongly denied and condemned this allegation, reasoning that the only purpose of facing and prostrating toward the Kaaba during prayer as an expression of unity among Muslims. Thus, Muslims get together at the Kaaba to show the rest of the world the emblem of unity that exists only in the religion of Islam. They also exaggerate saying that the Kaaba is the center of the world. Kaaba is one and the holiest place.

Dr. Zakir Naik’s Platitudes

When this point was raised to well-known Indian Islamic Scholar, Dr. Zakir Naik, he rejected that the allegation that Muslims worship the Kaaba while they prostrate toward it. In defense, he made platitudes to the symbol of unity in Islam, just to distract attention of his audience from the real point. Fortunately or not, his views has been also refuted by other Islamic scholars, and, as a result, he has been attributed the honor of apostate and infidel by many Muslim scholars of the subcontinent.

The New Kaaba in Iraq

It was very surprising to me, whenever I read news regarding Iraqi pilgrims. I always thought about this matter and was, most of the time, confused by the term “Iraqi pilgrims”. Later I came to know that there has been erected another kaaba, by Muslims, on the face of earth. I was not exactly sure where the new Kaaba has been built, because I did my best to find out where, but was unsuccessful to find this Kaaba either in Iraq or elsewhere in the Muslim world.

While pursuing this matter, I was fortunate to meet a Shiite friend, probably from Pakistan. He confirmed my research that there is another sub-sect of the Shiite community in Iraq, and that they have erected new Kaaba there. This helped me comprehended the term, Iraqi Pilgrims.

In this respect, I will show a video-clip of the second Kaaba to readers and viewers, so they can easily see the new Kaaba in Iraq.

Resemblance of the new Kaaba with the old one

This video will show the viewers a big ‘black cube’ almost the same size and replica of the Kaaba in Mecca, with minor changes in writings and ascription on its black cloth. On top of this Kaaba, the name of “Ali” has been mentioned continuously with circulating strip. At the entrance door the name of Hussain, the son of Ali has been inscribed on the door. Probably it shows the place of Karbala in Iraq, where Hussain was murdered. Unfortunately for non-Arabic speaking readers, the names of Ali and Hussain are written in Arabic.

A vague claim

Now since there is a second Kaaba on the earth, the Muslim claim that their worship toward the Kaaba is not polytheism but a symbol of Muslims unity has become invalid and meaningless.

Yet, Muslims certainly worship Kaaba by prostrating before it. If they claim Allah, their god, is omnipresent, then there is no reason to bow and prostrate before the Kaaba. Such are the platitudes of Muslims, who try to defend and distract the attention of non-Muslims.


Anyway, as a new Kaaba has been built, let us congratulate Muslims on that, and hope that the third or more Kaaba would be erected soon.

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